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The 10 Best Scenic Lisbon Viewpoints

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The city of Lisbon, Portugal is stunningly beautiful…and incredibly hilly. Nicknamed the City of Seven Hills (because there are, in fact, seven distinct hills in the city center), walking around Lisbon can be a bit of a workout. The reward, however – besides burning up all the calories from wine and custard tarts – are the numerous scenic Lisbon viewpoints. The hidden Lisbon terraces offer dazzling panoramic views of the bright and colorful city. While exploring the picturesque Lisbon streets, we discovered 10 scenic viewpoints in Lisbon that we think are the absolute best in the city!


Miradouros de Lisboa

Miradouros Lisboa – or, Lisbon lookout points – can be found all over the city. The Miradouros often have shaded benches, are sometimes accompanied by a small café, and are frequented by both tourists and locals. The small terraces offer the best views in Lisbon – and seeking out at least one is a must-do for anyone visiting the city. 

The miradouros aren’t the only Lisbon viewpoints in the city; rooftops offer panoramic views of Lisbon, too! There are a few Lisbon monuments and churches that allow visitors to take a lift or climb to the rooftop for views – and we highly recommend taking the opportunity to see the city from the different vantage points. Our list of the best 10 scenic Lisbon viewpoints includes both Miradouro Lisbon Terraces (that are free) and Lookout Lisbon Viewing Platforms (that charge a small fee.)

Arco da Rua Augusta, Praca do Comercio, Lisbon Portugal.


10 Scenic Lisbon Viewpoints

In our outline, the miradouros are listed first (#1-7), then the monument platform lookout points (#8-10). We think these viewpoints are the most beautiful places in Lisbon (and the best photo spots in Lisbon, too!). To help you find your way, we have included all of the locations on a Lisbon Viewpoints map (See Lisbon map below!).


#1 Miradouro Graca Lisboa

The Graca Lookout (called Miradouro da Graca and Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andersen) is one of the most popular places for Lisbon panoramic views. The easy-to-find location is near St. George Castle Lisbon (Castelo de Sao Jorge) – and the miradouro provides one of the best views of the famous landmark castle. The terrace ranks as one of our favorite miradouros for wide city views and watching the sunset in Lisbon. Top Tip: Before leaving the viewpoint, take a look inside the Graca Church; it’s one of the Must-See Churches in Lisbon

Amazing colors from Miradouro Graca, Lisbon Portugal.


#2 Miradouro das Portas do Sol

Portas do Sol is a heavily visited tourist spot – as evidenced by the number of street vendors and musicians that frequent the spot.  It’s for good reason: the Lisbon viewpoint offers spectacular vistas over the Alfama neighbhorhood. The scenic view encompasses two Lisbon landmarks: Sao Vicente de Fora and the National Pantheon.

There is a second terrace, Miradouro de Santa Luzia, next to Portas do Sol. There is a small cafe and the narrow platform is almost always crowded. Top Tip: A statue of St. Vincent – one of many Lisbon monuments to saints found in the city – stands next to the small café above Portas do Sol. Across the street are convenient stops for Lisbon Tram 28 and Tram 12.

Colorful Alfama from Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte, Lisbon Portugal


#3 Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte

Supposedly more secret than the two previous lookout points, we found more tourists than locals at Miradouro Senhora do Monte (or Our Lady of the Hill). Further north than Miradouro de Graca, but with a more elevated vantage point, it’s one of the most stunning Lisbon viewpoints. Top Tip: We suggest packing a small picnic lunch or a bring-your-own adult beverage to enjoy along with the Lisbon scenery. 

City views from Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte, Lisbon Portugal

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#4 Miradouro do Monte Agudo

It’s definitely a hike to get to this Lisbon miradouro, but is worth the effort! Popular with local dog owners (and few tourists), the views from Miradouro Monte Agudo are oriented to the south. The Lisbon panorama perspective includes a clear view of two famous landmarks in Lisbon: Cristo Rei Statue and 25 de Abril Bridge. Top Tip: An easier way to get around Lisbon, City of Seven Hills, is by using public transportation! We include tips on Getting Around Lisbon at the end of the post. 

Super view from Miradouro do Monte Agudo, Lisbon Portugal.


#5 Miradouro de Santa Estevao

Perhaps not one of the best of Lisbon lookout points, Miradouro de Santa Estevao is still one of our favorites. There is no cafe at the viewpoint – or even any benches – but the terrace is Alfama miradouro is a quiet and serene spot in the busy city. Top Tip: After spending a couple of hours winding through the dense and narrow streets of Alfama, go to Santa Estevao Miradouro to catch your breath – and a view.

Alfama rooftops from Miradouro de Santa Estevao, Lisbon Portugal.


#6 Miradouro de San Pedro de Alcantara

Miradouro de san Pedro de Alcantara might reign as one of the better skyline viewpoints of the Lisbon Old Town. A two-level park, the miradouro in Bairro Alto provides views to the east over the city with Alfama and the castle in perfect sight. Top Tip: The soft light of the setting sun gives the entire city a warm glow, possibly making the Bairro Alto Miradouro the best sunset view in Lisbon.

Lovely park and view from Miradouro de San Pedro de Alcantara, Lisbon Portugal.


#7 Miradouro do Parque Eduardo VII

The Eduardo VII Park – one of the best parks in Lisbon – extends 62 acres from the north end of Avenida da Liberdade and gradually inclining to one of the stunning Lisbon lookout points. At the top of the Lisbon city park, an enormous flag billows in the breeze above a picturesque fountain. The views south over the green lawn and perfectly manicured hedges down the river is quite a sight. Top Tip: Cross the street to the Amalia Rodrigues Park for even better views.

Wonderful views from Miradouro do Parque Eduardo VII, Lisbon Portugal


#8 Arco da Rua Augusta

Arco da Rua Augusta is the towering arch on the north side of Praco do Comercio. The famous arch leads into the Baixa district via the pedestrian-only Rua Augusta. There is a lift to the top of the grand arch where guests have 360 degree views of Lisbon. Top Tip: The lift up only costs €3 and tickets are purchased in a small shop north of the arch on the east side of Rua Augusta – and it’s free with the Lisbon Sightseeing Card!

Sunset view from Arco da Rua Augusta, Lisbon Portugal.


#9 Cristo Rei

On the south bank of the Tagus River, the Christ Statue Lisbon (Cristo Rei), stands on a hill looking across the river to the city – and provides a stellar panorama of Lisbon and the 25 de Abril Bridge. The views from the surrounding park are phenomenal (and free), but a lift for €6 takes visitors to the top of the 269-foot-tall viewing platform. Top Tip: To get to Cristo Rei, visitors can take a ferry ride across the river to Cacilhas. Read our detailed post on Visiting Cristo Rei.

View of 25th April Bridge from Cristo Rei Viewpoint, Lisbon Portugal


#10 National Pantheon

Also called the Church of Santa Engracia, the dome of the National Panthoen building that took 284 years to build is visible from many points in Lisbon. Inside, exquisitely patterned marble and memorials to Portugal’s most revered historical figures are worth looking at, but a climb up the stairs to the rooftop provides one of the outstanding viewpoints of Lisbon and the river. Top Tip: Entry costs €4 – and it’s free with the Lisbon Sightseeing Card!

Dizzy views from on top of the National Pantheon Viewpoint, Lisbon Portugal.


More Viewpoints in Lisbon

Looking for more panoramic city views? Check out these popular viewpoints!

Miradouro de Santa Catarina Lisboa

The Miradouro Santa Catarina Lisbon – sometimes referred to the Miradouro do Adamastor for the statue of Adamastor that stands on the Lisbon lookout – is known for it’s sweeping and close views of the Tagus River, Cristo Rei and April 25th Bridge!

UPDATE: On a return trip to the city, we visited Miradouro Adamastor Lisboa…only to find it completely fenced off for renovation. Hopefully, the work will be finished by summer, because it is definitely one of the best Lisboa miradouros! 

Santa Justa Lift

The Lisbon Santa Justa Lift takes passengers from the lower streets of Baixa up to Carmo Square in the Bairro Alto district – no climbing required! It was built in 1902, but today, it is somewhat of a tourist attraction and although we heard the views are fantastic, we skipped it. Tickets are required; find the current Santa Justa lift price and other info on the official Carris website

Pilar 7 Lisbon Bridge Experience

A new attraction in one of the lesser-visited Lisbon neighborhoods, Alcantara, the Pilar 7 Bridge Experience offers one of the best views in Portugal. Visitors ascend to the top of a pylon on the Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge that features viewpoints from a glass enclosure. Tickets required

Amoreiras 360 Panoramic View

Just north of the Lisbon city centre is one of the highest viewpoints in the city: the Amoreiras Towers. The viewing platform sits 174 meters above sea level and offers 360 degree views of the city. Find out more!


Map of Lisbon Viewpoints

Use this link to Google Maps for the online version of our Lisbon Viewpoints Map.



Our top tips for your trip to Lisbon

Looking for more things to do in Lisbon? Check out our list of 10 Free Things To Do in Lisbon, which includes shopping at the sprawling outdoor Flea Market Lisbon, visiting historic Lisbon churches and other Lisbon landmarks. 

10 Free Things To Do in Lisbon, Portugal by JetSettingFools.com

10 Free Things To Do in Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon Sightseeing Tips

If you plan on visiting museums and sites – and traveling via public transportation – the Lisboa Card can provide significant savings. With the Lisboa Card, all public transportation (including the Santa Justa Lift), is free as are many museums, and top Lisbon sights – like the included Pilar 7 Bridge Experience. Other sights, like St. George Castle Lisbon (Castelo de Sao Jorge), can be visited with a reduced admission fee

Getting Around Lisbon

Although the public transportation options in Lisbon are ample, it can be confusing for anyone who isn’t used to using public transport. Find information about riding the trams (including the famous Tram 28 Lisbon) here and click here a Lisbon Metro map.

Easier to figure out than public transport is the Lisbon Hop-On Hop-Off Bus that makes stops in Lisbon areas near all the popular tourist spots. 

Lisbon Day Trips

In addition to sightseeing in Lisbon, the most popular Lisbon day trip (besides a jaunt to Belem and Cristo Rei, as mentioned above) is a combo excursion to the UNESCO heritage town of Sintra and coastal Cascais. Although this journey can be completed on your own, an organized small-group tour from Lisbon to Sintra and Cascais can cost as little as $50 (and you are almost guaranteed not to get locked in a train station, like we did!)

3 Days in Lisbon, Portugal A Detailed Lisbon Itinerary by JetSettingFools.com

3 Days in Lisbon, Portugal: A Detailed Lisbon Itinerary


Where To Stay in Lisbon

During our trips to Lisbon, we have stayed in Airbnb apartments in Alfama (the east side of the city) and Lapa (the west side of the city) – and we have also stayed in the posh Altis Hotel and Spa in Belem. 

Not already a member of Airbnb? Use this link to create an account and save money on your first stay!)

We usually prefer apartments – for the extra space and kitchen – but loved our stay at Altis! However, Altis is located in Belem, which is a bit far from Lisbon attractions. Travelers who would rather stay in the city center have many options for Lisbon hotels. Check out these top-rated hotels (based on guest reviews!) for your upcoming trip: TURIM Marques HotelMy Story Hotel RossioPortugal Boutique HotelOn a budget? Check out these popular Lisbon HostelsHostel 15The Dorm, or New Lisbon Concept Hostel.

If you are looking for a Lisbon Hotel or Hostel, start your search onBooking.com – like we do! 


Getting To Lisbon

Lisbon can be reached by plane, train, bus or car.  The Lisbon Portela Airport is the international airport.  We took a cab to get from the Lisbon Airport to the city centre (but feel we paid a bit too much for the ride, so you may want to consider booking airport transfers in advance).

Our preferred method of getting anywhere is by flying (we are JetSetting Fools, after all!).  When we need to purchase plane tickets, we start our search for the best deals on airline tickets on Skyscanner.

If arriving/departing Lisbon by train or bus, there are several stations in the city. When booking travel by train or bus, pay close attention to the station of arrival/depature. 


Before You Go

  • Wondering what to eat in Lisbon? Get the ultimate Lisbon food guide, Lisbon in 100 Bites
  • Lisbon is a walkable city…but only if you have the right shoes! Don’t forget to pack a pair of lightweight and comfortable walking shoes for your trip. I (Sarah) have traveled with these shoes by Columbia and Skechers. Kris prefers wearing these shoes by Merrell.
  • We’re certain you’ll be snapping tons of photos during your trip. Rather than relying on your mobile phone to capture the sights, upgrade to an actual camera for higher quality photos. We travel with a Canon Rebel (which takes amazing photos, but can be a bit clunky) and a Canon PowerShot ELPH (which takes beautiful pictures, is slim and lightweight – and the new models are wifi enabled so you can share your trip pics to social media in real time!).
  • It’s easy to get turned around in any foreign city…and especially Lisbon! Make sure to have a good city map and/or guidebook before arriving.
  • We think travel insurance is essential! If you haven’t already obtained travel insurance for your trip, travel protected with World Nomads.

Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for our complete packing list and other travel resources!


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10 Scenic Lisbon Viewpoints

The 10 Best Lisbon Viewpoints by JetSettingFools.com 10 Incredible Lisbon Viewpoints by JetSettingFools.com
10 Amazing Viewpoints in Lisbon, Portugal by JetSettingFools.com 10 Best Scenic Viewpoints Lisbon by JetSettingFools.com 10 Scenic Viewpoints Lisbon Portugal by JetSettingFools.com The 10 Best Viewpoints Lisbon Portugal by JetSettingFools.com Top 10 Scenic Viewpoints in Lisbon, Portugal by JetSettingFools.com Top 10 Viewpoints in Lisbon Portugal by JetSettingFools.com
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