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Hotel San Nikolas Hondarribia Review: Attic Apartment

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We arrived to the the San Sebastian Airport into the town of Hondarribia in a tired and confused jet-lagged state. Without hotel reservations, we flagged a taxi and requested he take us to the main square of the upper town in Hondarribia. We had researched hotels in Hondarribia and were hoping at least one of them had room for us. The taxi dropped us off right in front of Hotel San Nikolas Hondarribia, so it was the first place we tried. 

The upper town Main Square in Hondarribia, Spain

Hotel San Nikolas Hondarribia

The hotel lobby felt homey and warm. When we requested a room, the sweet lady at the front desk politely apologized and said she had only one room available, the “Odd Attic Apartment.” She told us that the top-floor room was usually meant for three people, but she would let us have it if we wanted it. So off we went to take a look: up the elevator to the 3rd floor, down the hall to the end, left down another hall to a door; once through the door, up a flight of stairs to ‘The Attic.’



The Attic Apartment at San Nikolas Hotel

The room was, indeed, the size of an apartment (no kitchen, though). From the door, there is a long lavender-painted, mirror-lined hall. There are two bedrooms on the left and the bathroom is on the right. 


The two rooms on the left were both bedrooms; the first room had a single bed and the second room had a double bed. Both rooms were painted sunshine yellow and had large windows that looked out over the airport, river and onto France. The single room had a ladder leading up to the window, which we could use to crawl out onto a rooftop patio deck.

The notable oddity of the bedrooms is that, being in the attic, the roof slopes to the far side of the room…meaning the he ceiling is only about 3 feet from the floor where it meets the wall.


The bathroom was huge; it was, by far, the biggest European bathroom I have ever seen. The shower stall was the typical, small size, but next to the shower was a large Jacuzzi tub (with room for two!). The toilet was positioned within the bathroom where the ceiling was only 4-feet above it…so, while sitting on the toilet, the ceiling almost touched my head.

Rooftop Deck

The rooftop deck provides amazing views of Hondarribia. The church bell tower and Charles V’s Paramor castle are in plain sight and there is ample room for lounging. 


This unique Hondarribia rental is not an odd room – it’s a fantastic room! OK, so the ceilings are a bit difficult to navigate without knocking yourself out, but beyond that, this is one of the coolest rooms we have ever stayed in! We have taken full advantage of the patio deck by watching the sunset, star-gazing at 2:30 in the morning when we can’t sleep and watching the sunrise over the church bell tower on crisp mornings.



We want to know: Have you stayed at the Hotel San Nikolas Hondarribia? Did you stay in the Attic Apartment? Tell us about your stay in the comments! 


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Hotel San Nikolas Hondarribia Review Basque Country Spain by


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