San Sebastian Pintxos Bars A Basque Food Experience in Spain

San Sebastian Pintxos Bars: A Basque Food Experience

One of the things we were most looking forward to while visiting Basque Country Spain was eating amazing Basque food…and we were especially interested in bar pintxos. The culinary treasures are a Basque region specialty and we heard we could find the best of the best in San Sebastian pintxos bars. … Read the rest

Monte Urgull Hiking San Sebastian Spain by

Monte Urgull: Hiking San Sebastian to Castillo de la Mota

The San Sebastian Old Town sits steps away from the crescent-shaped La Concha Bay, with two hills rising at each end of the cove: Monte Urgull and Monte Igueldo.

While Monte Igueldo is popular for the San Sebastian Funicular that transports visitors to the amusement park at the top of the hill (both of which are top San Sebastian attractions), we were drawn to the green space and meandering paths on Monte Urgull (or Mount Urgull) that lead to Castillo de la Mota San Sebastian. … Read the rest

Pintxos Hondarribia An Adventure in Basque Cuisine by

Pintxos Hondarribia: An Adventure in Basque Cuisine

Usually, ordering food in a foreign country is not difficult for us…but, in Hondarribia, Spain, we were having some trouble. We had read about Pintxos Hondarribia – Basque-style tapas – and we were beyond excited about the concept.

We love to try new things, seek out local twists and need to snack while drinking – it was as if the idea of pintxos was created to satisfy just us.… Read the rest

Spain Itinerary Barcelona Seville Madrid by

Spain Itinerary: Barcelona, Seville, Madrid

Spain features varied landscapes, vibrant cities and incredible cuisine. The large country has numerous fantastic destinations to choose from – and with so much to see, planning a vacation to Spain can be perplexing. To help fellow travelers, we created an easy-to-follow, day-by-day Spain Itinerary that highlights the absolute best of the country. … Read the rest

Christmas in Barcelona by

Christmas in Barcelona 2023: Churches, Markets and Spanish Christmas Traditions

There are so many things that make Christmas in Barcelona spectacular. From the fabulous churches to historic Barcelona Christmas Markets to extremely odd Barcelona Christmas traditions, we jumped right in and celebrated the holiday Catalan style. Bon Nadal! (That’s Merry Christmas in Catalan!)… Read the rest

Walking Tour Madrid Self-Guided Walk to 10 Sights of Madrid by

Walking Tour Madrid: Free Self-Guided Walk to 10 Sights of Madrid

Hola! Let’s embark on our DIY Free Walking Tour in Madrid to discover the top sights. From Plaza Mayor to the Prado Museum, our Free Walking Tour Madrid highlights the best things to see. Easily navigate your way through lush parks and ornate squares, passing some exquisite Madrid architecture along the route. … Read the rest

Barcelona on Foot A Self-Guided Walking Tour by

Self-Guided Free Walking Tour: Barcelona On Foot

Barcelona, Spain has an amazing history and the city is packed with iconic sights. The best way to experience the Catalonian Capital is to set off on foot on a Barcelona Walking Tour. 

Many of the city’s top attractions are clustered around the Barcelona Old Town – which is the best place to start exploring.… Read the rest

One Day in St. Jean de Luz by

One Day in St. Jean de Luz, France

We have heard more than once that the French Basque are more French than Basque and on our one day in St. Jean de Luz, we noticed it right away. St. Jean de Luz just felt French.

From their squares filled with elderly women all dressed up to chat with friends to the chocolate and macaroon shops that line the streets to typical French waiters.… Read the rest