6 Things to do in Kotor, Montenegro

6 Things to Do in Kotor, Montenegro

The historic city of Kotor, Montenegro is tucked into the southern end of the Bay of Kotor under towering, majestic mountain peaks. Walking through the gates of the thick defensive walls that extend to the hill-topping fortress feels a bit like walking back in time.… Read the rest

Our Airbnb in Kotor, Montenegro: View from our window

Our Airbnb in Kotor, Montenegro

Lately, we’ve been talking excessively about Airbnb, but for good reason: We love it! In our journey around the world, accommodations account for slightly less than half of our spending at an average of $44 USD per day (which is equivalent to paying $1,360 monthly rent, all utilities included).… Read the rest

Kotor Winter Karneval: Cooks dish up local cuisine

Kotor Winter Karneval

I am a big fan of local festivals and participating in events that bring the community together, even if I’m joining in as an outsider. Parades, fairs and even the local market elicit more excitement in me than ticking off boxes of the sights we see.… Read the rest

Budva at sunset

Budva, Montenegro: A day trip from Kotor

After our first successful day trip from Kotor to Perast, we once again heeded the advice of our Airbnb host and traveled south to Budva, Montenegro – the Budva Riviera on the Adriatic Sea. The historic, walled city of Budva occupies a stretch of land that faces south towards the sea, with beaches extending to both the east and west.… Read the rest

Historic Kotor: Town clock, Pillory and square IMG_3960 (1024x663)

Historic Kotor, Montenegro

Traveling to Kotor can seem a bit like traveling back in time. Within historic Kotor, which is surrounded by thick protective walls from the harbor to the hills, the maze of nameless streets lead to openings that are not true squares, but irregular in shape.… Read the rest

Perast: The natural isalnd and St George Benedictine Monastery

Perast, Montenegro: A day trip from Kotor

The Bay of Kotor, commonly called Boka Bay, is the largest bay on the Adriatic Sea and Europe’s southernmost fjord. The dramatic mountains plunge into the deep, tranquil waters of the bay. From the Adriatic Sea, a channel opens into an expansive inlet and on the north side is a narrow passage – only 340 meters across – called the Verige Straight that leads into an equally large body of water and directly to Perast.… Read the rest

10 Churches in Kotor, Montenegro JetSettingFools.com

10 Churches in Kotor, Montenegro

One of the things I love best about traveling is learning the history of the place and the people and so often that means learning about their religion as well. Due to its designation as an UNESCO site, Kotor’s historic appeal of cobblestone streets, stone houses with green shutters and orange tiled roofs have been preserved and enable us to imagine the people that inhabited the area over the many centuries.… Read the rest

Hiking in Kotor: Climb the ramparts to the castle

Since arriving in Kotor, Montenegro, we’ve been determined to hike the town walls – and all 1355 steps – to the San Giovanni Castle that sits at the top of the hill high above the city. There are three miles of protective walls that wrap around Kotor, Montenegro, completely fortifying the triangular, medieval town from the sea-facing entrance up into the hills above it.… Read the rest

St. Tryphon’s Day celebration in Kotor, Montenegro

We spent our first few days in Kotor exploring the winding, car-less streets of the old town, hiking into the hills and venturing outside of the walls to stroll along the waterfront. Minus a bit of rainy weather, the picturesque town was proving to be more than we expected.… Read the rest