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17 Incredible Day Trips From Split, Croatia

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Day trips from Split are often the most memorable part of a Croatia trip. Split is centrally located on the Dalmatian Coast – making it an ideal base and jumping off point for sea and land adventures.

From the historic Split Old Town, visitors can easily explore the Adriatic coastline, waterfalls, mountains and Croatian Islands. We have stayed in Split on numerous occasions – and can never resist the temptation to discover more of the region. In fact, some of the Best Croatia Destinations can be reached on Split day trips. 


Split Day Trips: DIY or Organized Tour?

As independent travelers, we often like to plan our own day trips rather than joining a tour. Most of the Split excursions listed below can be done DIY-style using public transportation (we provide links to bus and ferry websites at the end of the post) or a car rental.

That said, coordinating bus or ferry schedules can sometimes cut into precious vacation time and driving a car in a foreign country can induce unwanted stress.

Often times, organized tours are the best option. Not only do tours alleviate the hassle of planning the Split day trip specifics, but they also are fantastic for meeting fellow travelers. Furthermore, a local guide not only coordinates the day, but they are also an excellent source of information regarding local customs, Croatian history and insider tips.


DIY and Guided Excursions in Split

For each of our recommended day trips from Split, Croatia, we indicate how travelers can plan the trip on their own. We also provide a link to a highly rated tour where visitors can read fellow travelers’ reviews and book the Split tour online.

Want local advice and insight? We recommend going with Adiona Travel tourist agency – where they give honest recommendations and superb customer service (seriously, it’s like spending the day with friends!). Read what other travelers have to say on TripAdvisor. If you do book with Adiona Travel, be sure to tell them JetSettingFools say hello!

Make sure you see the all the highlights of Split by using our guide to the Top 45 Things To Do in Split! 

Fun Things To Do in Split Croatia by JetSettingFools.com


Planning Your Vacation to Croatia

Deciding which Split day trips to take is just one facet of planning your vacation. We detail top tips and must-have advice in our Guide to Planning a Croatia Vacation!

Furthermore, when planning a big Trip to Europe, you need to stay organized. Use our Travel Planner – which includes more than 20 organizing printables – for your preparation. 

Travel Planner Printables by JetSettingFools.com


Best Day Trips from Split, Croatia

Our list of day trips includes Split tours on land and boat trips from Split; there is a mix of both full and half day tours from Split. We include a link to our map of Split day trip destinations at the end of the article.

In this post, we highlight the absolute best day trips from Split, Croatia. Get ready to start planning what to see on Split day trips!

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#1 Split to Hvar Town

Spanjola Fortress viewpoint in Hvar, Croatai

Hvar Town is a top destination in the Dalmatian Islands. Located on Hvar Island, Hvar Town is well-connected to Split – as it is just a quick boat ride away.

There are both scheduled catamarans and Split boat tours to Hvar. On a Split to Hvar day trip, travelers can explore the cobblestone lanes of the ancient town, hike to fortresses for amazing views, walk to secluded Hvar beaches and cool off with cocktails at one of the iconic bars.

Read more tips on Things To Do in Hvar Town!

Things to do in Hvar on Hvar Island, Croatia by JetSettingFools.com


DIY Split to Hvar

Majerovice Beach on Hvar Island, Croatia

Planning a self-guided day trip to Hvar Town from Split is fairly straight forward.

Two ferry companies – Jadrolinija and Krilo – transport passengers between Split and Hvar Town at reasonable prices. The catamarans depart from the Split Port – and dock right in the heart of Hvar Town. There are numerous daily departures that make it easy to plan a full day trip to Hvar from Split.


Organized Hvar Town Day Tours from Split

Teal water of the Adriatic Sea at Pokonji Dol Beach in Hvar, Croatia

While it is simple enough to get from Split to Hvar using the scheduled fast ferries, an organized day trip from Split to Hvar on a full day catamaran cruise can be a much more fun day at sea. 

Join a full-day Hvar from Split catamaran cruise, where guests will get a guided tour of the top Hvar attractions and free time to explore on their own. Back onboard, you sail to the Pakleni Islands and navigate into deep coves where you can swim in the cool and ridiculously clear Adriatic Sea.

Additionally, on organized day trips from Split to Hvar, snacks and free flowing drinks (including beer) are available on the Split catamaran tour throughout the day. Read Reviews!


#2 Split to Krka National Park (Krka Waterfalls Tour)

At the base of Skradinski buk in Kraka National Park

The Krka waterfalls tour is one of the most popular excursions from Split. One of 8 national parks in Croatia, Krka NP features a series of tumbling waterfalls and a handful of historic sights.

The highlight of a Split to Krka National Park Tour is seeing the falls from the looping trail that crawls up the side of the waterfall to the top. The natural beauty is simply stunning. 

Note: At one time, swimming at the base of Skradinski buk – the largest waterfall at Krka – was allowed and a top park attraction. However, swimming at Skradinski buk in Krka NP is no longer permitted (even if some tours say that it’s included or photos show people swimming).

Pro Tip: A Krka day trip from Split is the most popular option, but the waterfalls are also accessible on a day trip from Zadar or Sibenik.

Read about our Day Trip to Krka Waterfalls, which includes a detailed description of what to expect at the park. 

How To Plan a Day Trip to Krka National Park Waterfalls, Croatia


DIY Krka Waterfalls from Split 

Rainbow over Krka National Park

As the Krka Waterfalls are one of the top places to visit from Split, there is direct public transportation for visitors who want to make the trip on their own. 

The convenient Split to Krka bus (search for destination Skradin) transports visitors from Split to Krka. That said, budget tours (like this one) provide transportation only (but with a more comfortable ride than a bus) and cost just a few dollars more than the public bus from Split to Krka National Park.

With a little finesse and a good bus schedule, DIY day trippers to Krka Waterfalls could add an additional stop to their trip plan in Sibenik. The Dalmatian coastal town is home to a famous cathedral, several forts and a pleasant waterfront promenade.


Organized Krka Tour from Split

Wooden path over water at Krka National Park

There are several options for a Krka waterfalls tour from Split. Not all tours include the same things, so it is important to read the details before booking anything.

In fact, some tours from Split to Krka National Park don’t include tickets…while other trips include an additional stop in nearby Sibenik. Be sure to understand what is included – tickets, guided tour, free time, food, beverage, secondary stops, etc. – before booking your Krka National Park day trip from Split.


Krka One-Day Trip from Split Tour Options

Wooden paths over waterfalls at Krka National Park

A popular day trip to Krka from Split includes a stop at the seaside town of Sibenik and a cheese and wine tasting in Skradin. However, this tour does not include the park entrance fee (so you will need to factor the price into the overall day trip cost). Read the reviews.

An all-inclusive tour – and one of the absolute best Croatia day trips from Split – is a full day adventure to Krka. The small group tour starts with a stop at Krka (admission included) then continues to a small village for local rakija tasting and homemade traditional lunch. Next, guests travel to a secret viewpoint – and then on to Sibenik for free time and exploration before heading back to Split. Book it here!

Read more about Things To Do in Sibenik and Skradin, Croatia before your trip!


#3 Split to Plitvice Lakes National Park

Looking down at Plitvice Lakes boardwalk in Croatia

Plitvice Lakes is the most popular of all Croatia day trips! Plitvice NP is a natural water wonderland. The park is nestled into a deep canyon and is comprised of 16 lakes that are interconnected by a series of tumbling waterfalls.

Wooden boardwalks route visitors through the park just above the water, allowing for a unique vantage point of the falls. The sight is simply breathtaking.

The Plitvice waterfalls near Split, Croatia are still about 3 hours away by car or 4+ hours by bus. A Plitvice tour from Split is a full day adventure, which includes more time in transit than in the park…but it can be done.

Visitors should be aware that Plitvice Lakes NP requires quite a bit of trekking – so walking shoes are essential. Furthermore, as the most popular day trip in Croatia (visitors also make the journey from Zagreb and Zadar), the park gets incredibly congested during peak hours.

Top Tip: Since 2019, Plitvice NP has limited the number of visitors into the park. Plitvice Lakes tickets (and tours) must be purchased (or booked) at least 1 day in advance. Tickets are date and time sensitive. Tickets can also be purchased at the gates, but only if there is surplus availability.

Read the details of our Plitvice Winter Visit and what it’s like to see Plitvice Lakes in the Autumn.

Visit Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia in Autumn a Photo Essay JetSettingFools.com


DIY Split to Plitvice Lakes Tour

Waterfalls gush into teal pool, Lower Lakes, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

The new ticketing procedures have made it a little more difficult for visitors using public transportation to plan their own day trip to Plitvice Lakes from Split. However, it is still possible.

Guests planning their own Split to Plitvice Lakes National Park trip will need to buy their tickets at least 1 day prior…and we also recommend purchasing advance bus tickets.

We advise being on the first morning bus from Split to Plitvice National Park, which will arrive around mid-day. Spend a few hours at the park and return on the mid-afternoon bus back to Split. Note: Check the schedules at the Split Bus Station as they vary by day and season.


2-Day Trip to Plitvice Lakes from Split

Tumbling waterfall next to wood steps at Plitvice Lakes NP in Croatia

Alternatively, rather than trying to squeeze the visit into a Plitvice day trip from Split, visitors can plan to spend one night in (or near) the park. There are hotels at the park and many guesthouses just a short walk from the park entrances. There are 2 main Plitvice NP entrances, so be sure to check which one your accommodation is closest to.

If planning to spend a night, we would recommend arriving in the evening and then taking a full day at Plitvice the following day before returning to Split.

Another great way to visit Plitvice is while traveling between two destinations – like Split and Zagreb. Plan for an arrival at the park in the late afternoon, spend the night and be at the park first thing in the morning. After your visit, hop on a bus and continue your journey to your next destination.

Note: Companies offer transport from Zagreb to Split with a stop in Plitvice, too! Find out more!


Organized Plitvice Lakes Tour from Split

Veliki Slap waterfall at Plitvice Lakes NP in Croatia

Booking a day trip from Split to Plitvice Lakes is probably a better option for travelers who want to maximize their time at the park without an overnight stay.

Organized tours from Split to Plitvice Lakes still involve a lot of time in transit (3 hours each direction) and only a few hours at the park, but – for many – it’s the highlight of their Croatia trip! Read the reviews of this Split day trip to Plitvice.


#4 Blue Cave Tour From Split

Neon blue water in Blue Cave in Croatia

Another Croatia natural wonder, the Blue Cave on Bisevo Island is one of the must see day trips from Split!

The cave, which is located in the Vis Archipelago, is naturally illuminated by sunlight hitting the sea floor and reflecting into the dark cave. The small opening to the cave is accessed via small boats – and each boat only gets about 5 minutes inside the cave.

Because of the limited time inside the cave and the long trip from Split, most Blue Cave Split tours include multiple stops at other nearby attractions.

We visited the Blue Cave as part of our week-long Croatia Island Hopping Cruise with Sail Croatia.

Croatia Island Hopping: Our 1-Week Sail Croatia Adriatic Sea Cruise by JetSettingFools.com


DIY Blue Cave Croatia Tour from Split

Local Ferry to Bisevo Island, Vis, Croatia

While it is theoretically possible to partially plan your own Split day trip to the Blue Cave, it most likely isn’t worth the effort needed to pull it off.

First, visitors would need to take the ferry from Split to Vis Town, travel across the island to Komiza (by bus, taxi or rented scooter or car), then join a Blue Cave Tour from Komiza. Travelers will be tasked with getting back to Vis Town before the last ferry of the day departs back to Split.

In our opinion, there are simply too many variables and not enough time to plan a DIY day trip from Split. However, we do detail a day trip to Vis Island – not including the Blue Cave – later in the article.


Organized Blue Cave 5 Island Tour Split

Almissa at Blue Cave, Croatia

There are several Blue Cave tours – so we are highlighting the two most popular.

The most popular Blue Cave Split Tour is the amazing Five Island Tour Split. The island hopping day trip from Split departs in the morning. The tour visits the Blue Cave on Bisevo Island, Komiza and Stiniva Cove on Vis Island, the Green Cave on Ravnik Island, the Blue Lagoon on Budikovac Island and, finally, Hvar Town on Hvar Island. Get all the details of this Split, Croatia islands tour!  

Travelers who want to fit as much sightseeing into one day can opt for the Six Island Tour in Split. Check out the details and reviews of the 6 Island Tour Split.


#5 Split to Mostar Day Trip

The famous Stari Most Old Bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The historic town of Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina has an absolutely fascinating history – as both a melting pot and a divided city. The Ottoman-built Old Town is steeped in tradition and the many mosque minarets create the skyline.

Just outside of Mostar is Medjugorje – the site of one of the most well-known Catholic pilgrimages. Throughout the region, nature flourishes and food in incredible and affordable.

The distance between the two cities – Split and Mostar – is about 95 miles, which takes about 2.5 hours by car and almost 4 hours by public bus.

However, what complicates a Split to Mostar Day Trip is the border crossing; sometimes it is fast…sometimes it is painfully slow. How long it takes to cross the border will impact a Split to Bosnia day trip.

Read our tips of Things To Do in Mostar to make the most of your trip to Bosnia from Split!

The Best Things To Do in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina by JetSettingFools.com


DIY Day trips from Split to Bosnia

Old Bridge and Neretva River from Koski Mehmet-Pasha Mosque in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

If attempting to do a DIY Split to Bosnia day trip, we recommend renting a car. While it is possible to travel between Split and Mostar via public bus, the schedule isn’t really ideal for a day trip.

Furthermore, without a car, visitors will be limited to seeing the sights of Mostar – and won’t be able to venture to nearby attractions like the Blagaj Tekija Dervish Monastery, Medjugorje or Kravica Waterfalls.


Organized Split to Bosnia Day Trip

Blagaj Tekija Dervish Monastery near Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

To enjoy a full day in Mostar – without the worry of driving a car – we recommend joining a tour. Although the amount of time of the border crossing will still be out of the control of the tour operator, organized tours to Mostar are designed to feature the region’s highlights. Get the details about this highly rated Split to Bosnia tour.

Top Tip: Also staying in Dubrovnik? Going to Mostar is one of the popular day trips from Dubrovnik – the distance between the two cities is slightly shorter than between Mostar and Split. Read the reviews for this popular Dubrovnik to Mostar Day Trip.


#6 Split to Brac Day Trip

Looking down at Zlatni Rat Beach from Vidova Gora, Bol, Brac, Croatia

Brac Island day trips from Split are a fantastic island escape. Brac features quaint towns, pleasant beaches and the tallest mountain on the Dalmatian Islands.

The most famous destination on the island of Brac is the town of Bol…and, more specifically, the iconic Bol beach: Zlatni Rat. Also called the Golden Horn Beach, the spit of pebbly beach changes shape with the currents and is surrounded by stunning blue water.

Rising above Zlatni Rat Beach is Vidova Gora and adventurous visitors can hike to the top for stellar mountain views.

Two other towns visitors can see on a day trip to Brac are Supetar and Milna. Both have just a handful of sights, but offer a glimpse of local Croatian island life.

Read the specifics of trekking to the top in our Hiking Vidova Gora post.

Hiking Vidova Gora on Brac, Croatia JetSettingFools.com


DIY Brac Day Trip from Split

Two boats near Zlatni Rat Beach in Bol, Brac, Croatia

During the summer, the Krilo catamaran has a route that allows passengers to plan their own day trip to Bol from Split. The times are ideal for a full day trip to Zlatni Rat from Split – but there is only one boat per day, so buy your round trip tickets in advance. 

Year-round, Jadrolinija car ferries run between Split and Brac Island and dock at the town of Supetar. Visitors who take the ferry to Supetar from Split can then hop on a local bus to Bol or hire a friendly and knowledgeable local driver.

Of course, visitors with their own car can take it on the ferry (for an extra charge) and freely discover more of Brac Island.


Organized Day Trip from Split to Brac 

Green channel marker in Bol, Brac, CroatiaHop aboard a Split boat excursion to discover the island of Brac. On a Split to Bol Day Trip by boat, visitors sail directly to Zlatni Rat where they can swim at the world-famous Croatian beach.

The tour also includes two stops on Hvar Island – both Hvar Town and the Pakleni Islands – before stopping at Solta Island  on the return to Split. Get the details of the boat trip!


#7 Split Day Trip to Trogir

View of Old Town, Trogir, Croatia

Just 15 miles west of Split is the town of Trogir, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The historic town blankets a small island that is just a stone’s throw from the mainland and accessible via a short bridge. The circumference of the island can be walked in about 30 minutes, but most visitors opt to wander the narrow cobblestone alleyways.

The 13th century Cathedral of St. Lawrence sits on the main square (the bell tower took more than 200 years to complete). The southwestern sea-facing side of Trogir is marked by the stoic Kamerlengo Fortress, which can be visited for a small fee.

The Trogir Harbor is full of boats and the waterfront walkway is lined with cafes, making for a relaxing setting to enjoy a beverage or a meal.


DIY Trogir day Trip from Split

View of the Trogir Tower, Croatia

Split, Croatia day trips to Trogir are one of the easiest day trips to plan on your own. Although technically an island, Trogir is best reached by bus.

The bus station sits just steps from the bridge that connects Trogir to the mainland. There are numerous Bus #37 Split to Trogir departures every day and a round-trip ticket only costs about 5 Euro when purchased at the station or kiosk (not directly from the driver).


DIY Boat Trip from Split to Trogir

Boat on the Waterfront, Trogir, Croatia

Trogir is one of the places near Split, Croatia that can be reached by bus or boat. 

The Bura Line Ferry transports passengers between Split and Trogir (with a stop in Slatine) during the summer season. The Split to Trogir ferry is a great way to get out on the water and view the area from the sea!


Organized Trogir from Split, Croatia Excursions

Old Lanes of Trogir, Croatia

Visitors interested in guided Trogir day trips can join a combo Split and Trogir Tour. The half day trip includes top Split attractions and a quick day trip to Trogir from Split. This tour is a great option for cruise ship passengers. Find out more!


#8 Split to Vis Day Trip

View of Komiza Town on Vis Island, Croatia

Long used as a military base, Vis Island has only recently welcomed tourists. It is the furthest inhabited island from the Croatia mainland and receives relatively fewer travelers than other Dalmatian Islands.

Vis has two main towns – Vis Town and Komiza – and an ancient history and stunning natural beauty. Besides visiting the towns, there are numerous things to explore on Vis – from deep coves to military caves.

Many visitors go to Vis Island as part of the Blue Cave Tour. However, there are many reasons to spend an entire day on Vis (or longer!).

Use our Vis Island Guide for all of our tips on Things To Do in Vis.

Vis Island Croatia Ferry Things To Do Day Trip Tips by JetSettingFools.com


DIY Day Trip to Vis from Split

Amazing view of Komiza Town, Vis Island, Croatia

Visitors who want to plan their own Vis day trip from Split can do so using the Jadrolinija car ferry service. Your time will be limited and without a car you will most likely only be able to visit Vis Town, not Komiza or other Vis Island destinations.


Organized Day Trip from Split to Vis

How to Spend a Day Boating around Vis Island, Croatia

The most popular organized trips from Split to Vis are full-day, multi-island adventures that include the Blue Cave. The most popular options are the 5 Island Tour (reviews) or 6 Island Tour (reviews).


#9 Visit Omis, Croatia on a Split Day Trip

Stunning coastal views from the fortress, Omis, Croatia

For adventurous travelers, Omis is one of the best day trips from Split. Located just 15 miles southeast of Split, Omis sits at the base of the Dinara Mountains where the Cetina River flows into the Adriatic Sea.

Top adrenaline activities in Omis are ziplining, rock climbing and river rafting. Hiking is also a popular activity in Omis – and one of our favorite Omis hikes leads to the hill-topping Starigrad Fortress.

Looking for something a little more laid back? No worries. The compact and quaint Omis Old Town features narrow curving lanes, eight historic churches and nearby is a long stretch of sandy beach.

Read everything you need to know about the Best Things To Do in Omis.

Omis, Croatia Things To Do by JetSettingFools.com


DIY Split Day Tour to Omis

Church in the Old Town of Omis, Croatia

Omis is one of the top places to visit near Split on a DIY trip because it’s incredibly easy to get to.

The #60 Split-Omis bus runs every half hour between 7:30 and midnight. Note: The bus to Omis from Split does not depart from the main bus station – it departs from the Bus Terminal Sukoisan (Map). However, visitors staying in the Split Old Town can board the #60 Bus just outside the Split Green Market (Pazar Stop).


Organized Split to Omis Tour

Sailboats in the marina, Omis, Croatia

Organized tours from Split to Omis are adventure-based tours.

One of the most popular tours is the Cetina River Rafting tour. Read the reviews! 

The Zipline Experience, which consists of a route of 8 ziplines along – and across – the river valley, also gets rave reviews. Our friends who took the zipline tour said it was outstanding! Find out more!

Canyoning is another one of the thrill-seeking day trips in Croatia – and Omis is the best place to do it. Get the details here!


#10 Klis Fortress, Game of Thrones Tour and Solin Roman Ruins

Visiting Solin, Croatia Roman Ruins

Calling all Game of Thrones fans! Many of the scenes in the popular HBO show were filmed in Split, Croatia. The two most recognizable film locations are the Klis Fortress and Diocletian’s Palace, which are featured in Season 4 as the city of Meereen.


Klis Fortress

View of Klis Fortress, Croatia

Split tourists who are not fans of the show can still enjoy Klis Fortress! The medieval fortress overlooks the city of Split and sits between Kozjak and Mosor Mountains.

Not only is the historically preserved fortress an interesting place to visit, but the views over the city and on to the sea are phenomenal. There is an entrance fee (around 10 Euro) to enter Klis Castle.


Visit Solin, Croatia

Looking down into the Roman Amphitheater, Solin Croatia

Between the City of Split and Klis Fortress is the town of Solin. The birthplace of Emperor Diocletian and the Ancient Roman Capital of Dalmatia, Solin (or Salona, as it was called then) is one of the best places to visit near Split, Croatia to see Roman Ruins. 

A sprawling archaeological park – which pre-dates Dicoletian’s Palace – features the remains of an amphitheater, Roman baths, religious structures and sarcophagi. 


DIY Klis Fortress Visit – Plus Solin

The best way to get to Klis is on Local Bus #22 that departs from the Croatian National Theater (HNK). Game of Thrones fans who want to find multiple film locations can search online for a self-guided tour.

Visitors who want to make a stop in Solin before going up to the fortress can take local Bus #1 from the HNK. After visiting Solin, pick up the #22 Bus from Solin to Klis Fortress. Check schedules and fares on the Promet website.


Split GOT Tour

Distant view of Klis Fortress in Split, Croatia

Game of Thrones fans who want the inside scoop on film locations should join a Split Game of Thrones Tour that visits Klis Fortress and Diocletian’s Palace. Read the rave reviews from this tour!


#11 Split to Sinj Day Trip

View of Sinj, Croatia from Old Town Hilltop

The lovely town of Sinj is rarely listed as one of the must-see day trips from Split – which makes it the perfect place to escape the tourist crowds. Sinj – which has an intriguing history – is located about 20 miles northeast of Split.

The town’s great protector is the Madonna of Sinj, who according to legend, scared off the Turks in 1715. In her honor, a competition among the knights was born: the famed Alka Tournament, an event which still takes place in Sinj each August. Visitors to Sinj can learn about the history of the contest in the modern Alka Museum of Sinj.

Other Sinj sights worth seeing are the miraculous Lady of Sinj Church (Crkva Cudotvorne Gospe Sinjske) and the Old Town Sinj Fortress (Tvrdava) at the top of the hill, which offers incredible views over the region. Visitors should stop for a coffee at one of the many cafes in the center of town or join the locals at Pinjur Restaurant – a favorite dining spot for the region’s grilled meat platters or a pizza.


DIY Split to Sinj Day Trip

Old Town hilltop in Sinj, Croatia

A day trip to Sinj from Split is as easy as hopping on a regional bus. The direct journey takes about 45 minutes; inquire about tickets and schedules at the main Split bus station.


Organized Day Trip to Sinj

Display at the Alka Museum in Sinj, Croatia

We are not aware of any group tours to Sinj. However, private tours from Split, Croatia to Sinj can be arranged with a tourist agency. Adiona Travel organized all of the details of our wonderful day trip to Sinj.


#12 Mosor Mountain Hiking Trip

View of city while hiking Mosor Mountain, Split, Croatia

The Dinaric Mountain Range that provides the stunning backdrop to Split stretches south to Omis. The highest peak in the range is Mosor, which stands at 1,339 meters. Mosor hiking trails lead up to mountain huts and absolutely amazing views.

The Mosor trails are fairly well marked, but can be a little confusing. When we went hiking, we didn’t have a destination in mind – we were mostly interested in viewpoints – so we just followed the red-and-white painted trail markers that led up the mountainside.

Many trekkers go as far as the Umberto Girometta Mountain House, but we recommend hiking further up behind the restaurant for outstanding vistas.


DIY Trekking Trip to Mosor Mountain

Hiking up Mosor Mountain near Split, Croatia

Hikers can get to Mosor Mountain using Bus #28 from the Split Sukoisan Bus Terminal. Tell the driver you want to depart at Gornje Sitno; the small village has a donkey trail that leads up to the Mosor trailhead.

Remember to bring plenty of water, snacks and wear proper shoes that withstand a rocky trail. It is not advised to hike alone.


Organized Mosor Hiking Tour

Hikers who want someone familiar with the landscape to lead the way can join a Split tour guide on a hike up Mosor Mountain. During the 3-hour hike, trekkers are treated to phenomenal views and local knowledge of the area. Find out more!


#13 Split to Stari Grad, Hvar Island

Boats in the harbor at Stari Grad Croatia

Hvar Island is one of the best islands to visit from Split – not only because of Hvar Town, but also for Stari Grad. Tucked into a deep bay on the north side of the island, Stari Grad is one of the oldest towns in Europe (and feels a world away from the party vibe in Hvar Town).

The UNESCO listed Stari Grad Plain – a 2,400-year-old agricultural plan – is a top attraction, but there are also secluded beaches, hills, caves and abandoned villages to explore.

Read our post Top Things To Do in Stari Grad, Hvar Island.

7 Things To Do in Stari Grad, Hvar Island, Croatia by JetSettingFools.com


DIY Stari Grad, Hvar Island Trips from Split

Stari Grad, Hvar Island, Croatia, Europe

A car ferry crosses from Split to Stari Grad at least three times daily year-round (more in the summer season). Check the Jadrolinjia schedule for your visit. The ferry port is actually 1.5 miles from Stari Grad, but is connected via a pleasant coastline path (a bus and taxis also meet the ferry for visitors who prefer not to walk).


Organized Stari Grad Tours

the colors of Stari Grad, Hvar, Croatia

We do not know of any organized tours to Stari Grad. However, arrangements can be made through travel agencies or inquiring at the Stari Grad Tourist Information office.

There are organized tours on Hvar Island that explore beyond Stari Grad – such as an Island Wine Tasting Tour (reviews), a Lavender Fields Tour (reviews) and a Hvar Island Hidden Gems Tour (reviews). Most tours depart from the Hvar Town Bus Station – but some tour operators offer optional pick up at the Stari Grad Port. 


#14 Day Trip to Korcula Island from Split

Korcula Town Gate on Korcula Island, Croatia

There are many islands to visit from Split…and Korcula is one of the best. Korcula Town is a historic walled city boasting a grand gated entrance, a medieval church and (claims to be) the birthplace of Marco Polo.

There are two other towns on Korcula worth visiting after arriving to Korcula Town: Vela Luka and Lumbarda. Vela Luka translates to Big Port – and has a handful of sights (including a prehistoric cave dwelling and decorative tile art) and a coastline filled with small coves for swimming. Lumbarda is a quaint village with pleasant beaches and locally produced wine, Grk. 


DIY Split to Korcula Day Trip

Cat on stone steps next to flower pot in Old Town Korcula, Croatia

It is possible to reach both Korcula Town and Vela Luka on ferries from Split – but only the Korcula Town timetable makes it possible to do a day trip.

To go to Korcula Town, day trippers need to use the Krilo Catamaran, which has a schedule that times out well to enjoy a full day in the historic location. Note: The Jadrolinija car ferry goes to Vela Luka from Split, but the timetable leaves no time for island exploration once there. 


Organized Korcula Day Trip

Old Town fortifications in Old Town on Korcula Island, Croatia

Most organized group tours to Korcula depart from Dubrovnik (like this popular one). However, it is possible to arrange a private tour to Korcula from Split with an agency.

Read our complete Guide To Korcula Island!

Things To Do in Korcula Island, Croatia by JetSettingFools.com


#15 Solta Day Trip (and the Blue Lagoon)

Of all the islands around Split, Solta is the closest. While many travelers overlook Solta in favor of Hvar, Korcula, Vis and Brac, the island is a great day trip destination. 

Day trips from Split to Solta are most popular by sea – with the ultimate destination being the famous nearby Blue Lagoon, but there are a few reasons to visit the towns on the island, too. Top attractions for visitors to Solta are the Dalmatian food, Croatian wine, biking trails and secluded bays.


DIY Day trip to Solta from Split

The Jadrolinija Ferry makes the trip from Split to the town of Rogac on Solta. To reach the top things to do in Solta, visitors will likely want a vehicle. 

That said, one of the top-rated activities is biking on a self-guided tour. Another fun way to explore and learn more about Solta is on a Bee and Honey Tour that departs from the ferry port in Rogac.


Organized Day Boat Trips from Split, Croatia to Solta

There are several companies that offer Split boat day trips to Solta Island and the Blue Lagoon. The most popular tour is the Three Island Tour, which visits Krknjasi Bay (a.k.a. the Blue Lagoon) on Drvenik Island, Maslinica Village on Solta Island and Duga Bay on Ciovo Island. Get the details!

Another option is to join a half-day all-inclusive boat tour from Split to two islands: Brac and Solta. The relaxing day trip allows time for swimming, sightseeing and taking in the beautiful scenery. Find out more!


#16 Split to Dubrovnik Tour

Sunrise over Banje Beach in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik – the Pearl of the Adriatic – is Croatia’s most famous destination. The iconic walled city is filled with historic sights, churches and palaces. Outside the walls, there are scenic Dubrovnik beaches and mountaintop viewpoints. The city of Dubrovnik is a must-see on every Croatia Itinerary.

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DIY Boat Trip from Split to Dubrovnik

Best View View of Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Krilo Ferry sails daily between Split and Dubrovnik in the high season – and allows just enough time for day trippers to get a peek at the top sights.

Time will definitely be limited, but visitors can head straight to the Old Town from the Dubrovnik Port via taxi or bus. Once at the Pile Gate, follow our Self-Guided Dubrovnik Walking Tour to the best Old Town sights.

Dubrovnik Walking Tour Self-Guided Dubrovnik, Croatia Sightseeing by JetSettingFools.com


Organized Split to Dubrovnik Day Tour

Dubrovnik Wall Views from on top, Croatia

Day tours from Split to Dubrovnik are a popular choice for visitors who want to see the city, but are based in Split.

Day trips from Split to Dubrovnik begin with a 3-hour journey, which may include a border crossing (so don’t forget your passport!). Once in Dubrovnik, guests are invited on a guided walking tour and then have a few hours of free time to explore on their own. Read the reviews!


#17 Split to Makarska Day Trip

View of Makarska from Biokovo Mountain trail, Makarska, Croatia

Sitting under the gaze of Biokovo Mountain is the stylish Makarska Riviera. The city of Makarska features a historic Old Town, a long stretch of pebbly beach and a harbor filled with boats and lined with cafes. Visitors can stroll along the shoreline, hike up the mountain or swim in the sea.

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DIY Day Trip to Makarska

Main Church Square, Makarska, Croatia

Split visitors who want to travel to Makarska for the day can sail aboard a catamaran (summer only) or take the regional bus year-round (it’s only an hour and 15 minutes by bus).


Organized Day Trip from Split to Makarska

Best Beach, Makarska, Croatia

Rather than taking the bus or ferry, travelers can hop aboard a speedboat on organized tours from Split to Makarska. 

On the full day tour, participants cruise to Makarska on a luxury speedboat – then have free time to enjoy Makarska and the pristine beaches before making the return trip back to split. Get the details!

Travelers looking for a land tour or private tour from Split to Makarska should book with a Split tourist agency.


Split Island Tours: Boat Trips from Split, Croatia

View of Hvar Town on Hvar Island, Croatia

Without a doubt, one of the best things to do in Split is to visit the islands near Split! We have highlighted top Split islands – including Hvar, Vis, Brac, Korcula and Solta – but there are numerous Split, Croatia boat tours.

Visitors can join Split boat trips to islands on catamarans, sailboats or motorboats. We have already featured some of the multiple island day trips from Split, but there are private boat tours from Split, too.

Find top-rated boat trips from Split on Viator!


Split Sailing Day Trips

Sunset at Falko Bar in Hvar Town, Croatia

Want to experience a sailing adventure aboard a luxury yacht rather than a party boat? Small-group yacht sailing trips from Split navigate the Adriatic Sea to Solta Island for a blissful day at sea. Get the details!

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Split Bus and Ferry Information

Jadrolinija Ferry, Makarska, Croatia

Visitors planning DIY Day Trips from Split can either rent a car or use public transportation. Split buses are great for traveling to destinations on land and the comprehensive ferry schedule allows guests to plan DIY Split island day trips. 


Split Buses: Stations, Schedules and Info

Buses are the best mode of public transportation in Split. There are both local and regional buses that can be used for Split day trips. In Split, there are two bus stations: the Main Bus Station located across from the port and Bus Terminal Sukoisan, which is a 15 minute walk from Diocletian’s Palace. 


Main Bus Station: Autobusni Kolodvor Split

{MAP} The Main Bus Station in Split services all long-haul and regional buses. Go to the Main Bus Station for information on Day Trips from Split to Krka National Park (destination Skradin), Sinj and Makarska. Buses to Plitvice Lakes and Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina also depart from the Main Split Bus Station. 


Bus Terminal Sukoisan

{MAP} The Sukoisan Bus Terminal is the bus station for many local buses. Most buses make several stops through Split before leaving town, but due to traffic restrictions and crowds in the peak summer season, we recommend beginning your journey at the Sukoisan Terminal rather than trying to find the correct bus to squeeze onto along the route. 

Local buses are run by Promet. Times listed are for departures from the origin, so you have to estimate when the bus would arrive at your selected stop. If you have trouble understanding the routes, ask for help at the Split Tourist Information Office

Split Day Trip destinations that can be reached using local bus routes are Trogir (Line 37), Omis (Line 60), Klis (Line 22) and the Mosor Mountain Hike (Line 28 to Gornje Sitno).


Bus Croatia

Our go-to resource for finding bus schedules, routes and information is Bus Croatia. We have found that they have the most consistently correct information. That said, we always recommend confirming timetables, fares and procedures at the actual bus station if possible.


DIY Day Cruises from Split via Ferries

Where to watch Sunset in Split, Croatia

Ferries are the best way for DIY day trippers to visit the islands off Split, Croatia. All ferries dock at the Split Port, which is conveniently located just a 10-minute walk from the Split Old Town. There are two main Split ferry companies: Jadrolinija and Krilo. Not all ports are serviced by both ferry companies and schedules are seasonal.


Jadrolinija Ferry

The Jadrolinija Ferry is the government-backed company that operates year-round. Of the two companies, Jadrolinija has a more extensive network of boats and offers less-expensive tickets, but usually takes longer.

Jadrolinija ferries and catamarans can be used to get to Hvar Island (both Hvar Town and Stari Grad), Brac Island (Supetar), Vis Island (Vis Town), Korcula (Vela Luka, but not for a day trip), Solta Island (Rogac) and Dubrovnik (but not for a day trip from Split). 

The Jadrolinija Ferry schedules can be found on the official website. To make sure day trip options are possible, pay close attention to departure times, arrival times and days of week. Tickets can be purchased online or in person at the Split Port or at the office just off the Split Riva. 


Krilo Ferry

The Krilo Ferry is predominately a tourist catamaran. As such, the Krilo schedule is more seasonal and more expensive, but faster. 

Krilo catamarans can be used to get to Hvar Island (Hvar Town), Brac Island (Bol and Milna), Korcula Island (Korcula Old Town), Makarska and Dubrovnik. 

The Krilo website is easy to use, clearly displaying arrival and departure times by dates. Tickets can be purchased online or in person at the Split Ferry Terminal Port. 


Bura Line

The Bura Line services Trogir (via Slatine) and the timetable can be found on the Bura Line website


Split Day Trips Map

Use this link to Google Maps to plan out your Day Trips from Split!

Split Day Trips Map by JetSettingFools.com


Tours in Split, Croatia

View after walking through Silver Gate, Split, Croatia

As much as we love taking day trips from Split, Croatia, we love spending time in Split, too! Visitors can use our Split Sightseeing Guide or discover the highlights on one of the themed tours in Split, Croatia. 


Split, Croatia Tours

We are highlighting just a few of the best tours in Split, Croatia that can enhance your time in the city.


Split Walking Tour: Learn about Diocletian’s Palace and the city the grew around it on our Self-Guided Split Walking Tour or join a highly-rated tour – read reviews.


Split Food Tour: Let a local guide lead the way to the city market – called The Green Market or Pazar – and sample some of the local delicacies along the way. Then, visit a traditional konoba to taste fresh seafood, regional pasta and local wine. Read Reviews.


Split Kayaking Tour: Get a unique vantage point of the Split coastline on a kayaking tour around the Marjan Peninsula. Stop at Kasjuni Beach to swim and go cliff jumping. Read Reviews.


What You Will Need for your Split Day Trips

Where to find Boats for hire in Split, Croatia

Whether you are planning to organize your own day trips or joining a guide for a Split excursion, there are a few things you will want to make sure you bring along with you.


Travel Camera for Photos of Croatia

We think Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world! Make sure you have a good camera to capture the sights. On our travels, we use a Canon Rebel with an 18-135mm lens, which takes fantastic photos and is an ideal budget camera for beginner photographers.

Of course, on trips out to sea, you may want to invest in a GoPro, but we use a less expensive underwater camera.


Refillable Water Bottle & Snacks

There is no need to buy bottled water in Croatia – tap water is safe to drink. Use an environmentally safe refillable water bottle. A collapsible water bottle is ideal for travelers! It’s also wise to bring a few snacks on day trips from Split.


Sun Protection for Croatia

Whether touring cities by foot or seeing the sea by boat, it’s important to protect your skin from the sun. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen on your day trip. A wide-brimmed travel hat and a travel umbrella to provide shade are good ideas, too.


Entertainment & Day Pack

Many of our recommended Split day trips require long road trips. While a guide will likely be chatting with tour participants on the way to the destination, it can sometimes be quiet and dark on the way home. Don’t forget headphones or your Kindle for the ride home and a great day bag to organize all your everyday essential travel items!


Croatia Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may help in unfortunate situations, like lost luggage or delayed flights, but it can also be crucial for travelers who get sick or hurt abroad while traveling. Check rates and consider traveling protected with coverage at World Nomads.


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Start planning your vacation to Croatia! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


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