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Dusseldorf Christmas Market 2023: Everything You Need To Know

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The Dusseldorf Christmas Market is simply magical! Several classic Christmas Markets dot the city, each one featuring traditional holiday huts that serve warm glühwein and local treats. In addition to twinkling lights and Christmas trees, the giant riverside Ferris wheel and outdoor ice-skating rink compliment the festiveness of Dusseldorf at Christmas time.


Why Visit The Dusseldorf Christmas Market?

Jam-packed with merriment, Dusseldorf is one of the best places in Germany for Christmas – and we nearly missed it! Underrated and often overlooked, the Dusseldorf market came to our attention at the last minute, and we are so pleased that it did!

The previous year, we had spent time at the Frankfurt Christmas Market and were completely in awe of the celebration. Craving similar revelry, we started searching for a little travel inspiration for where to go in Germany for Christmas markets.

We had a few free days in our travel schedule in mid-December between visiting Croatia and traveling to the Netherlands. With those open dates, we were on a quest to experience another one of the epic German Christmas markets!

Initially, large cities – like Berlin and Munich – sprang to mind as classic German Christmas Market holiday destinations. But then we heard whispers about Christmas in Dusseldorf – and realized the lesser-known location was an ideal place for a German Christmas Market break.


What To Expect at the Christmas Market in Dusseldorf

Main Square Christmas Tree, Dusseldorf, Germany

It was with great anticipation (and pretty high expectations) that we arrived at the Dusseldorf Christmas Fair – and it absolutely delivered! Each decorated market is bathed in the soft glow of Christmas lights and adorned in classic décor. With holiday spirit in the air and a steaming cup of glühwein in hand, we descended into the jovial atmosphere of Dusseldorf at Christmas.


Dusseldorf, Germany Christmas Market Guide

Dusseldorf City Center, Dusseldorf, Germany

Let the holiday festivities begin! Our Dusseldorf Christmas Market review features everything you need to know – including locations, Dusseldorf Christmas Market dates and times. In addition, we include what to eat at the market and other things to do in Dusseldorf at Christmas time.

Plus, we offer our top tips for visiting nearby European Holiday Markets – like the famous Cologne Christmas Market, which is just a short train ride away.

Düsseldorf Christmas Market Top Tip: In German, the market is called Weihnachtsmarkt or Kerstmarkt – but it all refers to the same market.

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Finding the Dusseldorf Christmas Markets

People Enjoying the Christmas Market, Dusseldorf, Germany

The Christmas Market in Dusseldorf isn’t limited to one location; the city proudly proclaims seven distinct markets – plus a Ferris wheel, an ice rink and other Christmassy spots. Each one unique, the markets are located along cobblestone lanes, in prominent squares and in hidden, cozy corners. Yet, all of the Dusseldorf Christmas Markets are within easy walking distance of one another. So, grab your glühwein and let’s get going!

Pro Tip: We have included a Dusseldorf Christmas Market Map to all the markets and the end of the article.


7 Christmas Markets: Dusseldorf, Germany

Courtyard Christmas Market, Dusseldorf, Germany

This list is in order of the Dusseldorf markets we enjoyed the most on our visit. Use the complete map further below – to find your favorite spot at the Christmas Market in Dusseldorf!


#1 Engelchen Markt on Heinrich-Heine-Platz

Market during Christmas in Dusseldorf, Germany

The Engelchen Markt – or Angels Market – is the best Christmas market in Dusseldorf! Illuminated in a golden hue and overlooked by cherubs, the Engelchen Markt is our favorite spot for a stroll and a mug of mulled wine.


#2 Sternchen Martk in Wilhelm-Marx-Haus Courtyard

People enjoying the Christmas Market, Dusseldorf, Germany

Tucked into a quaint courtyard adjacent to the Engelchen Markt, the Sternchen Markt is the most atmospheric Christmas Market in Dusseldorf. Decorated in a canopy of white lights, the cozy enclave feels secluded from the rest of the city.


#3 Handwerke Markt on Marktplatz

Altmarkt Christmas, Dusseldorf, Germany

Trips to the Dusseldorf Christmas Market would not be complete without visiting the Handwerke Markt. Located on the main square under the gaze of the Elector Jan Wellem equestrian statue, the picturesque market features handmade crafts, a historic carousel and a towering Christmas tree. Also, don’t miss the life sized Nativity Scene. 


#4 Altstadt Markt on Flinger Strasse

Brightly Lit Christmas Houses, Dusseldorf, Germany

Lined with huts resembling old Burgher houses (which dole out classic German Christmas fair food), the Altstadt Christmas Market is the perfect route to get from the Engelchen Markt to Marktplatz. The market is centered on a Christmas pyramid which features characters of Dusseldorf’s past – and is a popular spot to grab a goblet of glühwein.


#5 Marchen Markt adjacent to Corneliusplatz

Especially enticing to children, the Marchen Markt is where German fairy tales are recited…and where Santa can be found on Fridays.


#6 Ko-Bogen Markt

Overlooking the city center Hofgarten, Ko-Bogen Markt features activities just for kids and organized carol singing (sheet music provided, so everyone can sing along!).


#7 Schadow Markt

Shopping at the Xmas Market, Dusseldorf, Germany

Dusseldorf’s popular shopping street, Schadowstrasse, is enhanced at Christmas time with rows of holiday booths selling traditional and custom holiday gifts.


More Festive Spots during Christmas in Dusseldorf, Germany

Christmas Market Village, Dusseldorf, Germany

In addition to the seven themed Dusseldorf Christmas fair markets, there are a few more jovial places to see.


Dusseldorf Ferris Wheel: The Riesenrad Wheel of Vision

Neon Ferris Wheel, Dusseldorf Christmas Market, Germany

Situated on the banks of the Rhine River in Burgplatz is the iconic Dusseldorf Ferris Wheel. Operating both day and night, visitors can get a birds’ eye view of Dusseldorf from one of the enclosed (and heated!) gondolas. We happily enjoyed the spectacle from the ground – and were thoroughly entertained by the surrounding Christmas market; in fact, it was one of our favorites!

Pro Tip: One of the unique things to do in Dusseldorf in December is to eat breakfast over the Rhine while riding the Ferris Wheel.


Ice Skating Dusseldorf: DEG-Winterwelt

Ice Skating Rink, Christmas Market, Dusseldorf, Germany

The Dusseldorf Christmas Market Ice Rink, located on Corneliusplatz, is a completely inviting scene. Marking the north end of the posh Konigsallee shopping street and Stadtgraben canal, the rink encircles a large, tiered fountain. Visitors can rent skates or play a few rounds of curling. We were content, however, to simply take it all in from the cozy, lodge-like on-site gastropub.


Konigsalle Promenade

Konigsalle Promenade, Dusseldorf, Germany

Konigsalle – or King’s Avenue – is one of the prettiest promenades in the entire city. Although it is not part of the Kerstmarkt in Dusseldorf, we think it is worth a stroll. 

The wide boulevard features a long canal that is lined with trees, decorated with statues and crossed by picturesque bridges. Well-known for brand-name fashion and boutique stores, we think the best reason to take a walk along Konigsalle at Christmastime is the romantic Lichterdom – a dome of lights – that arches across the Benrather Strasse Bridge.


Schadow Arkaden Christmas Tree

We actually never made it to the Schadow Arkaden Mall to see the Singing and Dancing Christmas Tree, but it was on our list just in case the weather turned too poor to be outside. The store’s centerpiece Christmas Tree dazzles guests with a light and music show every hour on the hour.


Rhine River Christmas Dinner Cruise

Rhine River at sunset with River Cruise, Dusseldorf, Germany

Seeking a unique Dusseldorf experience? Hop aboard a Rhine River cruise for an afternoon of holiday fun. The 2-hour cruise features atmospheric lights and Christmas décor. Passengers get a panoramic view of Dusseldorf while enjoying Germany specialties from the on-board bar. Find out more and book your spot!

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Dusseldorf Christmas Market Food and Drink

Festive Main Altmarkt Square, Dusseldorf, Germany

One of the best things about German Christmas Markets is the food – so, naturally, we ate as much of it as we could! While there is an array of cuisine to feast on at the Dusseldorf Christmas Markets, there are a few things that should not be missed.


Gluhwein – Mulled Wine

Gluhwien Drinks, Christmas Market, Dusseldorf, Germany

There is no other drink that ushers in the holiday season quite like Gluhwein. The hot wine is spiced with cloves and citrus…and is utterly delicious. Each market has at least one mulled wine vendor – and a special mug they serve it in. If you want to take it up a notch, try a cup of Feuerzangenbowle!

Pro Tip: A small deposit is required for the mug at Kerstmarkt Dusseldorf. After you finish the drink, either return the mug for a refund – or keep it as a souvenir!


Bratwurst Sausages

Grilled Brat on a bun, Christmas Market, Dusseldorf, Germany

The heavenly aroma of grilled sausages hangs heavy in the air at the Christmas Market in Dusseldorf. There is an assortment of sausages on offer, but we prefer a classic bratwurst with mustard (and we gobbled up more than our fair share).

Pro Tip: The sausages at the Handwerker Markt were far and away the best we had in Dusseldorf!


Reibekuchen Potato Pancakes

Potato Pancakes, Christmas Market, Dusseldorf, Germany

German potato pancakes – called Reibekuchen or Kartoffelpuffer – are fabulous fried fritters that come with a side of applesauce or sour cream (which is our preference). The first time we tried these delicious potato pancakes was in a small German village Christmas Market near Nijmegen, Netherlands…and we have been pretty much craving them ever since.

Pro Tip: The Reibekuchen at the Altstadt Markt are divine – and they sell sauteed mushrooms, too!


Flammkuchen German Pizza

Must Eat Flammkuchen, Christmas Market, Dusseldorf, Germany

An iconic German dish, Flammkuchen – or Tarte Flambee – is a thin, crispy dough topped with cream, cheese, onion and bacon pieces. However, there are several topping variations – and even sweet flammkuchen, too. The delectable treat is a perfect snack while sipping warm glühwein at the Dusseldorf Christmas Market Germany!

Pro Tip: The flammkuchen vendor at the Engelchen Markt makes the absolute best Flammkuchen we’ve had in Dusseldorf!


Langos Hungarian Fried Bread

Classic Langos best washed down with an Alt Beer, Dusseldorf, Germany

Although Langos originates in Hungary, it has made its way into Christmas Markets across Europe – and we are certainly glad that it has! A classic Langos is deep fried dough, which is slathered with sour cream then topped with grated cheese and seasoning.

Pro Tip: Find the tastiest Langos at the Dusseldorf Christmas Market near the base of the Ferris wheel.


Christmas Shopping Dusseldorf

Tasty Booze, Dusseldorf, Germany

There are ample opportunities for Christmas shopping in Dusseldorf! The city is well-known fashion hub of high-end designers and shopping malls. Konigsallee – nicknamed Ko – and Schadowstrasse are the two most popular shopping streets.

That said, the best place to buy holiday gifts is at the Dusseldorf Christmas Markets. If you are looking for something unique and handmade, head to the Handwerke Markt. For traditional German Christmas gifts, peruse the wares for sale at the Altstadt Markt. For classic Christmas presents, we recommend checking out the booths at the Engelchen Markt. And last but not least, to help stay warm, pop in for (or just order from the takeaway window) a nip of Killepitsch.


Dusseldorf Xmas Market Info and Details

Curling Ice Bowling, Christmas Market, Dusseldorf, Germany

Before you plan your trip to Dusseldorf for Christmas, be sure to check the dates and times of the Dusseldorf Christmas Markets.


Dusseldorf Christmas Market Location

For each area listed above, you will find the location on our map of all Dusseldorf Christmas Market spots below.


Dusseldorf Christmas Market 2023

The dates of the 2023 Christmas Market in Dusseldorf are November 23 to December 30.

They are all open daily, with the exception of two days. The market is closed on November 26 for Totensonntag (Sunday of the Dead) and on December 25 (Christmas Day).


Dusseldorf Christmas Market Opening Times

All of the Christmas Markets Dusseldorf keep the same hours. The opening hours for 2023 are from 11am until 9pm. 

Special Christmas Hours: The market observes shorter hours on December 24 (Christmas Eve) from 11:00am until 3:00pm and on December 26 from 2:00pm until 9:00pm.


Quick Guide to Dusseldorf Christmas Market 2023 Dates

  • November 23: Opening of Dusseldorf Christmas Markets 2023 – hours are 11am to 9pm daily
  • November 26: Closed for Totensonntag
  • December 24: Open from 11am to 3pm
  • December 25: Closed for Christmas Day
  • December 26: Open from 2pm to 9pm
  • December 30: Last day of 2023 Dusseldorf Christmas Markets

We also encourage you to check the official website for any last minute changes!


Dusseldorf Christmas Market Map

Where is the Dusseldorf Christmas Market? Use this map to find the location of each Dusseldorf Winter Market.

Dusseldorf Christmas Market Map by JetSettingFools.com


Why Dusseldorf is the Best City to Visit in Germany in December

Alt Beer at the Christmas Market, Dusseldorf, Germany

Dusseldorf may not hold any Germany Christmas Market titles – it’s not the oldest, biggest or grandest – but we think it is one of the best places to visit in Germany at Christmas. In addition to it being one of the best Christmas Markets To Visit in Europe, we have a few more reasons why you will want to start planning your trip to Dusseldorf!


There Are Plenty of Things To Do in Dusseldorf in December

Christmas in Marktplatz, Dusseldorf, Germany

While the Christmas markets are the top thing to do in the city, there are other reasons to spend a weekend – or longer – in Dusseldorf. Visitors can take in the sights, go to museums, cheer on the hockey team and sample more of the local flavors.

Get our top tips for the Best Things to do in Dusseldorf!


More Christmas Markets Near Dusseldorf

Big Christmas Tree, Cologne, Germany

Another fantastic reason to visit Dusseldorf in December it’s close proximity to other cities and towns…each of which have their own festive holiday markets. Well connected by public transportation, visitors can easily travel by train from Dusseldorf to explore more of the region and revel in the holiday merrymaking.


Cologne (Koln) Christmas Market

Main Christmas Market, Cologne, Germany

Cologne or Dusseldorf Christmas Market? If you are trying to decide between Dusseldorf or Cologne Christmas Market breaks, we say go to both!

From Dusseldorf, the Cologne, Germany Christmas Market is just a short 30-minute train ride away. The two main Cologne Xmas Markets – the Cathedral Xmas Market and the Old Town Xmas Market – are both just steps from the train station.

To be honest, the real reason we decided to go to Cologne was for a hockey game. However, we were thrilled that we stayed for the Cologne Christmas Markets. Sipping glühwein under a canopy of lights beneath the soaring Gothic towers of the Kolner Dom Cathedral ranks as one of our top Christmas moments! Check out this great article for more on the Cologne Christmas Markets!


Dortmund Christmas Market

The city of Dortmund is only about an hour from Dusseldorf by train. Dortmund boasts a cheerful Christmas fair and claims to display the World’s Largest Christmas Tree (which is one gigantic tree created using more than 1500 spruce trees).

We had grand plans to visit the Christmas Market in Dortmund – and possibly making stops at the holiday markets in in Duisburg and Essen along the way – but we got too distracted by all the fun in Dusseldorf!


How To Get To Christmas Markets Around Dusseldorf

Getting to the Christmas Markets near Dusseldorf is as simple as hopping on a train. The Deutsche Bahn regional train service connects Dusseldorf to all other major cities in the North Rhine-Westphalia region.

Pro Tip: Before buying tickets at the train station, find the right ticket for your trip! DB offers a range of money-saving tickets. More info on the DB website.


It’s Easy To Get to Dusseldorf

Need one more great reason to go to Dusseldorf for the holidays? It is easy to get to from cities across Europe – and from select cities in North America, too!

The Dusseldorf Airport is served by all major European airlines and most low-cost carriers, as well. In fact, we took a direct flight from Split, Croatia to Dusseldorf. Start your search for the best flight fares on SkyScanner!

Dusseldorf is also incredibly well-connected by train. Visitors can easily reach other German destinations and nearby major European cities (like Paris!) as well. When we departed Dusseldorf, we took a direct train to Amsterdam – which was just a quick two-hour ride and Amsterdam at Christmas is amazing!

Several bus companies – including Flixbus – transport passengers to Dusseldorf from many other locations through out Europe.


Dusseldorf Travel Tips

Market Stalls for shopping at Christmas, Dusseldorf, Germany

Now that you are ready to go to Dusseldorf, Germany, we have a few more tips to help you plan your trip!


Planning a Christmas Market Dusseldorf Trip

We have shared our top tips for the best things to do at the Dusseldorf, Germany Christmas Market. However, there is more to planning this trip than deciding what to visit at the holiday fair. Travelers also need to consider where to stay and what to pack in their backpack or suitcase

Visitors traveling to Germany from overseas should start with our tips for Planning a European Vacation. We share heaps of advice on planning international trips. 

As you begin to make your plans, you will need to stay on top of all the details! We recommend using our Printable Travel Planner to track your pertinent information to visit the Dusseldorf Markets at Christmas time!

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Weather: Dusseldorf in December

Winter weather in Dusseldorf can be cold! Average high temperatures for December hover in the mid-40s (Fahrenheit), however, wind and moisture in the air can make if feel much colder. The city does not experience a ‘dry season,’ so precipitation – in the form of rain or snow – is likely.

During our visit, we experienced howling wind, rain, overcast skies and sunshine. That said, it was not nearly as cold as we anticipated…perhaps it was the glühwein!


What You Will Need for Christmas Trips to Germany

Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf

Before you set off for your trip to the Dusseldorf Christmas Market, you will want to make sure you pack the correct things! You can find all of our advice on our Packing Tips page – and be sure to grab your FREE packing checklist here


Winter Weather Gear

German Christmas markets are outdoors – so make sure you are packed for the weather! We recommend wearing layers under your winter coat – along with a winter hat, scarf and gloves. And, don’t forget your favorite day bag to keep all those everyday items organized!


Comfortable Travel Shoes

You will likely be spending a lot of time on your feet at the Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf. While there isn’t too much walking required to get from market to market, there are very few places to sit and rest your feet. We advise packing a pair of comfortable travel shoes or walking boots.


Euros and Credit Cards

Some vendors accept cash only, but most places take cards, too. The currency in Germany is the Euro, so bring some with you or make a withdraw from the ATM (NOT a Euronet!) on arrival and remember to notify your bank of your trip.


Travel Insurance for Germany

Travel insurance could come in handy for inconvenient issues – such as delayed flights or lost luggage. Trip insurance may also cover unexpected medical costs abroad for illnesses or injuries. Check prices and consider coverage with World Nomads.


Where To Stay in Dusseldorf

Deciding where to stay in Dusseldorf for Christmas Markets was one of our biggest struggles. Because we waited until the last minute, the most affordable hotels close to the Dusseldorf Christmas Market were already booked.

Rather than staying in a hotel, we found an Airbnb Apartment for our trip to Dusseldorf. We often find that apartments on Airbnb are less expensive – with more space – than hotels.


Hotels Near Dusseldorf Christmas Markets

However, guests who would rather stay in traditional accommodations have a range of choices (as long as you book in advance). The most opulent hotel in the city is the Capella Breidenbacher Hof, which is located right in the heart of the action on Konigsallee. Check rates and availability.

The Hotel Favor is another hotel that gets rave reviews. Find out what previous guests said.

Budget-minded travelers can find affordable accommodation to the east of the Altstadt – between the city center and the train station. For example, the boutique Hotel Lindenhof is within easy walking distance to the markets. Check out the rooms and rates.

Search for Dusseldorf Christmas Market hotels on Booking.com – but first, read our Tips on Booking the Best Hotels!


Start planning your trip to Germany! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning Page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides Page!


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