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Doolin, Ireland: Things To Do

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Doolin, Ireland is a quintessential Irish coastal town with quaint shops, classic pubs and epic scenery. Ideally situated near top attractions – like the Cliffs of Moher and Aran Islands – Doolin is one of the absolute best destinations on the Irish West Coast. We have rounded up the top things to do in Doolin, Ireland so that you can plan your perfect trip!


Doolin, Ireland FAQs

Before we get to our list of what to do in Doolin, Ireland, we want to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions.


Where is Doolin in Ireland?

Doolin is located in County Clare, on the iconic Wild Atlantic Way. The small village sits along the coast near two of Ireland’s largest cities (after Dublin); Galway is to the north and Limerick to the southeast.

Doolin, Co Clare, Ireland lies at the northern edge of the famous Cliffs of Moher, just south of The Burren and a short ferry ride from the Aran Islands.

We include an interactive Doolin, Ireland Map of Attractions below that you can use to find the location of the village and the top sights to visit.


Is County Clare in Ireland Worth Visiting?

Definitely! Ireland’s County Clare is home to some of the most amazing natural wonders and historic sights in the country. Additionally, the traditional Irish music scene is a big draw for Doolin tourism.


Is Doolin a Good Place to Stay on an Ireland Trip?

Yes! Visitors who want to truly experience the attractions near Doolin – not just rush through them on a tour – can use Doolin as a base for further exploration. There are a number of Doolin hotel options, plus a handful of pubs and restaurants. We detail the best places to stay in Doolin at the end of this article.


How Many Days in Doolin, Ireland is Enough?

Determining how many days to spend in Doolin is not an easy decision. First and foremost, how long to stay in Doolin will depend on your overall Ireland travel plans. Some visitors breeze through the region and check off the sights in a single day.

We recommend allowing at least 2 full days…however, 3 days in Doolin would be ideal in our opinion.


Can I Visit Doolin Without a Car?

Certainly! Travelers do not need a car to go to Doolin – or to explore the village and the top things to do. In fact, we didn’t have a car on our trip to Doolin. Instead, we used the bus, ferry, bikes and our own two feet.

Getting to Doolin, Ireland without a car requires a little pre-planning – as there is only one bus route that services the town. That said, even with limited public transportation, the bus is an efficient and wonderful way to travel to Doolin. We share specific details at the end of the article.


Is there a Grocery Store in Doolin, Ireland?

No! There isn’t even a convenience store in town – so we recommend stocking up on snacks and other provisions before you arrive (especially if you are traveling by public transit).

That said, there are Doolin restaurants that serve breakfast, lunch and dinner – and all of the Doolin, Ireland pubs offer meal services, as well.


Planning a Trip to Doolin, Ireland

Planning a Doolin trip is likely just one aspect of your overall Ireland vacation. We offer more tips for traveling around in our Ireland Itinerary. Furthermore, visitors traveling from abroad can use our top tips for Planning a European Vacation, which covers important details and travel hacks for making the most of your trip.

As you plan, you need to stay on top of the details! We recommend using our Printable Travel Planner to stay organized.

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10 Best Things To Do in Doolin, Ireland

Now that we have covered the essentials, it’s time to dive into our list of the Best Doolin Things To Do! We include absolutely everything you need to know about planning your trip – plus a helpful Doolin map.




Without a doubt, one of the top activities in Doolin is visiting the magnificent Cliffs of Moher. Stretching for 9 miles and rising to a height of 700 feet, the cliffs are a stunning and surreal sight. Many travelers head straight for the visitor’s center, but there is a better way to get there: Walk to the Cliffs of Moher from Doolin.


Doolin to Cliffs of Moher Walk Details

Beginning of the Doolin to Cliffs of Moher Walk, Ireland

The walk from Doolin to the Cliffs of Moher hugs the coastline offering spectacular vistas and unparalleled panoramic views. The trail begins just south of Doolin Village (use this map location) and ends at O’Brien’s Tower just above the visitor’s center (also known as the Cliffs of Moher Experience).

How Far is the Doolin – Cliffs of Moher Hike?

The distance from Doolin to top of the Cliffs of Moher is about 5 miles (8km) one way. It typically takes 2.5 hours to complete the one-way Cliffs of Moher hike from Doolin.

Is the Cliffs of Moher – Doolin Trail Easy to Follow?

The Doolin walking trail to the Cliffs of Moher is well-marked. In fact, we inquired about a Doolin Cliff Walk Map and were told that there isn’t one. Visitors can follow the trail on Google Maps, listed as Burren Way.

That said, during our visit, there was a sign posted at the Doolin trailhead gate regarding a closure/detour, which turned out to be more of a warning than an actual closed trail.

Do I Have to Hike Round Trip?

The Doolin – Cliffs of Moher Walk can be completed by hiking the route round trip (10 miles, 5 hours) or one way to the Cliffs of Moher Visitor’s Center and taking the public bus back to Doolin (more details on that later). Note: At one time, there was a shuttle bus that transported passengers to and from the cliffs from Doolin, but it was not in operation as of 2022.

Can I Go Inside the Visitor’s Center?

The Cliffs of Moher Visitor Center is open to visitors for a fee. Tickets are required for each guest who wants to enter (and/or park) at the center. That said, we were told there are toilets that are accessible without paying to enter the Cliffs of Moher Experience.

Is There a Fee to Hike to Cliffs of Moher?

There is no fee (as in, it’s absolutely free) for the Cliffs of Moher walk to Doolin – unless, of course, you are driving and want to park at the Visitor’s Center. In that case, you will need to pay the fee to park (and they charge per person, not per vehicle), regardless of whether you plan on going inside.

Is the Cliffs of Moher Walk Safe?

Bear in mind that the Cliffs of Moher – Doolin Walk follows a steep ledge that is completely exposed to the elements, which can be both dizzying and dangerous. Hiking the Doolin Cliff Trail is an at-your-own-risk adventure.


Top Tips for the Cliffs of Moher Walking Trail Doolin, Ireland

View from the Most Popular Cliffs of Moher Viewing Point, Ireland

Now that you know the details of walking between Doolin and the Cliffs of Moher, we want to share some insight that we gained from our experience.

Alternate Trails from Doolin to the Cliffs of Moher

Sign along the Doolin to Cliffs of Moher Walk, Ireland

The official Doolin to Cliffs of Moher walking trail is marked by arrows. Often there are parallel trails that are slightly elevated and closer to the edge that offer better views. These trails meet back up with the main trail. Using any of these trails at your own risk.

Most Popular Cliffs of Moher Viewing Point

Our favorite View of Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

During our visit, the official trail (following the Burren Way) bypassed one of the most popular and picturesque viewing points (map location). This section of the cliffs offers stunning vistas to the south, but it is susceptible to erosion and rockslides (we witnessed one during our visit!). Posted signs on our return hike from the Cliffs of Moher to Doolin, gave warnings – and one sign even stated that the area is closed.

That said, a well-trodden path hugs the cliffs above the coastline and hooks up with the official Doolin – Cliffs of Moher trail at both ends. Hikers need to use their own best judgement about whether or not to access the area.

Skip the Visitor’s Center

While we’re sure the Cliffs of Moher Visitor’s Center Experience is educational and informative, given the perfect weather on the day of our visit, we chose to take in the natural wonder with our own eyes, ears and feet.

That said, we were curious about O’Brien’s Tower and wanted to complete the walk to the highest point. The trek to the Cliffs of Moher Visitor Center and O’Brien’s Tower begins at the bottom of a steep staircase and follows a narrow and likely congested trail to the top of the cliffs.

We found this section of the hike to be the least inspiring (as it’s crowded and you’re pinned between barbed wire and rock barriers that make viewing the scenery nearly impossible). In hindsight, we would have skipped this section and spent more time relishing the views from below instead.


Cliffs of Moher Tour: Doolin Local Guide

While we were comfortable completing the Doolin to Cliffs of Moher cliff walk on our own, there are local guides who can lead the way. During the hike, the guides share stories and information about region. Find out more about taking a cliff walk from Doolin to Cliffs of Moher with a guide here.


Bus: Doolin – Cliffs of Moher

The round trip Doolin to the Cliffs of Moher hike is a fairly long trek. Hikers who are short on time can eliminate the return Cliffs of Moher to Doolin walk by hopping on the public bus back to the village.

The Doolin – Cliffs of Moher bus is Route #350. Fares can be paid with a Leap Card or cash. However, be sure to check the schedule in advance, as the buses are fairly infrequent.

Pro Tip: Rather than starting the trek in Doolin, ride bus 350 to the Visitor Center and then walk from the Cliffs of Moher to Doolin. The Visitor Center marks the highest point on the cliffs, meaning that a Cliffs of Moher walk to Doolin will be mostly downhill.


Liscannor to Doolin Walk

View just past the visitor center to Liscannor Walk, Cliff of Moher, Ireland

The Doolin to Cliffs of Moher Coastal Walk that we outlined above traces the shoreline from Doolin Village to the highest point on the cliffs, near O’Brien’s Tower and the Visitor’s Center. The trail continues, however, all the way to Hag’s Head and Liscannor, where trekkers can also hop on a bus back to Doolin.

The Doolin to Liscannor Cliff Walk is approximately 12.5 miles (20km) and will take about 5.5 hours. Once you pass the Visitor’s Center, the crowds will likely thin out again. This section of the Cliffs of Moher Walk also offers some amazing views and often the best lighting for photos.

The round trip Doolin to Liscannor to Doolin Cliff Walk is far too long, in our opinion, for most travelers to complete in one day (especially because there are so many other Doolin activities to do!).



View from the ferry to Aran Island from Doolin, Ireland

The Aran Islands – the three islands that sit offshore protecting Galway Bay – are rustic, rural and rich in history. Dotted with ancient sights and lined with stone walls, the limestone islands are a fascinating place to visit. To be honest, we think visiting the Aran Islands is a must for every traveler’s Doolin To Do List!

Most Aran Island residents speak the traditional Irish language and the Aran Island Sweater – a cream-colored, cable-knitted, wool sweater – is one of the best-known crafts of the Arans.


Visiting Aran Island from Doolin

Tips for Visiting Aran Island from Doolin, Ireland

Visitors planning a day trip from Doolin to the Aran Islands will need to pick just one island to visit.

Inishmore (Inis Mor) is the largest and furthest island. Top attractions are Dun Aonghasa Fort, Black Fort, the natural Wormhole and Kilmurvey Beach. Visitors can get to sights via bicycle, with a pony and trap (horse and carriage) or on a minibus tour.

Inishmaan (Inish Meain) is the middle and least populated island (with only about 200 residents). Ancient fort ruins, a couple of museums and a sweater shop are top attractions.

Inisheer (Inis Oirr) is the smallest and closest island to Doolin – and the one we decided to visit. The charming island is home to O’Brien’s Castle, a sunken church, towering Lighthouse, and a rusting shipwreck. Visitors can navigate the island on foot, by bike or with a pony and trap.


Pro Tip: Read all the details about visiting Inisheer in our complete Guide To The Aran Islands!


Doolin to Aran Island Ferry


The best way to get to the Aran Islands from Doolin is via ferry boat, which runs seasonally from spring until mid-autumn. There are two companies that run boat trips from Doolin to Aran Islands: Doolin Ferry and Doolin 2 Aran Ferries. Both Doolin ferry companies offer similar sailing times, frequencies and pricing.

All Doolin ferries depart from the Doolin Pier, which is 1 mile (2km) from the center of the village.

Doolin – Aran Islands Times

There are multiple Doolin – Aran ferries that depart daily and times align well to allow for a full-day of Aran Island exploration.

  • The Doolin ferry to Inishmore takes about 35 minutes.
  • The Doolin to Aran ferry to Inishmaan takes about 20 minutes.
  • The ferry from Doolin to Inisheer is approximately 15 minutes.
Doolin Ferry Prices

Prices for the Aran to Doolin ferries are a bit more expensive than we anticipated. Adult round-trip tickets are more than 30 euros.

We bought our tickets for the ferry to Aran Island from Doolin in advance online – and we are glad that we did, because the boat was full (with people on a wait-list!).

Pro Tip: The ticket for the boat to Aran Islands from Doolin can be combined with a Doolin Cliffs of Moher cruise for a savings. We share details about the Cliffs of Moher boat from Doolin next.

Doolin Ferry Tickets




Hands down, one of the top things to do in Doolin is to take a boat tour along the bottom of the Cliffs of Moher. As remarkable as it was to walk on top of the cliffs, seeing the sheer rock wall from the vantage point of the sea is equally captivating.

The 1-hour Doolin boat tours depart multiple times daily. The Doolin cruises leave from the same pier as the Aran Island cruises (and utilize the same fleet of ferry boats).

During the boat trips from Doolin, passengers can listen to the on-board commentary that provides interesting facts and information about the majestic Cliffs of Moher.


Tips for the Doolin Ferry Cliffs of Moher Tour

Best Views of Cliffs of Moher Cruise, Ireland

On the Cliffs of Moher boat tour from Doolin, we recommend sitting on the starboard (right) side of the boat – as this offers the best viewing. Seating on the upper level is ideal for the Doolin boat trips, but views from the open areas on the lower deck are good, as well.

If there are no available seats outside, inquire with the staff if it will be possible to stand on the bow. Although the area cannot be accessed until after departure and it will surely be windy, the view is fantastic!

Keep in mind, on the boat tour from Doolin to the Cliffs of Moher, it is not truly a ferry from Doolin to Cliffs of Moher, as passengers are not able to depart the boat. It is a simply stunning scenic tour by ferry boat.

We highly recommend purchasing your Cliffs of Moher Boat Tour Doolin tickets in advance. It is one of the most popular activities in Doolin and seats fill up quickly (especially on sunny days!). Furthermore, travelers who are also taking the ferry to Aran Islands can buy both their tickets at the same time to save some money.




Doolin Village, Ireland is as pretty as a postcard. Brightly painted houses line the curving street that follows the babbling Aille River, while horses graze on a hillside pasture. The scene – found on Fisher Street, Doolin, Ireland – is picture-perfect and one of the top Doolin attractions.

Visitors stroll up and down Fisher Street, popping into Doolin shops, eating ice cream and stopping by the famed Gus O’Connor’s Pub for a pint of beer.


More Shops in Doolin Village

While Fisher Street marks the center of the village, there is more to see in Doolin Town! The main road, R459/R479, is home to some of the best pubs, restaurants and shops in Doolin, Ireland. We are highlighting two of our favorite shops (and share our top tips for restaurants and pubs later).

The Cheese Press Shop Doolin

The Cheese Press ranks as one of the best Doolin shops! The small store sells local crafts, products and food (like jams, meat and cheese) – plus has a coffee shop with delectable treats and their signature toastie sandwich.

Irish Crafts

Irish Crafts is a larger store specializing in Irish wool sweaters – but they also have a range of fun souvenirs, books and gifts. The on-site café, Cupan, makes great coffee and sandwiches, as well.



SEE THE DOOLIN CASTLE IRELAND - Doonagore Castle in Doolin, Ireland

The mighty Doonagore Castle in Doolin, Ireland stands south of the village among the fields and hills. Enclosed by a stone wall, the castle appears as if it were plucked straight off the pages of a fairytale. Dating to the 16th century, the round tower, which is made of sandstone, was built by the area’s renowned O’Brien family.

Although picturesque, the castle carries a dark history. In 1588, Doonagore Castle Doolin was used to hang 170 survivors of a Spanish Armada shipwreck.

Ownership of the Doolin Doonagore Castle has passed through many hands over the centuries. Today, it is privately owned – which means both entry to the grounds and the castle is off limits. Visitors, however, can still get a fairly good up-close view of the castle…and the view from the castle hill is sublime.


Another Castle near Doolin: Ballinalacken

Ballinalacken Castle Doolin is another castle that is fascinating to see. Located on the north side of the town, the 15th century castle is inaccessible…unless you stay the night at the Ballinalacken Castle Country House Hotel. Yep, you read that right…you can spend the night in a luxury Doolin castle hotel and get a private tour of the castle tower. Book it here!




One of the many ruins that dots the landscape in County Clare, the Killiagh Medieval Church is intriguing, if not slightly eerie. Although small and simple, it is steeped in history and visiting the ruins is one of the unique things to do in Doolin.

The stone church – no longer covered by a roof – was built in 1470. Torched in 1645 by Cromwell’s New Model Army (with parishioners inside during mass), the Catholic church was eventually abandoned and a new one was built. However, in the 1860s, the town began using the church grounds as a graveyard.

Visitors to the ruins can explore the open interior of the church, look at the weather-worn gravestones and even walk into the empty crypt (which once held prisoners during The Troubles).




While there is not an abundance of Doolin, Ireland restaurants, visitors will have no problem finding a few good places to grab a bite to eat. The food in Doolin tends to be traditional Irish fare, including typical pub food and seafood specialties.

Based on recommendations, research and our own personal experiences, we are highlighting the top Doolin restaurants.


McGann’s Pub

The best meal that we ate in Doolin was at McGann’s Pub. Featuring hearty, meat-heavy dishes, every single bite was delicious! The menu is simple and only posted above the bar and in the dining room, so snap a photo with your phone and find a seat!


The Cheese Press

We already mentioned The Cheese Press as a place to go shopping in Doolin, but the reason we kept going back was for the delectable toasties! Named the Best Cheese Toastie in Ireland, the grilled-to-perfection sandwich is made with sourdough bread, a blend of Irish cheeses and a sun-dried tomato pesto and tapenade. Upgrade your toastie experience by adding ham to the mix!


Russell’s Fishshop

Russell’s is a classy chippy offering an excellent fried fish feast. Their classic fish and chips feature fresh Atlantic fish cooked in a craft beer batter and served with local, hand-cut potatoes. That said, we highly recommend ordering the scrumptious calamari, which is made with fresh squid rings coated with a superb spice blend.


Oar Doolin Restaurant

Offering a ‘rustic fine dining’ experience, Oar is an upscale eatery located in a charming area off a quiet side street. The restaurant has earned a Michelin mention for quality Irish ingredients and locally caught fish.


More Restaurants in Doolin, Ireland

In the heart of the village, visitors can dine at The Ivy Cottage or Anthony’s at Doolin Inn, both of which get top reviews. Many travelers also rave that The Riverside Bistro on the north end of town is a Doolin hidden gem. The restaurant at Fitzpatrick’s Bar serves a nice and inexpensive breakfast and they open earlier than most places, which is ideal if you are getting an early start.




There are just four bars in Doolin, Ireland – and every one of them is a fun place to hoist a pint and enjoy the craic. All four pubs promote nightly traditional Irish music sessions, which kick off around 9pm.


Gus O’Connor’s Doolin

Gus O’Connor’s Pub Doolin is the most popular pub in town, especially for the tour bus crowds during the daytime. Located on Fisher Street, Gus O’Connor’s has been pouring beers for thirsty patrons since 1832.


McGann’s Pub

Welcoming and cozy, we believe McGann’s is the best pub in Doolin, Ireland. The authentic atmosphere, bucolic décor and friendly staff make McGann’s a top choice!


McDermott’s Pub

Another one of the best pubs in Doolin, McDermott’s is inviting and comfortable. They offer a large outside patio for those sunny summer days, however, you’ll want to make a reservation or get there early for an inside table.


Fitzpatrick’s Bar Doolin

Fitzpatrick’s Bar is situated in Hotel Doolin. The bar, nicknamed Fitz’s, features a inviting interior, along with outdoor seating and their own Dooliner Craft Beer.



The Doolin, Ireland music scene is legendary. In fact, some claim that Doolin is the ‘home of traditional Irish music.’ Many iconic performers either hail from County Clare or have performed in the Doolin pubs.

As such, visitors should most certainly make an effort to experience the famed Doolin music culture. The pubs in Doolin all host nightly traditional Irish music sessions – so it’s fairly easy to partake in the fun.

Travelers seeking a unique experience, however, should visit the Doolin Music House for an exclusive in-home event.



Watching a Doolin sunset is a phenomenal way to end a perfect day of adventurous exploring. There is just something about watching the sun sink into the Atlantic Ocean that is absolutely mesmerizing.

The best place to watch an Atlantic sunset in Doolin is from the shoreline – and there is plenty of it!

The Doolin Point (near the pier) offers a great vantage point. The view from the Doolin cliffs, along the Cliffs of Moher path, is a terrific spot, too.

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More Doolin Things To Do

Two Wild Horses at Cliff of Moher, Ireland

We highlighted our favorite Doolin, Ireland things to do, but there are a few more activities that we didn’t get around to during our stay.


Doolin Pitch and Putt

Pitch and Putt – a game that originated in Cork, Ireland and is similar to a short course in golf – is a fun way to spend an afternoon in Doolin. In addition to the entertainment the game provides, the Pitch and Putt course in Doolin offers unmatched vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, Cliffs of Moher and Aran Islands.


Doolin Cave Ireland

Of the many limestone caves of Doolin, the Pol an Ionain Cave – or simply the Doolin Cave – is the most intriguing. Boasting one of the longest free-hanging stalactites in the world, visiting the cave is one of the top Doolin things to do.

Visitors can join one of the guided tours and descend 200 feet into the cave for a look at the famous Doolin stalactite. The Doolin Cave price is affordable. You can buy tickets here!


Doolin Coastal Walk

While the Doolin Cliffs Walks most intrigued us, there is another shoreline walk that sticks much closer to the sea…and it’s just a short walk from the Doolin ferry port.

North of the port, the shoreline is edged with long, flat slabs of limestone rock, which is characteristic of The Burren region. From the parking lot north of the ferry port, set off on a Doolin walk across the rocks and along the coastline. Just be sure to watch your footing!


Doolin Beach

There is not technically a beach in Doolin, Ireland. Although it is possible to swim off the end of the Old Pier, swimming in the ocean around Doolin is generally unsafe.

Visitors looking for beaches near Doolin should check out the Blue Flag Fanore Beach, which is about 15 minutes by car from the village (or 40 minutes by #350 bus, plus a 15-minute walk). The beach in Fanore is good for swimming, surfing, sunbathing and walking in the sand – and one of the popular things to do during the summertime in Doolin.


The Burren

Often called ‘otherworldly’, the rocky karst landscape of The Burren is stark and striking. The unusual geological rock formations along the edge of the vast blue ocean make The Burren one of the top places to visit near Doolin.

It’s easy enough to get from Doolin to The Burren, the region lies north of the village and can be accessed by public bus #350. For walking trails and information, go to the official website for the Burren National Park.


Horse Riding Doolin

Horseback riding is an exceptional way to explore the region – and there are a few stables near Doolin where visitors can do just that. The Mountain View Horse Riding Centre offers a range of experiences for everyone from novices to experts.


Doolin Festival

In a town known for traditional music, it’s not surprising to find that there is not just one Doolin Music Festival, but two! The Doolin Folk Fest takes place in June and the Russell Memorial Weekend Festival is on the last weekend of February.


Doolin, Co Clare Map

Use this link to Google Maps for an online, interactive version of our Doolin, Ireland Map.

Map of Doolin, Ireland Things To Do by


Doolin, Ireland Travel Tips

Top Tips for the Cliffs of Moher Walking Trail Doolin, Clare, Ireland

Now that you know what to do in Doolin, Ireland, we have a few more travel tips that will help you plan your trip!


Doolin, Ireland Weather

The best activities in Doolin are in the great outdoors…which means that good weather is ideal. Unfortunately, Doolin weather can be a bit sporadic and can quickly change – so, while forecasts are a good indication of what the weather might be like on your trip, it’s still Ireland, and anything goes!

Summer months – June, July and August – have the warmest weather. However, the spring actually gets more sunshine. Regardless, it rains in Doolin year-round, so it’s best to be prepared for it.


Doolin, Ireland Tourism Office

Visitors looking for more info about the village and surrounds can visit the Doolin Tourist Office. The Doolin Tourist Information Office is located in the Hotel Doolin Complex on the main road, R479. Travelers can also obtain info online at the Doolin, Ireland Tourist Information. 


Where To Stay in Doolin, Country Clare, Ireland

There is a fair range of accommodation in Doolin – from hotels to rooms to B&Bs to hostels to vacation rentals to campgrounds.

That said, Doolin accommodation is somewhat limited, especially in the busy summer months. We highly recommend booking Doolin, Ireland accommodations far in advance to ensure you have a place to stay for your trip.

Determining which ones are the best places to stay in Doolin, Ireland depends on several factors – including budget and desired amenities. Before booking a place, read our tips for Finding the Best Accommodations at the Best Prices for our top tips!


Doolin, Ireland Hotels

We are highlighting a few of the best hotels in Doolin, Ireland.


Hotel Doolin

Hotel Doolin is located smack on the main street, with a bar and restaurant on-site and within easy walking distance to the three other pubs in town. The hotel rooms are contemporary, the staff is friendly and breakfast is included. Check rates and availability!


Doolin Inn

A superb hotel in Doolin and is situated directly across from Fisher Street, The Doolin Inn features spacious rooms with excellent amenities and a fantastic breakfast. See if rooms are available!


Fiddle and Bow Doolin, Ireland, Co Clare

Offering clean and modern rooms, Fiddle and Bow gets rave reviews for the ideal location, dining options and buffet breakfast. Check current room rates!


Rooms Accommodation Doolin, Ireland

Staying in accommodations advertised simply as ‘Rooms’ are popular Doolin places to stay.


Oar Restaurant and Rooms

We stayed at Oar – and loved it! Located on a quiet street just a short walk from two of the best Doolin pubs (McGann’s and McDermott’s), the smartly decorated and clean rooms at Oar offer beautiful views of the surrounding fields and cliffs. Plus, we found it a great value for money! Check for availability!


B&B Doolin, Ireland

Many visitors opt to stay in a Doolin Bed and Breakfast – and with the exceptional reviews, we can understand why!


Sheedy’s Doolin, Ireland Bed and Breakfast

Well located with welcoming hosts, the award-winning Sheedy’s B&B Doolin, Co Clare gets resounding reviews. Check for available rooms!


Daly’s House Bed and Breakfast Doolin, Ireland

Daly’s House B and B Doolin, Ireland is situated on a quiet lane, offering guests a cozy and comfortable place to stay with a lovely garden, too. Reserve your room!


Churchfield Bed and Breakfast Doolin

Churchfield is located on the north end of town, near two pubs and the bus stop. While rooms are a bit on the small side, the space is clean, well decorated and inviting. Book your room here!


Doolin Hostel

Travelers seeking cheap accommodation in Doolin Village should check out one of the hostels in Doolin, Ireland.


Aille River Hostel Doolin

Offering excellent value for money, Aille River Hostel is one of the best Doolin hostels for guests on a budget, who still want a charming village experience. Get rates for your stay!


Rainbow Doolin, Ireland Hostel

The Rainbow Hostel Doolin, Ireland sits on the north end of town and offers private rooms, a shared kitchen and fine hospitality.


Airbnb Doolin, Ireland

Visitors looking for a Doolin Airbnb apartment will find a places that fit a range of budgets. Before starting your search, read our Top Tips for Airbnb Guests.


Doolin Camping and Glamping

Want to go glamping or camping in Doolin? You can! There are campsites at the Aille River Hostel Lodge and yurts and tents at Doolin Glamping.


How To Get To Doolin, Ireland

In all honesty, getting to Doolin can be bit of a doozy, depending on where you are coming from and whether or not you have a car. There is no airport near Doolin and no train service.

Travelers completing a self-drive road trip can find directions on Google Maps, but it’s best to have a paper map, too (as WiFi connections can be spotty in some of the rural places of Ireland).

For our trip to Doolin, we relied on public transit, which worked…but was not exactly streamlined. We were departing from Malahide – which is on the east coast of Ireland, near Dublin – in the late afternoon. We took an Uber to Dublin and a train to Limerick, where we stayed for the night. The next morning, we took a train to Ennis, then bus #350 from Ennis to Doolin.


Getting from Dublin to Doolin

Despite Dublin being the capital and Doolin hosting one of the top attractions in Ireland, there is no direct Dublin – Doolin public transit route. Rather than take a direct Dublin to Doolin train or a non-stop Dublin to Doolin bus, travelers are required to make at least one switch on the route.

Trains depart from Dublin to Limerick, Ennis and Galway – and from each of these cities, it is possible to connect to Doolin.

Travelers looking for a route from Doolin to Dublin Airport can travel from Doolin to either Galway or Limerick, where there are direct buses to the airport in Dublin.


Getting from Galway to Doolin

The distance from Galway to Doolin is about 45 miles (70km). The best public transit option there (and returning from Doolin to Galway) is via the #350 Bus. The Galway – Doolin bus is run by Bus Eireann. Fares can be paid on board with cash or Leap Card (but not credit card). While planning your visit to Doolin, be sure to check the current timetable. There is no direct ferry between Doolin and Galway.

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Getting from Limerick to Doolin

The distance to Doolin from Limerick is about 50 miles (80km). There is no direct bus from Limerick to Doolin. Visitors in Limerick need to take the train or a bus to Ennis and then the Route 350 Bus Ennis to Doolin.


Getting from Shannon Airport to Doolin

Travelers arriving to the west coast of Ireland via plane at the Shannon Airport (SNN) and heading directly for the Cliffs of Moher and Doolin can get from the airport to Doolin using public transit. First, take a bus from the airport to Ennis, then the 350 Bus to Doolin.


Doolin to Killarney (or Doolin to Dingle Peninsula)

If drawing a straight line, the distance between Doolin and the Dingle Peninsula is roughly 70 miles (110km). However, actually getting between the two regions requires a lot of zigging and zagging. The best way to get from Killarney or the Dingle Peninsula to Doolin with public transit is to travel to Limerick, then Ennis to Doolin via bus…and it takes about 9 hours to complete the journey.


Getting Around Doolin

We found that the best way to get around Doolin was on our own two feet. For a small town, it does sprawl out far from north to south, so be sure to factor in the walk time for catching the ferry or buses. Also, there are only sidewalks/footpaths in certain areas, so be cautious of traffic (especially at night).


Bus Route 350

The Doolin Bus 350 can also be useful for getting from town to area attractions. That said, the bus does not stop at Fisher Street in the main part of the village. Consult the bus timetable to see if it will work for your journey.


Doolin Taxi

There are a few locally run taxis in Doolin that can be used to get around town and the region, as well. Ask at your accommodation or the tourist information office about contacting them.


What To Pack for a Trip to Doolin, Ireland

Our final travel tips for your Doolin trip are about what to pack in your backpack or suitcase. You can find all of our packing advice on our dedicated Travel Packing blog page. Need a Packing Checklist? You can get a Free Packing Checklist here!


Water Bottle and Snacks

Before making the trip to Doolin, County Clare, stock up on some snacks and don’t forget a water bottle! During our trip at the end of August, there were only a few stores selling grab-and-go foods (like the Cheese Press) – and bottled water was sold out (and we wanted extra water for our hike to the Cliffs of Moher). Be sure to bring what you will need with you!


Comfortable Travel Shoes

Whether embarking on the Doolin Cliffs Trek or pedaling a bike on Inisheer Island or simply walking from your accommodations to one of the Doolin pubs, you will want to do it in comfortable shoes! I wore everyday sneakers for our trip, but Kris was most comfortable in his Merrell Trail Shoes. Use the tips in our blog post regarding the top elements of Great Travel Shoes.


Irish Weather Gear

The weather in Doolin, Ireland is often brisk, windy and wet. Make sure to pack a lightweight raincoat and travel umbrella for your trip.

That said, during our trip, the sun was shining bright…so bright, in fact, that I got sunburnt! Therefore, we also recommend bringing sunscreen and a wide-brimmed travel hat.


Quality Travel Camera

The scenery around Doolin is astounding! We think it is best to upgrade to a real DSLR camera for your trip, rather than using your phone camera. On our trips, we use a Canon Rebel with an everyday 18-135mm lens.

The Rebel is one of the best budget cameras for travelers – as it is easy to use, takes fantastic photos and comes with heaps of accessories.


Day Pack

Remember to bring a good day bag for your trip to Ireland. You will want a bag that is big enough to all the everyday items you will be taking on your long, adventurous days – like a raincoat, camera, wallet, keys, phone, water bottle and snacks.

We use small backpacks, but share specific tips in our blog post, The Best Day Bag for Travelers


European Travel Insurance

Trip insurance is essential! Many travelers only consider trip insurance to protect against flight mishaps – like delays, cancellations and lost luggage. However, a good travel insurance plan will also cover unfortunate circumstances like injuries abroad and medical aid for illnesses. Check out the affordable rates at World Nomads.


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