Celebrating Christmas in Europe: A photo essay

We pulled ourselves from the beaches of Mauritius and mountains of Cape Town and purposely headed back to the northern hemisphere – yes, into winter – to take in the sights and sounds of the holiday season by celebrating Christmas in Europe.… Read the rest

When long-term travelers are joined by vacationing friends

When long-term travelers are joined by vacationing friends

Zipping through three cities in Spain in 12 days during Christmas and New Year’s, joined by our friend, Lowercase, from the United States, had us feeling more like we were on vacation than long-term travelers. And we needed it.

This is what happens when long-term travelers are joined by vacationing friends:

  • We travel faster
  • We eat and drink more
  • We talk to other people
  • We get spoiled
  • We all adapt

When long-term travelers are joined by vacationing friends we travel faster.

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3 parks in Madrid’s city center

As much as we like admiring the architecture of the historic buildings, spending evenings in museums and endless hours in cafes, we also enjoy a bit of nature. We found three parks in Madrid’s city center –  to the west, south and east – which are great for a picnic lunch, an afternoon stroll away from the bustling center or just a breath of fresh air.… Read the rest

A Self-Guided Walking Tour to Sights in Madrid Spain JetSettingFools.com

10 sights: A self-guided walking tour to sights in Madrid

Twice before we have visited Madrid on quick, less-than-24-hour layovers. Both times, we dashed through the city to see as many sights in Madrid as we could. On this trip we had more time – but still only two days – and we were anxious to show our visiting friends to the best sights in Madrid.… Read the rest

New Year's Eve in Madrid, Spain How we got it wrong

New Year’s Eve in Madrid: How we got it wrong

New Year’s Eve in Madrid promised to be one helluva party. It’s touted as one of the top places to celebrate the New Year and Puerta del Sol, the plaza in the city center, was where the midnight action would be happening.… Read the rest

5 Tapas Bars in Seville, Spain (plus 3 non-tapas bars)

As we wandered the streets of Seville’s neighborhoods, it became evident that the tapas bars in Seville, Spain, both classic and trendy, are part of the city’s charm. People gathered around outdoor tables and squeezed their way into small bars – and we were eager to join them.… Read the rest

5 neighborhoods in Seville, Spain JetSettingFools.com

5 neighborhoods in Seville, Spain

We only had two full days in Seville, Spain but we quickly got ourselves acquainted with the atmospheric town. Visiting actual sights – which there aren’t that many of – wasn’t of high importance to us as we preferred to enjoy the ambiance of the timeworn neighborhoods in Seville.… Read the rest

3 Tapas Bars in Barcelona, Spain JetSettingFools.com

3 Tapas Bars in Barcelona (and 3 drinking bars)

On our first trip to Spain, to the Basque region, we experienced the delight of pintxos: creatively crafted, bite sized tapas that were proudly presented atop every bar. Our return trip to Spain, with the first stop in Barcelona, promised some of the same scene and I was salivating at the thought of the many tapas bars in Barcelona.… Read the rest

Hiking Montjuic in Barcelona Spain

Hiking Montjuic in Barcelona, Spain

On Christmas Day we anticipated everything being closed, so we packed up a few sandwiches and a bottle of wine and headed for the hills. We were spending the day hiking Montjuic in Barcelona.

We took the Metro to the L’Espanya stop and emerged to find a thriving square.… Read the rest

Christmas in Barcelona churches, markets and traditions

Christmas in Barcelona: Churches, Markets and traditions

There are so many things that make Christmas in Barcelona spectacular! From the fabulous churches to historic Christmas Markets to two extremely odd Barcelona Christmas traditions, we jumped right in and celebrated the holiday Catalan style!

Christmas in Barcelona: Churches

Barcelona seems to have two distinct styles of architecture: European Gothic and Modernism, led by Antoni Gaudi.… Read the rest