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10 Churches in Kotor, Montenegro

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One of the things I love best about traveling is learning the history of the place and the people and so often that means learning about their religion as well. Due to its designation as an UNESCO site, Kotor’s historic appeal of cobblestone streets, stone houses with green shutters and orange tiled roofs have been preserved and enable us to imagine the people that inhabited the area over the many centuries. As a result there are a hefty number of well-maintained Orthodox and Catholic churches in Kotor.

Today, Orthodox Christians far outnumber Catholics in Kotor (I’ve seen numbers in the range of 90% Orthodox to 10% Catholic), yet St. Tryphon’s Cathedral remains a strong symbol of the city. Locals have acknowledged the peaceful coexistence between the two religions, admitting that Orthodox Christians will attend or partake in Catholic celebrations and vice versa.

In our journey around the world, we have visited Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia, the historic temples of Angkor Wat, Hindu temples in the mountains of Kuala Lumpur and lakeside on Mauritius, a number of expansive Catholic churches in Lisbon and the ornately decorated Baroque Catholic churches in Lecce, Italy, but Kotor, Montenegro was the first place we visited Orthodox Churches. The noticeable differences in the appearance of the Orthodox churches included the lack of pews, the screen behind the altar, two – and sometimes three – bars on the cross and the long, narrow windows.

Even though there are several churches in Kotor – within the old town and just outside of the walls – there were only a few churches that we were able to enter (which could be due to the off-season). Visit the Kotor tourist office for more information. 

Churches in Kotor:

Churches in Kotor Montenegro Map


1. St. Tryphon Cathedral

Dates to 1166 and is currently the seat of the Croatian Bishopric of Kotor. It also houses the relics of St. Tryphon, the city’s patron saint and protector.


2. St. Nicholas

Built in 1909, which is practically brand new for a church in Kotor!


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3. St. Luke’s

Dates to 1195, but it is undetermined whether it was built as a Catholic or Orthodox Church, so it has been used as both.

St. Luke, an Orthodox and Catholic church in Kotor, Montenegro


4. St. Mary’s

Dates to 1221 and was built on the site of the previous 6th century Basilica.


5. St. Anne’s

Dates to the end of the 12th century…and is wedged into quite a small space!

St. Anne's, a historic church in Kotor, Montenegro


6. St. Michael’s

Dates to the end of the 13th century – and was also built on the site of a previous church.

St. Michael's, a historic church in Kotor, Montenegro


7. St. Claire’s

Dates to the 18th century and has an attached Franciscan Monastery.

St. Claire's, a church in Kotor, Montenegro


8. Church of Our Lady of Remedy

Built on the hillside overlooking Kotor in 1518 and can only be reached by a short hike, but many make the climb to pray for good health.


9. St. George’s

Built 1000 years ago on the back side of St. John’s Hill (and is accessible via a detour while climbing the Town Walls).


10. St. Elijah’s

Dates to the 13th century (but possibly older) and is perched on a rocky outcrop on the bay.

St. Elijah, a historic church in Kotor, Montenegro


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Where To Stay

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Before You Go

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  • Be sure to have a good guidebook prior to arriving.  
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10 Churches in Kotor Montenegro JetSetting Fools

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  2. Intlxpatr

    We visited Kotor, and were so happy to find your website to confirm – or deny – the names we thought we had remembered. Your photos are wonderful!

  3. Anonymous

    I’ve never been to Montenegro but, wherever I go, I find that the churches I have visited always contain a piece of history within their walls…

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    I’ve loved your extensive coverage of churches in your journeys thus far. No matter where my travels take me, I’m always happy when I get a chance to look inside, no matter if it’s a chapel or a cathedral. Your “church pics” have been absolutely beautiful….keep it up

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