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Spain Itinerary: Barcelona, Seville, Madrid

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Spain features varied landscapes, vibrant cities and incredible cuisine. The large country has numerous fantastic destinations to choose from – and with so much to see, planning a vacation to Spain can be perplexing. To help fellow travelers, we created an easy-to-follow, day-by-day Spain Itinerary that highlights the absolute best of the country. 


Spain Itinerary Trip Plan

We designed our Best of Spain Itinerary when a friend from the United States joined us on our European travels. She had limited time, so we planned a Spain One-Week Itinerary to show her the top sights of the country (not an easy task when planning a trip to Spain!).

On this One Week in Spain vacation, we visited the three most popular cities: Barcelona, Seville and Madrid. We believe these are the best places to visit in Spain on a quick one week trip. 


Places To Visit in Spain

Spain is a vast country – and each destination is unique and rich in culture and history. Fortunately, Spain is well connected by planes, high speed rail and regional public transport. Visitors planning a One Week Itinerary of Spain can travel to multiple destinations, but will need to consider travel time between each place.

Some of the best places to go in Spain are the famous cities and picturesque towns. For our Spain travel itinerary, we include the three top Spain destinations: Seville, Barcelona and Madrid. We think these three cities offer the perfect introduction for a first time visitor to Spain.

Now, for a quick summary of each location before jumping into our detailed day-by-day tour of Spain.


Top Tip: While we feel these three cities constitute the Best Spain Itinerary for One Week, there are other top destinations in the country and across borders. For travelers with more time, we include trip variations to other top spots – like San Sebastian in Spain’s Basque Country and Lisbon across the border in Portugal – at the end of the article.



Famous Gaudi architecture, Casa Batllo, in Barcelona, Spain

With an array of sights, Barcelona dazzles visitors. The popular city features an old town rife with Gothic buildings and Gaudi’s Modernism architecture (which all together are a UNESCO World Heritage Site), but Barcelona is so much more than historic buildings. Barcelona highlights include nature (like Park Guell, a stunning shoreline with sandy beaches and picturesque mountains) and phenomenal Barcelona Tapas as well! 

Find out more in our detailed 3-Day Barcelona Itinerary!



Visitors taking in the impressive view of Plaza de Espana, Seville Spain

The city of Seville is comprised of quaint neighborhoods and delectable Sevilla tapas bars – and it’s a highlight of many Spain travel itineraries. Seville is best discovered on foot. Top activities include exploring popular attractions – like the Cathedral and Alcazar, both of which are located right in the heart of the city – and sampling an array of scrumptious Spanish tapas. 

Learn more about Seville neighborhood destinations!



Wedding couple on balcony in Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a sparling metropolis with a buzzing center and one of the best destinations to include on a Spain Itinerary One Week Trip. Top features of Madrid include spacious plazas, lush parks, the Royal Palace, the Prado Museum and the Reina Sofia Art Center. The Spanish capital is the second largest city in the European Union (only Berlin is bigger), yet the sights are fairly easy to navigate. 

Explore more on our self-guided Madrid Walking Tour!


Spain Trip Planner Route and Transport

Choosing where to go in Spain is only the first step in planning a trip. Visitors also need to consider the route for their Spain Itinerary – and how they will travel to each destination.

For a quick 7 Days in Spain Itinerary, we recommend choosing destinations that are easy to reach by high speed train or short flights. This way, you will spend less time in transit and more time discovering.

Pro Tip: Consider using Travel Planning Printables (like we do) to get your vacation to Spain organized!


Spain Itinerary by Train

The cities we include in our One Week Spain Itinerary are well-connected for touring Spain by train (our version of a Spain road trip!). In fact, part of the reason we chose these destinations in Spain was the convenient train travel available between them.

In our 1 Week Spain Itinerary, we recommend using the train to get between the three destinations – however, there are other options and we break those down later.


Where To Start Your Spain Itinerary 1 Week Trip

We organized our trip plan for 7 Days in Spain starting in Barcelona and ending in Madrid. However, the route in reverse – spending 7 days in Spain starting in Madrid and ending in Barcelona – can be easily done, too.

It would even be possible to begin your trip in Seville, however, if you are traveling from abroad, your international arrival will likely take you to either Barcelona or Madrid, not Seville. 

For travelers planning a Spain trip from North America (United States and Canada, specifically), we recommend booking flights into one city (either Madrid or Barcelona) and out of the other. This is one of our top Cheap Flight Tips and a good way to save precious travel time, as well.

Travel Tip: We discuss options for getting around Spain in more detail at the end of the article.


How Many Days in Spain

How much time you spend in Spain should be decided based on your personal interests, overall budget and total allotted time for your trip. We have spent as little as one day in Spain while transiting between countries (clearly, not enough time!) – and could easily spend more than a month touring Spain.

Our 1-Week in Spain Itinerary is an ideal way to spend 7 days in Spain. But, what if you only have 5 days in Spain or are trying to plan a 10-Day Spain Itinerary? No worries! We’ve got you covered with numerous sample Spain itineraries, which we share after the details of this 7 Nights Spain Itinerary. 


Our Spain Itinerary 7 Days: Overview

With 7 days in Spain, it is possible to visit the major sights in three cities, which is how we created our Barcelona, Madrid, Seville Itinerary.

For this Spain travel itinerary, we decided to plan our time as follows: 3 days in Barcelona, 2 days in Seville and 2 days in Madrid. Our 1-week Spain Itinerary outlines what to see in Spain in 7 days.


Map of Spain Itinerary Destinations

On our Spain Itinerary Map, we have marked the locations of the top destinations – Madrid, Barcelona, Seville – in red. The blue pins show optional destinations of San Sebastian and Lisbon, Portugal. 

Spain Itinerary Destinations Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, Lisbon, San Sebastian

Top Tip: While our Spain-in-One-Week Itinerary features activities and information for each day, we also recommend using a Spain guide book (Lonely Planet and Rick Steves are our favorites!). It’s also a good idea to learn basic Spanish phrases and bring a pocket phrase book with you on your trip!


1 Week in Spain: Day-by-Day

In our one week in Spain trip, we took in the top attractions, visited museums and appreciated architecture, explored neighborhoods, consumed a ton of tapas and sampled several of Spain’s well-known wines. 

You can use our guide as your Spain trip planner for Barcelona, Seville and Madrid exactly as it is written or as a base and tailor it to best fit your travel style. Now, it is time start your One week in Spain in Barcelona!


Day 1: Arrive in Barcelona

Monument in Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona, Spain

Arrive in Barcelona and waste no time getting acquainted with the city. Our Spain vacation itinerary begins with exploring the top Barcelona sights. Start in the heart of the city on Las Ramblas, Barcelona’s wide pedestrian path lined with shops and street entertainers, and walk to La Rambla del Mar on the waterfront.

Follow the coastline north past the harbor full of sailboats to Barceloneta, the city’s best beach town. Next, venture into Parc de la Ciutadella and wander the paths to waterfalls, ponds and monuments before exploring the streets of the La Ribera and Barri Gothic neighborhoods.

Top Travel Tips: Because you are only in Spain for a week, you have got to get right to it! Day 1 of our itinerary for Spain covers 5+ miles. Find detailed information for exploring Barcelona on foot in our self-guided Barcelona Walking Tour – or join a guided walking tour, like this one.


Day 2: Explore Barcelona Sights

1929 World Expo Fairgrounds view from Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain

On the second day of your 7-day trip to Spain, get an early start and hike up Montjuic (Jewish Mountain) to the hill-topping castle for views of Barcelona and the Balearic Sea. The Montjuic Castle dates to 1640 and was built as a military fortress (and the interior can be visited for a fee).

Bring a picnic lunch (perhaps with items gathered from the Mercado de La Boqueria) and dine al fresco. Retrace your steps back down the hill and spend the afternoon visiting the MNAC (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalyuna) art museum. In the evening, discover the best tapas in Barcelona in the Poble Sec neighborhood at the base of Montjuic. 

Top Tip: What is a One Week in Spain Itinerary without eating copious amounts of tapas?! Get our tips for top recommended spots for the Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona.


Day 3: Discover Barcelona Modernism

The Casa de les Punxes building in Barcelona, Spain

A trip to Barcelona would not be complete without contemplating the works of the city’s most famous architect, Antoni Gaudi – and that is exactly what you will do on Day 3 of your 1 week trip to Spain.

His unique works are scattered throughout Barcelona, but he is best known for his (forever) unfinished Sagrada Familia church. More must-see Gaudi sights are Casa Batllo and Casa Mila. Join a Gaudi tour to learn more about his life and work.

In the afternoon, wander through more of Barcelona’s picturesque neighborhoods, like L’Eixample (or the La Ribera and Barri Gothic quarters, if you didn’t have time to see them on your first day). 

Top Tip: To help you plan every detail of the first 3 days of our Spain in a Week trip, use our tips for top things to do in Barcelona in our Best Barcelona Itinerary!


Day 4: Arrive in Seville

La Giralda Tower and St. Mary of the See Cathedral in Seville, Spain

Begin Day 4 of your one-week trip to Spain early on board the highspeed AVE Train from Barcelona to Seville in the Andalusia region (6 hours). Note: If you are making the Barcelona to Seville road trip with a rental car, expect the journey to take at least 9 hours.

After checking into your Seville accommodations, head straight for the city center. Visit the landmark Seville Cathedral, which was built between 1401 and 1519 and is one of the largest Medieval churches in the world. Climb the 12th century La Giralda tower, then enter the Alcazar palace that stands opposite the cathedral (where scenes for Game of Thrones were been filmed).

Spend the evening Sevilla tapas-tasting and then seek out a spot to watch Flamenco dancing.

Top Tip: Find our recommended spots for the Best Tapas in Seville or join a combo tapas/flamenco tour


Day 5: Wander Seville Neighborhoods

Colorful street in Triana neighborhood in Seville, Spain

For day 5 of our Spain itinerary, we’ll spend time soaking up the charm of Seville by discovering the quaint neighborhoods of the city. Explore on your own or hire a guide for a private tour of Seville.

See more of the city center, then step into Barrio Santa Cruz, the old Jewish Quarter. Cross the Canal de Alfonso XIII and get lost in the colorful lanes of Triana. Go south of the Seville Center to the ornate Plaza de Espana and Parque de Maria Luisa…but don’t miss the Macarena neighborhood (and the Basilica de la Macarena) on the north side.

Spend the evening sipping Spanish wine on a rooftop terrace and enjoy the elevated Sevilla views. 

Top Tip: Many itineraries for Spain only include one day in Seville, which we don’t think is enough. Read our guide to visiting the most picturesque Seville neighborhoods so that you can find out how to truly immerse yourself into the city! 


Day 6: Arrive in Madrid

Almudena Cathedral in Madrid, Spain

Take the morning AVE Train to Madrid (3 hours) for the final two days of your 7-day tour of Spain.

Discover the top sights in the city on your own (or join a guide for a tour of Madrid!). Linger over a long lunch in Plaza Mayor before visiting two of Madrid’s top sights: the Almudena Cathedral and the Royal Palace. Take a leisurely stroll while window shopping (or really shopping) on Gran Via, Madrid’s high-end shopping street.

Pro Tip: Wondering what to see in Madrid? Leave the Madrid, Spain travel planning to us! Use the information from our Madrid Walking Tour as your Madrid Trip Planner.


Day 7: Visit Madrid Top Attractions

Parks of Madrid

It is the last day of your 7 Day Spain Itinerary – and there is a lot to see! In the morning, peruse the goods at the Mercado San Miguel and gather items for a picnic lunch (resisting the temptation to consume the tapas on-site).

Walk to the east side of Madrid to the 300-acre royal park, Retiro Park, and find a nice spot to enjoy your picnic lunch among the lush gardens. Spend the last hours of your time in Madrid examining the prestigious artwork at the world-renowned Prado Museum or the fabulous Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.

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What is the Best Itinerary for Spain? 

The Unfinished La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain

Naturally, we think our Spain Itinerary for 7 days is the best way to discover the country! It is how we planned our One Week trip to Madrid, Barcelona and Seville – and it was a perfect introduction to Spain for our visiting friend.

That said, there is no right or wrong way to visit Spain. To help other travelers create their best Spain itinerary, we are offering several suggestions for ways to spend time in the country – including alternate destinations, plus shorter – and longer – trip plans.


Spain Trip Itinerary Variations

Royal Palace in Madrid, Spain

When designing your best Spain vacation itinerary, use our Spain One-Week Itinerary as a base – and alter it for longer or shorter stays. How to plan a trip to Spain really depends on how much time your have and what your interests are. Use the following Spain travel planner suggestions to get the most out of your trip!

Top Tip: Travelers who have more time than a week can add a combination of destinations and day trips to their itinerary. Below, we highlight top-rated day trips from each city for some ideas to help you when planning a vacation to Spain.


Spain Itinerary 3 Days

With just 3 days in Spain it will be difficult to get a good feel for the country. That said, there is a lot you can squeeze into a 3 day holiday to Spain. 


3 Day Spain Itinerary: Seville, Madrid or Barcelona

On such a short trip to Spain, it is ideal to pick only one destination to spend time in. We recommend choosing either Barcelona or Madrid to visit, as both of those are better connected to other international destinations. 

That said, depending on where you are coming from, it would be possible to spend the entirety of your 3 days in Spain in Seville.

Use our guides for Seville, of what to see in Madrid and what to in 3 days in Barcelona to help determine which city to visit – and what to do once you are there! 


Fast-Paced Spain 3-Day Itinerary: Madrid and Barcelona

Travelers who like to move quickly could create a 3 days in Spain Itinerary that includes two cities – ideally, Madrid and Barcelona.

Arrive in Barcelona and spend the first two days there. On the third day, either take the AVE train (3 hours) or fly (1.5 hours, plus time to get to the airport) to Madrid and spend the rest of the day sightseeing. 


3 Days in Madrid and Seville Itinerary

While we think planning a Madrid and Barcelona Itinerary for a short 3 day trip is ideal, travelers can instead opt to stay in Madrid for two days and take a Seville trip on on Day 3. 


Barcelona and Seville Itinerary for 3 Days

It is also possible to plan a quick 3 day trip that includes Barcelona and Seville. However, travelers will want to travel between the two cities on a flight – as the Barcelona to Seville train takes too long for such a short trip.


Spain Itinerary 5 Days

With 5 days in Spain, travelers will still be limited with what they can see. However, we recommend these ways of making the most of the time in Spain! 


Slow-Paced Itinerary to Spain for 5 Days

Travelers who want a slower paced vacation might want to opt to go to just one city and then take day trips to see more of the region. We list top day trips from each city on our itinerary in the next section. 


5-Day Spain Itinerary: Barcelona and Madrid

Visitors who like to explore big cities can spend their 5 days in Spain in the top two in the country: Barcelona and Madrid. Use our Spain week itinerary, but eliminate Seville to create a perfect 5-Day Madrid-Barcelona Itinerary. 


Fast-Paced Spain 5-Day Itinerary

Alternatively, visitors who like to see it all and are intent on squeezing as much as possible into 5 days in Spain can create a fast-paced Barcelona-Seville-Madrid Itinerary. We would recommend spending 2 days in Barcelona, 1 day in Seville (1 very short day) and 2 days in Madrid. Be aware, however, you will be rushed if trying to see Spain in 5 days and want to include 3 cities into your trip plan!


Alternate One Week Travel Itineraries for Spain

In our above day-by-day trip plan, we outlined how to spend one week in Spain starting in Barcelona, then going to Seville and on to Madrid. While we think it is an ideal route, there are of course alternate ways to plan a trip to Spain.


Slower-Paced Spain One Week Itinerary: 2 Cities

Rather than rushing to see three cities in a week, slow down and choose just two destinations for your trip. Having more time in any place will allow you to delve deeper into the history, culture and cuisine. 


Spain-Portugal Itinerary 7 Days

As another alternative to our detailed Spain One-Week Itinerary, visitors with limited time who want to visit both Spain and Portugal can create an 1-week itinerary that includes both countries. To create a Portugal and Spain vacation trip plan, travelers will need to rearrange their timeline – or eliminate one of the Spain destinations that we recommend. 

The route we recommend for a One Week in Spain and Portugal Itinerary is Barcelona (3 Days), Seville (2 Days) and Lisbon (2 Days). Use our Lisbon Itinerary to plan your time in Portugal (including a day in Sintra!). 


Spain Itinerary 8 Days

Using our outline of what to do in Spain in 7 days, it is fairly easy to extend it one more day to create a perfect 8-day itinerary. In our opinion, the best way to do it would be to add one more day to Madrid to allow for more sightseeing or a day trip. 


Spain Itinerary 9 Days

If you expand our 7 day Spain tour to 9 days in Spain, you only need to make a few slight adjustments to our outline. In a 9-Day Spain Itinerary, visit Barcelona, Seville and Madrid with 3 days in each city. Add day tours to each extra day in Seville and Madrid – see the suggestions below! 

Alternatively, leave the planning to someone else and join a 9-Day Tour of Spain to see Madrid, Cordoba, Seville, Granada, Barcelona and Valencia. Find out more here!


Spain Itinerary 10 Days

With 10 days in Spain, travelers have the opportunity to see a lot more of the country – either on day trips or with added destinations. 


10-Day Spain Itinerary: 3 Destinations

An ideal way to spend 10 days in Spain is to use our outlined 1-Week Spain Itinerary and simply add one additional day in each city. Visitors would spend 4 days in Barcelona, 3 days in Seville and 3 days in Madrid – for a more relaxed Spain travel route. On the additional day in each city, we recommend taking a day trip (see the list below).


Spain 10-Day Itinerary: 4 Destinations

Alternatively, follow our Spain week itinerary as outlined, then add a fourth destination to visit on the last three days of your trip. Our top recommendations for additional destinations are Hondarriba and San Sebastian


Spain Portugal Itinerary 10 Days

Adding 3 days in Lisbon to your One Week Spain Itinerary is an ideal way to extend your trip to 10 full days. 

Lisbon, Portugal is a fascinating destination. The colorful city is spread over seven hills – with top sights, like the castles of Sintra – just a short train ride away. Classic yellow trams rattle through the historic center and locals abide by old traditions. Find out more in our guide to the Top Things To Do in Lisbon.


10 Day Spain Itinerary with Basque Country

Rather than crossing borders, if you want to stay in Spain for 10 days, consider heading north to experience a completely different Spanish culture. 

San Sebastian is located in the northern part of Spain in Basque Country. The region is distinctly different from the rest of Spain (and actually spills into France), featuring a unique cuisine, seaside landscapes and small towns. Nearby Bilbao is another one of the top picks for places to visit in the north of Spain.

Get tips for how to spend 3 days of your trip in San Sebastian on our 3-Day Basque Country Itinerary.

3-Day Basque Country Itinerary by


2 Weeks in Spain

With two weeks in Spain there is so much more you can see! To create your ideal Spain Two Week Itinerary, use our tips in our above 10 Day Spain Itinerary – and build out from there. A 14 Days in Spain Itinerary can include traveling to Portugal or seeing more of Spain.


Two Week Spain Itinerary with Portugal

We think the best way to see Spain in 2 weeks is to follow the suggested itinerary for Spain in 10 days and then venture across the border into Portugal to spend the last 4 days in Lisbon (and possibly even Porto!).


2 Week Spain Itinerary with Basque Country

Alternatively, a two-week Spain Itinerary could be spent entirely in the country by following the suggested itinerary for Spain in 10 days and then travel north to San Sebastian for the last 4 days of your trip.


Spain Itinerary 3 Weeks

With 3 Weeks in Spain, you can get really creative! You could easily spend a week in each of our recommended cities taking time to really experience each place.


3 Weeks Spain and Portugal 

Alternatively, you could add more destinations to your Spain Itinerary 21 Days trip. To get the most out of the trip, we suggest adding both San Sebastian (with a side trip to Hondarribia) and Lisbon, Portugal (with a side trip to Porto) to your 3-Week Spain itinerary.


Southern Spain Itinerary: One Week or Longer

Southern Spain is so incredibly different from the rest of the country (hello, beaches!) – and travelers planning a One Week Itinerary in Spain could opt to stay entirely on the coast. In our 1 Week Spain Trip Plan, we include Seville in Southern Spain, but there are many other top destinations – such as Alicante, Granada, Cordoba, Malaga (Costa del Sol), Cadiz (Costa de la Luz), and Ronda.


10 Day Itinerary for Southern Spain

On a 10 Day trip to Spain, you could create a Madrid-Seville-Granada-Barcelona Itinerary that spends more time in Southern Spain. Perhaps even adding Cadiz and/or Alicante for a Spain Beach Vacation.


Guided Southern Spain Travel Itinerary

Alternatively, you could add a guided tour of Southern Spain to your trip plan. Check out this Andalusia Itinerary to tour Cordoba, Seville and Granada in 5 days on a guided tour from Madrid.


Top Spain Day Trips

Festitive scene in Plaza de la Virgen de los Reyes, Seville Spain

If you are extending your 1-Week Itinerary for Spain to include day trips, use the below suggestions for top-rated trips and activities. Even if you are just spending a week in Spain, you may want to rearrange our suggested outline to include a day trip into your travel plans. 


Barcelona Day Trips


Seville Day Trips


Madrid Day Trips


Guided Tours Of Spain

View of the Cable Car, Barcelona, Spain

We opted to see Spain on our own – and we think we outlined the perfect 1 Week In Spain Itinerary to help other travelers do the same. That said, there are many tours around Spain that are led by qualified guides. Although guided Spain tours usually cost more than planning the trip on your own, booking Spain tour packages can be a hassle-free way to see the country. 

Start your search for guided tours of Spain on Viator, a trusted brand dedicated to designing the best guide-led tours. Travelers can find their perfect Spain tour itinerary including a multiday Best of Spain Tour and options for a Spain and Portugal Tour. 


Spain Itineraries Travel Info

Grand Via, Madrid, Spain

When planning a trip to Spain, visitors need to consider how to get to each destination. On a trip to Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, visitors can travel by plane, train, car or bus. (We detail tips on How To Get To Spain a bit further down). 


Spain by Train Itinerary

Exploring Spain by Train is an incredible way to see the country. We chose to take train trips in Spain because we wanted to view the scenery along the way.

For our outlined Spain 7 day Itinerary, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend buying Spain rail passes. Instead, buy individual tickets in advance. Always compare ticket prices – as prices can differ according to type of train and time of day.


Travel Spain by Plane, Car or Bus

Although we explored Spain by train (and not in the rain), it is possible to also fly, self-drive, or take a bus during your 7 day trip to Spain.


Flights in Spain

There are flights from Barcelona to Seville that take about the same amount of time and cost about the same amount of money as the train. Flights are also available from Seville to Madrid but flying doesn’t necessarily save time or money on this shorter route. Start your search on Skyscanner for flight options – and be sure to use our tips for finding cheap flights.


Road Trip Around Spain

For those interested in a Spain road trip from Barcelona, you can still use this Spain 1 Week Itinerary as the base for your Spain Road Trip Planner. You will need to account for additional time on the road (drive times from Barcelona to Seville are 9+ hours depending on the Spain road trip route). Use our tips for finding the best car rental rates.


Travel by Bus in Spain

Bus travel in Spain is fairly affordable and reliable – but can eat up precious time when moving between top Spanish destinations. When planning your Spanish Itinerary, check journey times as well to see if bus travel works for your trip.


Top Travel Tips For Your Trip To Spain

Puerta Del Sol, Madrid, Spain

We have detailed what to do in Spain for a week (and longer), but we have a few more tips for planning a Spain trip!


Best Way To Plan Trip to Spain

There is a lot that goes into planning a Spain trip – from research to reservations. The best way to keep track of your Spain trip plans is with a travel planner. Our Printable Travel Planner is designed to help travelers stay on top of all the details of planning a trip – so that nothing slips through the cracks! 

Travel Planner Printables by


When To Travel to Spain

If you are waiting for the best time to travel to Spain, it’s…now! However, each season has its pros and cons.

Summers will be crowded and hot, but the days are longer (optimal for sightseeing) and it’s a great time for visiting Spain’s beaches.

Winters are cool, but still sunny, and the cities are beautiful when decorated for the holidays. In fact, we’ve spent Christmas in Barcelona and New Year’s Eve in Madrid!

Autumn and Spring can be ideal, but the weather is unpredictable. We recommend packing layered clothing if you’re visiting Spain in the shoulder seasons. 


1 Week in Spain Cost

The cost of a Seville, Madrid and Barcelona 1 Week Itinerary trip plan depends on many different factors. Visitors can plan a luxurious itinerary or a budget trip. 

Costs to factor into a Week in Spain Itinerary are flights, accommodations, travel between (and in) cities, ticketed activities and food and drinks. Travelers can get our Free Budget Planner and money-saving tips here


Where To Stay in Spain

When planning your own trip to Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, you will need to decide where to stay in each destination. Because of limited time in each city, you will want to make sure you book accommodations that are close to the center and major attractions. 


Spain Airbnb

During our visit to Spain, we stayed in Airbnb apartments – and it worked for our trip…but it may or may not work for yours.

As we considered where to stay in Spain for a week, we opted to stay in holiday apartments – as we had three people in our travel group. The apartments we chose were affordable, plus we had a kitchen where we could make simple breakfast meals. 

That said, there is a downside to booking apartments for travel – especially with such short stays in each locations. First, the extra fees can add up quickly and second, arranging check in and check out times with hosts can stifle your sightseeing plans. 


Spain Hotels

Visitors who prefer staying in traditional accommodations will find that there are many Spain hotels to choose from in – or close to – the city center in Barcelona, Seville and Madrid. Before you start your search, we recommend reading our tips for booking the best hotels.

Note: Several of our other trips to Spain were for layovers, and we stayed in hotels, but usually opted for accommodations near the airport, which we do not recommend for this 1 Week Itinerary Spain. 

We are highlighting a few top-rated hotels (based on guest reviews) for your upcoming Spain trip.


In Barcelona: Hotel ConcordiaCatalonia Magdalenes | Hotel The Serras | Hotel Casa Camper


In Seville: Hotel Casa Del Poeta | Hotel Amadeus & La Musica | Hotel Casa 1800 Sevilla 


In Madrid: Francisco I | Catalonia Puerta del Sol | Preciados  |  Petit Palace


Southern Spain Hotel: Travelers extending their trip to Andalusia might want to consider staying in the Hotel Granada Center – check rates


Budget Travelers: Search for Spain Hostels in Barcelona, Seville and Madrid on


Getting To Spain

Our preferred method of getting anywhere is flying (we are JetSetting Fools, after all!). All of the destinations included in our sample Spain itineraries – Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, San Sebastian (and if you’re adding Portugal to your trip, Lisbon and Porto) can be reached by plane. 

If traveling from abroad, especially consider your international arrival and departure city – as these legs of your journey will be the most expensive. 

If you’re traveling from the US for our highlighted 1-Week Spain Itinerary, we recommend booking a flight that arrives in Barcelona and departs from Madrid. 

Start your search for the best deals on airline tickets on Skyscanner.


What To Pack for Your Spain Itinerary

Our final tips for your Spain trip planning covers our best packing hacks for your backpack or suitcase. Need a Packing Checklist for your Best Spain Itinerary 1 Week Trip? Grab a FREE Packing Checklist here!


Walking Shoes for Spain

We cover a lot of ground in our Spain vacation planner. Be sure to pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes for your trip. I like to explore in my Columbia shoes – and Kris likes wearing Merrell trail shoes. Read all of our tips in our Travel Shoes article.


Spain Weather Appropriate Gear

What you will need to pack for your trip to Spain will depend on the season. Summers are hot and sunny – so bring sunglasses, plenty of sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat and a refillable water bottle.

In the wintertime, you will likely want to wear layers, temperatures can vary throughout the day. On the chance of rain, make sure you are prepared with a packable raincoat and travel umbrella


Travel Camera for Spain

Spain is an absolutely gorgeous country! Capture that beauty with a real travel camera, rather than using your phone. We carry a DSLR Canon Rebel (which is a great budget camera for beginners) with an everyday 18-135mm lens (the only one we travel with). 


Spain Map and WiFi

It’s so much easier to get around if you know where you are going! We recommend purchasing a Spain destination maps (at least for the big cities – Barcelona and Madrid) before your trip.

Travelers relying on Google Maps (or using the links to our detailed walking tours) will need WiFi. While it is possible to adjust your phone plan for international data, frequent travelers (or those traveling as a group) may find it more beneficial to buy a GlocalMe Mobile WiFi Hotspot.

With GlocalMe, you can purchase data online – so it is ready to go the moment you land on that long-haul flight. Furthermore, you can connect up to 10 devices at one time and it doubles as a power bank


Anti-Theft Travel Bag for Spain

Tourists are prime targets for pick pockets – and unfortunately that is very true in Spain. We always keep our valuables – like wallets, phones and camera – tucked away in a zippered bag or money belt.

Travelon makes a full line of anti-theft bags, but you can read more of our tips in our blog post, The Best Day Packs for Travel


Spain Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may protect against cancelled trips and lost luggage, and it can come in handy if you get ill or injured abroad, too. If you haven’t already obtained travel insurance for your trip to Spain, consider traveling protected with World Nomads.


1 Week Spain Itinerary Travel Resources

This Spain travel guide is packed with useful information and sightseeing tips. That said, we have a few additional resources that may help you plan your One Week Itinerary Spain. 

Our article on How To Plan a European Vacation covers key information about traveling to Europe from abroad – and we share top destinations in our guide to the Best Europe Christmas Destinations

You can find all of our travel resources on our Travel Planning Page. Plus, you will find more specific destination tips for creating your travel itinerary for Spain on our dedicated Spain Travel page. 


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We want to know:  Do you have any tips to add to our Spain Itinerary? What are your Spain must-see cities and sights? Give us your best tips and advice in the comment section! 


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    Thanks so much for this useful information. I’m planning my next trip to Spain next year and hope to follow the advice and suggestions that you’ve provided. This is certainly very helpful.

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