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9 Bars In Split Serving Croatian Craft Beer

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Craft beer is taking over the world – and Croatia is on board with the evolving trend. Since our first trip to the country in 2011 – when local Croatian beer meant mass-produced lagers, like Karlovacko and Ozujsko – we have witnessed a budding craft beer scene materialize into something truly spectacular. Pioneering microbreweries are opening across the country and creating innovative beers that break from tradition. Although not all pubs are following suit, there is an ever-growing number of places adding craft to their lineup of beers. During our long stay in Split, we aimed to sample the best Croatian craft beers offered in the city. To our delight, we discovered several incredible craft beer bars in Split, Croatia that are serving local microbrews.


Where To Drink Croatian Craft Beer In Split

Two beers at Black Dog Bar in Split, Croatia

Our list includes the best bars in Split that have local craft beer on tap (toceno in Croatian). Want to create your own Split bar crawl? We include a helpful map of our recommended pubs in Split at the end of the post. And, you can use our helpful 3-Day Split Itinerary to help plan your day activities, too! 

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9 Best Craft Beer Bars In Split, Croatia


#1 Leopold’s Delicatessen Bar

Don’t let the name fool you – Leopold’s is more a bar than it is a deli. In fact, we’ve never seen anyone eating at Leopold’s because people don’t come for the food…they come for the beer. With 6 rotating local craft beer taps, friendly service and a covered outdoor patio space, Leopold’s is one of the best places in Split to drink craft brew. Info & Reviews


#2 The Daltonist Craft Bar (formerly Black Dog Bar)

New to the Split, Croatia nightlife scene, Black Dog opened in autumn of 2018…and has quickly become our favorite bar in the city. Located just outside the walls of Diocletian’s Palace near Srebrena Vrata (Silver Gate), and re-branded in 2020 as The Daltonist Craft Bar, it carries a range of craft beer from Croatia as well as posh cocktails. In addition to the drinks, we love the ambiance created by the rustic stone interior. Info & Reviews


#3 Sanctuary Bar Split

Located in the very heart of the Split Old Town, Sanctuary is a cozy spot with four local beers on tap and more in the bottle (and a huge cocktail list, too!). Seating indoors is limited, but there are plenty of outdoor tables in the courtyard, which is our preferred place to sip beers at Sanctuary. Popular with tourists, Sanctuary is one of the best bars in Split, Croatia to meet fellow travelers. Info & Reviews


#4 Plan B Pub

Our first visit to Plan B was a few years ago when it was located on Znjan Beach on the east side of town. Since then, the pub has relocated closer to the city center – but it is still about 1km from the Old Town. We willingly make the trek to Plan B for two reasons: they serve Nova Runda (the pioneers of craft beer in Croatia and our absolute favorite in the country!) and they make the most delicious (and affordable) burgers in town. The spacious interior has a hip industrial feel to it, but we recommend sitting on the large patio if there are seats available! Info & Reviews


#5 To Je To

When To Je To first opened in the historic Old Town, visiting the fun bar topped our list of things to do in Split at night. The bar then relocated to a neighborhood outside the old town, which left us missing the original location. However, in 2020 To Je To moved back to the Split Old Town and still ranks as one of the coolest bars in Split! Consistently offering the best craft beer in Croatia on tap and in the bottle, the owners of To Je To recently started gypsy brewing under the name Fjaka Brewing. Microbeer aficionados will want to make the extra effort to get to To Je To. Info & Reviews


#6 Mandrill Nano-Brewing

A short walk from Diocletian’s Palace, Mandrill is one of the best places to sample Split craft beer straight from the source. Run by the owner of Leopold’s, brewing began at Mandrill in early 2018. As of 2021 they have relocated to the most famous Split Beach, Bacvice, and are cranking out tasty street food to compliment their brews. Although Mandrill’s beers are now found in several bars in Split, we enjoy drinking it from the source. Info & Reviews


#7 Tap B Craft Brewery and Brewpub

Craft beer lovers seeking local experiences should definitely make it a point to visit Tap B Brewpub – regardless of the fact that it is 3km from the Old Town. Situated in the depths of a massive block apartment complex, Tab B brews their own beer…right behind the bar. In addition to their range of in-house beers, they also offer a selection of other Croatian craft brews on tap. Info & Reviews


#8 Little Beer Shop 2

Both a shop and a bar, Little Beer Shop 2 has the best selection of craft beer in Split. Not limited to craft beer from Croatia, Little Beer Shop 2 also sells craft beer from around the world. Guests will find the full range of beers in glass cases at the front of the store. Bottled beer can be consumed on-site or purchased for take-away (either opened or unopened). In the back bar, which is decorated with beer posters, crates and kegs, there are tables and a small selection of draft beer. Info & Reviews


#9 Fabrique Pub

Long a staple in Split, Croatia nightlife, Fabrique Pub always has a crowd. In addition to Croatian Craft Beer, they offer specialty cocktails with music and dancing well into the night!

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More On The Best Places For Drinks In Split, Croatia

Our recommendations for the best pubs in Split for drinking craft beer are just one part of Split nightlife. We have a few more suggestions for fun things to do in Split, Croatia at night.



Split bars aren’t the only place to enjoy an ice-cold craft beer in the city. Actually, one of the top places to drink beer in Split isn’t a bar, but a place: Matejuska Fisherman’s Port. Located at the west end of the Riva near the Varos neighborhood, Matejuska is the place to go to take in city views, watch the sunset and tip back a few beers before going out. Visitors looking for cool things to do in Split should grab a bottle of local craft beer from the Little Beer Shop (the original LBS), then find a spot on the Matejuska peninsula to chill out. Map


Marvlvs Library Jazz Bar Split

A hidden gem in the labyrinth of the Old Town lanes, Marvlvs is a cozy jazz bar. The quaint lounge bar is ideal for a quiet night of drinking cocktails or sipping wine. Info & Reviews


Paradox Wine Bar Split

For an upscale wine experience, Paradox Wine Bar offers guests an opportunity to sample Croatian wines paired with regional cheeses. The bar is spread over two floors – and the upstairs space offers nice views.  Info & Reviews


Ilocki Podrumi

On an inconspicuous street just a short walk from the Old Town is the Ilocki Podrumi Winery store (no on-site consumption). The winery, which is located along the Danube River in northeastern Croatia, has a 2,000-year history and produces a range of wines. At the store in Split, they offer their wine bottled or toceno (on tap, for take away). The tap wine is sold at an incredibly low price.

Top Tip: You can bring your own bottle for refills – or purchase a new plastic bottle at the store. MAP


Majstora Jurja Street Cafes and Bars

Numerous cafes and bars are nestled into Ulica Majstora Jurja, the street to the west of Zlatna Vrata (Golden Gate). Although none of the bars offer craft beer on their taps, most have a range of locally produced liquors (which are a must-try in Split, in our opinion!). Our favorite spot is Teak, which has a cozy ambiance and historic features. Info & Reviews

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Best Bars In Split, Croatia Map

One of the fun things to do in Split, Croatia at night is create a pub crawl. Use our map of places to go in Split to help lead the way!


Craft Pivo

Before you set off to sample the best craft beer in Split, we have a few tips! First, pivo means beer, and pivovara means brewery. When ordering, asking for a local beer can refer to any beer produced in Croatia (including mass-produced beers); to ensure you get beer from a microbrewery, ask for Craft Pivo. Before drinking your beer, say zivjeli (pronounced zhee-veh-lee); it how you say cheers in Croatian!

Croatian Beer Prices

The price of beer in Croatia is still relatively inexpensive, but craft beer costs quite a bit more in Croatia than mass-produced beers. Prices for a half-liter of craft beer at a bar costs between 25-35 kuna ($3.75 to $5.50 USD). Purchasing beers from the brewery or at take-away bottle shops will cost slightly less.

Smoking In Croatian Bars

Smoking is still permitted in most bars in Croatia. On our list of recommended bars, the only non-smoking location is Mandrill Nano-Brewing. However, most bars also have outdoor space.


Croatian Craft Breweries

The number of craft breweries in Croatia is on the rise – and many established microbreweries are selling their product in cities and bars around the country. Here is a short list of our favorite Croatian craft brewers, where they brew and our preferred beer.

  • Nova Runda – Zagreb – American Pale Ale
  • Varionica – Zagreb – American Pale Ale
  • Garden Brewery – Zagreb – IPA
  • L.A.B. – Split – Barba Pale Ale
  • Tap B – Split – Trapula APA and Mirakul IPA
  • Lepi Decki Brewery – Cakovec – IPA
  • Mandrill – Split – Stout


Croatia Nightlife

Zagreb, the Croatian capital city, was the first to embrace the shift from mass-produced beer to microbrews; there are now numerous craft-dedicated bars in the city. {Find our recommendations on our list of Things To Do in Zagreb} Split nightlife options have also increased with the opening of multiple craft beer bars. Rather than Split nightclubs, our list is focused on where to go out in Split for Croatia craft beer.


Pub Crawl Split, Croatia

We recommend that craft beer enthusiasts create their own pub crawl based on our recommendations – or join a guide on an evening brewery tour. Revelers looking to party the night away can join an organized pub crawl in Split, Croatia. Kicking off at 9 pm, the Split Pub Crawl visits top nightclubs. Find out more here!


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9 Bars in Split, Croatia by JetSettingFools.com

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