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26 Best Things To Do in Bath, England

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Bath, England – an old Roman town that is now quintessentially English – is one of the best places to visit in the United Kingdom. From the natural hot springs to the signature architecture and from the green rolling hills to the quaint and cozy pubs, we are detailing the absolute best things to do in Bath, England.

Like many visitors, our Bath, UK visit was inspired by the rich history, cultural significance and dazzling design. During our time in the city, we experienced the Bath must-see sights and soaked in the atmosphere – and we are listing the top activities so that you can enjoy it, as well!


Things To Do in Bath, England FAQs

Before we get to our list of what to do in Bath, England we want to cover a couple of facts about Bath and answer a few of the most frequently asked questions.


What is Bath, UK Known For?

Bath is best known for its ancient Roman baths, natural hot springs and 18th century architecture. Bath is also recognized for the lush, green landscape that surrounds the city.

The entirety of Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and UNESCO has also labeled the city one of the Great Spa Towns of Europe. Few other cities in the world carry two UNESCO designations.


Are There Free Things To Do in Bath, England?

Yes, there are a few free attractions in Bath. However, unlike in most of the United Kingdom, many museums and even a few parks in Bath require an entry fee. They even charge for public toilets in Bath (but don’t worry; it’s just 20p and credit cards are accepted!).

Travelers looking for things to do in Bath on a budget, however, need not worry; our list features many Bath free attractions and activities.


Are There Bath Attractions for Families?

Yes, there are many fun things to do in Bath with kids. Families traveling with young children and teenagers will find plenty of entertaining activities. While our list is not specifically geared toward family things to do in Bath, we do include many kid-friendly attractions.


Is Bath Worth Visiting?

Bath, UK is definitely worth visiting! The city is fun and fascinating…and very accessible. Located just 1.5 hours from London by train, the best things in Bath can be seen in a single day.


What are the Things To Do in Bath in a Day?

Visitors planning a day in Bath will want to create a concise trip plan. We recommend using our list of what to do in Bath, UK to plan your best trip. That said, we also assemble the top attractions and activities into a simple 1 Day in Bath Itinerary at the end of our list.

On the other hand, if you are wondering how many days in Bath, UK is enough, we recommend spending a minimum of two days in the city…but three would be ideal.


Planning a Trip to Bath, England

There is a lot more that goes into planning a Bath, UK trip than figuring out which sights to see. You will also need to figure out how to get there, where to stay and what to pack – and we share all the best tips that can help!

Travelers visiting other destinations in the region can use our travel guides for sightseeing tips and trip planning.


As you make your vacation plans, organization is key! To ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, we recommend using a planner – like our Printable Travel Planner.

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Our list of Bath Things To Do covers the city’s iconic sights, top attractions, best activities and tips for food and drink, as well.

Save, Pin or Bookmark our Bath Visitor Guide blog post so that you can use to plan your trip to the UK!


#1 Step Back in Time at the Roman Baths Museum

Interior of the Roman Baths Museum, Bath, England, UK

Topping our list of Things To Do Bath is visiting the Roman Baths Museum. Located on the exact site of the hot springs and ancient bathing complex, the Roman Bath in Bath, UK is a must-see attraction.

Used by Romans more than 2,000 years ago, the complex was a place to worship Goddess Sulis Minerva and bathe in the naturally heated waters. Although the site has changed drastically through the years (and bathing is no longer permitted), bits of the past remain. Artifacts and recovered treasures are on display and steam still rises above the Bath thermal pools.

Museum visitors tour the site at their own pace – and an informational audio guide is included in the price of the ticket (which can be booked in advance).

Pro Tip: At the end of the tour, don’t miss the opportunity to taste the thermal waters. Drinking the healing waters has long been one of the top activities in Bath – and it still is today!


#2 Visit the Beautiful Bath Abbey

Exterior view of the Bath Abbey, England, UK

The strikingly beautiful Bath Abbey is a marvelous Medieval church that dates to the year 1499. Before entering, take a look at the west-facing façade, which depicts the bishop’s dream that encouraged him to build the church. Notice the ladders on the two towers, which the angels use to climb up to heaven (except for the one that is falling down, face first).

Inside the church, hundreds of memorial plaques hang on the wall, while nearly 900 ledgerstone gravestones cover the floor. Other impressive features of the Bath Abbey are the fan vaulted ceilings and colorful stained-glass windows.

Visitors can opt for a paid Bath Abbey Tower tour that includes a knowledgeable guide and fantastic views.

Pro Tip: The Abbey is one of the Bath, UK attractions that is technically free. However, visitors are encouraged to make a donations.


#3 Soak in the Waters at the Thermae Bath Spa

Entrance to the Thermae Bath Spa, England, UK

For hundreds of years, one of the top things to do at Bath has been to soak in the thermal waters – and it’s still true today! There are several spas in Bath, UK where visitors can partake in the age-old tradition, but none quite like Thermae Bath Spa.

Thermae is a modern thermal bath in Bath that uses the same flow of mineral water as the original Roman baths. The state-of-the-art center features a relaxing indoor pool, an outdoor rooftop pool, an ice chamber and steam rooms.

Spa sessions last 2 hours and include the use of a towel, robe and sandals with the price of admission.

Pro Tip: For a more intimate experience, the separate Cross Bath is an open-air thermal bath that can be rented for private use by small groups. 


#4 Explore the Bath City Center

Walking through Bath City Center, England, UK

Without a doubt, one of the best Bath, England things to do is to explore the lanes and shops in the city center.

A few of the most atmospheric streets are Bath Street (which leads from the Roman Baths to the Thermae Spa), Milsom Street (which is lined with shops) and North Parade Passage (a historic street in the center).

The narrow lanes – like Northumberland Place, Union Passage and The Corridor – are also fun places to explore in Bath.

Pro Tip: The Bath City Center is fairly compact. Rather than detailing a specific route, we think it’s best to wander and see what you find!


#5 Browse the Books at Topping and Company Booksellers

Entrance to the Topping and Company Booksellers, Bath, England, UK

A true treat for bibliophiles, Topping & Co is a splendid bookshop right in the Bath city center. Hosting an impressive number of books and rolling ladders to reach the higher shelves, spending some time at Topping & Company is one of the fun things to do in Bath.

The space is designed to be as welcoming as a friend’s house and there are plenty of places to tuck away for a few moments with a book in hand. The shop even offers complimentary tea and coffee for shoppers to sip while they browse or read.

Pro Tip: In addition to the labyrinth of literary works for sale, this Bath book shop also hosts events – such as reading groups, author signings and festive community evenings.


#6 Stand in the Center of Queen Square Bath

Palace Buildings around Queen Square, Bath, England, UK

The architecturally impressive Queen Square is one of the top Bath, England attractions. Designed in the 18th century by Bath’s most renowned architect, John Wood the Elder, the building on the north side of the square features an exquisite Palladian design.

Queen Square was the first project of Wood’s glorious vision for Bath – and it was a total success story. The square was purposely built as a place for people to gather; the buildings surrounding the square were to exude the grandeur of a palace. Both still hold true today.

Pro Tip: The square was named for Queen Caroline, who was married to George II and the center obelisk is dedicated to Frederick, Prince of Wales.


#7 Celebrate One of the Greatest Authors at The Jane Austen Center

The Jane Austen Center, Bath, England, UK

Literature fans wondering what to see in Bath, England should make a point of visiting the Jane Austen Center.

Jane Austen – author of classic novels, like Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility – lived in Bath for a short time, between 1801 and 1806. In fact, two of her novels – Northanger Abbey and Persuasion – were partially set in Bath.

Today, fans of the English novelist can learn about her life and work at the Jane Austen Center. Costumed guides lead tours through the rooms of a home that is similar to the one Austen lived in while in Bath.

Pro Tip: Tour participants are also invited to dress in vintage clothing and pose for photographs – as well as learn how to write with a quill pen and ink. Plus, there is a top floor tearoom to cap off your experience!


#8 Dance through the Bath Assembly Rooms

A historic attraction in Bath, UK, the Assembly Rooms played a big role in Bath society in the 18th century. The grand ballrooms, complete with elegant crystal chandeliers and Corinthian columns, hosted formal dances for the fashionable upper class.

The building was designed in 1769 by John Wood the Younger. Considered by many to be one of the best examples of Georgian architecture, the Assembly Rooms feature the iconic honey-colored Bath limestone that is prevalent in so many of the city’s buildings.

Pro Tip: In addition to the ball room, there is also a card room, tea room and the Great Octagon. In these rooms, visitors can learn about the history of Georgian Bath.


#9 Admire the Bath Architecture at The Circus

View of The Circus, Bath, England, UK

A landmark project designed by John Wood the Elder, The Circus is comprised of three curved buildings that together form a circle. The first of its kind, The Circus is one of the unique things to see in Bath, England.

The building plan incorporated some remarkable and uncommon elements. For example, the design features the same diameter as nearby Stonehenge. An up-close look at the intricate stonework on the buildings’ façades reveals unusual symbols. And, when viewed from above, The Circus and Queen Square make the shape of a key, which is a masonic symbol.

Aside from the curiosities (or perhaps because of it), The Circus was – and continues to be – a fashionable place to live.

Pro Tip: Stand in the very center of The Circle and clap your hands…then listen for the echo!


#10 Relish the Spectacle of the Royal Crescent

View of The Royal Crescent, Bath, England, UK

A sweeping curve of terraced houses, the Royal Crescent is a fine example of Georgian architecture and one of the top attractions in Bath. Designed by John Wood the Younger in the 1770s, the uniform structure has changed little since it was completed.

The stone façade, which is 500-feet in length and features more than 100 Ionic columns, faces a grassy park (part of which is kept private for the townhouse owners, while that other part is open to the public).

While most of the townhouses remain private residences, Number 16 (in the very center) is the posh Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa, and Number 1 is a museum. In fact, the No. 1 Royal Crescent Museum is a fabulous place to learn about life of aristocrats in Georgian Bath.

Top Tip: Note that the front façade is congruent and based on harmonious symmetry, while the back of the building features a mishmash of styles and design.


#11 Route your way through Royal Victoria Park

Obelisk, Royal Victoria Park, Bath, England, UK

Take some time from your historic Bath sightseeing to simply relax at the Royal Victoria Park. Established in 1830, the open space is an ideal place to enjoy the sunshine on a warm day.

Fun for families in Bath, the park features a duck pond, tennis courts, a mini golf course, a huge playground and a skateboard park. 

Pro Tip: Royal Victoria Park can be enjoyed year-round! In the autumn, the dazzling trees are flush in hues of orange and yellow and during the winter months, visitors can go ice skating at the Bath Ice Rink.


#12 Stroll through the Botanical Gardens and The Dell

Trees at the Botanical Gardens, Bath, England, UK

Sitting on the northwest corner of Royal Victoria Park is the Bath Botanical Gardens. Taking a stroll through the lush landscape, towering trees and pretty gardens are one of the fun, free attractions in Bath.

The small 9-acre park was opened in 1887. The picturesque setting is home to a variety of plants and is full of color in summer when the flowers are in bloom.

Pro Tip: Looking for more outdoor Bath, UK things to do? Take a walk around The Great Dell Aerial Walkway on the north side of the Botanical Gardens.


#13 Glimpse the Georgian Garden along The Gravel Walk

Georgian Garden, Bath, England, UK

The pedestrian-only Gravel Walk that curves from Queen’s Parade to the Royal Crescent Park is a pretty and shaded path that has existed for centuries. The lane was likely used by porters carrying Royal Crescent residents between their home and the city center in single-person Sedan Chairs.

Running along the backside of one segment of The Circus, The Gravel Walk passes by a lovely Georgian Garden. The 18th century garden, which is one of the hidden Bath tourist attractions, is open to the public for free.

Pro Tip: The Gravel Walk makes an appearance in Jane Austen’s book, Persuasion, as the setting for a love scene between Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth.


#14 See the Shops at the Bath Guildhall Market

Shops at the Bath Guildhall Market, England, UK

Shopping is one of the top things to do in Bath City Centre – and the Guildhall Market is the oldest and most famous Bath market. For more than 800 years, trading has occurred in the domed Guildhall building.

Today, the vendors are mostly independent shopkeepers selling a range of goods – from cheese to pet supplies to souvenirs. Plus, there are cafes in the market hall where you can relax with a cup of coffee or indulge in an inexpensive full English breakfast.

Pro Tip: Find the old 18th century Market Pillar, called The Nail, where payments for goods were made…and thus the phrase, ‘Pay on the Nail.’


#15 View Paintings at the Victoria Art Gallery

The Victoria Art Gallery Free Museum Bath is the best place to go to view incredible art without having to buy a ticket.

The permanent collection of artwork features paintings by regional and European artists from the 15th century onward. Some sculptures and ceramics are also on display.

Pro Tip: While the permanent collection is free, the special rotating exhibits require a ticket. The tickets, however, are relatively affordable – making it one of the cheap things to do in Bath.


#16 Enjoy the Peaceful Parade Gardens

View of Parade Gardens, Bath, England, UK

A meticulously maintained park, Parade Gardens offers the best vantage point over the River Avon, Pulteney Weir and the Pulteney Bridge.

Top features of the park – beyond the outstanding views – are the many statues (Prince Bladud and the Pig is my personal favorite), the historic Monks Mill and the Victorian Bandstand. Furthermore, the blooming flowers during the summer months are exceptional.

Pro Tip: While there is a fee to enter Parade Gardens – £2 during our visit – the park is far and away one of the best in Bath. Visitors who prefer not to pay to enter the grounds can enjoy a similar view from Pierrepont Street instead.


#17 Walk across Pulteney Bridge

Evening view of Pulteney Bridge, Bath, England, UK

The triple arched Pulteney Bridge, with shops lining both sides, was built in 1774. The bridge is named for heiress Frances Pulteney, who inherited property on the east side of the river and wanted a better route between her estate and the Bath city center.

Along with her husband, William Johnstone, Frances envisioned a new town that would extend to the east of Bath – and the bridge was the first piece in their plans.

Walking across the bridge is a must-do in Bath – however, the best views of the Pulteney Bridge are from either side of the banks of the Avon River.

Pro Tip: Looking for romantic things to do in Bath, England? Stop for coffee with a view at the intimate Pulteney Bridge Coffee Shop.


#18 Stride up the Great Pulteney Street

View downGreat Pulteney Street, Bath, England, UK

The grandiose Great Pulteney Street is the widest and longest thoroughfare in Bath. The street was built as part of the plans to extend the city of Bath to the east side of the River Avon – and it connects the Pulteney Bridge to the Holburne Museum of Art.

Although the realization of a posh new town in the east never fully materialized, the street remains one of the best Bath places to see (plus, it’s one of the top places to visit in Bath for free). The uniform facades are another impressive example of classical Georgian architecture.

Pro Tip: The ornate Laura Place Fountain near the bridge was originally intended to be a column. However, Great Pulteney Street residents were dismayed that the column would surpass the height of their homes and, instead, opted for a simple fountain.  


#19 Pop into Henrietta Park

A green space that offers tranquility and calm, Henrietta Park is just steps from the city center. The 7-acre park opened in 1897 in celebration of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

In addition to the winding paths and mature vegetation, the park has a water feature and a sensory garden. It is free to enter the park, which is open daily from dawn until dusk.

Pro Tip: One of the fun things to do in Bath outside is to have a picnic at Henrietta Park!


#20 Spend some Time at The Holburne Museum

Exterior of The Holburne Museum, Bath, England, UK

A perfect place to wile away the afternoon on a rainy day in Bath, The Holburne Museum features the personal art collection of Sir William Holburne.  

The extensive compilation includes a variety of artworks – from Old Master paintings to Chinese porcelain to Roman glass. In addition to the permanent displays, The Holburne Museum hosts temporary exhibits – as well as events.

The building that houses the museum was formerly the Sydney Hotel. Built in the late 1700s, the fashionable museum was known for its galas that typically included food, drink, music, dancing and fireworks.  

Pro Tip: A ticket is required to view the artwork, however, visitors are free to browse the museum shop and enjoy a beverage at the ground floor café.


#21 Promenade through the Stylish Sydney Gardens

Walking through Sydney Gardens, Bath, England, UK

Planned in the late 18th century, the Sydney Pleasure Gardens were designed for entertainment and as a place to see and be seen. Also called the Bath Vauxhall Gardens, original park features included a grotto, castle and replica country village. Promenading and breakfast at the park were two top Bath activities of the time.

After a recent renovation, Sydney Park remains a place for recreation and one of the fun things to do in Bath with family, friends or a significant other. Visitors can still promenade along the canals, wave to passing trains from the bridges, play a game of tennis or simply enjoy the pleasurable atmosphere.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss the Temple of Minerva at the center of the park. Inside, plaques detail the history of Sydney Park and the recent discovery of 2000-year-old Roman remains.


#22 Embark on a Bath Canal Walk

Take a Bath Canal Walk, England, UK

The Kennet and Avon Canal in Bath, UK is a man-made waterway that connects the River Thames in Reading to the Bristol Channel. Visitors can use the canal for water activities – or walk on the path that runs alongside it to see some of the incredible countryside landscapes that surround Bath.

Houseboats float on the water and a series of locks are still in use for boaters to navigate the canal. In fact, Bath Lock #8/9 – which is also known as the Bath Deep Lock – is nearly 20 feet deep and one of the deepest canal locks in Britain!

Pro Tip: While walking alongside the Bath Canal is one of the best free things to do in Bath, England, renting a canal day boat is fun for families and groups.


#23 Trek Up to the Bath Skyline View at Bathwick Meadow

Bath City View from Bathwick Meadow, England, UK

The rolling hills in Bath, England offer the perfect opportunity for visitors to get an elevated view of the World Heritage City.

In fact, one of the best things to do in Bath for couples, families, friends and solo travelers is to make the 6-mile trek on the Bath Skyline Walk that fully encircles the city. The route takes trekkers through open meadows, forested parks and farm pastures with numerous phenomenal viewpoints along the way.

It is also possible to make a shorter 3-mile trek to an outstanding viewpoint in Bathwick Meadow (where you will likely see cows!). Use this link for route details.

Pro Tip: Although the route is managed by the National Trust, hiking the Bath Skyline Walk is free of charge. It’s actually one of the top things to do in Bath for free!


#24 Ascend to the Bath City Viewpoint at Alexandra Park

City View from Alexandra Park, Bath, England, UK

A bit of a hidden gem in Bath for visitors, the Alexandra Park that is perched atop Beechen Cliff is the place for panoramic views.

From the prominent Bath Lookout, it is possible to see the entirety of the city center – including the Bath Abbey, the ancient Roman Baths and even the Royal Crescent.

Pro Tip: The most direct walking route is up a steep staircase, called Jacob’s Ladder; however, using Shakespeare Avenue is slightly easier. Alternatively, drive (or take an Uber) to the top and skip the inclined walk altogether!


#25 Discover Bath Neighborhoods

Classic Houses in Bath, England, UK

While most tourists visit Bath to see the impressive city center sights, travelers can easily get off the beaten path, escape the crowds and discover more beautiful places in the best neighborhoods in Bath, UK.

Each district has a ‘High Street’ with shops, restaurants and pubs – and the residential roads are lined with gorgeous terraced houses.

A few of the best districts in Bath to visit are Widcombe (an upscale neighborhood south of the train station), Walcot (a Bohemian district north of Pulteney Bridge with fun nightlife) as well as Bear Flat and Lansdown (known for their Georgian homes).

Pro Tip: Visitors who explore beyond Bath will quickly find themselves in quaint rural villages. Weston and Bathampton are two of the best English villages near Bath, UK.


#26 Attend Bath Festivals and Events

Holiday Huts at the Winter Christmas Market in Bath, England, UK

Bath hosts fun festivals and events throughout the year. Planning your trip to Bath, UK to coincide with a festival is a fabulous way to experience the city.

The Jane Austen Festival is one of the biggest events of the year – and includes the Grand Regency Costumed Promenade, guided walking tours to famous places mentioned in her books and workshops.

The wintertime Bath Christmas Market ushers in the holiday spirit with warm mulled wine, festive eats and plenty of places to find the perfect gift from local merchants. 

Other events in Bath are music fests (like Mozartfest and Bachfest), film festivals and literary events.  

Pro Tip: We think Bath has one of the best Christmas Markets in the UK! Find out what other cities we rank as the Best Places to Spend Christmas in Europe.

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More of the Best Things To Do Bath, England

We have outlined our top picks for sightseeing in Bath, UK that we think every visitor should see. That said, we want to highlight a few more of the best places to visit in Bath for travelers staying longer than a few days.


Museum of Bath at Work

One of the top places to visit in Bath for families, the Museum of Bath at Work focuses on the history of Bath businesses. The museum is housed in an old soft drink factory and tells the story of the manufacturer and workers, along with other stories about the entrepreneurs and companies that excelled in the city through the years.


Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein

Travelers looking for quirky things to do in Bath need to look no further than the House of Frankenstein. The book, Frankenstein, was written by Mary Shelley in Bath in 1816 – and today visitors can learn more about the author and her imagined monster in this unique museum that offers an entertaining experience in Bath.


Sham Castle

The Sham Castle, Bath, England, UK

A bit of an oddity, but one of the things to see in Bath for free, is the Sham Castle. Built in the mid-1700s to emulate a castle, the faux castle stands atop a hill on the east side of Bath. The one-walled castle is fun for photo ops and city views.


National Trust Prior Park Landscape Garden and Palladian Bridge

Another architectural folly is the Palladian Bridge at the National Trust Prior Park Landscape Garden. The traditional English garden was designed in the 18th century and the bridge, along with a temple, grotto, lodge and lake, are the park’s top features.

The Prior Park Landscape Garden is one of the top outdoor attractions in Bath, UK. A ticket is required to enter.


American Museum and Gardens

Perhaps one of the more unusual things to do in Bath is to learn about America. While it might seem strange to some visitors, the American Museum and Gardens exhibits a collection of American folk art, quilts and maps – along with temporary displays showcasing American music, fashion and photography.


Herschel Museum of Astronomy

Famed astronomer William Herschel was living in Bath when he used his self-made telescope to discover the planet Uranus in 1781. His former residence is now the Herschel Museum of Astronomy and one of the interesting places to see in Bath. Visitors are invited to learn about his life work, achievements and contributions to science and space.


Theatre Royal

With a long history and several renovations, Theatre Royal stands as one of the oldest working theaters in England. Productions include West End and international tours.

The original Theatre Royal – now a Masonic Lodge – at 12 Old Orchard Street is also open for tours. 


Bath Restaurants

There is no shortage of restaurants in Bath, UK where hungry tourists and residents alike can enjoy great food. We, however, are highlighting a few of the top places to go in Bath for an iconic and memorable meal.


Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House and Museum

Sally Lunn’s Bun, Bath, England, UK

Dating to the year 1483 (and considered to be the oldest house in Bath), Sally Lunn’s tea room is a classic place to dine…and one of the tourist attractions in Bath, UK. Known for creating the Bath Bun, the restaurant menu features sweet and savory bites to eat for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

Before leaving, make sure to visit the original kitchen in the basement – and get some buns to take home, as well!


The Pump Room Restaurant at the Roman Baths

Offering an exceptional dining experience, The Pump Room is one of the best places to visit in Bath, England to feel like royalty – especially at high tea! The elegant dining room overlooks the hot springs at the Roman Baths and meals are accompanied by the resident pianist.


The Raven

Raven Ale Pie, The Raven, Bath, England, UK

Unquestionably one of the best places to go in Bath for a superb pint and a savory pie, The Raven is a must when visiting the city! The crowd is casual and jubilant – and the award-winning pies are divine. We recommend ordering the Raven Ale Pie with Buttery Mustard Mash and Red Wine and Thyme Gravy (and you can thank us later!).


Fun Pubs in Bath, England

Best Bath Pub, The Raven, Bath, UK

One of the fun things to do in Bath at night is to hoist a pint of beer in a cozy pub. Although there are many, many pubs to choose from, we are sharing a few of our favorites.


The Bath Brew House

Bar at the Bath Brew House, UK

With a festive beer garden and free live musical performances, The Bath Brew House is one of the best places in Bath for a pint of beer. Brewing their own beers on site, plus pouring a range from other regional brewers, The Bath Brew House is a top spot for sampling local craft beer.


The Sam Weller’s

Welcoming and warm, The Sam Weller’s pub invites guests into their humble space for a good pint, light conversation and delicious food.


The Grapes

Dating to 1792, The Grapes quickly became one of our favorite haunts for a post-sightseeing pint. The jovial bar offers a range of ales, ciders and craft beer – and maintains a full line up of in-house events.


The Crystal Palace

With idyllic pub ambiance, The Crystal Palace offers patrons a place to rest their weary feet – either inside the cozy space or in the fabulous beer garden. Their Sunday Roast is also said to be top notch!


The Black Fox

Serving up ales, craft beers and gin specialties, The Black Fox is a fun spot for a drink after a long day of sightseeing. They offer seating on two levels and outside when the weather is nice.


Coeur De Lion

An atmospheric and old school pub in the heart of the city – but hidden down a quiet lane – Coeur de Lion ranks as the smallest pub in Bath.


Kingsmead Street Bottle

Items for sale at Kingsmead Street Bottle, Bath, UK

A tap room serving local craft beer, wine and small platters, Kingsmead Street Bottle is a fun little place that is tucked away from the crowds.


Bath Tours

Pulteney Weir, Tours of Bath, England, UK

We have showcased what to see in Bath, UK to help fellow travelers plan their trip. That said, travelers who want a guide to lead the way – or are looking for a unique perspective of the city – can join one of the sightseeing tours in Bath.


City Sightseeing Tour Bath

Guided Bath walking tours are a great introduction to the city! On the popular Blue Badge 90-minute city tour, guides lead the way to the most interesting Bath places to visit. 

Looking for free things to do in Bath, UK? Meet up with the Mayor of Bath’s Corps of Honorary Guides for an absolutely free walking tour of Bath. (Seriously, they don’t even accept tips!) We joined this tour during our stay and found it to be an informative and fun way to get acquainted with the best Bath tourist spots. No booking is required; all you need to do is show up at the meeting point. 


Bath Hop On Hop Off Bus

The Hop On Hop Off Bus is a great way to get to the top places to visit around Bath without walking. The open-air, double-decker bus offers two routes and tickets that are valid for 24 hours. Get the details!


Bath Sightseeing Boat Cruise with Prosecco

Boat trips in Bath, England are one of the best ways to relax while taking in the sights. On this 1-hour leisurely cruise, passengers enjoy the beauty of Bath with a complimentary glass of prosecco in hand! Find out more!


Hot Air Balloon Flight

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride, Bath, England, UK

For a unique and unforgettable view of the city, hop aboard one of the hot air balloon rides in Bath, England. The flights take place at sunrise or sunset and feature phenomenal views of the top Bath city attractions. Book it here!


Bridgerton Tour

Fans of the Bridgerton television series have the opportunity to partake in one of the unique things to do in Bath: Scout out scene locations. Tour participants are guided to the same spots where the show was filmed in Bath – and learn interesting facts about the show along the way. Reserve your space!


Day Trips from Bath, England

Take a ride on a Bristol Ferry Boat, UK

Visitors spending a few days in Bath might have time to discover more of the region. We are highlighting a few of the best places to visit from Bath.


Bristol, UK

Without a doubt, one of the best things to do near bath is to visit Bristol. The fascinating city is just 13 minutes from Bath by train and offers a completely different vibe. The top attractions are the Clifton Suspension Bridge, free museums, eclectic street art and a vibrant nightlife. Find details on what to see in our blog post, The Best Things To Do in Bristol!



Visiting Bradford-on-Avon is one of the top things to do around Bath. Just 8 miles to the southeast of Bath (and well connected by train), Bradford-on-Avon is a fantastic day trip destination. The picture-perfect village dates to Roman times and, today, features quaint cafes, cobblestone lanes and a stunningly beautiful stone bridge.


Stonehenge, Avebury, Cotswolds

Visitors who want a sweeping view of the region can join an organized day trip to see three of the best places to visit near Bath and Bristol: Stonehenge, Avebury and The Cotswolds. The Bath Stonehenge Tour from Bath is a full day adventure that is limited to a small group. Get the details!


Bath Map

Use this link to Google Maps for an online, interactive version of our Map of Bath Things To Do. 

Things To Do in Bath Map by


Travel Tips for Visiting Bath

Avon River, Tips for Visitng Bath, England, UK

Now that you have your list of Things To See Bath, UK, we have a few final travel tips for your trip.


Best Time to Visit Bath, England

We don’t think there is a bad time to visit Bath; there are things to do in and around Bath, England year-round! However, there are a few pros and cons to visiting Bath in each season.


Summer in Bath

For many travelers, summertime is the best time to go to Bath. The weather is typically warm and sunny – which is great exploring the city sights, gawking at the architecture and visiting the lush green spaces. The downside to the summer season is that it is often packed with tourists and hotel prices are at their highest.


Bath in Autumn

Trees in Autumn in Bath, England, UK

In the early autumn, Bath hosts numerous festivals, which can certainly be a fun time to visit. The weather can be unpredictable and although the regular tourist crowds start to thin out, heaps of people come for the city events.


Wintertime in Bath

Bath UK Christmas Tree at the Bath Christmas Market, England, UK

Although considered to be the low season, visitors will find there are plenty of things to do in Bath in Winter! From lounging at the spas to soaking up the holiday spirit, Bath is a delightful in winter. In fact, the Christmas Market in Bath is one of the busiest times for the city (and easy to add on to your Christmas in London Itinerary!). Be aware, however, that the Bath weather can be grey, glum and rainy – so be sure to be packed properly!


Bath during the Spring

Spring is a great time to visit Bath, UK – especially for travelers who like to avoid crowds (and get the best deals on hotel rooms!). Plus, the city’s parks are in full bloom!


How To Visit Bath in One Day

Travelers visiting Bath for a day will want to create a succinct Bath itinerary. We are sharing a brief outline of our top picks for things to do in Bath in one day.

Start your day with a Sally Lunn Bath Bun for breakfast before visiting the Roman Baths Museum – a must-see in Bath, England. After touring the facilities, pop into the Bath Abbey and then eat lunch at The Pump Room.

In the afternoon, explore the city center and head north of the city and visit a few more of the best things to see in Bath – like Queen Square, The Circus and the Royal Crescent.

Continue your city discover by crossing the Pulteney Bridge and parading up Great Pulteney Street toward The Holburne Museum and Sydney Park. Make your way back to the city center via the Canal Walk or cruise down the canal on a boat tour

In the evening, go to The Raven for a pint of craft beer and a spectacular pie. Then, enjoy the Bath nightlife at the Bath Brew House. Alternatively, indulge in an exceptional Bath experience by taking a dip in the rooftop pool at the Thermae Bath Spa under the stars.


How To Get To Bath, UK

Bath, England can be reached by train, bus or car. The closest airport is the Bristol Airport (BRS), but travelers can easily navigate their way to Bath via London, as well.

The Bath Spa Train Station and Bath Bus Station are located just a 5-minute walk from the historic center on the south side of the city.

Travelers arriving by car should be aware that parking in Bath is not always easy! There are pay-to-park parking lots around the city – and payments can generally be made via app or with cash (no change given).


Where To Stay in Bath, England

Visitors with more than 1 day in Bath will need to find a place to stay – and there are options for every budget.

During our visit, we were petsitting for our friends, so we stayed at their home in the Oldfield Neighborhood. However, for travelers visiting for just a few days, we think the best place to stay in Bath is in the city center, where you will be just steps from the city’s top attractions.


Bath Hotels

We are highlighting a few of the best hotels in Bath – from luxurious hotels to inexpensive hostels – for your stay.


The Gainsborough Bath Spa

Right in the heart of the city center, Gainsborough Bath Spa is a small, luxury hotel that gets rave reviews from fellow travelers. One of the best features of the 5-star hotel is that guests have complimentary access to the spa pool, which is filled with the city’s famous naturally heated waters. Check rates and availability!


The Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa

Located in the city’s most recognizable building, The Royal Crescent Hotel is one of the most unique places to stay in Bath, England. Rooms at the 5-star hotel are feature elegant 18th century décor – plus there is an on-site garden and spa. Check rates for your stay!


The Z Hotel Bath

Offering a great value for money in the Bath city center, The Z Hotel is a great option for budget conscious travelers. What travelers most love about the hotel is the prime location, clean rooms and welcoming staff. Check availability!


Bath Backpackers

Ideally located in the historic center, Bath Backpackers offers guests affordable beds in dorm rooms. The Bath hostel also features a shared kitchen, common room and helpful staff. Reserve a bunk!


What To Pack for a Trip to Bath, UK

Our final tips for your trip to Bath, England are about what to pack in your suitcase. You can find more of our advice on our Packing Tips blog page – and if you need a Packing Checklist, get yours FREE here!


Good Walking Shoes

The best Bath visitor attractions can be reached on foot…but you need a good pair of shoes. The best travel shoes are lightweight, versatile and – most importantly – comfortable. I wear my favorite sneakers for city sightseeing and Kris wears his trail shoes.


Proper Travel Camera

The best attractions in Bath are absolutely beautiful, so we recommend upgrading to a real camera to capture the true beauty of the city. We use a DSLR Canon Rebel with an 18-135mm lens. It takes quality photos and is easy to use – plus it comes at an affordable price, making it one of the best cameras for budget travelers.


Weather Gear

Many of the must visit places in Bath, UK are outside…which means you need to pack clothes that are suitable to the weather. When traveling, we think it is best to pack clothing that can be layered, so that you add or remove layers throughout your day of sightseeing.

It’s also a good idea to always carry an umbrella or bring along a lightweight raincoat when traveling in England.


Day Bag

It’s a good idea to pack a day bag that you can carry with you when exploring Bath, UK. You want something that has zippered pockets and is big enough to carry all of your items – like your phone, camera, keys, wallet and umbrella.

We used small backpacks for our trip to Bath, but we share more tips in our Best Day Bags for Travel article.


UK Travel Insurance

If you haven’t already purchased travel insurance, consider traveling protected with a trusted insurance provider.


Travel Planner and Organizer

As you begin to plan all of your fun activities to do in Bath, England, make sure you stay organized with your Travel Planner. Keep it – and your other important travel documents – safe in a document organizer.


We Want To Know: What would you add to our list of Bath Things To Do? Do you know of any secret things to do in Bath, England that we could add to our list? Tell us in the comments!  


Start planning your trip to the UK! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


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