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22 Terrific Things To Do in Zagreb, Croatia

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Zagreb, Croatia is a fascinating place to visit. The capital of Croatia manages to be simultaneously historic and modern. Zagreb boasts fantastic architecture and brutalist structures, a traditional market and a slew of craft beer bars, fine art galleries and quirky museums. Although it is often overlooked and a somewhat underrated Croatian travel destination, there is a long list of great things to do in Zagreb!


Zagreb, Croatia – A Top Destination

We often rave about Croatia; if asked about the country, we are likely to go on and on about the translucent sea, splendid nature, historic towns and buzzing cities. There’s a good chance we will gush over the cuisine and talk extensively about how passionate the Croatians are.

And, when asked which cities we recommend people visit, we always suggest Zagreb as a Top Croatia Destination. Really? It’s inland. Is Zagreb worth visiting? Yes, it is! And our list of the Best Things To Do in Zagreb proves it!


How To Plan a Trip to Zagreb, Croatia

In this article, we are featuring the top Zagreb sights to see – but there is so much more to planning a trip to Zagreb than deciding what to do. You also need to sort out the details of your travel plans. 

While we do share tips for how to get there and where to stay, our Guide to Planning a Croatia Vacation covers even more need-to-know details about visiting the country. 

Of course, you will also need to keep all of your travel info organized – and our printable Travel Planner can help you do it! The 26-page planner is ready to print, so you can get started right away!

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Best Things To Do in Zagreb, Croatia

Our Zagreb Travel Guide includes our list of the top recommendations of what to do in Zagreb, suggestions on where to stay in Zagreb as well as other Zagreb facts and information.

Although our list of things to do in Zagreb is numbered, they are not ranked – as we think a Zagreb visit wouldn’t be complete without doing them all! So let’s get started with what to visit in Zagreb, shall we?

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#1 Size Up the Zagreb Cathedral

View of Cathedral from Gradec Plateau in Zagreb, Croatia

The two soaring Gothic spires of the Zagreb Cathedral are a point of reference from nearly anywhere in the city, and one of the top Zagreb tourist attractions.

The church – formally called the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary – was built in the year 1093 when the Diocese of Zagreb was established. However, the Zagreb Cathedral was rebuilt in the 13th century, surrounded by fortifications in the 15th century (some of which still remain) and heavily damaged by earthquakes in 1880 and again in 2020. Reconstruction of the Cathedral in Zagreb has been almost constant for over a century.

Zagreb Cathedral interior, Zagreb, Croatia

Visitors can take a peek inside the must see Zagreb Cathedral interior. Look at the tomb of Cardinal Aloysius Stepinac behind the altar. Admire the artwork. Ponder the grandiose chandeliers, which reportedly came from a Las Vegas casino.


#2 Wander the Streets of Old Town Zagreb: Gradec and Kaptol

Sunset on St. Mark's Church in Zagreb, Croatia

If you are wondering what to see in Zagreb, the Old Town is the best place to start. Today’s Zagreb Old Town is the melding of two smaller towns: Kaptol (where the Zagreb Cathedral stands) and Gradec, the Upper Town. Dating to the 11th and 13th centuries, respectively, the two towns were once separated by a stream (that has since been diverted and covered). Today, the Old Town is where to go in Zagreb to see the most historic parts of the city. 


Old Town Zagreb Things To See

View of Upper Town, Zagreb, Croatia

Gradec was a hill-topping town surrounded by high walls and protective watchtowers. Today, the Gradec cobblestone streets are ideal for a stroll when sightseeing Zagreb. At the center of the Upper Town is St. Mark’s Church Zagreb.

St. Mark’s has a colorfully tiled roof that stands out among the orange-tiled rooftops of the rest of the Zagreb Old Town. The tiles were laid on the church roof in 1880 and are in the design of the coats of arms for Zagreb and the Triune Kingdom of Croatia.

The church sits in the middle of (aptly named) St. Mark’s Square, which is ringed by ornate buildings which house the Croatian government offices.

St Mark’s Church and Square are just two Zagreb must see sights in the Old Town. For a complete guide to the best sightseeing in Zagreb Old Town, use our detailed Free Zagreb Self-Guided Walking Tour.


#3 Shop at the Dolac Market

Dolac Market in Zagreb, Croatia

One of the unique things to do in Zagreb is to shop at the historic outdoor market. Unlike other city markets that have become touristic, travelers will join locals at the Zagreb Dolac Market where Zagrebians have been shopping since 1926.

Produce for sale at Dolac Market in Zagreb, Croatia

In the raised Zagreb outdoor market, you will find tables piled high with in-season fruits and vegetables. Shade will be provided by the iconic, red umbrellas – a symbol of the City of Zagreb.

Take the stairs underground to peruse the choice of meat and delicious Croatian cheese. At the Dolac Market, you can assemble a picnic lunch – a must-do in Zagreb!

Join a small group Zagreb Food Tour to get a taste of local Croatian specialties with a local guide! 


#4 Sip Croatian Craft Beer

Pint of Nova Runda Craft Beer in Split, Croatia

Zagreb’s craft beer scene has truly evolved since our first visit to the city in 2014 – and sipping a Croatian craft beer has become one of the top Zagreb things to do! New breweries and taprooms are continually coming on the scene, offering a taste of Croatia’s inventive and tasty local brews and adding a fun new element to Zagreb nightlife.

The beers from Nova Runda (try the APA or C4!) remain at the top of our list, but we also like what LD Brewery, Varionica and Tap B (from Split) are brewing.


Craft Beer Bars: What To Do Zagreb

Pints of Nova Runda Beer in Zagreb, Croatia

It used to be that there were only a few craft beer bars in Zagreb and we had to seek them out like detectives on a cold case…but that is no longer the situation! Dedicated Zagreb craft beer bars have sprung up all over the city. The new and hip spaces make drinking local craft beer one of the cool things to do in Zagreb, Croatia. 

We highly recommend you check out the bars on Opatovina Street – nicknamed Zagreb’s Craft Beer Lane – where you will find Craft Room, Tolkien’s House and Kvazar (among others).

For local brews from the Medvedgrad Brewery (one of the long-time craft breweries in Zagreb), go to Mali Medo on Tkalciceva Street or pop into the Ilica location.

Other Zagreb bars featuring Croatian craft beer include Valhalla Beer Bar, Storija and Legend Riders.


#5 Visit the Zagreb Main Square (Ban Jelacic Square)

Jelacic Square main square in Zagreb, Croatia

At the heart of city center Zagreb is Ban Josip Jelacic Square, named for a Croatian hero. The statue of Jelacic on a horse stands in the center of the square (although during the Yugoslav era, it was dismantled and kept in a cellar) and it definitely ranks as one of the top things to see in Zagreb.

View of the Main Square Advent Zagreb, Croatia

Both the statue and nearby clock on Ban Jelacic Square are popular meeting spots for locals and starting points for Zagreb city tours. The busy and expansive main square dates to the 17th century and today a steady stream of trams pass by moving citizens through the vibrant city.

Learn more about the Upper and Lower Towns on a private Zagreb Walking Tour!


#6 Join the Zagreb Evening Stroll on Tkalciceva

Statue on Tkalciceva Street, Zagreb, Croatia

Tkalciceva Street – once a flowing river that marked the border between Kaptol and Gradec – is a café-lined pedestrian-only lane stretching from Jelacic Square to Mala Ulica (Little Street). Strolling the length of the street should definitely be on any visitor’s Zagreb To Do list!

Tkalciceva Street, Walking Street, Zagreb, Croatia

Couples holding hands, families pushing strollers and dog-walkers all parade up and down Tkalciceva each evening.

The street is one of our top Zagreb places to visit for people watching and, on sunny days, it is a fine place to idle the afternoon away in one of the many cafes.


#7 Light a Candle in the Stone Gate Chapel

Nun prays at painting of Mary in Stone Gate Chapel in Zagreb, Croatia

Stone Gate is the only remaining gate of Gradec. It leads from the Upper Town to the picturesque Radiceva Street. But, it’s not the historic gate itself that makes it a Zagreb must-see: it’s the open-air chapel that resides inside the gate…and the tale that goes with it. 

According to legend, there was a fire in 1731 that destroyed the (then) wooden gate. However, the fire peculiarly left a painting that was hanging inside the gate, “The Virgin and Child,” completely intact.

Plaques at Stone Gate Chapel in Zagreb, Croatia

The painting in now enshrined inside Stone Gate and surrounded by an open air chapel. People come to pray and give thanks to the Virgin Mary by lighting candles, leaving flowers and mounting engraved plaques on the walls. As one of the top things to do Zagreb, visitors can also light a candle, admire the plaques and pause to pray in one of the pews. 


#8 Step Back in Time in Zagreb’s Gric Tunnel

Gric (Gradec) Tunnel in Zagreb, Croatia

The Gric Tunnel is one of the cool places to go in Zagreb. The tunnel is open every day (and free) for pedestrians to travel from one side of Gradec to the other without having to hike over the hill. The uniqueness alone makes it a must do in Zagreb, Croatia! 


History of Zagreb Gric Tunnel

Doorway into Gric Tunnel in Zagreb, Croatia

Built during World War II as a bomb shelter, the Gric (Gradec) Tunnel runs through the hill beneath the Upper Town.

With a length of 1,150 feet, the tunnel has six exits. Shortly after the tunnel was completed, it fell into disuse. The tunnel was completely shuttered until 1993 when it hosted Croatia’s first rave, but further plans for the tunnel were stalled.

In 2015, renovation of the Gric Tunnel finally commenced and it reopened to the public in 2016 as a Zagreb tourist attraction. The tunnel is used for special events, like the Advent Christmas Market. During one of our visits, the tunnel hosted a museum exhibiting the history of Zagreb.


#9 Get a Bird’s Eye View from Zagreb 360

Ban Josip Jelacic Square in Zagreb, Croatia

The Zagreb 360 observation deck occupies the 16th floor of a ‘skyscraper’ on Jelacic Square – making it one of the best places to visit in Zagreb for a view.

Standing 600 feet above sea level, the open-air outdoor walkway allows guests the opportunity to take Zagreb photos or sit at one of the alfresco tables to sip cocktails in the clouds.

Even better, Zagreb 360 tickets are valid for multiple re-entry in a single day – meaning you can visit the viewing platform during daylight hours (and possibly see all the way to Slovenia) and then return after dark to see the city lights. (Temporarily Closed).


#10 Linger Over a Cup of Croatian Coffee

Cup of coffee at cafe in Zagreb, Croatia

Coffee isn’t just a drink in Croatia – it’s part of life. But, it’s not really the drink itself; it’s in the Croatian café culture that provides a cool experience in Zagreb. Forget coffee-on-the-go; even in the buzzing capital city, people slow down to savor coffee, conversation and people watching.

A group of friends can linger at a café for hours – often drinking all different types of beverages – regardless of the time of day.

City visitors should definitely include a Croatian coffee culture experience on their Zagreb What To Do list. In fact, one of our favorite Zagreb activities is to find a café – at the Dolac Market or Cvjetni Square – and simply drink in the culture. 

Read more from a local about the Croatia Café Culture.


#11 Creep Around the Zagreb Mirogoj Cemetery

Famous architecture at Mirogoj Cemetery in Zagreb, Croatia

Established in 1876, the Mirogoj Cemetery is a landmark and one of the top Zagreb attractions. The burial grounds more resemble a park (just a park that happens to have a lot of gravestones) and feature ornate arcades and monuments. Visiting Mirogoj Cemetery is one of the most interesting things to do around Zagreb. 

Arcade at Mirogoj Cemetery in Zagreb, Croatia

The Zagreb Cemetery was designed by Herman Bolle, one of Zagreb’s famous architects. The cemetery is not designated to one religion, so in addition to the Christian Cross that graces headstones, you will also see the Star of David and Crescent Moon and Star.

Many of Croatia’s most famous citizens have been laid to rest at Mirogoj Cemetery, including the first president of Croatia, Franjo Tudman and NBA star Dražen Petrović.

The Zagreb BIG Tour takes visitors to sights outside of the city center – including Mirogoj Cemetery – and ends with a Old Town walking tour. 


#12 Discover Hidden Gems on the Trails of Medvednica

Dirt hiking trail in Medvednice Nature Park in Zagreb, Croatia

Just north of the city center is Medvednica – a mountainous, forest-covered nature park that tops our list of Zagreb things to do and see in the outdoors.

Easily accessible by tram from the Zagreb center, there are several intertwining trails for hikers to tromp around the woods. The tallest peak at Medvednica, Sljeme, stands at 3,396 feet, and there’s a Zagerb cable car to whisk you to the top!

Within the 88-square-mile park, there are waterfalls, a cave, a mine, and the Medvedgrad Fort (some call it a castle) that provides stunning views of Zagreb. We think the park is a must see in Zagreb for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Visit More of The Best Parks in Zagreb!

9 Parks in Zagreb, Croatia by JetSettingFools.com


#13 Breathe in Nature at Zagreb’s Maksimir Park

Vidikovac, cafe, at Maksimir Park in Zagreb, Croatia

Less strenuous and much closer to the Zagreb city center (but still abundant in nature) is Maksimir Park. The tranquil park opened in 1794 and ranks as the oldest park in Zagreb, Croatia.

The park features a grand entrance, multiple turtle-filled ponds and dozens of trails that weave through the forest. Also at the park is a zoo – another one of the Zagreb top attractions. Visiting the park is one of the fun things to do in Zagreb with kids. 


#14 Journey through the City on a Zagreb Tram

Trams at Advent Zagreb, Croatia

The first trams in Zagreb were horse-pulled carriages, but 20 years later – in 1910 – the electric tram was introduced. Today, more than 200 million people ride the Zagreb trams annually.

New blue trams in Zagreb, Croatia

The fleet of tram cars range from old-and-rattling to new-and-sleek. While the trams are an essential part of the transit system, they are also one of the Zagreb sights that can’t be missed (quite literally if you spend any time in Jelacic Square!).


Riding Trams: Zagreb Sights from Jelacic Square

  • To Maksimir Park: Use Tram 11 (toward Dubec) or 12 (toward Dubrava) and exit at Bukovacka.
  • To Medvednica Park: Use Tram 14 (toward Mihaljevac) and exit at Mihaljevac (last stop); from there you can begin your hike up or take Bus 140 to Tomislav Dom. 
  • To the Bus Station: Use Tram 6 (toward Sopot) and exit at Autobusni Kolodvor.
  • Even if you aren’t interested in leaving Old Town Zagreb, at least hop on a tram for a few stops to Tomislav Square (use Tram 6 toward Sopot and ride two stops to Galvani Kolodvor) and walk back to the Zagreb city center through the Green Horseshoe (which is next on our list!) admiring some of the best architecture in Zagreb.

Tickets can be purchased from the driver (or in advance from a Tisak); you need one for each ride and it is required to validate the ticket at the front entrance of the tram by inserting the ticket in the yellow box. A short-ride ticket (less expensive than a regular ticket) can be used for our recommended rides. 


#15 Marvel at the Architecture on Zagreb’s Green Horseshoe

Art Pavilion and fountain on Green Horseshoe in Zagreb, Croatia

One of the top things to do in Zagreb, Croatia is to spend time wandering through the Green Horseshoe. Comprised of a series of interconnected city squares (designed in a U-shape), the Green Horseshoe Park is a lush green space in the heart of Zagreb.

The eight squares – Zrinjevac, Josip Juraj Strossmayer Park, King Tomislav, Ante Starcevic, Lenuci Fitness Park, Marko Marulic, Zagreb Botanic Gardens and Republic of Croatia Square – are connected on the southern end by the Zagreb Botanical Garden.


What To See: Zagreb Green Horseshoe

Red footbridge crosses pond in Botanical Garden in Zagreb, Croatia

Designed and built in the 1880s, the Green Horseshoe is home not only to beautiful nature, but to outstanding architecture. We are featuring a few of the most impressive buildings to seek out on the Green Horseshoe. 


Esplanade Zagreb Hotel

Fountain at the historic Hotel Esplanade in Zagreb, Croatia

The famed Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb is located on the southern end of the horseshoe next to the Botanical Garden. It was built in the Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau styles in 1925 for passengers riding the Orient Express – and has hosted a slew of famous personalities since then. In fact, it still ranks as the best hotel in the city today – check rates and availability!


Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences

The Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts is situated in Strossmayer Square. The Academy Palace building was the work of architects Friedrich von Schmidt and Herman Bolle and completed in the year 1880. 


Croatian National Theater

Flowers line walkway to Croatia National Theater in Zagreb, Croatia

The stunning yellow Croatian National Theatre – or Hrvatsko Narodno Kazaliste or HNK Zagreb – hosts theater, opera and ballet. Grandly sitting on Republic of Croatia Square, the Croatia National Theater was built in 1895. 


Museums in Zagreb Green Horseshoe

Art Pavilion on Horseshoe Park in Zagreb, Croatia

Many of the top Zagreb Museums, like the Archeological Museum, Modern Gallery, Art Pavilion, Croatian State Archives, the Ethnographic Museum and the Arts and Crafts Museum are located on the Green Horseshoe.


Architecture Ringing Zagreb Horseshoe

Bright Lights Advent Zagreb, Croatia

Lining the streets that surround the squares are historic mansions of Croatia’s wealthy citizens (although most now house individual apartments). Wandering through the Green Horseshoe is one of the things to do in Zagreb, Croatia where you are certain to be among locals.


#16 Ride the World’s Shortest Funicular

Funicular Lower Station in Zagreb, Croatia

Perhaps more a novelty than a necessity, a ride on the World’s Shortest Funicular is simply a fun thing to do in Zagreb.

The funicular was built in 1890 (initially using steam engines to power the car up the 217 feet of track) to access the Upper Town without having to make the climb. It takes less than a minute for the car to ascend from Llica Street to Stossmayer Promenade – at a steep 52% incline.


#17 Seek Out Zagreb Street Art 

Sleeping girl street art mural at Medika in Zagreb, Croatia

Street art culture is gaining momentum worldwide and there are some fantastic examples in Zagreb. With the addition of the Whale Mural on the wall of the Art Gallery building in Gradec, visitors and locals alike have become curious about the Zagreb street art scene. Seeking out street art is one of the fun and free things to do in Zagreb. 

Popular Street Mural, Zagreb, Croatia

Outside of Old Town Zagreb, street art is quite prevalent at the Student Center and Medika.

We were fortunate to have a local artist (also our Airbnb host!) guide us through a Zagreb city tour of the street art. You can contact him for a tour…and a place to stay!

Use this link to Google Maps of Street Art locations (Whale Mural, Art Park, Student Center and Medika).


#18 Climb to the Top of Kula Lotrscak

Historic Lotrscak Tower in Zagreb, Croatia

The 13th century Kula Lotrscak lookout tower stands stoically at the top of the Zagreb funicular beside the entrance to Strossmayer Promenade in Gradec. For just a few dollars, guests can climb the defense tower’s spiral staircase for fantastic city views, especially of Gradec and St. Mark’s Church Zagreb.

Lookout Tower Kula Lotrscak in Zagreb, Croatia

Every day at noon, a Zagreb cannon is shot from the fourth floor to signal mid-day. The sound can be heard throughout the Zagreb Old Town and beyond, so be prepared for that!


#19 Attend Mass at St. Mark’s Church Zagreb

St. Mark's Church during Christmas in Zagreb, Croatia

Although many people pass by (and take the required Zagreb photos of) St. Mark’s Church Zagreb, few actually go inside. That’s because the church is not open to the public for touring, but it is open for mass when you can get a look inside.

During our last visit, mass times were Monday-Friday at 6pm; Saturday at 7:30pm; Sunday at 10:30am and 6pm – but check the schedule during your trip to confirm. 


#20 Indulge in Amazing Croatian Food

Sausages for sale during Christmas in Zagreb, Croatia

Croatian cuisine is some of our favorite around the world – and, as such, we think eating local fare is one of the best things to do in Zagreb, Croatia. While much of the gastronomy is heavy on meat and carbs, we balance our visit to Zagreb with eating a satisfying meal and then taking a walk in one of the many city parks. 

We are highlighting a few of our favorite restaurants in Zagreb; travelers going on to Split will want to read our top picks for Split Restaurants, too!



Heaping portion of Burek at Burek shop in Zagreb, Croatia

Burek is an indulgent meat pastry featuring spiced ground meat rolled into flaky phyllo dough. The best place to get burek in Zagreb is at a small shop at the Dolac Market that is simply called Burek (Map).

Eaten as a hardy breakfast or a satisfying lunch, burek is often consumed with yogurt (but we prefer it without). It’s cheap and fast, but they often sell out…so get there early. 


Cevapi u Somunu

Cevapcici sandwich from Kantun Paulina in Split, Croatia

Cevapi – little grilled sausages – are another one of the top Balkan staples. The best way to eat cevapi is in a sandwich topped with raw onion, ajvar sauce (roasted red pepper) and kajmak (clotted cream). 

One of the best restaurants in Zagreb for the calorie-laden, fast food dish is Cevapi u Somunu.


La Struk

Baked Strukli at La Struk Restaurant in Zagreb, Croatia

A dish unique to Zagreb is Strukli, a doughy, cheesy meal served in a baking dish. Sometimes called Zagorski Strukli, the dish has been added to the Croatian Intangible Heritage List. 

In Zagreb, the best place to eat strukli is at La Struk. The cozy interior is as simple as the menu: salty or sweet, cooked or baked with four variations: walnuts, apples, blueberries or truffles.


Heritage Croatian Street Food

A fun little deli-style restaurant, Heritage prepares finger-food snacks using traditional Croatian ingredients. Travelers short on time and looking for things to do in Zagreb in a day can taste a variety of local flavors at Heritage.


Submarine Burgers

A burger-craze has raged through Zagreb and all of Croatia. While certainly not to exclusive the region, they are cooking up some tasty gourmet burgers throughout the capital. Our top recommendation for a Zagreb burger is Submarine (actually, oddly named…as only burgers are on the menu!). 

A link to Google Maps of our favorite places to eat in Zagreb.


#21 Visit  Zagreb Museums

There are numerous Zagreb museums that visitors could spend hours getting lost in. Museums in Zagreb cover history, art, relationships and hangovers – among other topics. In fact, quirky museums is one of the things Zagreb is famous for. 

While we generally prefer to be outdoors, there are a few Zagreb museums that intrigued us enough to spend a few hours indoors…and we highly recommend that fellow travelers do the same!


Zagreb Museum of Broken Relationships

Voodoo dolls on display at the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia

Not an ordinary museum, the displays at the Broken Relationships Museum are everyday objects accompanied by stories of failed relationships. The museum is one of the top attractions in Zagreb.

The exhibits – everything from letters to voodoo dolls to a treadmill – are items that the donor associated with their heartbreak. Some stories had me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes, while other stories simply made me want to cry. 


Zagreb 80s Museum

Zastava at the Zagreb 80s Museum, Croatia

Croatians have a deep affection for the 1980s (as evidenced by their love of 80s hair bands and classic rock). When guests step inside the 80s Museum in Zagreb, it is literally like stepping back in time.

Visitors tour a ‘house’ that is decorated in all things 80s – from Walkman cassette players to a Yugoslavia Zastava car. 


Museum of Hangovers

One of the amusing museums in Zagreb, the Museum of Hangovers features funny stories and exhibits about drunkenness. The small museum offers visitors a shot of local rakija liquor…and a chance to win free entry by tossing darts with drunk glasses on. 


Museum of Illusions

The fun, interactive Museum of Illusions is an entertaining place to spend an afternoon in the city. Visitors are challenged with mind games, puzzles and optical illusions – and encouraged to snap photos. We have not yet visited the Illusions Museum in Zagreb, but we did go to the one in Split.


Chocolate Museum Zagreb

A learning and tasting journey through the history of chocolate, the Chocolate Museum is a sweet place to visit in Zagreb! 


More Museums in Zagreb

The Art Pavilion in Zagreb, Mimara Museum and the National Museum of Modern Art are a few of the city’s best art museums. 

Travelers looking for more quirky things to do in Zagreb can also check out the Mushroom Museum or the Cannabis Museum.

Other museums that are dedicated to specific topics are the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum (an interactive science museum) and the Dražen Petrović Memorial Center (featuring the life of the basketball player). Note: Unfortunately, the poignant Museum of War Photography has closed. 


#22 Attend Amazing Zagreb Events

Christmas lights decorate the city during Advent in Zagreb, Croatia

As the capital city of Croatia, there is always something going on – and attending an event is one of the top things to do in Zagreb. A list of Zagreb upcoming events can be found at the Zagreb Tourist Information Office (located on Jelacic Square | Website).

View of Zagreb Advent in Zrinjevac Park, Croatia

We have attended numerous events while visiting Zagreb – including the awarding-winning Zagreb Advent Festival. It’s one of the best things to do in Zagreb in December!

We have also been to the  Zagreb Burger Fest, the Bas Nas Music and Food Fest and Cest is d’Best. Other Zagreb events include concerts by top global artists, Zagreb BeerFest and the Zagreb Food Truck Festival. 

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Top Travel Tips for Zagreb, Croatia Things To Do

Architecture in the city of Zagreb, Croatia

Now that you know what to do in Zagreb, we have a few more tips for visiting the city! 


Fun Zagreb Facts

  • Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and is the largest city in the country with a population of about 800,000 residents. 
  • Most Croatians speak excellent English. 
  • As of January 1st 2023 the currency of Croatia is the Euro (no longer the Kuna). Check the current conversion rate
  • The main Zagreb Tourist Information Office is located on Jelacic Square. They provide an array of free and helpful brochures, as well as a handy Zagreb tourist map. (Official Tourist Board Website)


How Many Days in Zagreb? 

Spring flowers at Zrinjevac Pak in Zagreb, Croatia

Deciding how many days to spend in Zagreb, Croatia can be challenging – especially if visiting the city as part of a longer Croatia Itinerary

Many people think one day in Zagreb is enough to see the sights – and travelers certainly can cover some ground with a good plan. We recommend using our list to create an outline of Zagreb things to do in a day. 

That said, we think more time in Croatia’s capital city is a better plan. We recommend at least two full days – but if you are planning day trips from Zagreb (which we highlight next), three to five days would be ideal. There are just so many places to see in Zagreb – and once you get there, you won’t want to miss out! 


Day Trips from Zagreb

Looking down at Plitvice Lakes boardwalk in Croatia

After a full dose of Zagreb sightseeing, go further afield to explore the region on one of the many day trips from Zagreb.

The most popular day trip is from Zagreb to Plitvice Lakes National Park. We have visited the famous waterfall park twice – once in winter and a trip in the autumn – and think it is well-worth the effort to see the magnificent tumbling waterfalls. Book your tour!

The town of Samobor, Croatia

A few of our other favorite cities to visit on Zagreb day trips are: Samobor, Krapina, Varazdin. All of these cities can be reached by public transportation, but for the sake of time and ease of travel, consider taking an organized Zagreb tour.

Statue and steeple in Krapina, Croatia

Ljubljana, Slovenia and Lake Bled are two other top destinations that are within reach from Zagreb, Croatia. As both Croatia and Slovenia are now within the European Schengen Zone, it is easy to cross borders on a day trip. To make the most of the day, join a Small Group Tour Zagreb to Ljubljana – like this one!

For more day trip ideas and the best Zagreb tours, read our complete guide to Day Trips from Zagreb


Where To Stay in Zagreb, Croatia

Statue of King Tomislav on Square, Zagreb, Croatia

The best place to stay in Zagreb is in or close to the historic Old Town. Travelers have a choice of vacation rentals and hotels to fit all budgets. 

When we visit Zagreb, we usually stay for a week or longer, so we prefer an Airbnb Apartment. We have found that staying in apartments is often less expensive than hotel rooms – with the added benefit of a kitchen and, usually, more space. However, for short trips to Zagreb, Croatia, we think staying in a hotel is a better option. 


Best Zagreb Hotels

There are many hotels in Zagreb, Croatia to choose from in – or close to – the city center. We are highlighting a few of the top picks for the best hotels in Zagreb. Before you start your search (we recommend using Booking.com), use all our tips for Finding the Top Hotels at the Best Prices.


Hotel Academia

We love this modern hotel situated in the Zagreb Old Town at the top of Tkalciceva Street. Offering spacious rooms with balconies, the sleek hotel gets rave reviews for the welcoming staff and excellent breakfast. Check rates and availability for your stay!


Hotel Jagerhorn

Standing at the oldest hotel in Zagreb, Hotel Jagerhorn is housed in a classic building – but has recently been renovated with modern conveniences. The hotel is located in the Old Town and features an included breakfast and elegant courtyard. Check rates for your stay!


Esplanade Zagreb Hotel

The stylish Esplanade 5-star hotel is a iconic hotel designed in the art nouveau style. The ambiance is felt throughout the property. Top amenities are the on site restaurants, fitness center and sun terrace. Check availability!


Zagreb Hostels

Budget travelers can search for hostels in Zagreb – like The Dots Hostel and Swanky Mint Hostel – where they offer stylish rooms at great rates.


Getting to Zagreb, Croatia

Lovely streets with lights during Zagreb Advent, Croatia

There are many options to choose from when traveling to Zagreb. That said, Zagreb is best reached by plane, train, bus or car.


Zagreb Airport

The airport in Zagreb (ZAG) is served by major European carriers, although some frequencies are seasonal. Unfortunately, there are no non-stop flights to Zagreb from the United States (yet).

Our preferred method of getting anywhere is by flying (we are JetSetting Fools, after all!) and we have flown to/from Zagreb and Zurich, London, Skopje, Amsterdam and Warsaw (to name just a few!).

When we do need to purchase plane tickets, we start our search for the best deals on Skyscanner. Before you start your search, be sure to read our tips on Getting the Best Flight Deals


How To Get from the Zagreb Airport to the City Center

The Franjo Tudman Zagreb Airport is located 15km (9 miles) from the Zagreb city center. Visitors can take the Airport Bus, terminating at the main Zagreb bus station. From the Zagreb Bus Station use Tram 6 (toward Crnomerec) and exit at Jelacic Square (or whatever stop is closest to your accommodations).

Alternatively, use a taxi, Uber or book a private transfer into Zagreb from the airport.


How to Get Around Zagreb

The best way to get around Zagreb city center is on your own two feet. The city is very walkable and a car is not necessary for sightseeing in Zagreb center. For sights that are further afield, visitors can use the trams, local buses, Uber or taxis. 

To travel beyond Zagreb, visitors may want to consider renting a car. It can often save time and money (especially when traveling with more than two people) – and a car rental allows for greater discovery.  


What To Pack for Your Zagreb, Croatia Trip

Kris and Sarah feeling festive at Advent in Zagreb Courtyards

We are sharing a few tips on items you will want to pack for your trip to Zagreb. You can find all of our advice on our Travel Packing blog page. If you need a packing list, download our Free Printable Packing List here!


Comfortable Shoes

Zagreb is a very walkable city (it’s why we created a Self-Guided Free Zagreb Walking Tour!) – but only if you have the right travel shoes! I like to wear lightweight and versatile shoes for urban exploration – and Kris wears his Men’s Merrell Trail Shoes


Real Camera for Travel

We’re certain you’ll be snapping tons of photos during your trip to Croatia. Rather than relying on your mobile phone to capture the sights, upgrade to an actual camera for higher quality photos. We always travel with a Canon Rebel (which takes amazing photos and is a great budget camera).


Day Bag Essentials

Pack your favorite day bag for travel to carry everything you will need during your days of Zagreb sightseeing. Also, it’s a good idea to carry a city map and/or guidebook.


Croatia Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may cover you in the case of trip cancellations, lost luggage or if you get sick while traveling abroad. Consider traveling protected with policies offered at World Nomads.


Start planning your trip to Croatia! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more advice? Head over to our Travel Planning Page for tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides Page!


More Tips For Your Trip To Croatia

It’s time to plan your Vacation Croatia Itinerary! Get started with our detailed guides to all the Top Croatian Destinations


We want to know: What are your favorite things to do in Zagreb, Croatia? What would you add to our Zagreb, Croatia Travel Guide? Tell us in the comments! 


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The Best 22 Things To Do in Zagreb in Croatia by JetSettingFools.com

6 thoughts on “22 Terrific Things To Do in Zagreb, Croatia

  1. Karen Benetti

    Hi jet setters! This is the second time I’ve read your blog! I went to Preko from Zadar and read your thoughts and went 2 more times as well! Next week we will be in Zagreb and we will be there a month so we will c all of your 22 things to see in Zagreb so thank you very much!

    • Hi Karen,
      We’re pleased you’re loving Croatia and that we can assist in your travels! Enjoy Zagreb, for a month, we’re zealous!
      Cheers & Travel well,
      Sarah & Kris

  2. I have a two day Zagreb trip planned in March and to be honest, I think I might need to figure out how to extend the trip because who knew there were so many things you can do there, ha-ha. Anyways, thank you for the wonderful and VERY informative guide.

  3. Great suggestions. I visited last year, but unfortunately I didn’t have an awful lot of time so couldn’t do much. However I did go up Zagreb 360, visit the Cathedral and also went to Plitvice Lakes for the day which was great. Next visit I’ll try some of your other ideas.

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