Budva at sunset

Budva, Montenegro: A day trip from Kotor

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After our first successful day trip from Kotor to Perast, we once again heeded the advice of our Airbnb host and traveled south to Budva, Montenegro – the Budva Riviera on the Adriatic Sea. The historic, walled city of Budva occupies a stretch of land that faces south towards the sea, with beaches extending to both the east and west. More touristy than Kotor, but with an equally rich history, the area around the historic center has been built up with modern hotels, new shopping centers and a few trendy restaurants.

Budva, Montenegro: a daytrip from Kotor for Jetsetting Fools

What to do in Budva, Montenegro:

The Walled City of Budva

Within the old city walls of Budva, Montenegro, there are no shortage of souvenir shops, jewelry stores and restaurants. As we wandered the tangle of streets, we found lanes that lead to windows overlooking the sea and the spacious main square.

The streets nside Budva, Montenegro's walled city


Budva, Montenegro: A window through the wall

On the main square, there are two churches (one Catholic, the other Orthodox), the Citadel and elevated views out to sea. The Catholic church was closed and we werenโ€™t interested in paying the โ‚ฌ2 fee into the Citadel, but we took a look inside the Orthodox church, Holy Trinity. Smaller on the inside than we expected, it was adorned in an array of colorful dรฉcor. In the back of the church, tall candles were lit in prayer and placed in a basin of sand and water. The hot, melting wax hitting the cold water filled the church with an eerie, hissing sound.

Budva, Montenegro main square: Orthodox Church

Budva, Montenegro Citadel and view of sea

Budvaโ€™s Shoreline

Following the main street leading away from the square, we found a smaller square with a doorway through the wall. Poking our heads through, we saw that it led to the shore and a massive outdoor bar/restaurant in the sand. On the sunny, Saturday afternoon the place was hopping, but we managed to snag a table closest to the sea. The imposing city walls of Budva stand tall and strong at the edge of the sea creating a fairytale setting.

Budva, Montenegro: Doorway through the walls to the shore

Budva, Montenegro walls: from the shoreline

West of the restaurants, there is a path along the shore that wraps around the rocks to another, less commercialized beach. It felt quite secluded, even with many other tourists roaming around, but the real treat was the view back to the city under the glow of the setting sun.

Budva, Montenegro: a quiet beach

Budva, Montenegro at sunset

The Budva Harbor

Outside the city walls is a large Budva Harbor, housing everything from row boats to luxury yachts. Old men fish from the docks, sitting on small stools just passing the time. Restaurants line the entire length of the harbor and continue down the beach, a few offering service at tables on the sand.

Budva, Montenegro Harbor

Budva, Montenegro Harbor and a lone fisherman

We want to know: Have you been to Budva, Montenegro? What were your impressions of the city? Tell us in the comments!

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Budva Montenegro a day trip from Kotor JetSetting Fools


13 thoughts on “Budva, Montenegro: A day trip from Kotor

  1. cromercanary

    Great pics! You were right to save money by not visiting the citadel – there’s not much to see apart from a really impressive library and great views from the ramparts.
    Nearby is the entrance to the city wall of Budva, which, while no Dubrovnik, offers outstanding panoramas of the marina, mountain backdrop and all the narrow streets / pretty squares in the old town below.
    And just outside the walls was a gelato stand…with 48 different flavours of the yummiest ice cream ever!! My top memory of Budva! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Anonymous

    I’m not sure I ever heard of Montenegro before — it has proven to be a wonderful place to explore!!!!!! Although I will probably never have the opportunity to visit there, I can enjoy it through your eyes!!!!!

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