Inis Oirr, Ireland Day Trip to Aran Islands' Inisheer from Doolin by

Inis Oirr: Day Trip to Aran Islands’ Inisheer from Doolin, Ireland

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Inis Oirr, Ireland – also known as Inisheer – is a fantastic day trip destination, either from Doolin or Galway. The smallest of the three Aran Islands, Inis Oirr is charming, beautiful and easy to explore. We are sharing all the need-to-know details to help fellow travelers plan the perfect day trip to Inisheer and the Aran Islands.


Inis Oirr and the Aran Islands

Visiting the Aran Islands was at the top of our list of Things To Do in Doolin – as it is for many visitors. The three limestone islands, which act as protectors of Galway Bay, sit just offshore and are well-connected to the mainland via ferries.

The rocky islands have been home to civilizations as far back as 1500 BC. Today, the combined population of the Aran Islands stands around 1,200 people. For the most part, the residents enjoy a traditional way of life and speak the Irish language (as well as English).

The Aran Sweater – a traditional, hand-knitted, cream-colored wool sweater – is one of the best-known products of the islands.

The extraordinary and isolated lifestyle is what beckons many travelers to visit the Aran Islands, which are a top attraction on the Wild Atlantic Way. While the islands bear a similar history and common characteristics – like the network of stone walls, ancient ruins and sandy beaches – each one is distinct.


Inishmore, Inishmaan, Inisheer: Which Aran Island to Visit

Inishmore, Inishmaan and Inisheer – also known locally as Inis Mor, Inis Meain and Inis Oirr – are the three Aran Islands. Unfortunately, it is impossible to visit all three on a day trip. Instead, visitors limited to just one day of exploration will need to choose one island to explore.

For our day trip from Doolin to the Aran Islands, we decided on visiting Inisheer. However, we are highlighting a few of the top reasons to visit each of the Aran Islands, so that fellow travelers can choose the one that best aligns with their interests.


Inis Mor, Ireland

Inis Mor is the largest of the Aran Islands – and the island that hosts the most attractions. Inishmore is the westernmost island of the three.

The best sight on Inis Mor is the ancient clifftop fort, Dun Aonghasa. The fort dates to the Bronze and Iron Ages and stands as a National Monument of Ireland. Other sights on Inishmore are the ruins of the Seven Churches, the Black Fort, the Wormhole and Kilmurvey Beach.


Inis Meain, Ireland

Inis Meain is the middle island – both in size and location. It is the least populated and the least visited, so visitors have the best opportunity to experience rural island living on Inishmaan.

Sightseeing on Inis Meain is limited to just a handful of attractions, including ancient forts, church ruins and an Inis Meain sweater factory.


Inis Oirr, Ireland

Of the three Aran Islands, Inis Oirr is the easternmost and sits closest to Doolin. It is also the smallest island. Because of its small size, it is easy to discover Inis Oirr by bike or even on foot.

Top attractions on Inisheer are the ruins of O’Brien’s Castle, a sunken church and a rusting shipwreck.

Based on our research and advice from friendly locals, we determined that it was best to take a day trip to Inisheer. Therefore, for the purposes of this article, we are focusing on the details of visiting Inisheer.


Planning a Trip to Inisheer, Aran Islands, Ireland

While planning a day trip to Inis Oirr is not an immense task, there are a few important details to consider before embarking on a trip – like how to get there, how to get around, what to see and what to bring. We will cover everything you need to know.

Travelers who are visiting Aran Islands as part of a bigger Ireland trip can use the tips we share in our Ireland Itinerary!

Additionally, visitors coming from abroad might find our How To Plan a Trip to Europe article helpful, as we share our best advice for foreign visitors traveling from overseas.

As you plan any trip – whether a day trip or week-long adventure – tracking the details is essential! We recommend using a planner, like our Printable Travel Planner, so that nothing falls through the cracks.

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Inisheer, Ireland FAQs

Before we get to the details of planning a day trip to Inisheer and to our list of The Best Things To Do on Inis Oirr, we want to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions about the Aran Island, Inis Oirr.


Where is Inisheer Island?

Inisheer is located off the west coast of Ireland in County Galway. The island is just 6 miles (9.5km) from Doolin and 25 miles (39km) from Galway in the North Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of Galway Bay.


Why is it called Inis Oirr and Inisheer?

Each of the Aran Islands has two names, one in English and one in Irish (which is also known as Gaelic or Gaeilge). Inisheer is the English name for the island and Inis Oirr is the Irish name. We use the two names interchangeably throughout this article.

The pronunciation of both is Inis Sheer.


What does Inisheer Mean?

First, let’s answer the question, What is Inis in English? The meaning of Inis is Island. Inisheer means Island of the East – which makes sense, as it is the most easterly island of the three.


Is Inis Oirr Gaeltacht?

Yes! In fact, all of the Aran Islands are designated Gaeltacht. So what is Gaeltacht? It is simply a designated Irish-speaking district, where the Irish language is spoken widely. In Inis Oirr, the Irish language is primarily used at home, school and work. Additionally, there is a local college in Inisheer where Irish mainlanders can learn the Gaelic language.


What is the Inisheer History?

Inis Oirr history dates to 1500 BC, as evidenced by an ancient burial site. However, not much is known about the earliest settlers. It is believed that Saint Cavan (or Saint Caomhan), the patron saint of Inis Oirr, lived on the island sometime in the 6th or 9th century.

During the Middle Ages, the O’Brien family ruled the island, but their castle (which stands in ruins still today) was taken by the O’Flahertys in the late 1500s.

Today, Inis Oirr welcomes tourists, mostly in the summer – as well as Irish students from the mainland to take classes on the Irish language.


What is the Inisheer Size, Shape, Elevation and Population?

The island is small, measuring just about 2.5 square miles and is shaped somewhat like a parallelogram. The highest elevation on the island is just over 200 feet. The permanent Inisheer population is less than 300.


What is the Inisheer Song?

The song Inisheer is a traditional Irish tune written by Dublin musician Thomas Walsh. One of the more popular traditional Irish songs, it was written in the 1970s.


What is There To Do on Inis Oirr?

While there are, perhaps, not an abundance of things to do on Inis Oirr, there is plenty to see and do on a day trip! Sightseeing by bicycle, enjoying the breathtaking scenery, spending time on the pristine beach and drinking a pint at one of the pubs are all top activities.

We detail the best things to do on a Inisheer day trip shortly.


Should I Visit Inis Mor or Inis Oirr?

Because both Inis Oirr and Inis Mor are dotted with sights, most day trip visitors choose to visit one or the other. Deciding whether to visit Inisheer or Inishmore is a big decision. We spent ample time contemplating which one would be best to visit on an Aran Island day trip.

The sights on Inis Mor are fascinating, but they are spread far apart on the island, making it difficult to get to all the sights on bike. Rather than biking however, visitors do have the option to hire a pony and trap or ride the minibus.

That said, we found the attractions on Inis Oirr to be just as appealing. Furthermore, due to the small size of the island, we were confident that we would be able to see the entire island by bicycle at a leisurely pace. With the added advice from locals, we were certain that Inisheer was the best Aran Island to visit for our day trip.

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How To Spend One Day on Inisheer

Our Best Inis Oirr Things To Do, Ireland

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to dive into the details of how to spend a day in Inis Oirr – from the ferry to Inisheer from Doolin to what to do on Inisheer to what to bring with you on the trip.


How To Get To Inisheer: Ferry to Inis Oirr, Aran Islands


Getting to Inis Oirr Island is best done by ferry, whether coming from Doolin or Galway. There are several ferry companies that make the journey by boat to Inis Oirr. As ferries do fill up in the summertime, we highly recommend booking your Inisheer ferry in advance!


Doolin Ferries to Inis Oirr

The Doolin to Inis Oirr ferry boats are seasonal. They run from April until the end of October. (The ferry to Inis Oirr from Galway runs year-round – and we detail that next).

The Doolin ferry to Inis Oirr departs from the main Doolin Pier. The pier is about 1 mile (2km) from the village.

The ferry from Doolin to Inis Oirr takes approximately 15 minutes. The boats offer both indoor and outdoor space. The Inis Oirr ferry docks at the Inisheer Ferry Terminal on the north side of the island.

There are two ferry companies that you can use on an Aran Islands Day Trip from Doolin – Doolin Ferry or Doolin 2 Aran Ferries. Both companies offer multiple daily boats to Inis Oirr from Doolin in the summertime.


Inis Oirr Ferry Times

These boat times from Doolin to Inis Oirr were current during our trip. Check the current timetables online when you buy your tickets.

Doolin Ferries to Inis Oirr Timetables

The Doolin to Inis Oirr ferry times are at 10:00, 11:00, 13:00 and 14:30 (or 14:45) and 17:15. To make the most of your day trip to Aran Islands from Doolin, it is best to be on one of the first two sailings of the day.

Inis Oirr to Doolin Ferry Times

The return Inisheer – Doolin ferry departs at 10:30, 11:30, 13:45 and 16:30 (or 16:45). Make sure to arrive at the pier before the scheduled departure – especially if you are taking the last ferry, as you don’t want to miss the boat from Inis Oirr to Doolin!


Doolin to Inis Oirr Ferry Tickets

Visitors can buy Doolin to Inisheer ferry tickets at the pier. However, the Inis Oirr ferry from Doolin can sell out. We highly recommend purchasing your roundtrip Doolin ferry to Inisheer tickets in advance.  


Inis Oirr and Cliffs of Moher Cruise

Ride on a Inis Oirr and Cliffs of Moher Cruise, Ireland

In addition to booking a roundtrip Doolin – Inisheer ferry, visitors can add a Cliffs of Moher Scenic Cruise to their day trip adventure. Travelers who book the roundtrip Doolin ferry to Aran Islands and combine it with the scenic Cliffs of Moher cruise will save a bit of money, rather than booking the boat trips separately.

We opted to take the sightseeing cruise at the end of the day, after we returned on the Inis Oirr ferry to Doolin. We think the late afternoon Cliffs of Moher cruises offer the best view and hopefully the sun shining on the cliff face.

Passengers could, however, choose to take the Cliffs of Moher boat cruise first and then hop on the Doolin to Inisheer ferry boat. Either way, we highly recommend the scenic boat tour! Book the Combo Ticket here!


Galway to Inis Oirr

For our Inisheer day trip, we traveled from Doolin to the Aran Islands. However, it is also possible to take a ferry from Galway to Inis Oirr. The Inisheer Island ferry runs year-round (unlike the Aran Island ferry from Doolin, which operates seasonally).

The one caveat, however, is that the Galway to Inisheer boats depart from Rossaveal, not Galway City. That said, ferry passengers can book an additional shuttle service from Galway city centre to the Rossaveal port through the ferry company.

Note: The Aran Islands Ferries Company does run a direct, seasonal boat from Galway City Docks to Inis Mor and the Cliffs of Moher, but only in the summer months. They do not run a boat to Inisheer from Galway City Docks.


Ferry Galway to Inis Oirr

The Rossaveal ferry to Inis Oirr departs twice daily – but there is only one morning departure for Galway day trippers. Likewise, there is one afternoon return ferry time.

The shuttle buses from the city center to catch the ferry from Rossaveal to Inisheer depart Galway one hour prior to the ferry sailing.

The ferry to Inis Oirr from Rossaveal takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The Inisheer Island ferry boats are for foot passengers only and do not accommodate cars. Find more information about Inisheer Irish ferries from Galway here


Inis Mor to Inis Oirr

Visitors who are spending more than one day on the Aran Islands can book one-way tickets to island hop between the three islands. The ferry from Inis Mor to Inis Oirr (or vice versa, on a ferry from Inis Oirr to Inis Mor) takes about 40 minutes and should be booked directly with the ferry company.


Inisheer Airport

While taking the Inis Oirr boat made the most sense for our trip coming from Doolin, there is a way to fly to the island.

The Inisheer Aerodrome is a small airport on the north side of the island. There are regularly scheduled flights from the Connemara Airport (near Galway) serviced by Aer Arann Islands. The flights are surprisingly affordable!


Getting Around Inisheer, Ireland

Bike or Walk, The Best Way Getting Around Inisheer, Ireland

Inisheer visitors can get around the island three ways: By foot, by bike or by Pony and Trap. For our trip, we did a combination of biking and walking.

The island has narrow, one-lane, paved roads. There are few cars on the island, so walking along the lanes is fairly safe.

The roads branch out from the center of town, which is nestled by the Inisheer Pier. They do not all, however, connect at the opposite end of the island and there is not a Inisheer circumference road.


Exploring Inis Oirr on Foot

Due to the small size of the island, visitors are able to explore on foot. In fact, there are two popular walking trails that pass by the best Insheer sights.

The 5-mile (8km) loop features the top attractions on the eastern side of the island and takes about 2.5 hours to complete. More details here.

A longer 8-mile (13km) walk covers ground on both the east and west sides of the island. The walk can be completed in about 4.5 hours. Get details here.

Local guides also lead Inisheer walks for visitors who are interested in learning more about the island from a resident.


Bike Hire Inis Oirr

An excellent way to discover Inisheer is by bicycle. With a bike, visitors can pedal to the top sights from one end of the island to the other with relative ease. Visitors traveling without their own bicycle can rent a bike on Inis Oirr.

We obtained our Inisheer bike rental from Rothai, which is located at the base of the pier. During our trip, the fee for a daily rental was 15 euros. They provided a Inisheer Island map and gave helpful hints on the best bike routes around the island. The Inis Oirr bike hire also included a helmet (but wearing it was optional).

Joyce Bike Hire on Inis Oirr is another option for renting bicycles for the day. Located just a short walk from the pier, the Joyce Inisheer bike hire offered bikes for slightly less money than Rothai.


Inis Oirr Pony and Trap

Hiring a Pony and Trap for Inisheer tours is another way to get around the island. Visitors can either join one of the pre-destined horse and carriage Inis Oirr tours to the main sights or hire a private Pony and Trap to complete a customized route.


Top 10 Things To Do on Inisheer Island, Ireland

Now that you know how to get there and how to get around, we are highlighting the absolute best things to do on Inis Oirr on a day trip. Each of the attractions is marked on our Inisheer Island Map, which you will find below.


#1 See Inis Oirr’s Oldest Historic Site

The Cnoc Raithni burial mound is the oldest ancient site on the island – and seeing it is one of the top things to do in Inisheer. Cnoc Raithni is an Irish National Monument.

Dating the Bronze Age (about 1500 BC), the historical site was discovered in 1885. Excavations revealed decorated pottery urns containing human ashes and other evidence of an early civilization. A stone wall and early tombstones still mark the site today.


#2 Visit the Inisheer Boat Wreck

The rusty Inisheer Boat Wreck, Ireland

Without a doubt, one of the most unique things to do on Inis Oirr is the visit the Plassey Shipwreck. The rusting Inisheer shipwreck sits on the eastern coast of the island, where it floated ashore in the 1960s.

Built for the Royal Navy during WWII (and originally named HMS Juliet), the ship was being used as a cargo vessel in 1960 when it wrecked just offshore of Inis Oirr during a storm. All of the crew members were saved, due to the heroic efforts of locals. A few weeks later, the ship was swept ashore by another violent storm.

In the 1990s sitcom, Father Ted, the Inisheer ship was used in the opening credits, which intrigued viewers to seek it out. The Plassey wreck is now a tourist attraction, of sorts. Visitors can walk around the decaying ship and even peek inside the hull.


#3 Look Up at the Inis Oirr Lighthouse

View of the Inis Oirr Lighthouse, Ireland

Dating to the mid-1800s, the black-and-white striped Fardurris Point Lighthouse is an active beacon and landmark on the island.

The Inisheer Lighthouse marks the southeastern shoreline and is accompanied by two keeper’s houses. Altogether, the three buildings are registered on the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage list for the ashlar limestone construction.

Although looking at the lighthouse is one of the top Inisheer things to do, it is unfortunately not accessible. That said, there is a road that leads directly to the lighthouse, however, the parallel street to the west has better views – and visitors can walk along a path that leads to the lighthouse. 


#4 Wander around the O’Brien’s Inisheer Castle

View of O’Brien’s Inisheer Castle, Ireland

Listed as a National Monument of Ireland, O’Brien’s Castle Inisheer is a must-see attraction on the island. The crumbling castle sits atop the highest hill – on the site of a former fort that was built in the 1st century.

The castle is believed to have been built in the year 1400 by the O’Brien family. It was, however, taken by the O’Flahertys family in 1582 and then was captured by Cromwell’s New Model Army in 1652.

What remains of the castle is one of the best Inisheer ruins. While it’s an impressive sight from afar, one the best things to do in Inis Oirr is to step inside the dilapidated castle and take in the views from the castle grounds.


#5 Walk into the Sunken Inisheer Catholic Church

Looking down on the Sunken Inisheer Catholic Church, Ireland

St. Cavan’s Church – also known as St. Kevin’s Church or Teampall Chaomhan in Irish – is the most interesting Inisheer church to visit.

Dating to the 10th century, the church appears to be sinking, as it sits several feet beneath ground level. Rather than sinking, however, the Inis Oirr church has been buried by drifting and blowing sand.

Now excavated, descending into the roofless church and walking through it is one of the top Inisheer activities.  

To visit the church, make your way to the hillside Inisheer cemetery – and you will find the church sunken in the earth and surrounded by gravestones. St. Cavan – the patron saint of Inisheer and for whom the church is named – is interred at the cemetery in the half-buried hut.


#6 Stroll along the Inisheer Beach

Standing on Inisheer Beach, Ireland

The beach on Inis Oirr is stunningly beautiful – and quite unexpected on the rocky island. The An Tra Inis Oirr Beach, which is located in a shallow cove between the ferry port and airport, features soft white sand and clear turquoise water.

Although the beach is just 800-feet-long, it is ideal for a seaside stroll. The beach is also a fun spot for playing games, building sandcastles and soaking up the sun (if it’s out!). Swimmers can also brave the cold waters and take a dip.


#7 Discover the Inisheer Arts Center

The Aras Eanna Arts Center in Inis Oirr is an outstanding cultural hub. Founded in 2000, the arts center occupies a former weaving factory and is inclusive of artist studios, a theater, galleries and workshop rooms.

Diverse exhibitions have been showcased at Aras Eanna featuring works created by artists from Ireland and around the globe. Additionally, the center hosts events, festivals and workshops.


#8 Peer into the Sacred Well

The Inis Oirr well – often called the Holy Well or Tobar Einne in Irish – is said to never run dry and is believed to have healing qualities. Some people still make pilgrimages to the well today and there is a legend that if you look into the well and see an eel, you will be healed.

For visitors, one of the top Inisheer Island things to do is to visit the well and peer into it.

The site, which is located on the west side of Inis Oirr, is rustic. The well itself is marked by stacked rocks, similar to the stone fencing that is found throughout the Aran Islands. The entrance to the well is through a narrow gap in the rock fence and is marked by a stone etched in Irish with Tobar Einne.


#9 Spot Seals from the Seashore

View of An Chloch Chuimhneachain, Ireland

Spotting playful seals in the water is a delightful sight – and there is an entire colony of Grey Seals that reside on the western shoreline of Inis Oirr, Ireland.

At low tide, the seals often perch themselves on rocks in the shallow waters – and visitors can hear their barking just as easily as they can see them. Spending some time along the shoreline to see the funny, blubbery creatures is one of the fun things to do in Inisheer.

Near the seal colony there is sculpted a Memorial Stone – the An Chloch Chuimhneachain – which is dedicated to all who have lost their lives at sea.


#10 Have a Drink at Inis Oirr Pubs

Tigh Ned, Inis Oirr Pubs, Ireland

Hoisting a pint at one of the Inisheer pubs is a fantastic way to end a spectacular day on the island. There are a few pubs on Inis Oirr – and we are highlighting our top picks.


Tigh Ned Inis Oirr

The Tigh Ned Inisheer, Ireland Restaurant and Pub is an ideal place to relax after a full day of island sightseeing. Located on the shore – with a beer garden offering impeccable sea views – Tigh Ned offers a menu of sandwiches, salads and soups, as well as locally-caught seafood.

For drinks, it’s hard to pass up a Guinness, but we recommend ordering a pint of the local craft beer from Spiddal River Brewery (which is based in Connemara).  


Tigh Rory Inis Oirr

Tigh Ruairi Inisheer, Aran Islands Pub – which translates to Rory’s Pub – is a bar, a restaurant and a bed-and-breakfast. Diners rave about the fresh seafood chowder and the friendly staff.

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More Inis Oirr Things To Do

More Inis Oirr Travel Tips, Aran Islands, Ireland

We have highlighted what to do in Inisheer on a day trip, but there are a few more activities that we want to share for travelers spending more time on the island.


Inis Oirr Music

Music is an important part of the culture on the island. Visitors can listen to live Inisheer Irish Traditional Music at both the pubs and at events held at the Arts Center.



There are only a few shops on Inisheer where visitors can pick up unique Inis Oirr souvenirs and other items.


An Ceard Shiopa

An Ceard Shiopa is a fantastic little Inisheer shop where travelers can buy wool products and other mementos or gifts.


CLEAS Inis Oirr Shop

Featuring locally-made crafts, unique products and one-of-a-kind gifts, CLEAS is located at the Arts Center.


Inis Oirr Restaurants

The two pubs we mentioned are two of the best places to eat on Inis Oirr. That said, there are a few other Inisheer restaurants that come highly recommended.


Café Aran Teach an Tae

Boasting a menu featuring local products, homegrown greens and made-from-scratch desserts, the Inisheer café and restaurant gets raving reviews from diners.



Located in the family-run Inis Oirr Hotel, Flaherty’s is another one of the Inisheer restaurants that features locally sourced dishes. The Beef and Guinness Stew is a big hit!


Inis Oirr Map

Our What To Do on Inisheer Map is marked with all of our recommended sights. A printed Inisheer Map is available from the ferry operators and bike rental companies. 

Use this link to Google Maps for an interactive version of our map of Inis Oirr.

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Travel Tips for Inis Oirr, Ireland

Small House on Inis Oirr, Ireland, Aran Islands

Now that you know what to do on Inis Oirr on a day trip, we have a few more travel tips – like what to bring and where to stay (if you are spending a few days on the Aran Islands).


Inisheer Weather

Typically, the weather in Inisheer, Aran Islands, Ireland is driest and warmest from April through September. That said, it rains year-round on the islands, so there could be a chance of precipitation during your day trip.

Furthermore, the weather tends to change quickly, so while rain may be forecasted, it may be nothing more than a passing shower.


What To Bring on Your Inis Oirr Day Trip

As there are limited resources on the Aran Islands – and you want to make the most of your day trip – it is essential to be prepared with what you pack for your trip to Inisheer. (We share more general packing advice on our Travel Packing Tips blog page, plus a free Packing Checklist!).


Water Bottle and Picnic Lunch (or Snacks)

There are only a few places that sell bottled water on Inis Oirr. It is best to bring your own water bottle, ideally filled with enough water for the day (but you can likely get a refill from restaurants and pubs). A collapsible water bottle is great item for travelers. 

We wanted to ensure we had plenty of time for sightseeing, so instead of sitting down at a restaurant for lunch, we brought a picnic lunch along with us. We had picked up some local bread, meat and cheese from The Cheese Press in Doolin, but the Siopa XL grocery store on Inis Oirr has all the items for a picnic meal.


Comfortable Travel Shoes

The rocky landscapes of Inisheer require that you wear a good pair of comfortable shoes for your trip. My favorite travel shoes – a pair of lightweight and versatile sneakers – were perfect. Kris, as usual, was more comfortable in his Merrel Trail Shoes.


Weather Appropriate Gear

On Inis Oirr, it can be sunny, rainy, windy, brisk and warm – all within the span of an hour! It’s best to prepare for the elements by bringing a windbreaker that doubles as a rain coat and wear layers. A travel umbrella can be useful, as well.

Even if the weather is cool, wear sunscreen if the sun is shining. I foolishly didn’t…and got sunburn on my face and arms.


Travel Camera

The beauty of the Aran Islands is astounding! Rather than trying to capture the sights and scenic vistas on your phone, we recommend upgrading to a real camera.

For our travels, we use a Rebel DSLR by Canon with a 18-135mm lens. It’s a great camera for budget travelers – as it is easy to use, takes quality photos and comes with a lot of fantastic accessories when you buy it as a bundle. 


Day Pack

When discovering a new place on a day trip, it’s essential to have the right day bag! For our Inis Oirr trip, we carried small backpacks.

Our day packs were just the perfect size to carry our camera, jackets, umbrella, water bottles and picnic lunch. Plus, they have zippered pockets where we can stow phones, keys and wallets. Read more about how to choose the Best Travel Day Bags.


Inis Oirr Accommodation

Visitors staying longer than a day (or those who miss the last boat back to Doolin!), will need to find accommodation on Inis Oirr. There are just a handful of places to stay – including Bed and Breakfasts, hostels and hotels in Inisheer Aran Islands.


Inisheer: Where to Stay

We are highlighting a few of the top-rated options for accommodation in Inis Oirr.


Inis Oirr Hotel

The Inis Oirr Inisheer Hotel is a family-run operation that has been in business for 30 years. Located just a few minutes from the ferry port, the hotel offers clean and spacious rooms. Hotel amenities include free WiFi, an onsite restaurant and an included breakfast. Get rates here! 


Shamrock B and B Inis Oirr

Offering rooms with sea views and comfortable beds, Shamrock Inis Oirr B and B gets rave reviews by guests. Stephanie, the owner, is known for her delicious breakfast and warm welcome.


South Aran House Inis Oirr B&B

The South Aran House Bed and Breakfast Inis Oirr is a highly rated accommodation offering single and double rooms at affordable prices. The incredible breakfast is served in the nearby South Aran Restaurant.


Hostel Accommodation Inis Oirr: Bru Radharc na Mara Inisheer Hostel

Travelers on a budget can opt to stay in the affordable Bru Hostel Inis Oirr. The sea view Inis Oirr hostel features an excellent location with an option of dorm bunk beds or a private accommodation with ensuite bathroom. Travelers give the hostel high ratings for the cleanliness and cooking facilities. Check rates and availability!


Airbnb Inis Oirr

There are a few options for self-catering rentals in Inis Oirr, some of which are available on Airbnb. Before booking an Inis Oirr Airbnb, however, read our Tips for Airbnb Guests blog post.


Camping and Glamping Inis Oirr

The Rua Camping Inis Oirr campsite is a fabulous spot for inexpensive and rustic Inisheer accommodation. Located right on the beach, the campground offers included shower facilities, as well as a basic kitchen.


We Want To Know: What are your favorite things to do on Inis Oirr, Ireland? Share your tips and advice in the comments below! 


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