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Herceg Novi, Montenegro: Things To Do, See and Eat

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Herceg Novi, Montenegro is a fabulous and picturesque seaside destination. From the Boka Bay shoreline, Herceg Novi – with its ancient fortresses, quaint Old Town and local restaurants – crawls up the steep hillside toward Mount Orjen.

The deep turquoise water lures many travelers to visit the Bay of Kotor and tourists will find that there are many things to do in Herceg Novi, as well.


Herceg Novi: Top Montenegro Destination

For travelers planning a trip to Montenegro, Herceg Novi is a top destination. The resort town stretches along the northern coast on the western end of the Bay of Kotor, just opposite the opening to the Adriatic Sea.


Herceg Novi History

The history of Herceg Novi dates to the year 1382. Originating as a fishing village, Stefan Tvrtko I Kotromanic – the first King of Bosnia, built a fortress in Herceg Novi. The city went on to thrive in the salt trade and became an important port.

However, Herceg Novi then experienced tumultuous times. Beginning in 1482, the area was ruled by the Turks, Spaniards, Italians, Habsburgs, French, Illyrian Provinces, and the Austro Hungarians. After WWI, it became part of Yugoslavia.

After the break up of Yugoslavia, Herceg Novi was part of the short lived union of Serbia & Montenegro. In 2006, Montenegro – or Crna Gora – declared independence with Herceg Novi as the 3rd largest city in the new country.

The complicated past and vast array of rulers have each left their mark on the region – from architecture to culture – many of which survive today.


Planning a Trip to Herceg Novi, Montenegro

We are highlighting the best Herceg Novi things to do to help fellow travelers plan their visit. That said, there is a lot more to planning a Herceg Novi trip than making an itinerary.

Therefore, we also share tips on what to eat, where to stay and how to get there.

Travelers planning to see more Montenegrin destinations can use our travel guides to the Medieval town of Kotor, quaint Perast and buzzing Budva.

Visiting Montenegro from abroad? Our Top Tips for European Trip Planning will help you get started.

As you plan your vacation, staying organized is key! Our 26-page Travel Planner Printable will help you stay on top of all the details of your trip!

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29 Things To Do in Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Our list of What To Do in Herceg Novi features the top sights and best attractions! We even include a helpful Map of Herceg Novi Things To Do at the end of the article. 

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#1 Discover Herceg Novi Old Town

Picturesque land of Old Town, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Discovering the small Old Town tops our list of Herceg Novi things to do. Stari Grad Herceg Novi is comprised of just a few pedestrian-only streets sandwiched between two fortresses, one at the top of the Old Town and the other just above the sea.

The steep, narrow, twisting lanes in Old Town Herceg Novi pass by colorful houses, vibrant flora and pretty squares.

We highly recommend rambling through the oldest part of Herceg Novi – and highlight a few of the must-see Old Town sights throughout our list.


#2 See the Sea Fortress

View of the Sea Fortress, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

One of the best Herceg Novi attractions, the Forte Mare Fortress is impressive…and impossible to miss! The 14th century stone Mare Fortress sits right on the shoreline of Herceg Novi Bay atop a rocky outcrop.

The magnificent and mighty fortifications provide stunning views of the coastline and the Bay of Kotor. Visitors can enter the fort for a small fee (3 euros during our visit).


#3 Snap a Photo Under the Herceg Novi Clock Tower

Stairs leading to the Clock Tower, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Once the main gate into the Herceg Novi Stari Grad, the Clock Tower is a symbol of the city. The defensive tower was built in 1667 under Turkish rule.

The stairs that lead up to the clock tower are a popular spot to stop for photo ops. However, as you walk under the tower, don’t miss the “Black Madonna” artwork made from burnt wood that hangs inside.


#4 Take in the Views from Kanli Kula

Bloody Tower aka Kanli Kula Fortress, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Kanli Kula – which translates to Bloody Tower – is the fortress that sits at the top of the Herceg Novi Old Town. Dating to the 16th century, the fort was used as a prison (thus the name, Bloody Tower).

Today, however, Kanli Kula is a concert venue with seats for 1,000 guests. The panoramic views from Fort Kanli Kula sweep over the Bay of Kotor. Visitors can go inside for a small fee (3 euros during our visit).


#5 Stand in St. Jerome Square

View the St Jerome Square, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

During your Old Town Herceg Novi sightseeing, make your way to the spacious and picturesque St. Jerome Square (also called Mico Pavlovic Square). The St. Jerome Church – a Catholic church – that sits on the square was built in the 17th century and named for the city’s Patron Saint.

The square is often void of tourists and quiet – except for the sound of instruments being played at the music school next door.

Take in the sea views from the area next to the bell tower and from the raised platform across from the church.

Walk down the steps opposite the church entrance and pass the Monument to the Heroes of Naval Battles on the Adriatic – identifiable by the large anchor. Continue down the steps and around to the left to the charming Church of St. Leopold Mandic.


#6 Light a Candle at the St. Arhangel Mihailo Church

View of Bellavist Square, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Bellavista Square marks the main square in the Old Town – and St. Arhangel Mihailo Orthodox Church stands in the center of it – along with the Old Town Water Fountain.  

The Saint Michael Archangel Church was only built in the 19th century and features a smattering of architectural styles, including Byzantine, Roman-gothic and Islamic. Korcula stone was used for the exterior carvings on the church, while the interior is decorated in Italian marble. Go inside and listen to the peaceful music and light a candle.

Visitors wondering what to do in Herceg Novi in the early evening should consider having a drink or late lunch at one of the restaurants that ring Bellavista Square. The outdoor tables at Bellavista Lounge offer the best views – especially when the late afternoon sunlight illuminates the church portico.


#7 Visit the St. Savina Monastery

View of the Savina Monastery, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

One of the best things to see in Herceg Novi is the St. Savina Monastery complex. Sitting on lush grounds of old cypresses and fruitful vineyards, the monastery offers a serene retreat from the city center.

The complex – which is free to visit – is comprised of three churches (including one that dates to the year 1030). Visitors can also visit a small museum, the elevated cemetery (which offers wonderful vistas) and the gift shop, where they sell bottles of wine made from the cultivated grapes.


#8 Explore the Abandoned Spanjola Fortress, Herceg Novi

View of the Spanish Fortress, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Fort Španjola Herceg Novi is the upper city fortress – and one of the absolutely fascinating places to explore. It’s a steep uphill hike to the fortress, but it’s well worth the effort (or grab a taxi for a ride up).

Sitting atop Bajer Hill and peeking out above the neighborhood just below it, the abandoned fortress is overgrown and crumbling in some sections, but the views are nothing short of phenomenal.

The doors to the fortress are open and visitors are free to roam along the paths, atop the walls and into the dark buildings (so bring a good flashlight).

Construction of the fort began in 1538, during the one-year rule of the Spaniards, but was never completed. The remains of that original fort were demolished by the Turks and completely replaced in the mid-1500s and subsequently modified by various rulers over the years. 


#9 Spend an Afternoon at a Herceg Novi Museum

House of Ivo Andric, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Visitors looking for things to do in Herceg Novi when it rains (or when it is too hot) can visit a museum. In fact, there are two museums in Herceg Novi, Montenegro that are recommended: the City Museum and the Iva Andrica House.

The Gradski Muzej Herceg Novi is the city museum that displays artifacts and exhibits showcasing the history of the municipality. The museum occupies a former house – and some rooms feature everyday items once used by local residents.

For many visitors, the highlight of the Herceg Novi City Museum is the garden, which offers nice views over Boka Bay. Entry is inexpensive (3 euros during our trip).

The House of Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić is another interesting Herceg Novi museum. While the house contains little of his personal affects (he only lived there for five years in the 1960s), it does detail the story of his life. Tickets are inexpensive and include a tour.


#10 Stop by the Church of the Holy Salvation

Church of the Holy Salvation, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Located in the Topla District, the Church of St. Salvation – or Crkva Sv. Spasa – is one of the top Herceg Novi places to visit.

The Orthodox church was built in 1709…and then completely renovated in 1864 to the style still evident today. The church grounds are inclusive of the smaller Church of St. George and a cemetery.


#11 Size Up the Statue of King Tvrtko I Kotromanich

Seaside location of Tvrtko Square, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Tvrtko Square is a beachfront piazza in Herceg Novi. What to see on the square is the towering King Tvrtko I Kotromanic Statue that stands at the middle of it.

Rather than looking out to the bay, Tvrtko is looking up at the city that he founded. The statue is prominently placed at the base of the Sea Fort along the pedestrian promenade right next to the Herceg Novi marina.


#12 Look Down at the Collapsed Citadela in the Sea

The collapsed Citadel, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Built on the very edge of the sea, the Mastel-Mezzaluna Citadel was long the first line of defense from sea invaders. The Citadel stood for hundreds of years as part of Herceg Novi’s strong fortification system.

However, during the devastating 1979 earthquake, it broke apart and collapsed into the sea, where it still sits to this day.

Explorers can walk onto the ancient foundations and look down into the clear blue sea to view the ruins as they are washed over by the waves.


#13 Hike through the Savina Forest

Trail through the Savina Forest, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

One of the lesser-known things to do in Herceg Novi is to hike through the dense Savina Forest. A network of trails traverses the protected area, which is home to a variety of flora and fauna.

Trekkers can follow the shaded paths through the forest to the Savina Monastery and the town of Meljine.


#14 Sip Wine at the Savina Winery

Vineyards at Savina Winery, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Boasting a spectacular viewpoint, the Castel Savina Winery offers visitors a unique vineyard-and-wine tasting experience.

Guests are provided with a guided tour, three tastings of wine and nibbles of local fare. The price is a bit steep for the region, but the wine is some of the best in Montenegro. Savina Winery Tours must be booked in advance.


#15 Enjoy an amazing Herceg Novi View…from a Parking Lot

Best Views of Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Visitors seeking a stellar view in Herceg Novi for free can find one in a bit of an odd spot: the Dubrava Parking Lot.

This viewpoint, which sits atop an abandoned building that is covered in litter and broken glass, does offer unobstructed panoramic vistas of the Kanli Kula Tower, St. Jerome Church Bell Tower and the entrance to the Bay of Kotor.


#16 Stroll the Waterfront Promenade in Herceg Novi

Walk the Waterfront Promenade, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

The pedestrian-only waterfront promenade, called Šetalište Pet Danica Walkway, is a coastal path that stretches for nearly 7km (4.5 miles).

To the west, the walkway follows the curves of the coast past cafes and beaches to the city of Igalo. Eastbound, the path reaches to the town of Meljine and the posh Lazure Marina Hotel and Spa.

The promenade is popular both day and night as a place to stroll and take in the views across the bay and the soaring mountains above.


#17 Eat Ice Cream at Do Do Café

On hot summer days, the waterfront stroll is best enjoyed with an ice cream cone in hand!

The best ice cream shop in Herceg Novi is Do Do Café, which has two locations right along the Pet Danica Walkway. The shop offers a variety of flavors and single dip cones are delicious and cheap.

However, for a real sweet treat, sit down at a waterfront table for an indulgent sundae.


#18 Venture inside Tito’s Villa Galeb

Inside of Galeb Tito Villa, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

For visitors interested in learning more about the Yugoslav era, Tito’s Villa is a Herceg Novi must see.

The nearly 60,000 square foot Villa Galeb was built in just 6 months in 1976 for Yugoslavia President Tito. One of 33 official residences, Tito stayed in the palatial residence just four times before his death in 1980.

Visitors can join one of the guided tours to see inside the villa, including Tito’s private living quarters and the communal bomb shelter. Tour times vary by season and day of week, so it’s best to check at the Igalo Tourist Information Office during your stay.


#19 Splash around at Herceg Novi Beaches

Best Beaches in Herceg Novi, Montenegro

When the weather is warm, it is hard to resist spending time on a Herceg Novi beach. In fact, it’s the best thing to do in the summer months!

The beaches in Herceg Novi run all along the shoreline. There are small pebble beaches, where swimmers ease into the water and large concrete beaches that are perfect for diving right into the sea. The beaches get crowded in the peak summertime season and on most beaches, you can rent lounge chairs and umbrellas.

Some of the best beaches in Herceg Novi, Montenegro are Herceg Novi Plaza (near the marina), Plaza Topla Herceg Novi (in the Topla District), Rafaello Plaza Herceg Novi (near a strip of cafes and restaurants) and Bla Bla Beach (which is to the east of town).


#20 Watch Sunset in Herceg Novi

When it comes to what to see in Herceg Novi, the sunset should not be missed!

Some of the best places to watch the sunset are from the fortresses or #28 on our list, but the beaches and seaside cafes offer a nice vantage point, as well.


#21 Embark on a Montenegro Tour

Pavlova Strana Viewpoint, Great Montenegro Tour

While Boka Bay is, no doubt, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Montenegro (and the world, for that matter), the area around the bay is equally stunning. Dramatic peaks rise sharply from the sea – and a serpentine road out of Kotor enables visitors to embark on a journey into those mountains and beyond.

The Great Montenegro full day tour features gorgeous mountain peaks, pristine lakes and ancient villages. Highlights of the tour are Lovcen National Park, Cetinje (the former royal capital of Montenegro), a boat ride on the Crnojević River that flows into Skadar Lake and a stop for the scenic view of the famous Montenegro islet, Sveti Stefan near Budva.  

The tour is excellent for travelers who want to see more of Montenegro but are short on time – book it here!


#22 Take Day Trips from Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi day trips to nearby destinations – like Kotor and Dubrovnik – are a fantastic option for visitors looking to see even more of the region.


Kotor – Herceg Novi Day Trip

Amazing view from hiking above Kotor, Montenegro

Getting to Kotor from Herceg Novi is as simple as hopping on a bus – so it’s easy to plan the trip on your own. The drive from Herceg Novi to Kotor is about an hour – and the entire route features majestic landscapes as the road follows the Bay of Kotor shoreline.

Kotor – a perfectly preserved Medieval town – is a true delight. The fortified city boasts numerous shops, square and churches. However, the highlight is hiking in Kotor to the hilltop fortress.

To plan your day trip to Kotor, read our blog post, The Best Things To Do in Kotor.


Dubrovnik – Herceg Novi Day Trip

Best View View of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia is just 30 miles north of Herceg Novi – and is also easily reached by bus. The drive can take as little an hour (but the border crossing usually makes it twice as long). Expect the Herceg Novi to Dubrovnik Bus to take at least 2 hours each way as well. Some Herceg Novi tour boat operators offer transport, too.

The walled city of Dubrovnik is a wonderful place to visit – even if just for a day! Walking the walls, hiking to Mount Srd, swimming at the beaches and discovering Old Town sights are a few of the best things to do in one day in Dubrovnik.

We share top details on how to plan your trip in our article, The Best Dubrovnik Things To Do


#23 Set Sail on a Full Day Tour of Boka Bay

Take a Boka Bay Tour from Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Boat trips from Herceg Novi are one of the best things to do – and a full day tour of the Bay of Kotor offers good value for money. There is nothing quite like spending a day out on the stunning water!

Highlights of a Petar Boats tour are visiting the village of Perast, spending time in Kotor, swimming in Stoliv and docking on the Lady of the Rocks Island. The tour also includes a welcome Rakija drink, a snack lunch of fried fish and refreshing watermelon on the boat ride back. Additional beverages are available for purchase.


#24 Take a Blue Cave Tour from Herceg Novi

The Blue Cave is another top spot to see on the Bay of Kotor. Located on the Lustica Peninsula, boats enter through a small opening into a spacious cave that is naturally illuminated by bright blue light.

Water taxi Herceg Novi tours depart multiple times a day. In addition to seeing the brilliant Blue Cave, passengers also get to sail past Mamula Island, an uninhabited island with a fort from the 1800s that was once used as a prison (and is currently being turned into a resort and casino).

Additionally, there is time to soak in the sun at Zanjic Beach – the best beach on Lustica Peninsula.


#25 Kayak: Herceg Novi to the Village of Rose

Bay of Kotor Kayak from Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Active travelers can skip the boat tours in Herceg Novi and instead paddle around the Bay of Kotor in a kayak!

With a kayak boat rental from Herceg Novi, it is possible to plan your own route. Paddling across the bay to the Lustica Peninsula and Rose Village is a popular option.

However, travelers can also opt to join a tour, where a guide leads the way to the best spots along the shoreline (like the WWII submarine shelter!).


#26 Relax at a Spa in Herceg Novi

Visitors looking for a relaxing spa treatment should look no further than the Palmon Bay Hotel and Spa Herceg Novi.

The 4-star hotel provides luxury spa services – including exceptional massages and treatments in their spacious facilities.


#27 Enjoy the Herceg Novi Nightlife

Beach clubs, waterfront cafes and fun bars are all part of the energetic nightlife in Herceg Novi during the summer season.

That said, there are plenty of places to sip a glass of Montenegrin wine or cool down with a local beer.


Local Craft Beer

Our go-to spot for a refreshing brew is Pub GOT, where they serve local craft beer on tap from Fabrika (based in nearby Risan). Grab a seat at one of the outdoor tables on the steps (but be sure to take a peek inside the fun pub, too!).

Another Montenegrin craft beer to look for is Mammut, which hails from Niksic (also home to the country’s mass-produced beer, Niksicko).


Montenegro Rakija Drinks

Loza is the local and basic rakija in Montenegro – and the potent drink is worth a try.

However, on hot summer nights, a Pelinkovac – served with a slice of lemon and ice – is a great after-dinner drink.


#28 Have a Coffee at Grandska Kafana, Herceg Novi

View from Grandska Kavana, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

The grand Gradska Kafana is one of the best places in Herceg Novi for a coffee, drink or meal. The long patio offers picture-perfect views of the Sea Fort and the Bay of Kotor.

The classy waiters are quick and kind – and drinks are much more affordable than you would think for the premier location!


#29 Eat at the Best Restaurants in Herceg Novi

One of the things we love about Montenegro – and the Balkans, in general – is the amazing food. The restaurants in Herceg Novi did not disappoint! While there are numerous places to eat in Herceg Novi, we are featuring a few of our favorites.


Restoran Herceg Novi Beograd

The Bife Beograd Restaurant is an iconic place for meal in Herceg Novi. An institution in the city, Beograd has been open since the 1930s. While the street-level seats are great for a coffee or drink, we recommend heading upstairs to a table with a view for dinner.

The food at Beograd is superb. From tasty pizzas to massive burgers to decadent steak dishes (the beef steak tagliata was divine!), every bite is delicious. Start with the antipasti platter – and take it from there, you can’t go wrong!


Tri Lipe

One of the absolute best restaurants in Herceg Novi, Tri Lipe delivers in every way possible! Take a seat in the shaded garden patio and prepare for a feast.

Known for their grilled meats, fresh seafood and huge portions (at amazing prices), we think it is best to order a couple of different dishes and share them at the table. The mixed grill (an assortment of meats on a platter) and seafood risotto are on point!

Tri Lipe is also one of the best places in Herceg Novi to get fast food grilled meat sandwiches to go. The incredibly inexpensive fare (just 3 euros for a massive pljeskavica burger) is grilled and served plain – and then you get to add your own toppings. Yum!


Konoba Karaca

A bit of a hidden gem, Konoba Karaca is one of the Herceg Novi restaurants that is frequented by locals and tourists alike. Each dish is prepared to order (so it may take a little longer than other places) and the atmosphere is casual and authentic.

Mussels are a popular dish, but we ordered the whole grilled fish, black risotto and local meat and cheese as a starter. The food tasted phenomenal, the service was friendly and it was well-priced, too!


Pekara Penino 2

A modern bakery near the Herceg Novi market, Pekara Penino is a go-to spot for traditional burek (a Balkan meat pastry) and divine desserts. 


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Herceg Novi Map

Use this link to Google Maps for an online, interactive version of our Map of Herceg Novi Attractions. Visitors can also pick up free Herceg Novi Maps from the Tourist Information Center or any turisticka agencija in Herceg Novi.

Map of Herceg Novi, Montenegro Things To Do by JetSettingFools.com


Herceg Novi Travel Tips

Best Views and more Herceg Novi Travel Tips

Now that you know all of the best Herceg Novi things to do, we have a few tips for your trip. Remember to check out our Travel Tips for Europe Vacations, too.


Where is Herceg Novi, Crna Gora

Herceg Novi is located on the shore of Boka Bay in western Montenegro. The city is just 11km (7 miles) from the Croatia border.


How To Get to Herceg Novi

There is no Herceg Novi Airport; the closest airport is in Dubrovnik, Croatia – but there are nearby airports in Tivat and Podgorica, Montenegro. Read our top tips for Finding the Best Airfare and then start your search on Skyscanner.


Dubrovnik Airport to Herceg Novi

From the airport, the Dubrovnik – Herceg Novi distance is just 29km (18 miles) – but it does require a border crossing, which can take some time depending on traffic.

Private Transfer to Herceg Novi from Dubrovnik Airport

The easiest way to get from the airport to the city is with a private driver. We recommend booking a private transfer online in advance.

Shuttle Bus Dubrovnik to Herceg Novi

The most affordable way to travel from the Dubrovnik Airport is by shuttle bus. On the return trip, the shuttle bus from Herceg Novi to Dubrovnik can be booked at a tourist agency.

Regional Bus from Dubrovnik to Herceg Novi

Travelers already in Dubrovnik can hop on a regional bus from the Dubrovnik Bus Station. The Dubrovnik to Herceg Novi Bus is affordable (about $20 USD) and efficient. Although travel times are listed at an hour, our recent ride took about 1.5 hours with only a short time at the border crossing.

Visitors coming from Split, Croatia will not find a Split – Herceg Novi Bus. Instead, take a bus (or catamaran) from Split to Dubrovnik and then a bus from Dubrovnik to Herceg Novi.


Tivat Airport to Herceg Novi

The Tivat-Herceg Novi Bus is not ideal – as the local buses do not make a stop at the airport. Instead, the best Herceg Novi – Tivat route is with a private driver


Podgorica to Herceg Novi

Getting to Herceg Novi from Podgorica Airport is best with a private driver, as public transit options are slim and complicated. We recommend booking a driver from Podgorica to Herceg Novi (and vice versa, from Herceg Novi to Podgorica) – like this one – in advance.


How To Get Around Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Getting around Herceg Novi is best done on two feet. Many of the lanes are pedestrian only – and the waterfront promenade is a great route to travel between sights, beaches and restaurants.

That said, nearly all of Herceg Novi sits on a steep hillside – so naturally there are stairs…a lot of stairs. In fact, the stairs are impossible to avoid and not in the best condition. There are many staircases that connect throughout town, but most are uneven and without railings, so visitors with mobility constraints will want to take that into consideration.


Rent a Car

Visitors who want the freedom to explore beyond town should consider renting a car. Just bear in mind that parking is very limited the road rules are very liberal – so perhaps only rent a car for taking full day trips. Before you make your reservation, read our tips for Getting the Best Car Rental.


Blue Line Herceg Novi Bus

There is a local bus in Herceg Novi. The Blue Line Bus #1 runs the coastal road from Kamenari (where you can catch the Ferry to Tivat) to Herceg Novi and then on to Igalo. The Blue Line #2 bus makes stops in Meljine, Herceg Novi and Igalo.


Autobuska Stanica (Main Bus Station) Herceg Novi

Visitors arriving by bus – or traveling to other destinations on Boka Bay – will arrive and depart at the Herceg Novi Bus Station, which is located above the Old Town on the main coastal road (E65).

Unfortunately, there is no Herceg Novi to Kotor Ferry – travelers need to take a Herceg Novi – Kotor Bus from the main bus station. Same goes for getting from Herceg Novi to Perast or Budva.


Best Time To Go to Herceg Novi

The best time to travel to Herceg Novi depends on your interests and budget. There are pros and cons to visiting in every season.


Summertime – High Season

For many visitors, the summer months are the best time to go to Herceg Novi. The weather in Herceg Novi in the summer is hot and full of sunshine – which is perfect for long days at the beach and on the water.

Herceg Novi is a very seasonal destination…and everything is open in the peak summertime (really just July and August). However, the prices for accommodations are highest in the summer, beaches can get crowded and loud and some restaurants are difficult to get into.


Autumn and Spring – Shoulder Season

The shoulder season can also be a great time to visit Herceg Novi, Montenegro. There are far fewer crowds, and the Herceg Novi weather is slightly cooler – but usually nice enough to be outdoors (and possibly even warm enough for a swim in the sea). Plus, prices are slightly better for hotels.

The downside to traveling in the shoulder season is that not everything is open. In fact, many of the waterfront shops, restaurants and cafes only open in the height of the summer season.


Winter – Low Season

Wintertime visitors will find rock bottom prices – but not much open in the way of restaurants and shops. The city will be void of crowds. The weather is crisp, but the sun often still shines – which is perfect for long coastal walks and hikes in the mountains.


Weather Forecast Herceg Novi

Before your trip, check the Herceg Novi weather forecast on Weather.com.


Where To Stay in Herceg Novi

As a seaside resort town, there is no shortage of hotels in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. In fact, visitors have a wide range of choice in accommodation in Herceg Novi – from luxury hotels to family-run guesthouses to vacation rentals.


Herceg Novi Hotels

We are featuring a few of the top-rated hotels in Herceg Novi in a range of prices. You can also search for hotels on Booking.com – but first, read our tips for Booking the Best Hotels at the Best Price.


Garni Hotel Bokeška Noć 

A family-owned guesthouse just east of the city center and within a short walk to a small beach, Garni Hotel features balcony rooms with sea views. Some rooms have kitchens – but an included breakfast is made fresh daily by the owner and served on the patio. Check availability!


Hunguest Hotel Sun Resort Herceg Novi

The Sun Resort Hotel in Herceg Novi is a large, beachfront property that offers rooms at affordable rates. The hotel has a pool – and guests have free use of loungers and umbrellas at the private beach area, as well. However, the rooms are slightly dated and there are no balconies. Check rates!


Palmon Bay Hotel

Modern and chic, the Palmon Bay Hotel in Igalo is a top choice for a stylish stay. The hotel gets rave reviews for the terrace dining, spa services, waterfront pool and beach and exceptional service. Check rates and availability!


Iberostar Herceg Novi Hotel

An all-inclusive Herceg Novi hotel, Iberostar offers luxury amenities in an absolutely sublime setting. The beachfront resort sits across the bay from Hergec Novi and features a pool, restaurant and 4 bars. Check rates for your stay!


Herceg Novi Apartments

There are many vacation rentals and holiday apartments in Herceg Novi – most of which are bigger and more affordable than hotel rooms. We recommend booking one of the sea view apartments in Herceg Novi that offer breathtaking views of Kotor Bay.

Travelers can find apartments on Booking.com or Airbnb for Herceg Novi, Montenegro. Note: If you choose to stay in an apartment, you will likely need to register and pay the Montenegro Tourist Tax on your own (the fee is included when staying at hotels and they take care of the registration for you). In order to accomplish this, your host (or owner, if different) will need to provide you an ownership document to take with you to the Tourist Information Office (along with your passport). The tourist tax fee for Herceg Novi is one Euro per day, per guest.


Shopping Herceg Novi

As a resort town, there are many places for shopping in Herceg Novi. In the Old Town and along the waterfront, most shops cater to tourists – offering souvenirs, swimwear and beach gear.

The biggest shopping center in Herceg Novi is the HDL Novi Mall, which is west of the city center near the Croatian border.

The small produce market in Herceg Novi is tucked into a little plaza just off the big square under the clock tower. Not only is it a good place to pick up fresh, in-season produce, but the vendors also sell olive oil and some souvenirs. 

Travelers who book Herceg Novi accommodations with a kitchen can stock up on groceries at one of the many stores in the city. We personally like the Aroma City Market grocery store near the main bus station, but there is an Idea and Voli near the Old Town.


What To Pack for your Trip to Montenegro

Our final travel tips for Herceg Novi, Montenegro are what to pack for your trip! You can find all of our advice on our Packing Tips blog page – and you can get your Free Packing Checklist here!


Comfortable Shoes

As we mentioned, it’s best to get around Herceg Novi on your own two feet – so don’t forget to pack a good pair of walking shoes. My favorite travel shoes are versatile and lightweight sneakers – but I wear my good flip flops to get to and from the beach.


Beach Gear

Make sure to pack your best beach gear! Your accommodations will likely supply towels (but check to make sure!), but you will need to pack your swimsuit, a floppy beach hat, good sunscreen and polarized sunglasses. Of course, you will need a great travel day bag to carry it all in, as well!

The water in Boka Bay is clear – so bring snorkel gear if you have it. Also, bring water shoes that you can wear on the pebble beaches (trust us on this one!).


Real Travel Camera

Herceg Novi, Montenegro and the Bay of Kotor are incredibly photogenic! We recommend upgrading to a real camera for your trip. We use a Canon Rebel with an everyday 18-135mm lens. It takes excellent quality photos and is a great budget camera for travelers.


Montenegro Travel Insurance

Trip insurance is essential! Not only does it protect against lost luggage and delayed flights, but it also covers the unfortunate case of injury or illness while traveling abroad. Check out the affordable plans at World Nomads.


Start planning your trip to Montenegro! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


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