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Croatia 7 Day Itinerary: Sample Itineraries for One Week in Croatia

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Dazzling sunshine, sensational sea breezes, mesmerizing architecture and a simple-but-delectable cuisine are just a few of the reasons why travelers find Croatia desirable. The country is a phenomenal place to take a weeklong vacation – whether you are looking to explore, relax or adventure. Our one-week trip ideas will help you plan your perfect Croatia 7 Day Itinerary!

Croatia is diverse and has something for everyone. We know; we’ve been visiting regularly for over a decade. Our first time to Croatia was in 2011 when we spent a week on the Southern Dalmatia Coast – and it ignited our love for the country. With each return trip, we discover something new…and fall a bit harder. With the Best 7 Day Croatia Itinerary, we think you will be smitten, too!


How To Plan a Croatia 7 Day Itinerary

Croatia travel itinerary planning can feel overwhelming. Top destinations dot the landscape from the alluring coastline to idyllic islands to inland gems. The sheer number of places to visit creates a challenge for travelers planning a 1-Week Vacation in Croatia. 

Those planning a 7-Day Trip to Croatia need to carefully choose where to go. Although relatively small, it is geographically long. Croatia stretches 1,100 miles from north to south, making it about one-third longer than California!

When planning your 7 Days in Croatia Vacation, there are many things to consider – like what type of experience you want and your travel style. Below, we outline several fantastic sample Croatia in 1 Week itineraries that showcase ideal 7-day sightseeing timelines.

Once you choose your itinerary, read our complete guide to Planning a Trip to Croatia. It will also be beneficial to check out our recommendations for the Best Croatian Cities to Visit, which highlights all the top destinations in more detail. 


How To Organize a 7 Days Croatia Itinerary

As you begin to plan your Croatia vacation, staying organized is essential! We suggest using our Printable Travel Planner – to stay on top of all the important details.

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One Week in Croatia FAQs

View of the Upper Town, Zagreb, Croatia

Before we get to our outlined itineraries for what to do in Croatia for a week, we want to answer a few frequently asked questions about traveling to Croatia.


How Many Days in Croatia?

Well, we have spent months in Croatia without getting bored! We also know most travelers don’t have an entire month for vacation. How many days you should spend in Croatia ultimately depends on the overall time allocated for your trip, your interests and budget.

Travelers spending one week in Croatia will need to carefully plan what to see and do in order to create their best 7-Day Croatia Trip Itinerary. Those with more time should also read our ambitious and fast-moving Croatia 2 Week Itinerary.


Is Croatia Expensive?

For a long time, Croatia was touted as a budget destination, but prices have been on an upward trajectory for quite a few years. In the hottest Croatian destinations, prices for hotels, food and activities are now on par with other top European cities.

That said, Croatia is still a very seasonal destination and prices adjust accordingly. Travelers who are planning a One Week Croatia Itinerary on a budget will find it most affordable in the off season. The spring and fall shoulder seasons can cost much less than a summertime trip, as well.

We share more on how to save money while traveling in Croatia in our Dubrovnik on a Budget article.


When To Plan a 1 Week in Croatia Itinerary?

Deciding when to go to Croatia is a major factor in your planning process – and your experience will vary broadly by time of year.

Summertime is the peak season in Croatia; the blue Adriatic Sea beckons visitors to the coastline. Everything is open and the sun shines brightly. Before planning a Croatia Summer Itinerary, however, bear in mind that the peak travel months are very expensive, very crowded and very hot.

Autumn is lovely in Croatia – as it is usually still warm enough to swim in the sea, less expensive than summer and not nearly as crowded. Springtime – especially before Easter – is often more affordable than autumn, but the weather can be unpredictable and some places have yet to open.

Many visitors dismiss the idea of creating a Croatia Winter Itinerary – as the weather can be challenging and some islands are practically deserted. However, the Zagreb Christmas Market is outstanding, visiting Plitvice Lakes in Winter can be a truly magical experience and the sun still frequently shines in Dalmatia.


Is a Car Necessary for a One Week Croatia Trip?

Another big decision is how to travel Croatia in a week – With or Without a Car. We personally think it’s better to visit Croatia without a car. All of our itineraries can be completed by using a combination of public transport and tours.

While a rental car allows more freedom to explore, it can also be a hassle. It’s stressful to drive and sightsee and parking is problematic everywhere in Croatia.

That said, many prefer to plan a Croatia Road Trip 7 Days Adventure. In our sample itineraries below, we indicate which routes would be best to travel Croatia by car. Plus, we have money-saving tips in our article, How To Get Great Car Rental Rates.



Wave crashing on rocks at secret viewpoint in Dubrovnik, Croatia

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all 7 Day Travel Croatia Itinerary. Instead of proposing just one perfect way to spend a week in Croatia, we have created multiple itineraries that feature fun 7-day adventures!

We also provide useful links and a route map for each Croatia sample itinerary. Later, we share more advice – like how to get there, where to stay and what to pack – to help you plan your best trip to Croatia.

Save, Pin or Bookmark our Croatia Travel Itineraries to plan your amazing vacation!


#1 Best Dalmatia Croatia Itinerary 7 Days

View of the boats in the Harbor, Hvar Town, Hvar Island, Croatia

A classic travel route through Dalmatia, this Southern Croatia Itinerary features four incredible destinations: Split, Hvar, Korcula and Dubrovnik. Actually, this served as our First Trip to Croatia Itinerary, and we still think it’s an ideal way to see the stunningly beautiful coastline and epic Adriatic Islands.

How To Get There: Fly to Split and depart from Dubrovnik (seasonal flights).


DAY 1: Split

Arrive in Split, get settled in your accommodation and switch to full vacation mode! Take a Self-Guided Split Walking Tour and then thoroughly navigate the impressive remains of Diocletian’s Palace. In the evening, dine at one of the Best Restaurants in Split – like the chic Articok or traditional Villa Spiza.


DAY 2: Split Day Trip

Take a journey to see the thundering waterfalls at Krka National Park. This highly rated tour also includes a local lunch and a stop in the nearby city of Sibenik. You’ll arrive back in Split by early evening, just in time to bounce around some of the fun Split Craft Beer Bars


DAY 3: Hvar Island

In the morning, take a highspeed catamaran to hip Hvar Town. Check into your hotel, then hike up to the hill-topping Spanish Fortress for spectacular views over the region. Next, enjoy a refreshing swim in the Adriatic Sea and complete the evening relishing a seafood dinner al fresco at the popular Junior Restaurant.


DAY 4: Hvar Exploration

Spend the day exploring – either on foot or by boat. Those who want to stay on land should embark on a coastal walk to secluded beaches or hike up higher to the Napoleon Fortress. To explore by boat, visitors can rent a small vessel or take a tour. We share all the options and more details in our guide to the Top Things To Do in Hvar Town.


DAY 5: Korcula Island

Hop the morning ferry to Korcula and stay at a hotel in the Old Town. Tour the historic center – and if time allows, visit Lumbarda, where the local Grk wine is produced. For dinner, take a taxi to the village of Zrnovo and eat the island’s typical pasta dish at Pinjac Pub. Use our list of Korcula Things To Do to maximize your short stay.


DAY 6: Dubrovnik

You’re off again on a fast-ferry for Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic. After checking into your hotel, discover the city on a Dubrovnik Self-Guided Walk. In the afternoon, climb (or ride the cable car) to the top of Mount Srd – one of several absolutely amazing Dubrovnik Viewpoints. If there’s time left in the day, choose one of the activities we highlight in our guide of What To Do in Dubrovnik (which also includes a few restaurant recommendations).


DAY 7: Dubrovnik Exploration

Begin your final day in Croatia walking the Dubrovnik Walls first thing in the morning. If you have time before you depart, enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea at one of these Dubrovnik Beaches.


Tips for Driving the Classic Croatian Travel Route

In our opinion, a car is not only unnecessary, but having one would be a hindrance. The fast ferries on this trip do not accommodate vehicles.


Map of the Best Croatia Itinerary for Southern Dalmatia

Use this link to Google for an online version of the map. 

Croatia 7 Day Itinerary Split Hvar Korcula Dubrovnik by


#2 North to South 7 Day Croatia Itinerary

View of Split, Croatia from Marjan Hill Hike

The North to South Croatia Itinerary 1 Week Trip Plan provides an excellent example of just how diverse the landscapes are. Featuring some of the best destinations – Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Split and Dubrovnik – the route offers a sweeping overview of Croatia in 7 days.

Getting There: Arrive via Zagreb and depart from Dubrovnik Airport (seasonal flights).


DAY 1: Zagreb Exploration

Once in Zagreb, check into your hotel and get right to it by setting off on a Self-Guided Zagreb Walk. Stroll through the historic Old Town, marvel at the colorful St. Mark’s Church and peruse the goods at the bustling urban market. In the evening, have a beverage on the café lined Tkalciceva Street and eat savory strukli at La Struk.


DAY 2: Zagreb

Discover more of the Best Things To Do in Zagreb on Day 2. Start with Burek – a must-eat Balkan pastry – and then visit Mirogoj Cemetery (an architectural gem). Midday, visit one of Zagreb’s popular institutions (the Museum of Broken Relationships is a top pick) and then waltz around the 8 interconnected parks that create the Green Horseshoe.


DAY 3: Split via Plitvice Lakes NP

Get an early start and travel from Zagreb to the famous Plitvice Lakes Waterfalls. A fascinating natural wonder, water cascades and tumbles through the park in mesmerizing beauty. Spend the entire day soaking in nature and consider staying in one of the Plitvice Hotels or nearby guesthouses or continue the journey on to Split, Croatia. Note: Plitvice Lakes can be reached by car, tour, public bus or private guide


DAY 4: Split

Check into your hotel and quickly get acquainted with Split on a walk through the Old Town (DIY or tour) – then hike up Marjan Hill for epic views. In the afternoon, take a dip in the Adriatic Sea from one of the Top Beaches in Split. Use our guide of the Best Things To Do in Split for more ideas and fun attractions.


DAY 5: Split Day Trip

On Day 5, journey beyond the city on one of the exciting Day Trips from Split. Spend the day at sea on the incredibly popular blue cave tour or plan your own excursion to Hvar Town using the fast catamarans. Alternatively, go north to quaint Trogir or south to Omis for a rafting tour on the gorgeous Cetina River.


DAY 6: Dubrovnik Exploration

Travel from Split to Dubrovnik – the famous fortified city perched on the sea – by car, bus or fast boat. Check into your Old Town lodgings, then discover Dubrovnik on foot (DIY or tour). Watch a wonderful Croatian sunset from the unique Buza Bar, which clings to the rocks below the outer walls.


DAY 7: Dubrovnik

On the last day of your trip, experience two of the top attractions: the mighty Dubrovnik Walls and the modern cable car (and save with a combo ticket). At the top of Mt. Srd, enjoy a fine meal with a unbelievable view at Panorama Restaurant to cap off your 7 Days in Croatia!


Croatia Route Planner Driving Tips

Travelers can use scheduled buses for this itinerary, but it is also a popular Croatia travel route by car. In order to make it the Best 7-Day Croatia Road Trip, we recommend adding a few stops. While driving from Plitvice Lakes to Split, take a break in Sibenik for lunch. Then on the way from Split to Dubrovnik, make a stop in Makarska.


North to South Route Planner Croatia Map

Use this link to Google Maps for an interactive version of the route. 

Croatia One-Week Itinerary Zagreb Plitvice Split Dubrovnik by


#3 Northern Croatia 7 Days Itinerary

Boat and Old Town Rovinj, Croatia

When creating a Croatia Vacation Itinerary, many travelers bypass Northern Croatia in favor of the Dalmatian Coast – but Istria is an absolute gem! With pastel-painted coastal villages and gorgeous hilltop towns, travelers can easily spend 1 Week in Croatia touring Istria and the north.

How To Get There: Fly to Zagreb, depart from Pula Airport (seasonal) or Zagreb Airport.


DAY 1: Zagreb

Arrive in Zagreb and get situated in your hotel. Start your exploration by touring Zagreb Old Town sights on foot. Experience some of the off-beat Zagreb attractions, like the 1980s Museum, the Gric Tunnel and creative street art. Find more details on our complete list of Zagreb Things To Do.


DAY 2: Zagreb Day Trip to Plitvice Lakes

On the second day of your one-week Croatia trip, tour the UNESCO World Heritage Site Plitvice Lakes National Park. Travelers can plan their own journey by driving or bus, but all-inclusive organized tours – like this one – include a local guide and a stop in the quaint village of Rastoke. 


DAY 3: Rovinj, Croatia

Travel to charming Rovinj on the Istrian Peninsula on Day 3 of your Northern Croatia Itinerary. Stay at a hotel in the heart of town and after dropping your bags, begin discovering magical Rovinj. Make your way up to St. Euphemia Church on the top of the peninsula – and then be back on the waterfront for radiant Rovinj Sunset


DAY 4: Rovinj

Start your day with Rovinj Bike Ride through the rural Istrian countryside, passing family-owned vineyards and crumbling churches along the route. Cool off mid-day with a swim in the Adriatic Sea and spend the afternoon sampling Rovinj Wines. For more ideas, read our Top Things To Do in Rovinj article.


DAY 5: Istria Day Trip

The region surrounding Rovinj is an intriguing place to explore – and travelers can see it all on a Day Trip Across Istria. With hilltop towns, brandy distilleries, truffle farms and magnificent churches, visitors can spend an entire day savoring the highlights of the area.


DAY 6: Pula, Croatia

On Day 6, travel from Rovinj to Pula and check into a top-rated hotel, either on the seafront or in the city center. Spend the rest of the day seeing the ancient sights of Pula – from the 1st century Pula Amphitheater to the columned Temple of Augustus. Use our list of Things To Do in Pula to create your ideal sightseeing route. 


DAY 7: Pula

On the last day of your 1 Week in Croatia Holiday, soak in the sunshine and the warm sea breezes. Spend the day relaxing at beach near Pula or enjoy an active morning on the water with a kayak tour.


Northern Croatia by Car Itinerary Travel Tips

Visitors can travel to Istria by bus, but driving a car around Istria is much more convenient. Even if using buses to get from Zagreb to Rovinj and from Rovinj to Pula, travelers still might consider renting a car for the day of touring Istria sights or joining a tour.


North Croatia Route Planner Map

For an interactive map, use this link to Google.

Istria North Croatia 1 Week Itinerary by


#4 Seven Days in Croatia Itinerary for North Dalmatia

View of Fortresses of Sibenik, Croatia

Croatia boasts an incredibly long shoreline – and there are numerous ways to create an ideal Croatia Coast Itinerary. One of our favorite regions is the Central and Northern Dalmatia Coast, which features the lovely destinations Sibenik and Zadar as well as Krka National Park.

Getting There: Arrive and depart via Split or Zadar Airports and transfer to Sibenik by bus, Uber or car.


DAY 1: Sibenik Town Sights

Start your 1 Week Croatia Itinerary in the town of Sibenik. Featuring mighty fortresses, a majestic UNESCO listed cathedral and an Old Town of twisting cobblestone lanes, Sibenik is a fun city to explore – so get checked into your Sibenik hotel and get to it! Visiting St. Michael Fortress and St. James Cathedral are must-see sights, and we share many more in our guide of What To See in Sibenik


DAY 2: Sibenik Islands via Ferries

On Day 2, journey to one (or more) of the islands in the Sibenik Archipelago. Car-free Kaprije is notable for its serene bays and walking paths. Kaprije can be reached by ferry boat, which also makes stops at two other islands – Zlarin and Zirje, making it possible to spend the day island hopping.


DAY 3: Sibenik St. Nicholas Sea Fort and St. Anthony Channel

The 16th century St. Nicholas Fort, part of Sibenik’s ancient defensive system, sits at the far entrance of the narrow St. Anthony Canal. Spend the day visiting the fortress (only open by tour) or take a long walk along the St. Anthony Canal, exploring old bunkers, natural caves and an abandoned submarine tunnel.  


DAY 4: Krka NP Waterfalls and Skradin

Get an early start on Day 4 and travel the short distance from Sibenik to the village of Skradin. Check into your hotel – and then head straight for the boat that takes passengers to Skradinski Buk – the largest waterfall on the Krka River. Take your time exploring the paths that wind through the aqueous Krka National Park. In the afternoon, see the handful of sights in Skradin and then indulge in a meal of Skradin Risotto.


DAY 5: Zadar Ancient Sights

On Day 5, travel from Skradin up the Dalmatian Coast to the historic town of Zadar. Drop your bags at your Old Town Zadar Hotel and then traipse around town to the top sights on a Self-Guided Zadar Walking Tour. The once-walled town boasts grand architecture, spacious squares, Roman ruins and shaded parks.


DAY 6: Zadar Day Trip to Islands

The Zadar Archipelago, which is comprised of 140 islands, is a popular Zadar Day Trip expedition. Visitors can join organized boat trips to Kornati National Park for an adventure-filled day of snorkeling and hiking. Alternatively, independent explorers can simply hop over to the islands of Uglijan and Dugi Otok for a budget day trip on the local ferries.


DAY 7: Zadar

Wrap up your 1-Week Croatia Trip by spending a leisurely day in Zadar. Visit one of the museums – like the intriguing Ancient Glass Museum – or if you are planning a Croatia Family Itinerary with kids, go to the Illusion Museum. Spend your last moments listening to the soothing sounds of the Zadar Sea Organ along the Adriatic.


Tips for Driving in Central and Northern Dalmatia

In both Sibenik and Zadar, the historic Old Town centers are pedestrian only – and a vehicle is not necessary for exploring either city. Also, parking can be problematic, so get tips from your hotel on where to park. Travelers with a car can decide to eliminate the overnight stay in Skradin. After viewing the Krka Waterfalls and perhaps staying in Skradin for dinner, drive to Zadar and check in for a 4-night stay.


Central and Northern Dalmatia Croatia Map of Destinations

For an online version use this link to Google Maps

North Central Croatia 7 Day Itinerary by


#5 Ultimate Itinerary for Croatia Islands

Sailing into Stari Grad, Hvar Island, Croatia aboard the Almissa with Sail Croatia

Touring the Adriatic Islands is a fabulous way to see Croatia in one week. There are two main options for planning a Croatia Islands Itinerary. Either join a 7 Day Croatia Cruise or rent a private sailboat (with or without a skipper) and create your own Weeklong Island Hopping Croatia Itinerary.

For our 7 Day Croatia tour of the islands, we opted to join a Sail Croatia Island Hopping Adriatic Sea Cruise. The Explorer Cruise we took is aimed at adventurous Gen X travelers while Croatia Yacht Week caters to the younger party crowd.

Note: While the public ferries are useful for getting from the mainland to the islands, they are not particularly efficient for stringing together a Croatia Island Itinerary from one island to the next.

How To Get There: Fly to Dubrovnik and depart from Split Airport. Additionally, we think it is wise to arrive at least one day prior to your scheduled cruise departure date.  


DAY 1: Depart Dubrovnik to Mljet Island

Your Island-Hopping Croatia 7 Day Tour departs from the Dubrovnik Gruz Port and steers towards the Island of Mljet. Once docked, bike through Mljet National Park to view the scenery and see St. Mary Island perched alone on a lake.


DAY 2: Korcula Town, Korcula Island

Sail to Korcula Island and explore the historic sights of Korcula Town – including St. Mark’s Church, the House of Marco Polo and the grand Korcula Town Gate. Next, consider joining a kayak tour or going for a short hike to St. Antun Church. Watch a glorious sunset from Cocktail Bar Massimo, which is housed in a 15th century tower, then choose from the many restaurants by the seaside for dinner.


DAY 3: Vela Luka, Korcula Island

Vela Luka is the main port city on Korcula Island – but it is not without a few significant attractions. Not to be missed is Vela Splia Cave, where 20,000-year-old artifacts have been unearthed. Visitors can also hike up Hum Hill, stroll along the coastline, go for a swim and shop for works from local artists.


DAY 4: Vis Town, Vis Island

On Day 4, you sail from Korcula to Vis Island – the furthest inhabited island from mainland Croatia. The boat docks in Vis Town, but we recommend taking a scooter, taxi or bus to Komiza, the lovely fishing village on the west end of the island.


DAY 5: Hvar Town, Hvar Island

You’ll depart Vis rather early and, conditions permitting, continue west to Bisevo Island and the glowing Blue Cave. After touring the cave, you will sail on to Hvar, the most famous Croatia party island. Passengers are spoiled for choices of What To Do in Hvar Town – but we suggest hiking to the hilltop Spanjola Fort and then walking the coastline to fun waterfront bars. For dinner, enjoy a magnificent meal at Konoba Menego and then join the party for post-dinner drinks at one of the buzzing clubs along Hvar Harbor.


DAY 6: Stari Grad, Hvar 

Tucked deep in a bay on the north side of Hvar Island, Stari Grad offers a completely different vibe than busy Hvar Town. The quiet and beautiful Old Town has just a few sights to discover – which leaves time to travel into the ancient UNESCO-listed Stari Grad Plain for a delicious Croatian wine tasting in a phenomenal setting.


DAY 7: Split, Croatia

On the final day of the sailing trip, cruise into Split. First, Discover Diocletian’s Palace on a Walking Tour of Split – and then really stretch your sea legs and Hike Marjan Hill to the top. After dinner at a Fabulous Split Restaurant, mingle on board with your new friends from the cruise or venture out for a farewell beverage. If you plan to spend a few more days in town after the cruise, use our Split 3-Day Itinerary for ideas of what to do!


7 Day Sailing Itinerary Croatia Map

Use this Google Maps link for an interactive version of our Croatia Island Cruise route map. 

Island Hopping Croatia Itinerary for One Week by


#6 Active Croatia Travel Itinerary

Stunning coastal views from the fortress, Omis, Croatia

Croatia is a wonderland of active attractions – and the destinations of Omis, Makarska and Brac Island offer some of the best adventures. From hiking to biking to rafting to ziplining, we are sharing our 7 Day Croatia Best Itinerary for active travelers!

Getting There: Arrive and depart via Split Airport and transfer to Omis by bus or Uber.


DAY 1: Omis Hiking

Once in Omis, drop your bags at your hotel, lace up your shoes and hit the trails – it’s one of the Best Things To Do in Omis! The top hike in Omis is a challenging trek from the Old Town up to the 15th century Starigrad Fortress. Along the route – and from the fort – you will be treated to unsurpassed panoramic views (and a chance to catch your breath)!


DAY 2: Omis Adventure Activity

Omis sits right on the coast where the Cetina River spills into the sea – and the Cetina Canyon offers some of the most thrilling adventures in Croatia. Visitors can fly high on a zipline, go canyoning with a professional guide or splash along the rapids on an epic river rafting journey.


DAY 3: Makarska, Croatia

From Omis, travel south along the Dalmatian Coast to the town of Makarska. Known for its long stretch of beaches and forested coastline, Makarska sits under the gaze of the towering Biokovo Mountains, the second-tallest range in Croatia. After getting checked into your hotel, take a leisurely trek through the Osejava Forest Park to hidden beaches and secluded coves.


DAY 4: Makarska

Now it’s time to set your sights on the Biokovo Mountain Range. Experienced hikers can attempt the 7-hour, one-way climb from Makarska to St. Jure – the tallest Biokovo peak. Alternatively, travelers can join a fantastic tour that spends a full day in Nature Park Biokovo, including the glass Skywalk, a guided hike and traditional Croatian snacks.


DAY 5: Bol, Brac Island

Travel from Makarska to Brac Island by ferry and grab a bus or taxi from the Sumartin Port to the town of Bol. After you’ve gotten settled into your preferred hotel, enjoy an afternoon in the sun on Zlatni Rat – the famous Golden Horn Beach of Croatia. Swim in the stunning blue water and relax on the pebble beach – or go for an exhilarating experience by renting jet skis or perhaps parasailing!


DAY 6: Bol

In addition to Zlatni Rat Beach, Brac Island is also known for hosting the tallest mountain on all of the Adriatic Islands: Vidova Gora. On Day 6, trek from Bol along the moderately difficult trail up to the summit. Make your Hike to Vidova Gora a full day adventure – and bring along a picnic lunch to enjoy at the top while surveying the stunning views.


DAY 7: Split, Croatia

Take an early catamaran from Bol to Split, or in the off season, board the ferry from Supetar to Split. Back on the Croatian mainland, stow your luggage and set off to Explore Split. Rent a bike on your own or join a tour that showcases the best Split sights.


Road Trip Croatia 7 Days Trip Tips

While this Active Croatia Itinerary Route is quite easy to complete without a car, those who are driving will have a bit more flexibility. Just be sure to book your car ferry tickets in advance, as they do fill up in the summertime.


Active Croatia Trip Plan Map

Use this Google Maps link for an interactive version of the route.

Active 7 Day Croatia Itinerary Omis Makarska Bol Split by


#7 Off the Beaten Path Croatia 1 Week Itinerary

Field of Baranja, Slavonia, Croatia

Travelers who really want to get off the beaten path can create a 7 Day Itinerary for Croatia that explores the Slavonia region in Northeastern Croatia. Far from the coastline, Slavonia is Croatia’s fertile countryside, which is known for exquisite farm-to-table cuisine, abundant nature and cultural sights.

How To Get There: Arrive and depart from Zagreb.


DAY 1: Zagreb, Croatia

Touch down in Zagreb, check into your hotel and spend the day touring the sights of the cosmopolitan city. During your Zagreb Walk, seek out some of the off-beat attractions, like the Gric Tunnels or the quirky museums. We highlight everything you need to know on our list of Zagreb Things To Do.


DAY 2: Zagreb

On Day 2, take a tram outside of the city center to explore one of the lesser-visited Zagreb Parks. Maksimir Park is one of our favorites, but visitors could also ride the tram to the Sljeme Cable Car Station for an adventure into Nature Park Medvedgrad. In the afternoon, join a local guide for a tasty Zagreb Food Tour or an intriguing jaunt that delves into the complicated history of Yugoslavia and the Croatian Homeland War


DAY 3: Osijek, Croatia

Travel to Osijek – either by bus, plane or car – and check into a city center hotel. Spend the rest of the day exploring Osijek sights – from the 17th century Tvrda Fortress to the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul. Stroll down European Avenue, walk along the Drava River Promenade and cross Pjesacki Most bridge. Read more about what else ranks on the Top Reasons to Visit Osijek. For dinner, dine on the river at Project 9 or in the fort at Slavonska Kuca.


DAY 4: Osijek

Begin with a visit to Kopacki Rit Nature Park in the morning. The vast wetlands are a haven for wild animals; the park is home to more than 300 bird species. In the afternoon, go north to the Baranja region (just miles from the borders of Hungary and Serbia) and sample wines from the region. For dinner, enjoy an amazing feast at local farm, Orlov Put, where they make homemade meals from scratch.


DAY 5: Day Trip to Vukovar

Take a day trip from Osijek to Vukovar, one of the most important – and poignant – places in Croatia. The city is situated on the Danube River, which serves as the border between Croatia and Serbia. During the 1990s Croatia War for Independence, Vukovar was at the center of some of the most intense the fighting. The iconic water tower, still scared with bullet holes and shrapnel, stands in remembrance of the violent clash.


DAY 6: Day Trip to Đakovo

On Day 6, travel to Dakovo, Croatia. At the heart of the city is the landmark Cathedral of St. Peter – an imposing red-brick church that is not to be missed. In the afternoon, go to Ivandvor – a Lipizzan Horse Farm. Visitors can see the horses, watch a horse show and even learn how to ride the beautiful animals.


DAY 7: Zagreb

On the last day of your 1 Week in Croatia, return to Zagreb. If you drove and have time before your flight departs, consider stopping at Prirode Papuk or Prirode Lonjsko Polje; both beautiful nature parks to explore on the way back to Zagreb.


Slavonia 7-Day Croatia Trip Driving Tips

While it’s possible to visit the Slavonia region without a car by using a combination of buses, taxis and private tours, it is certainly advantageous to drive in this area of Croatia.


Map of Croatia Off the Beaten Path Destinations

Use this Google Maps Link for an online version of this itinerary.

Off the Beaten Path 1 Week Croatia Itinerary by


#8 Multi-Country Trip

View of the Sea Fortress, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

We have shared several examples of how to create a Best of Croatia Itinerary. However, travelers interested in crossing borders can create a multi-country trip that includes a week in Croatia, plus at least one destination in a neighboring country. We are outlining three different popular options, including a Montenegro – Croatia Itinerary, a Slovenia – Croatia Itinerary and a Bosnia Herzegovina – Croatia Itinerary.


A) 7 Day Itinerary Croatia and Montenegro

Amazing view from hiking above Kotor, Montenegro

Montenegro is located just to the south of Croatia…and it’s utterly gorgeous, too! Travelers can create a Montenegro and Croatia Itinerary the starts in Dubrovnik and goes south to the Bay of Kotor.

Getting There: Arrive and depart from Dubrovnik Airport, or if not renting a car, possibly depart from Tivat or Podgorica airports in Montenegro.


DAY 1: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Arrive in Dubrovnik and get situated in your hotel. Tour the historic Dubrovnik Old Town on Foot and enjoy sunset drinks from the Buza Bar. Consider dining at Gradska Kavana Arsenal, followed by a romantic evening stroll after the crowds have dissipated.


DAY 2: Dubrovnik Exploration

In the morning, walk the Dubrovnik Walls, then make your way up Mount Srd (if taking the cable car get the combo ticket). In the afternoon, cool off with a swim at one of the Beaches in Dubrovnik or visit a museum (we recommend the Red History Museum that details the Yugoslav era).


DAY 3: Dubrovnik Excursion

On the third day of your Croatia trip itinerary, embark on one of the premier Dubrovnik Day Trips to the Elafiti Islands. The full day cruise includes snorkeling, swimming and a lot of sunshine!


DAY 4: Kotor, Montenegro

Travel from Dubrovnik to Kotor, Montenegro on Day 4. Located deep in the Bay of Kotor, the fortified city is surrounded by thick defensive walls and majestic mountains. After checking into your hotel, spend the afternoon discovering the atmospheric Old Town and popping into the many Montenegrin Churches – it’s one of the Best Things To Do in Kotor!


DAY 5: Kotor Hike

Get an early start to your day by Hiking in Kotor to the hilltop fortress. The demanding uphill trek might leave you winded, but it’s the views that will truly take your breath away! In the afternoon journey beyond Kotor to one of the seaside resort destinations – like Tivat or Budva.


DAY 6: Kotor to Perast

In the morning, take a leisurely stroll along the Kotor coastline – and then hop on a boat or a bus to the pretty village of Perast, Montenegro. The idyllic seaside town is best known for its scenic offshore islands, a towering church bell tower and waterfront restaurants. 


DAY 7: Herceg Novi, Montenegro

On the last day of your Balkan trip, discover historic Herceg Novi, which is just 18 miles from the Dubrovnik Airport. The city’s top attraction is its prime location on the sea and the lovely coastal promenade, but other sights are the small-but-cozy Old Town, hillside forts and peaceful St. Savina Monastery.


Tips for Driving in Croatia and Montenegro

Those who want to rent a car for this route will need to let the rental company know and comply with any additional requirements. Also leave plenty of time before your flight for delays crossing the border back into Croatia from Montenegro.


Montenegro and Croatia Travel Plan Map

Get an interactive version of the map with this Google Maps link

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B) Slovenia and Croatia in a Week Itinerary

View across the river of Old Town Ljubljana

Visiting Slovenia and Croatia in 1 week is a fantastic way to see two beautiful countries! We recommend basing yourself in Zagreb for the first few days, then going to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and taking day trips.

How To Get There: Arrive via Zagreb Airport; depart from Ljubljana Airport (limited destinations) or Zagreb.


DAY 1: Zagreb

Start your Slovenia and Croatia Itinerary in Zagreb. See the city sights on a Walking Tour of Zagreb and get a first taste of Croatian cuisine at a local restaurant, like Heritage – or join a food tour.


DAY 2: Zagreb Day Trip to Plitvice

Take a Day Trip from Zagreb to Plitvice Lakes National Park to see the tumbling waterfalls. Plan it on your own using buses – or join an organized tour that makes an additional stop in the town of Rastoke. 


DAY 3: Zagreb Day Trip to Varazdin and Trakoscan Castle

Tour more of the region around Zagreb on a day trip to Varazdin and Trakoscan Castle. The fascinating full day excursion features history, architecture and art.


DAY 4: Travel to Ljubljana

Travel from Zagreb to Ljubljana – and check into a top city center hotel. Tour the historic part of town on your own to see the Top Sights of Ljubljana – like the Castle and Triple Bridge – and then eat dinner on lovely Stari Trg Lane (Julija Restaurant is a popular pick).


DAY 5: Ljubljana Day Trip

On Day 5 take one of the highly-rated Day Trips from Ljubljana. Either self-drive, hop a bus or join a tour to Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle – or take a trip to the pleasant coastal town of Piran


DAY 6: Day Trip to Lake Bled or Bohinj (or Both!)

Spend a second day outside of Ljubljana – this time venturing to Slovenia’s best lakes: Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj. By joining an organized tour, visitors can also see the naturally carved Vintgar Gorge.


DAY 7: Ljubljana Exploration

On the last day of this itinerary, enjoy a relaxing time in the heart of Ljubljana. Simply wander to see what you find – or join a tour, like this yummy food tour or an eclectic Graffiti Tour. We share more tips on how to plan your day in our article, One Day in Ljubljana.


Tips for Driving on a Slovenia and Croatia Vacation

Not all rental companies allow cars to be taken across the border from Croatian to Slovenia – so be sure to check before making a booking. You may also need an International Driver’s Permit and a vignette sticker for highway tolls. 


Map of Croatia and Slovenia Travel Destinations

Use the interactive version of this map on Google Maps

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C) Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia in One Week Itinerary

View of Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina, BiH, Balkans

Bosnia and Herzegovina is located east of Croatia – and the picturesque town of Mostar, BiH makes a great addition to a One-Week Croatia Itinerary!

Getting There: Arrive via Split Airport; depart from Dubrovnik if possible.


DAY 1: Split, Croatia

Check into your Split hotel and get your bearings on a Split Walking Tour – including Diocletian’s Palace, the Riva and Old Town.


DAY 2: Split Day Tour

Take a full day trip from Split to Krka National Park Waterfalls (like this highly rated tour) or journey out to sea and see the famous Blue Cave. Alternatively, go to Hvar Town for the day via the fast ferry boats.


DAY 3: Split

Go on a morning hike up Marjan Hill, then spend the rest of the day swimming in the Adriatic Sea from one of the Several Split Beaches.


DAY 4: Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina

Travel from Croatia across the border into Bosnia and Herzegovina to the wonderful town of Mostar. Check into a central accommodation and then explore the town. Some of the prime Things To Do in Mostar are to walk across the iconic Stari Most Old Bridge, visit a mosque and shop for copper souvenirs in the Old Bazaar. For dinner, eat a classic Bosnian meal at Tima Irma.


DAY 5: Mostar Day Trip

Start your day with a strong Bosnian coffee, then venture outside of the Mostar Old Town and see sights beyond the city. Take a full day tour to top area attractions, including Kravica Waterfalls, Blagaj Monastery and historic Pocitelj. Alternatively, take a day trip to Sarajevo, the capital of BiH.


DAY 6: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Travel from Mostar to Dubrovnik, get checked into your hotel and waste no time getting to know the Pearl of the Adriatic! See the best Dubrovnik sights on an Old Town Walking Tour and then take a dip in the sea that afternoon. Watch the sunset from the Buza Bar with a cold beverage in hand.


DAY 7: Dubrovnik

In the morning, walk the Dubrovnik Walls, savoring the views of the city and sea – or join one of the highly rated Game of Thrones Tours. In the afternoon, choose your Way Up to Mount Srd for one last look at the stunningly beautiful Croatia coastline.


Driving in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Tourist can drive rental cars between Croatia and BiH – but be sure to let your rental company know and be aware of all the regulations.


Map of BiH and Croatia Itinerary Destinations

Use this link to Google Maps for an online version of this Balkan Itinerary route. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia Itinerary 7 Days by


#9 Croatia One Week Itinerary to Single Destination

Split Croatia Island Hopping

We have provided our top 1 Week in Croatia Itinerary suggestions for multiple destinations. However, those who would rather base themselves in one city – and then explore Croatia via day trips – can do that, too!

If you choose the right one, there are quite a few benefits to basing yourself in a single location. First, it is less stressful; there is no packing and unpacking to be done! Second, a one-location Croatia trip allows you to discover that region more deeply. Finally, you save on transit expenses and can reduce accommodation costs if you book a weekly discount.

We are sharing some ideas about how to plan a one-destination trip to two top Croatian cities: Dubrovnik and Split. We are highlighting the best organized tours in each location – but those planning 7 Days in Croatia by Car can get around by driving, but it’s largely unnecessary.


Dubrovnik, Croatia Travel Itinerary 7 Days

Dubrovnik can be a great place to spend a week in Croatia! In addition to seeing the splendid sights in the city, visitors can plan 3 incredible trips from Dubrovnik. Our top picks would be to set sail on a 3-Island Elafiti Boat Tour, take a day trip to Montenegro and join an organized tour to Mostar.


Split, Croatia 1 Week Itinerary

We think Split is a fantastic city to use as a base for a weeklong vacation to Croatia! Split is well-connected to coastal cities via bus and islands via ferry. Plus, there are heaps of Fun Day Trips from Split to join.

Start with our 3-Day Split Itinerary, which already includes a day trip to Krka Waterfalls. Add on more from our top picks; taking a ferry to Hvar Town (or Stari Grad), an adventurous outing to Omis (for river rafting or ziplining), a RIB trip to the Blue Cave (or Blue Lagoon), and a half day to Trogir

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Tips for One Week Croatia Travel Plan

Best View View of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Now that you are starting to formulate a plan for how to spend your time in Croatia in a week, we have a few more helpful travel tips.


Creating the Perfect Croatia Itinerary

Where to watch Sunset in Split, Croatia

We didn’t share just one sample Croatia itinerary, because there are a multitude of ways to create your perfect trip.

We think the best Croatia Vacation Itinerary is one that fits your travel style and interests. Therefore, we recommend putting quite a bit of thought into creating your Croatia Trip Planner Itinerary. Think about what is most important on your trip. Specific sights, ease of travel, budget, crowds and relaxation are top things to consider.


How To Get To Croatia

Croatia Airlines, Split Airport, Split, Croatia

The best way for most international travelers to get to Croatia is by plane. Croatia has multiple international airports, but only a single direct flight from the United States. Outside of the summer, getting to Croatia can be a bit tricky.

The biggest and busiest airport in Croatia is Zagreb (ZAG). However, the robust seasonal service at Split (SPU) has actually seen it pull ahead of Zagreb over the summer. Dubrovnik (DBV), Zadar (ZAD) or Pula (PUY) may also be convenient to whichever the first destination of your 1 Week Croatia Vacation is.

Skyscanner is our go-to resource on finding flights for Croatia – but before you begin, read our Top Tips for Saving Money on Flights

Note that while there are long-distance buses and trains to Croatia, neither are a good option for travelers planning a 7 Day Croatia Itinerary, unless already in a nearby country.


Where To Stay in Croatia for 1 Week

Stari Grad, Hvar Island, Croatia, Europe

In these outlined itineraries for visiting Croatia, we shared our recommended hotels – but we have a few more tips.

With short stays, we recommend staying in hotels (rather than an Airbnb) for ease of check in/check out and consistent amenities. In general, we advise finding a hotel in the city center to make the most of your short stay. However, be aware that many hotels in Croatia can only be reached on foot and may not have an elevator.

Additionally, during the summertime in Croatia, hotels book up quickly. In order to snag a prime room at a great price, it is best to book early!

Read more on How To Find Top Hotels for Cheap.


What To Pack For 1 Week in Croatia

The Waterfront Riva in Split, Croatia

Ok, it’s time to talk about packing up your backpack or suitcase and going to Croatia! You can find all of our hacks on our dedicated Travel Packing Page. Grab your Free Packing Checklist first!


Comfortable Shoes for Croatia

In Croatia, stone steps can be slippery and cobblestone streets are often uneven. Make sure to pack a good pair of travel shoes for exploring Croatia comfortably!


Day Pack

With long days of sightseeing or sunning at the beach, you will want a functional day bag to stow all of your everyday travel items. Use our tips for choosing a Great Day Pack for Travelers.


Travel Camera

The land and seascapes of Croatia are absolutely astounding. Capture the beauty of the country with a real travel camera. We use this Canon for all our photos, along with an upgraded lens. Read our reviews to help you find the best value camera for travelers.


European Travel Insurance

Regardless of how well you plan your Croatia weeklong trip, things beyond your control will happen. Flights can get canceled, luggage can get lost, travelers can get sick – and good trip insurance might help. Find rates and consider coverage with World Nomads.


Croatia Travel Documents

Of course, don’t forget to pack your most important documents – like your passport, plane tickets, hotel confirmations, any pre-booked activity info – and your Travel Planner. We keep our trip docs safe in a Travel Organizer.


Start planning your trip to Croatia! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning Page for more advice – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides Page!


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