Croatia The Best Croatian Cities to Visit on Vacation

Best Croatian Cities to Visit: Where To Go on Vacation in Croatia

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Croatia’s calling. Croatia keeps calling. Since we started traveling full time in 2014, we have returned to Croatia so many times that we’ve lost count. On each trip, we seek out new cities in Croatia to visit – and we become even more enamored with the country.

To help fellow travelers decide where to go in Croatia on vacation, we have rounded up our top picks for the best Croatian cities to visit.


How to Decide What Cities to Visit in Croatia

On our first trip to Croatia in 2011, we decided to visit the country’s star Dalmatian attractions: Hvar, Korcula and Dubrovnik. We were absolutely mesmerized by the beauty, intrigued by the culture and fell in love with the Croatian cuisine.

Since then, we’ve been lured back to familiar places and have spent ample time exploring some of the often-overlooked cities in Croatia, as well. 

Many first-time visitors follow a similar route to our initial Croatia trip – getting a first glimpse of the country in the most popular Croatian destinations. While planning a Croatia trip to see the top rated destinations is a must for many travelers, there are numerous off-the-beaten-path cities to visit in Croatia, too.

If asked to pick just one, we would be hard pressed to name a single place as the Best City in Croatia. Each location has its own charm and unique characteristics.


Planning a Trip to Croatian Cities

Travelers creating a Croatia Itinerary will find that the first task is deciding where to visit in Croatia – which is why we are outlining the best places to see.

Choosing between Croatia beach cities, inland towns and the top Croatian islands to visit can be an undertaking – as there are several factors to consider.

In addition to determining the type of vacation desired, visitors also need to consider time of year, length of trip and their Croatia travel budget. We will cover all that and more as we share our tips and advice for the best cities to visit in Croatia. 

As you begin to plan your vacation to Croatia, get organized with our Travel Planner Printables!


Top Cities in Croatia to Visit

We have rounded up a ‘Best Cities Croatia’ list to help fellow travelers plan their trip to the country. We have organized our list of Croatian cities to see into categories – including Most Popular, Coastal Cities, Island Towns and top inland Croatian places to see.

Additionally, to help you plan your trip to the best cities in Croatia, we have included a Map of Croatian Cities at the end of the article.


Most Popular Croatian Cities to Visit

While there are many cities to visit in Croatia, we are kicking off our list with three of the most popular. Because these 3 cities in Croatia are well-connected via air, most visitors will naturally include them in their trip plans as a point of arrival or departure.


#1 DUBROVNIK: Croatian Gem on the Adriatic Coast

Best Dubrovnik, Croatia View

Dubrovnik is one of the absolute hottest tourist spots in Croatia (and all of Europe). It has been coined ‘The Pearl of the Adriatic.’ The walled Old City of Dubrovnik, which is perched on towering cliffs above the sea, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and understandably ranks as one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia.

Located on the southern Dalmatian Coast, Dubrovnik is the most recognizable Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea. It also served as inspiration and a filming location for King’s Landing in the Game of Thrones series.

Many visitors claim Dubrovnik is the best city in Croatia to visit – and it is easy to see why. The Old Town is encircled by towering walls and is comprised of historically preserved stone houses with classic, orange-tiled rooftops that line steep, narrow and winding lanes. It is absolutely picture-perfect.


Visit Dubrovnik, Croatia

In addition to Walking the City Walls, exploring Dubrovnik Old Town on a walking tour is one of the top things to do in the city center. Outside of the fortifications, however, travelers will find six pristine Dubrovnik beaches and amazing views from Mt. Srd.

An important thing to keep in mind is that due to it’s popularity with travelers and cruise ships, Dubrovnik can get absolutely crushed with tourists in the peak summer season (mid-June through mid-September). We also want to mention that it is more expensive than other Croatia vacation destinations, so cost-conscious travelers should use our tips for Visiting Dubrovnik on a Budget.

Where To Stay: We think the best place to stay in Dubrovnik is in the heart of the Old Town. Guests can choose to stay in a hotel or an Airbnb apartment in Dubrovnik. Before you book, use our tips for finding the Best Accommodations.

Nearby Places to Visit in Croatia: Dubrovnik sits in the far south of the country, but there are numerous day trips from Dubrovnik – for instance, to Ston and across the border to Kotor, Montenegro or Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina – that make the city a great base while visiting Croatia.

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#2 SPLIT: Croatian Coast Best Places to Visit

View of Split, Croatia from Marjan Hill Hike

Founded in the 4th century by Roman Emperor Diocletian, Split, Croatia features a fascinating history, miles of shoreline, abundant nature and a delectable cuisine. The historic Old Town hugs the seaside, but Split sprawls in all other directions and ranks as the second-largest city in Croatia.

Split is one of the best Croatia cities to base yourself in along the Dalmatian coast. In addition to the multitude of sights, Split is well-connected by flight, bus and ferry – which makes it easy to explore more of the incredible region.

Diocletian’s Palace marks the center of the Split Old Town and is another one of the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Croatia.


Visit the Croatian City of Split

Visitors will find that a Split Walking Tour is the best way to get acquainted with the oldest part of the city and Diocletian’s Palace. That said, there is a long list of Split City Sights to See – from scenic viewpoints to quirky museums.

As one of the best coastal towns in Croatia, the Split beaches are not to be missed – and they are all connected by a seaside promenade to both the east and west of the city center. Active travelers can lace up their shoes and hike Marjan Hill for a nature walk and enjoy epic views of Split along the way.

Dining in Split covers a range of gastronomy – from fresh-caught seafood to meaty street food. Use our guide to find your way to all the Best Split Restaurants. In recent years, the craft beer revolution has taken Croatia by storm; local brew enthusiasts should read our tips on the Best Split Bars.

Where To Stay: As one of the top cities in Croatia to visit, there are ample places to stay in the city center and beyond. We recommend that visitors to Split stay close to (but not in) the Old Town in a holiday apartment – like the ones offered by Superhost Adiona Travel.

Best Places to Visit in Croatia Near Split: As we already mentioned, Split is an excellent base for taking day trips – both to inland sights (like Klis Fortress and Solin) and out to sea (to the Blue Cave or Blue Lagoon). You can use our guide to plan your best Split Day Trips.

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#3 ZAGREB: Croatia’s Best Cities

Sunset on St. Mark's Church in Zagreb, Croatia

There are few big cities in Croatia – but Zagreb is the notable exception. The Croatian capital is home to more than 800,000 residents and the country’s government. The city is steeped in tradition yet is also modern and efficient.

Zagreb – which consistently ranks as one of the best cities in Croatia – is distinctly different from the coastal towns in Dalmatia. Zagreb is cosmopolitan, vibrant and thriving.

Similar to other European capital cities, such as Budapest and Vienna, Zagreb was designed in a kaleidoscope of styles – from the Gothic and Baroque of the Austro-Hungarian time to Brutalist architecture dating to the Yugoslav era.


Visiting Zagreb

Although a big city in Croatia, Zagreb is charming. Visitors can simply wander the streets buzzing with trams and then duck into the many inviting city parks – or set off on a Zagreb Walking Tour.

Sights that are not to be missed are the Zagreb Cathedral, St. Mark’s Church, Dolac Market and Jelacic Square.

Museums – like the 80s Museum and the Museum of Broken Relationships – are fascinating places to visit while in Zagreb. However, travelers interested in an edgier side can seek out Zagreb’s thriving street art.

Like most things in the city, Zagreb’s culinary offers are more modern than in other parts of Croatia, but still features meat-heavy dishes that are popular throughout the region. The craft beer scene in Zagreb is also exceptional – and we highly recommend getting a taste of locally produced beer.

Where To Stay: We enjoy staying in the heart of the Zagreb Old Town in one of the many vacation rentals available on Airbnb. However, travelers looking for a luxury stay should check rates and availability at the 5-star Esplanade Zagreb Hotel.

Places to Visit in Croatia around Zagreb: There are several day trip destinations from Zagreb – including the cities of Samobor, Krapina and Varazdin. Use our tips for the Best Day Trips from Zagreb for additional information and tips.

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Best Croatian Coastal Cities

The Croatian coast extends for more than 1,100 miles along the mainland – and the entire length of it is dotted with small Croatian cities by the sea. These Croatian coastal cities are top destinations for summer travelers, but they are equally beautiful (although sometimes eerily quiet) in the winter months.

We have already mentioned two of the best cities to see in Croatia on the coast – Dubrovnik and Split – but we are highlighting a few more of the smaller coastal Croatian cities to visit.



Boat and Old Town Rovinj, Croatia

Romantic and serene, Rovinj is an idyllic city along the Croatian Adriatic coast on the Istrian Peninsula. Once an island and surrounded by protective city walls, the city is comprised of narrow, twisting cobblestone walkways and stacked, pastel-painted buildings.

Unlike the towns in Croatia to the south, Rovinj and other Croatian Istria towns have a very strong and obvious Italian influence. Italian flags flying along side Croatian one’s are common, as well as street signs in both languages.


Visit Rovinj

Rovinj is one of the best Croatian coastal towns for relaxing vacations. Visitors can stretch their legs on an uphill climb to St. Euphemia Church, then saunter downhill to cool off in the sea by jumping into the crystal-clear waters from the shoreline boulders.

Evenings are marked by tasting the local Istrian wine and then watching a Rovinj sunset over the water.

More of the peninsula can be explored on day trips or boat trips. Active travelers can spend a day riding bikes through forests and vineyards. 

Where To Stay in Rovinj: The Melegran, a 4-star hotel situated in the Old Town just steps from the beach with included breakfast.

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Pula, Croatia Arena

Located on the southern tip of the Istrian Peninsula, Pula is one of the bigger Croatian coastal towns to visit. An important city since the days of Julius Caesar, Pula has long been one of the vital port cities in Croatia.


Visit Pula

There are many things to do in Pula that make it a great place to stay for a few days.

Beaches and boat trips are a good reason to visit any coastal city in Croatia, but Pula has something even more enticing: Roman ruins.

A 1st-century amphitheater still stands nearly intact in Pula – as does parts of the Forum, including a temple and arch. Ancient, tiled floors and the remains of a Roman theater have also been unearthed.

Where To Stay in Pula: Park Plaza Histria Pula, a beach resort not far from the Pula Old Town center is an ideal hotel for a beach vacation in Croatia, but family-run Hotel Galija is the pick for the city center.

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Walking Tour Zadar, Croatia

Zadar is a city in Croatia that is also marked by it’s ancient history, yet it exudes a youthful vibe (mostly in thanks to the local university). In fact, it is believed that this coastal Croatian city is the longest inhabited city in the country, with roots that stretch back to 9th century BC.


Visit Zadar, Croatia

Like other Croatian cities on Adriatic Sea, Zadar has a mishmash of architecture – and was also once a fortified town. Today, visitors can explore the city on foot to discover pieces of the Roman past and the fanciful flourishes left by the Venetians.

The seaside promenade – and the unique Zadar Sea Organ, which is played by the splashes of the sea – are not to be missed.

Of course, the nearby beaches are a top draw in the summertime. However, we highly recommend getting out on the water when staying in Zadar. Just offshore, there are numerous islands that can be explored on guided tours or DIY Zadar day trips

Where To Stay in Zadar: Art Hotel Kalelarge has an amazing location with a modern space.

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View of Fortresses of Sibenik, Croatia

Sitting in a deep bay and accessed from the sea by a long, narrow channel, Sibenik is a naturally protected city on the Adriatic. The compact Sibenik Old Town sits on a steep grade – and old stone dwellings climb up the hillside to a dominating fortress.

Although small in size, Sibenik is one of the best Croatian cities offering a variety of attractions and activities.


Visit Sibenik

Many travelers breeze through Sibenik in a few hours while touring other Northern Dalmatian Coast sights, but there are several reasons to stay for a couple of days or longer.

The top attraction is the UNESCO World Heritage Sibenik Cathedral (take a look inside, but don’t miss the unusual 70+ stone heads protruding from the back of the church). Other things to see are the hilltop St. Michael Fortress, the picturesque St. Ana Cemetery and the peaceful St. Lawrence Monastery.

What makes Sibenik one of the best coastal cities in Croatia, however, is the easy access to several islands and nearby coastal villages. Tourists can choose to hop aboard a ferry or set sail on a private boat tour.

Travelers who like to explore off the beaten path can set off an adventure through the St. Anthony Canal and follow a trail that leads to the UNESCO St. Nicholas Fortress as well as a submarine bunker.

Where To Stay in Sibenik: Bellevue Superior City Hotel, with modern sea-facing rooms at reasonable prices.

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View of Old Town, Trogir, Croatia

Technically an island but only separated from the mainland by a narrow canal, Trogir is one of the popular Croatian towns to visit. While it dates to the 3rd century, the stunning architecture – for which it is listed as a UNESCO site – was built when Trogir was under Venetian rule.


Visit Trogir

Although Trogir is one of the best Croatian cities to visit, there are just a handful of sights on the small island. It is possible to see the entire town on a day trip adventure (either from Split or Sibenik), but guests who choose to stay longer can really soak up the charm. 

The top attractions are the 13th century St. Lawrence Cathedral on the main square and the 15th century Kamerlengo Castle. However, we think the true beauty of Trogir lies in the twisting lanes and wide seaside promenade. 

Where To Stay in Trogir: Tiramola, a boutique accommodation in Old Town Trogir with lovely hosts.

Further Reading: Check out this article for more things to do in Trogir.



Stunning coastal views from the fortress, Omis, Croatia

Located south of Split where the Cetina River flows into the Adriatic Sea, Omis is situated at the base of a mountain on the edge of the water. Once ruled by pirates, it is now one of the most beautiful Croatian cities along the coastline – and a prime spot for adventurous activities.


Visit Omis

Visitors will find that Omis is one of the Croatian coastal towns for simply wandering. The winding cobblestone lanes lead to historic churches (there are eight in the small town!), an old fortress and quaint squares.

The reason most visitors end up in Omis, however, is for the thrill-seeking activities. Top attractions are ziplining, white water rafting, river kayaking, hiking and canyoning.

There is plenty of opportunity for lazy days at the beaches, too. Omis has sandy beaches, pebble beaches and secluded coves – so there is something for everyone.

Where To Stay in Omis: Hotel Plaza, a modern hotel in the heart of Omis, just a short 1-minute walk to the beach.

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View of Makarska from Biokovo Mountain trail, Makarska, Croatia

Makarska is located along the Dalmatian Coast between Split and Dubrovnik at the base of the towering Biokovo Mountain.

Although many tourists traverse between the two most popular Croatian cities, they often skip Makarska – either because they are traveling by ferry boat or take a land route that detours through Bosnia Herzegovina (often making a stop in Mostar). It’s a shame, because Makarska is one of the best beach cities in Croatia to visit.

The Makarska Riviera – a 40-mile stretch of coastline – is known for its long, sandy beaches and walkways lined with towering evergreen trees. Several of beaches on the Makarska Riviera have been awarded the Blue Flag for the impeccably clean water.


Visit Makarska, Croatia

While beaches are what Makarska is most known for, the city is also well regarded for its historical sights, nature reserves and Croatian gastronomy.

Some of the highlights of Makarska include a 500-year-old monastery, a Croatia nightclub in a cave and hiking trails that lead up the nearby mountains. Additionally, a great variety of Croatian cuisine – from seafood to sweets – can be sampled at cafes and restaurants that ring the Makarska main square.

Where To Stay in Makarska: Hotel Osejava, a 4-star hotel with a spa and outstanding water views.

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Towns to Visit on the Best Islands in Croatia

Croatia claims more than 1,200 islands and islets in the Adriatic Sea. Therefore, choosing what Croatian islands to visit can be perplexing. Don’t fret! We are outlining the very best islands – and are specifically detailing which Croatia towns to visit on those islands.

Travelers building a Croatia Island Hopping Itinerary can easily visit multiple Croatia island destinations – even on a short 1-week trip.



View of Hvar Town from the Adriatic Sea

The Croatian Island of Hvar is the most popular island in the Adriatic Sea. There are many reasons why Hvar is one of the best Croatian islands to visit – and Hvar Town tops the list.

The posh town is surrounded by bright blue water and overlooked by the towering Spanish Fortress. Hvar is popular with partying Croatian tourists and celebrities – but attracts travelers of all kinds. All summer long, yachts and small cruise ships line the harbor and clubs stay open until dawn.

It’s easy to fall in love with Hvar, which manages to be stylish and historic at the same time. In fact, the first time we visited Croatia, we docked in Hvar Town and never left the town center!


Visit Hvar Town

Not only is Hvar one of the best island towns, but it also ranks as one of the overall best cities to visit in Croatia.

Top things to do are to discover the Old Town sights on foot, spend idle days at the Hvar beaches and indulge in the delicious seafood.

Tourists spending ample time in Hvar can set off on day-long hikes to nearby villages, rent a boat to explore the Pakleni Islands or join a day trip by land to the famous lavender fields or by sea to the iconic Blue Cave.

Where To Stay in Hvar Town: The Amfora Grand Beach Resort, a luxury hotel on the waterfront with multiple pools.

Further Reading: The Best Things To Do in Hvar Town


#12 STARI GRAD on Hvar Island

Sailing into Stari Grad, Hvar Island, Croatia aboard the Almissa with Sail Croatia

Hvar Island is arguably the best Croatian island to stay on – and not just because of Hvar Town. Stari Grad is another star destination on the island. Located on the north side of Hvar Island, Stari Grad has a completely different vibe than Hvar Town. 

Stari Grad – literally Old Town – is one of the truly ancient towns in Croatia. Founded more than 2,400 years ago, it’s the oldest city in Croatia.


Visit Stari Grad, Hvar

The quaint Croatian town is tucked into a deep bay and boasts narrow lanes, stone houses, historic churches and a famous estate, the Tvrdalj Castle.

The nearby Stari Grad Plain, a UNESCO Heritage Site for its outstanding universal value, is a preserved agricultural system that dates to the 4th century B.C. The land is still used today to grow Croatian olives for wonderful oil and grapes for amazing Croatian wine – as it always has been.

Stari Grad offers small-town charm. Visitors can explore the secluded coves along the deep bay, ride bikes through the historic Stari Grad Plain, hike to the hill-topping church and discover abandoned Croatian villages. 

Where To Stay in Stari Grad: Hidden House Boutique Hotel Suites, a top-rated boutique hotel in the historic Old Town with exceptional hosts.

Further Reading: The Best Things To Do in Stari Grad



Korcula Town Gate on Korcula Island, Croatia

Many travelers land on Korcula when deciding which Croatian island to visit – and for good reason. The island is simply stunning.

The main attraction is Korcula Town – which some say resembles a miniature Dubrovnik due to it being a walled city on the edge of the sea.


Visit Korcula Town

All of the sights in Korcula Old Town can be visited in just a few hours. However, the town is a great place to stay to see more of the island.

Top attractions in the Korcula Old Town are the impressive Land Gate and the Marco Polo House, where it is claimed that the famous explorer was born. Shoreline walks, forest hikes and seaside dining round out the list of the top things to do in Korcula.

Keep in mind, however, that Korcula Town is just one of the many fun Croatia places to go on the island of the same name. Lumbarda is another Adriatic Island town on Korcula that is well-known for its Grk white wine production. Vela Luka is the island’s main port city, and offers unique attractions, like a prehistoric cave, tiled street mosaics as well as challenging hiking opportunities.

Where To Stay in Korcula: Aminess Korcula Heritage Hotel, a prominent location with sea-facing rooms at a fair price.

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#14 KOMIZA on the Croatian Island of Vis

View of Komiza Town on Vis Island, Croatia

Vis Island is the furthest inhabited island from the Croatian mainland – and cozy Komiza on the far west coast ranks as one of the top cities to visit in Croatia to really get away.

More a village than a city, Komiza is a place to go in Croatia where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.


Visit Komiza

Komiza ranks as one of the best Croatia beach towns – but there isn’t a big checklist of sights to see. Instead, visitors spend long days lounging at the beaches; the most popular are close to the marina, but trails lead to hidden coves to both the north and south of the town.

Boat trips to the nearby Blue Cave is a top water activity, but there are many other boat excursions to choose from.

Evenings are spent at family-run restaurants that face the pristine blue sea – and naturally, fresh-caught fish features prominently on every menu.

Ambitious travelers can tackle a trek up into the hills behind Komiza. Several of the trails lead to churches that offer sublime views over the aqueous landscape.

Komiza is also a good base to explore more of the island – although a car or scooter is necessary to get anywhere besides the port town of Vis (which is accessibly by bus). Some interesting things to see are the famous Stiniva Beach, Tito’s submarine cave, and local Croatian wineries.

Where To Stay in Komiza: Hotel Bisevo is nicely situated on the edge of town close to the beach. However, there are numerous family-run guesthouses that are best suited for a Komiza, Croatia vacation.

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#15 BOL on Brac Island

Zlatni Rat Beach from Vidova Gora Peak, Bol, Brac, Croatia

One of the largest Croatian islands in the Adriatic Sea, Brac Island is famous for its white stone – which is used in most of the islands’ architecture, as well as to build Diocletian’s Palace and, supposedly, the columns of the United States’ White House.

The reason tourists flock to Brac Island – and specifically the town of Bol – however, is Croatia’s most famous beach: Zlatni Rat.


Visit Bol

Zlatni Rat – or Golden Horn – is a long spit of pebbly beach that reforms with the currents and tides of the sea. The ever-changing beach surrounded by turquoise water is undeniably gorgeous and is popular with both sunbathers and boaters.

Although Zlatni Rat is the claim to fame that makes Bol the best beach town in Croatia, there are a few more things to do in the city.

The towering mountain, Vidova Gora, that stands over Bol is one of the best places to hike in Croatia (but you can drive to the top, as well). Views extend across the Adriatic Sea to five other Croatian islands and the vantage point down to Zlatni Rat is phenomenal.

The 16th century Blaca Monastery, which is only accessible via a 1.5-mile hike is another gem in Bol. While not easy to get to, it’s well worth the effort.

Another Croatian town to visit on Brac Island is Supetar (easily reached by ferry from Split) and the villages of Milna, Sutivan and Skirp.

Where to Stay in Bol: Boutique Hotel Bol gets superb reviews and is located within walking distance to Zlatni Rat Beach and the Vidova Gora trailhead.

Further Reading: Tips for Hiking Vidova Gora


Places in Croatia to Visit Inland

While many tourists in Croatia stick to the alluring seaside cities, we highly recommend venturing off the coast to see more of the country. Spectacular waterfalls are a top inland Croatian destination, but the eastern countryside is delightful, too.



Looking down at Plitvice Lakes boardwalk in Croatia

The streaming and tumbling waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes are, without a doubt, one of the most magnificent sights in Croatia. One of eight national parks in Croatia, Plitvice Lakes ranks supreme.

That said, the park’s location is remote and requires a long drive (or bus ride) from any of the top Croatia destinations. Even so, Plitvice remains one of the top Croatian places to visit – but travelers who want to see it need to plan ahead.


Visit Plitvice Lakes NP

Plitvice Lakes is a series of 16 lakes nestled in a deep canyon. The vivid blue water spills from one lake to the next – and as it does minerals in the water are left behind, eventually creating tufts. The naturally occurring process is what created the separate lakes and series of waterfalls at Plitvice.

Park visitors follow a route that provides an up-close view. Raised wooden boardwalks meander through the park, offering guests the best viewpoints of the natural wonder.

Because of the park’s popularity, it is best to buy tickets online in advance (as there are entry limits) – or join one of the popular tours from Zagreb, from Zadar or from Split.

Plitvice Lakes is open year-round, but Plitvice Lakes winter visitors are limited to seeing just the lower lakes.

Where To Stay in Plitvice Lakes: Hotel Jezero, located at the park entrance, has rooms with lake views and an on-site spa. 

Further Reading: Visiting Plitvice Lakes in Autumn



An afternoon sun highlights the gushing Skradinski buk waterfall at Krka National Park

The Krka waterfalls are another one of the must-see places in Croatia for nature…and it is more convenient than Plitvice Lakes. Located inland from Sibenik near the village of Skradin, the sprawling park has multiple entry points – and can even be accessed via boat.


Visit Krka NP

Created by the same geological phenomena as Plitvice Lakes, the water at the Krka falls glides smoothly over tufts and rocks, culminating in a thunderous flow at Skradinski Buk, the largest waterfall in the park.

Boardwalks provide visitors access to the most scenic sections of the park – and there are rocks, benches and a long bridge that offers the best views of Skradinski Buk.

Additionally, a small historic village – complete with a mill and church – illustrates the importance of the falls to past inhabitants.

Tourists can plan their own day trip to Krka NP (by driving or taking a bus to Skradin) – or join one of the highly rated tours from Split, from Zadar and from Sibenik.

Where To Stay when Visiting Krka: Skradin Hotel Bonaca, a 4-start hotel with outdoor pool.

Further Reading: Things To Do in Skradin



Bell tower of Co-Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul in Osijek, Croatia

Travelers to Croatia rarely look inland past the waterfalls and Zagreb, thus completely missing the eastern Slavonia region and the city of Osijek. Unknown to most tourists, Osijek is one of the largest cities in Croatia (4th largest in the country) and is one of the best Croatian cities to visit inland.

Osijek is located in the Croatian countryside and there are many reasons to visit Slavonia. This Croatia off-the-beaten-path city offers a drastically different landscape, cuisine and history than Croatian coastal cities. 


Visit Osijek, Croatia

Osijek is known for exceptional gastronomy and wine…and it does not disappoint! The farm-to-table food concept is a way of life in Osijek. The cuisine features local products – like river fish and in-season produce – and is also influenced by neighboring Hungary.

The city of Osijek itself has a handful of interesting sights. Top attractions are the fortress and cathedral, but architecture fans will delight in simply strolling down the streets of Osijek.

On the other hand, nature lovers will not want to miss the opportunity to get outdoors. While seeing vineyards and family-run farms is a must, the highlight is the Kopacki Rit Nature Park, one of the largest wetlands in Europe.

Where To Stay in Osijek: Hotel Waldinger, a 4-star, boutique hotel in the city center.

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Map of Croatia Cities to Visit

Use this link to Google Maps for our Map of the Best Cities to Visit in Croatia online. Use the Croatia map to help plan your trip!

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Croatia Best Cities: Travel Tips

Choosing where to vacation in Croatia is just one aspect of any trip to the country. We have a few basic Croatia travel tips that will help you plan your trip.

Be sure to check out our complete guide to Planning a Trip to Croatia – and use our helpful Vacation Planner to stay organized!

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How Long To Stay in Each City

How long you decide to stay in each city during your trip will depend on your travel style, length of trip and overall interest.

Typically, we recommend staying in one place for at least three days – but if you are short on time, you could easily get a feel for most Croatian cities – especially smaller ones – and see the sights in just one day.

Because of the distance between most Croatia destinations, we don’t usually recommend staying only one night in a place (although there are a few exceptions, like Plitvice Lakes and Trogir). Rather than packing up and moving frequently, we recommend planning day trips.


Planning Day Trips in Croatia

In addition to our list of the top Croatia places to visit, there are small towns in Croatia that are well worth a day trip – and many serve as an excellent escape from the summertime crowds.

It is fairly easy to plan day trips on your own, but some tours – like a combined Krka, Sibenik and Local Lunch tour – from Split are an exceptional value.


Getting Around: Car, Bus or Tour

In all the times we have visited Croatia, we have never rented a car. There is ample affordable bus transport (and some trains) that can be used to get around to the top Croatia destinations.

That said, renting a car would allow for more independent travel and could be useful in getting to some of the more obscure locations. On the flip side, finding parking in cities’ historic centers is problematic and expensive, so bear that in mind.

Tours are another good way to get to the top places to see in Croatia – and are useful when on a short trip. Most tours are not overly expensive and you can search for tours that appeal the most to you (and read fellow traveler reviews) on Viator.


What To Pack for your Trip to Croatia

We have a few more hacks to help you pack for your trip to Croatia! You can also find all of our packing advice on our Packing Tips page. 


Comfortable Walking Shoes

One of the best things about Croatia cities is the cobblestone lanes in the old city centers. However, because the old town streets are often uneven and slick, you will want to pack a pair of shoes with good soles (and I would recommend leaving the heels at home!).

Read our detailed breakdown for the Best Travel Shoes for any trip!


Travel Camera

Croatia is stunningly beautiful – and it is best to capture the sights and landscapes with a real camera. We use a Canon Rebel with an everyday 18-135mm lens. The DSLR camera takes excellent photos – and is fantastic budget camera for beginners (as it comes with heaps of accessories!).


Day Pack

Traveling in Croatia lends itself to long days of sightseeing. You will want to be prepared with everything you need for your daily adventures when you leave your accommodations in the morning. Whether you typically travel with a backpack or a suitcase, we recommend bringing a good day bag where you can stow your keys, wallet, phone, along with other everyday travel items.


Croatia Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may provide protection for flight delays and lost luggage, and could also come in handy for injuries and illnesses abroad. If you haven’t already obtained travel insurance for your trip to Croatia, check rates and coverage with a reputable company.


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Can you feel the Croatian sunshine on your skin and the Adriatic Sea breeze in your hair? Are you dreaming of the tantalizing taste of fresh farm food and local wine. Then it’s time to plan a trip to the best cities in Croatia!


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We want to know: What are your favorite Croatian cities? Do you have any recommendations for more cities in Croatia to visit? Give us your best tips and advice in the comments below!


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The Best Croatian Cities to Visit on Vacation to Croatia

23 thoughts on “Best Croatian Cities to Visit: Where To Go on Vacation in Croatia

  1. Stari Grad looks like my kind of place, I’ve yet to make it to Croatia but reading this post has definitely nudged it up a few places on my list of places to visit. It looks and sounds a great country to visit for a good amount of time.

  2. Nice post! I really want to visit Croatia this year and go a little further than the typical tourist spots, so this was helpful. Thanks for the pointers. I also loved the photos! By the way, I spotted a typo: “European Best Destinataions”.

  3. All three cities in Croatia has its own charm. I have been dreaming of visiting this country. Now after this post , it made me craving for it more. I personally liked Ston because of its breathtaking landscape and history. Great post.

  4. I too was surprised you were not heading to Mali Ston for the oysters. We’ve stopped there a couple of times on our trips in Croatia just to have another dozen! We also spent a week in Starigrad during our seven week trip there. You will love it. Much quieter than Hvar but with its own charm. What a great time you will have!

    • I guess we were so focused on the wall we didn’t even get to the food – haha! We are so looking forward to all of it – as we always are with Croatia 😉 Thanks for the tips!

  5. Jon Dunn

    First time I can recall seeing Ston (or Mali Ston) mentioned – without a single reference to oysters and / or mussels!
    Like you, I passed through on a coach from Korčula to Dubrovnik, pausing briefly to let someone get off…but long enough to whet my appetite to explore the walls and salt pans.
    Can I recommend Šibenik for the next time you get Croatian wanderlust – or have you already been there?
    Happy Croatian travels in 2017 – to a beautiful, friendly and diverse country <3

    • Hi Jon! Great tips about the oysters and mussels in Ston ~ we can’t wait to try them!!
      We have been to Sibenik, but only on a day trip from Zadar, so not long enough 😉 We hope to return for a longer stay in the future. Do you have any travel plans for 2017?

  6. Dan

    I love Croatia and like yourself have been a number of times from Australia in the last 10 years. I really recommend you visit the following hidden treasures. Pucisca on the island of Brac, Island Murter and the town of Betina together with the Kornati archipelago, Mali Losinj on the Island Losinj. Oh and the island of Vis with Stiniva cove is a gem.

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