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5 Neighborhoods in Seville, Spain to Visit

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We only had two full days in Seville, Spain but we quickly got ourselves acquainted with the atmospheric Andalusian city. In addition to seeking out the best Seville sights – we made time to enjoy the ambiance of the time-worn neighborhoods in Seville.

Each of the Seville, Spain neighborhoods has their distinct vibe – and, of course, at least one church and square filled with buzzing cafes. Once we got our bearings (with the help of a Seville map!), the maze of narrow, cobblestone streets was simple to navigate and traveling on foot made it easy for us to soak up the Spanish charm.


Best Neighborhoods in Seville, Spain

We’ve outlined the best neighborhoods in Seville for visitors to see while staying in the city. While Seville sightseeing does include must-see attractions, we think wandering the lanes of these picturesque districts is one of the best things to do in Seville! See Seville, Spain map below. 

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#1 Seville Centre

Seville, Spain Cathedral viewed at night,

Dominated by the world’s largest Gothic cathedral and other Seville top attractions, the Central Seville district has the most touristy feel to it. Restaurants with English menus and a long line of horse drawn carriages are a mainstay in Seville Central. For a bird’s eye view, we found seats at the posh EME Cathedral Hotel and sipped on tasty Spanish wine with a grand view of the soaring Sevilla Cathedral spires.

Festitive scene in Plaza de la Virgen de los Reyes, Seville Spain

Seville landmarks in Seville Centre: Seville Cathedral, Giralda, Alcazar, Plaza del Triunfo

Note: Central is technically part of Barrio Santa Cruz (next on our list), but we listed it separately since it is a Seville must-see area all on its own!


#2 Barrio Santa Cruz, Seville

Too pretty! A square in Barrio Santa Cruz, Seville Spain

Deep in the lanes of the Barrio Santa Cruz neighborhood is the former Jewish Quarter Seville. The district dates to Medieval times and is more compact than other Seville neighborhoods. Some streets are so narrow that we had to walk single file through them. Although the area is a hotspot for tourists, it felt genuinely like a local (and posh) neighborhood with cozy squares and lovely gardens.

Discovering A garden in Barrio Santa Cruz, Seville Spain

Sightseeing in Seville, Spain Santa Cruz: Aimlessly wandering through the Santa Cruz District Seville is the best way to experience the neighborhood. Turn down lanes and just see where they lead!


#3 Triana, Seville

Charming streets to wander in of Triana, Seville Spain

The Triana District Seville isn’t home to any major Seville, Spain landmarks, yet it ranks as one of the top districts of Seville to visit. The quieter Triana neighborhood – traditionally a working class area – lies to the west of the city center, across the Guadalquivir River. Colorful buildings line the pedestrian-only lanes, making the Triana neighborhood Seville one of the best for sunny, afternoon strolls. 

Wonderful view of Puente de Isabel II leads into Triana, Seville Spain

Things to do in Triana, Seville: The top sights in Triana are visiting the market, indulging in tapas and the taking in the view back across the water to Seville Central. 


#4 Macarena, Seville

Brights colors of The Basilica de la Macarena, Seville Spain

The Macarena neighborhood to the north of the Seville Center might not be as quaint as Triana or Barrio Santa Cruz, but it definitely has a more local vibe. Portions of the 12th century Sevilla Old City walls stand intact as new buildings rise around it. 

Beautiful details of The Basilica de la Macarena, Seville Spain

Macarena District Seville Sights: The Basilica de la Macarena is one of the must-see places in Seville that visitors often miss. The rather plain façade hides the shimmering interior. Tip: Don’t miss the Weeping Virgin.


#5 Plaza de Espana, Seville

Visitors taking in the impressive view of Plaza de Espana, Seville Spain

The large Plaza de Espana is another hub of tourist activity, which was the intent of the neighborhood when it was built for the 1929 International Fair. It’s also one of the best neighborhoods in Seville, Spain for green space. Maria Luisa is a large park just to the south of Plaza de Espana and is another lovely place in Seville for strolling and relaxing.

Plaza de Espana Tips: Wander down the nearby charming, narrow streets to explore more of lovely, local Seville, Spain.

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Seville Neighborhood Map

Crowds taking photos in Plaza del Triunfo, Seville Spain

Use this link to Google Maps to find all our recommended things to do in Seville, Spain!


Top Tips For Your Trip to Seville, Spain

Bar Alfalfa corner bar in Seville, Spain

We have a few last travel tips and packing hacks for your trip to Spain!


Where To Stay in Seville, Spain

During our visit to Seville, we stayed in a great Airbnb Apartment. We have found that staying in apartments is often less expensive than hotel rooms – with the added benefit of a kitchen and, usually, more space. 

However, for those who prefer staying in traditional accommodations, there are many Seville hotels to choose from in – or close to – the city center. Check out these top-rated hotels (based on guest reviews) for your upcoming trip: Hotel Casa Del Poeta | Hotel Amadeus & La Musica | Hotel Casa 1800 Sevilla 


How Many Days in Seville?

We recommend spending at least a couple of days in Seville, but more time could easily be spent in the city. The top things to see in Seville in 2 days are the sights of the Seville historic district (Cathedral and Alcazar) and the surrounding Seville neighborhoods, listed above. 


Best Tapas in Seville, Spain

Tapas at El Rinconcillo Sevilla, the best tapas bar in Seville, Spain

Looking to indulge in the best tapas in Seville? Use our Seville Tapas Guide to find the best tapas in the city! 

If you would rather a guide lead you to the city’s best tapas spots, join a Seville Tapas Tour


Before You Go To Sevilla, Spain


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5 Neighborhoods in Seville, Spain JetSetting Fools

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