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Dublin Walking Tour: A Self-Guided Walk To Dublin, Ireland Sights

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Dublin, Ireland is home to numerous iconic sights and historic attractions. The top places to visit in Dublin are clustered together in the heart of the city center, which allows visitors the opportunity to explore the city on foot. We have created an easy-to-follow Self-Guided Dublin Walking Tour that travelers can use to navigate the city…for free! We even include a helpful Dublin Walking Tour Map at the end of the post. 

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Free Walking Tour Dublin, Ireland

Trinity College, Walking Tour, Dublin, Ireland (1)

Our free walking tour of Dublin is a self-guided adventure to top city attractions. The walk focuses on downtown Dublin and is an easy, flat stroll through the city center. The Dublin sightseeing tour, without any stops, should take about 1 to 2 hours at a casual pace.



How To Use Our Free Walking Tour Dublin

For each sight on our Dublin free tour, we provide a brief introduction, as well as a link to more information. Additionally, we include a link to Google Maps for directions from one sight to the next. You will find our helpful map of Dublin tourist attractions – plus a printable Dublin, Ireland tour map –  at the end of the post. 

The route passes by 11 must-see Dublin attractions, many of which can be entered. Some sights are free, while other require a ticket (we indicate if there is an admission fee). If you plan on entering several sights, the Dublin Pass will likely save you money.

If you only have one day, this free walking tour of Dublin, Ireland will surely get you acquainted with the city, as it includes stops at all the top things to see in Dublin. With 2 days in Dublin – or more – see our recommendations of more things to do in Dublin at the end of the post.


Free Tours Dublin: What You Need To Know

Our Free Tour of Dublin, Ireland is absolutely free! Visitors simply follow our step-by-step tour as outlined below to the top sights in Dublin. Our self-guided tour allows travelers to experience Dublin at their own pace and enter attractions as desired.

Walking Tour Dublin: Free & Guided

Visitors will see touts for many Free Tours in Dublin that are guide-led. However, it is essential to understand that a guided Dublin Free Walking Tour is not, in fact, free. The guides expect – and deserve! – fair tips. 


Dublin Walking Tour: A Self-Guided Exploration

River Liffy View, Dublin Ireland Walking Tour

Our self-guided, free tour of Dublin begins at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. Use the provided links or the downtown Dublin Map at the end of the post to navigate from sight to sight. 


A: St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland

{MAP} The first sight on our city tour of Dublin is the iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It was on this site that in 450 AD St. Patrick baptized the first Irish converts. St. Patrick’s Cathedral was completed in 1191 and is the largest church in Ireland. The spire reaches 140 feet.

The cathedral is one of the top attractions in Dublin and visiting requires an entry ticket. Buy your ticket now and download it to your phone!

Map Directions from St. Patrick’s Cathedral to St. Stephen’s Green.

Dublin, Ireland self-guided walking tour: St. Patrick's Cathedral


B: St. Stephen’s Green

The second attraction on our Dublin, Ireland sightseeing tour is St. Stephen’s Green. The 22-acre park in the center of Dublin was created in 1664 and has been open to the public since 1880. St. Stephen’s Green features a pond, a bandstand, memorials, statues, several paths and green lawns.

If there is time in your Dublin itinerary, consider having a relaxing picnic in the park. Find more information about the park here!

Map Directions from Saint Stephen’s Green to Grafton Street.

Dublin, Ireland self-guided walking tour: St. Stephen's Green


C: Grafton Street

The pedestrian-only, high-end shopping street, Grafton Street, is the next stop on our tour – and one of the must-see sights in Dublin. The street leads from St. Stephen’s Green to Trinity College and features long-standing stores, recognizable brands, historic cafes and statues. Sights to look for are the Brown Thomas Department Store (opened in 1849), Weir & Sons jewelry store (opened in 1869) and Bewley’s Cafe (opened in 1927).

Grafton Street is also popular with street performers and musicians that entertain the passers-by. In fact, even U2’s Bono has performed on Grafton. No Dublin visit is complete without strolling the iconic street. 

Map Directions from Grafton Street to Trinity College.

Dublin, Ireland self-guided walking tour: Grafton Street


D: Dublin Trinity College

The famous Trinity College is the next stop on our Dublin walk. Established in 1592, it’s Ireland’s oldest university and a must see in Dublin. The official name is College of the “Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin”, but is just called Trinity College for short.

The 47-acre campus has buildings arranged in squares around a bell tower and the library houses the Book of Kells (entry by ticket; buy your fast-track ticket here). For more about the history of Trinity College in Dublin, use this Wiki link. 

Map Directions from Trinity College to River Liffey.

Dublin, Ireland self-guided walking tour: Trinity College

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E: River Liffey

The fifth stop on our free Dublin Tour is the River Liffey. The river runs through the center of Dublin, dividing the city into north and south. Several bridges span the river, including three that are designated pedestrian-only, which makes for nice walks in Dublin.

The most popular footbridge is the Liffey Bridge, which dates to 1816 and is better known as the Ha’Penny Bridge for the 1/2 pence toll once required to cross it. Find out more about the River Liffey in Dublin here

Map Directions from River Liffey to Temple Bar District.

Dublin, Ireland self-guided walking tour: River Liffey


F: The Dublin Temple Bar District

Every Dublin itinerary should include one or two stops at a traditional pub! The energetic Temple Bar district on the south side of the river is chock-full of Irish pubs, restaurants and tourist shops – and is one of the Dublin areas most visited by tourists.

The district is one of the best places in Dublin for a Pub Crawl (like this one!). Several of the bars have a line-up of live music starting mid-day and going late into the night. Our favorite pubs in the district are The Temple Bar and The Quays. Use this link to find out more about how the district came to be – and its role in current culture. 

Map Directions from Temple Bar to Olympia Theater.

Dublin, Ireland self-guided walking tour: Temple Bar


G: The Olympia Theater in Dublin

The next stop on our free tour of Dublin is the still-operating Olympia Theater. Opened in 1879, The Olympia Theater is the premier theater and concert hall in the Dublin city center. 

The stage has seen a slew of famous acts from Charlie Chaplin to Mumford & Sons. The theater underwent a major overhaul in the 1970s and the original iron and glass awning had to be completely restored after a truck crashed into it in 2004. For more about the history – and upcoming events – visit the official website

Map Directions from Olympia Theater to Dublin Castle. 

Dublin, Ireland self-guided walking tour: Olympia Theatre


H: Dublin Castle

Next up on our Dublin historic walking tour is the grand Dublin Castle. The Dublin Castle was built between 1208 and 1220 as the residence of viceroys.

Although the castle is now used as a conference center and event complex, the buildings of Dublin Castle represent some of the oldest architecture in the city. It remains one of the top tourist attractions in Dublin. It is free to walk on the grounds, but a ticket is required for admission inside, where they also offer tours of Dublin Castle. Get details for visiting here.  

Map Directions from Dublin Castle to Christ Church Cathedral. 

Dublin, Ireland self-guided walking tour: Dublin Castle


I. Christ Church Cathedral of Dublin, Ireland

The Christ Church Cathedral is the next stop on our tour. One of the top attractions in Dublin, Ireland, the Christ Church Cathedral dates to Medieval times. 

The church was built around the year 1030 – making it older than St. Patrick’s and one of the best places to visit in Dublin for a history lesson. It was expanded in 1171, but most of the current structure was built between 1871 and 1878. An entry ticket is required for admission, unless you are there to pray. Use this link for more information. 

Map Directions from Christ Church Cathedral to John’s Lane Church. 

Dublin, Ireland self-guided walking tour: Christ Church Cathedral


J: John’s Lane Church

Although lesser-known than St. Patrick’s and Christ Church Cathedral, we think the John’s Lane Church is an absolute gem, which is why we include it in our free Dublin walking tour. 

The church was built on the previous site of St. John’s Hospital between 1862 and 1895. The French Gothic steeple reaches over 200 feet and is the tallest in Dublin – however, it is the colorful interior that is most striking. John’s Lane Church is one of the churches you can enter in Dublin for free. Find more info here.

Map Directions from John’s Lane Church to The Brazen Head Pub. 

Dublin, Ireland self-guided walking tour: John's Lane Church


K: The Brazen Head

Claiming to be Ireland’s oldest pub, The Brazen Head is said to have origins dating back to the year 1198. The classic Irish pub features quaint rooms, three bars and live music. 

The traditional Brazen Head pub is a perfect place to stop for a pint at the end of a Dublin Self-Guided Walking Tour. Read our blog post about The Brazen Head for more info!

Map of The Brazen Head location. 

Dublin, Ireland self-guided walking tour: The Brazen Head



Use this link to Google Maps for a Dublin sightseeing map that has turn-by-turn directions for our Self-Guided Walking Tour Dublin, Ireland. 


Dublin, Ireland Self-Guided Walking Tour Map

This is a printable map of Dublin. To print our Dublin, Ireland must-see map, first click on the map to enlarge it, then right-click and select Print. 

Dublin, Ireland Self-Guided Walking Tour Map JetSettingFools.com


Interactive City Center Map: Dublin, Ireland

Use this link to a Interactive Downtown Dublin Map to help route your way to the city’s sights and attractions listed on our Self-Guided Dublin Walking Tour. 


Tours and Guided Walks in Dublin

Our above outlined free tour of Dublin is a great way to see the city. However, visitors who want to learn more about the history of Dublin and meet fellow travelers may want to consider joining a Dublin tour guide on a walk through the city. 


Dublin Historical Walking Tour

The history of Dublin is fascinating! Join an easy 2-hour stroll through the city that is filled with interesting facts and information. Get the details! 


Dublin Pub Crawl

When I think about things to do in Dublin, the first thing that comes to mind is drinking in pubs. We could have easily spent our three days in Dublin doing nothing more than downing pints of Guinness goodness; it really does taste better in Dublin! (However, then we would have missed out on Dublin sightseeing – and we weren’t going to visit Dublin and not see the top Dublin tourist attractions!) After a day of Dublin city sightseeing, visit the best pubs in Temple Bar on one of the entertaining Dublin night tours to the city’s best bars! Book this tour!


Ghost Tour Dublin

Join one of the Dublin guided tours to the city’s spookiest spots! Learn the haunted history of the city on a spooky Gravedigger Ghost Tour. Note: This is a bus tour…which will give your feet a much-needed rest! Find out more!


Dublin Literary Pub Crawl

Follow in the footsteps of Ireland’s most famous writers…to the pubs, of course! On this Dublin Literary Tour, listen to stories of the great writers and learn about the city’s pub culture. Book it now! 


1916 Tour Dublin

The 1916 Tour is a Dublin history tour that focuses on the events of the 1916 Uprising. The tour includes visiting key locations, re-enactments and multi-media presentations for a unique experience. Learn more here!

For more themed Dublin walking tours, check out this list of Dublin city tours.  


More Fun Dublin, Ireland Tours

Once you have the lay of the land, indulge in a few essential Dublin experiences and Dublin tours. Visit Dublin’s Guinness Storehouse for a connoisseur tasting and then head to the Jameson Distillery for a lesson on Irish whiskey. Take a River Liffey cruise or get a taste of Dublin on an Irish Food Walking Tour.


Hop On Hop Off Dublin Tour Bus

Visitors interested in city sightseeing without all the walking can catch a ride on one of the Dublin Bus Tours. The Dublin sightseeing bus routes make stops at (or near) all of the city’s top attractions. The bus tickets also include other perks, like on-board commentary, discounts at top sights and a guided Dublin walking tour. 


Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off Bus Dublin

The classic, red Hop On Hop Off Tour in Dublin has two routes that stop at 28 places of interest. Visitors can opt for a 1- or 2-Day Pass.

Top Tip: This Dublin City Bus Tour is also included in the Dublin Pass (find out more!), which can save money on entry into sights, too! 


Green Do Dublin Hop On Hop Off Bus

Do Dublin is another tour company that offers a Hop On Hop Off Dublin, Ireland bus service. In addition to the 24- and 48-hour bus tickets, the Dublin tour company also offers a 3-Day Freedom Pass that includes transportation to and from the airport, as well as use of all Dublin city bus routes. 


Day Trips From Dublin, Ireland

Use the city as a base and explore Ireland on one of many Dublin day trips.

One of our favorite city getaways is a short jaunt to the coastal village of Howth. Visitors can easily plan their own Day Trip To Howth – or book a guided trip

Other popular day tours from Dublin include heading to Northern Ireland and Giant’s Causeway, seeing the stunning Cliffs of Moher and making a trip to the Blarney Castle (and kissing the Blarney Stone, of course!).  

Dublin day tours are offered by many companies. Read reviews from fellow travelers to find the best Ireland tours from Dublin on Viator

Looking for multi-day Ireland trips? Set out from Dublin to see Ireland highlights on a five-day tour or enjoy the sights of Ireland on a six-day trip. For a longer trip that includes Dublin, the Intrepid Travel Northern & Southern Ireland Tour includes nine days of exploration. 


Dublin Walking Tours: What You Will Need

Make sure you are prepared for walking tours in Dublin, Ireland with the following packing hacks!


Travel Shoes

Although Downtown Dublin, Ireland is a very walkable, travelers will want to ensure they pack comfortable city walking shoes. I like to wear lightweight, rubber-soled shoes, like my Columbia shoes or Skechers. Kris prefers wearing his Merrell trail shoes, even in the city!


Weather Attire & Day Pack

The weather in Dublin can often be rainy or windy. It’s best to bring along a packable raincoat or travel umbrella for your free walking tour of Dublin. On sunny days, don’t forget sunglasses, a tube of sunscreen and a wide-brimmed travel hat. Whether you travel with a backpack or a suitcase, you will also want to have a great day bag to organize all your daily travel essentials.


Travel Camera

On walking tours of Dublin, Ireland visitors see heaps of top sights. While many travelers use their phone camera to capture the sights, we think it is best to invest in an actual camera that will take high-quality photographs. We carry a Canon Rebel. This DSLR is perfect budget camera for beginner photographers – as it comes bundled with heaps of accessories and is easy to use! 


Map, Guidebook – and WiFi!

In our free Dublin Walking Tour, we include map links to get from sight to sight. However, in order to use those links, you will need a WiFi connection. While many US cellphone providers offer temporary international data packages, they can be expensive! Instead, we recommend purchasing a WiFi Mobile Hotspot – we have the GlocalMe hotspot…and love it!

Not only can we connect up to five devices at one time (which is perfect for families or friends traveling together), but we also have the choice of using SIM cards and purchasing WiFi data online. We would be lost without it – literally! That said, we still think it is also a good idea to carry a paper city map and/or guidebook when traveling to foreign places.


Travel Insurance

Many people think travel insurance only protects them in the case of cancelled flights or lost luggage – but some travel insurance covers so much more, like illness or injury while abroad. Before buying trip insurance, check rates and coverage at World Nomads.


More Tips For Your Dublin Trip

We have just a few final tips for your trip to Dublin! 


Where To Stay In Dublin, Ireland

During our visit to Dublin, we stayed in a great Airbnb Apartment. (Not already a member of Airbnb? Use this link to create an account and save money on your first stay!) We have found that staying in apartments is often less expensive than hotel rooms – with the added benefit of a kitchen and, usually, more space. 

However, for those who prefer staying in traditional accommodations, there are many Dublin Hotels to choose from in – or close to – the city center. Check out these top-rated hotels (based on guest reviews!) for your upcoming trip: Jurys Inn Dublin ChristchurchThe Ripley Court HotelTemple Bar Inn.

Budget travelers can search for Dublin Hostels – like Garden Lane BackpackersSky Backpackers or Egali Hostel. 

Getting To Dublin, Ireland

Dublin can be reached by plane, train, bus or car. Our preferred method of getting anywhere is by flying (we are JetSetting Fools, after all!) and when we do need to purchase plane tickets, we start our search for the best deals on airline tickets on Skyscanner. Flying to Dublin is easy, with direct flights from Philadelphia, Boston, NYC, Chicago, SFO as well as all major European hubs like London, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon and Amsterdam!

To get from city to city when flights are not possible, we usually rely on public transportation and take trains or buses. Dublin Bus and Bus Eireann provide bus transportation services in Ireland. We aren’t keen on driving abroad, but renting a car can often save time and money (especially when traveling with more than two people) – and having a car rental allows for greater discovery.  


We want to know: What sights would you add to our Self-guided Dublin, Ireland Walking Tour? What is your #1 must-see sight in Dublin? Tell us in the comments!


Start planning your trip to Ireland! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


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Dublin, Ireland Self-Guided Walking Tour

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    Hi there, just so you know, Christ Church Cathedral is not a Catholic church. Its a protestant one. We lived there for 8 years and many think that is one. Another great place to visit south of Dublin is Powers Court Mansion, wonderful place to walk all over and have tea. So many to mention and choose from after our years there =). Good job on all the sites you mentioned.

    • Hi Laurie – Thanks for the info and great tip about Powers Court Mansion! Sounds like you were able to discover a lot in your time living there – what a fabulous place to call home!

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    • Hi Bre – We were in Dublin in April; lovely time to see the city! On our self-guided walking tour, if you simply walk from one sight to the next, it will take about an hour. If you plan on visiting the churches, wandering the park or drinking a few beers, add a half hour to an hour for each stop that you’ll be making in order to calculate the total time needed. If you are staying in Dublin for a few days/a week, the walk is a great way to get oriented – and then decide which places you want to go back and visit later. Hope this helps. Have a great time! Cheers!

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    • Hi Cassidy – Thanks for the comment! We checked the link (in Safari and Chrome) and it is working for us. Additionally, I linked the map image to Google Directions as well. Can you try it again and see if it works now? If not, can you let us know what browser you are using and in what country? Hope you have a great time in Dublin – such a fantastic city!

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    • Hi Cindy – Glad you found this to be useful! I think visiting a castle would depend on whether or not you were renting a car and how long you plan to be in Dublin. We were on foot and traveled by public bus – and did not see any castles…well, besides the Dublin Castle (which is very much a castle, but I think you are looking for something a little more dramatic and out of the city center). The official tourism site for Dublin lists these three castles: Drimnagh Castle, Dalkey Castle, and Malahide Castle on the first page of Visitor Attractions. Maybe those are something you were looking for 😉 Have a great trip!

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