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Best Things To Do in Belfast Itinerary

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Belfast, United Kingdom is a top destination for anyone visiting Northern Ireland. The city hosts a handful of fun attractions, features fascinating districts and is within easy reach of the idyllic coastline. Travelers looking for the best things to do in Belfast can use our list to plan their perfect trip – plus we wrap it all into a useful day-by-day Belfast Itinerary.


10 Things To Do in Belfast

Belfast is a unique place to visit. The city appeals to a wide range of visitors for a variety of reasons. Our list of the top Belfast City things to do highlights the best sights, must-see attractions and features a few tips on local cuisine, as well.

Belfast is not a one-dimensional location or a checklist destination. The city has depth, which makes sightseeing in Belfast an intriguing adventure.

Prideful of its contributions during the Industrial Age, Belfast’s historic buildings and maritime past are preserved and put on display. That said, the city doesn’t necessarily shy away from its troubling times and visitors are invited to learn about the conflict firsthand. Furthermore, Belfast is surrounded by abundant nature and some of the region’s most incredible landscapes are nearby.

Visitors planning a trip to Belfast can – even in a short amount of time – experience the best of Belfast, and we’ll show you how!


Belfast City FAQs

Before we jump into our list of what to do in Belfast, we want to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions. These are the basic things to know about Belfast before you set off on your trip.


Is it Belfast, Ireland or Belfast, Northern Ireland?   

Okay, let’s clear up some of the confusion. First, Is Belfast in Ireland? Well, yes and no. Belfast is in Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK. Northern Ireland is not part of the Republic of Ireland.


What is Belfast Famous For?

Belfast has many claims to fame – including the construction of the Titanic, a filming location for Game of Thrones and home to a hefty concentration of pubs and bars.


Is Belfast Safe to Visit?

Belfast has a reputation as a dangerous place (which stems from the times of The Troubles), but recent data shows otherwise. Belfast experiences a rather low crime rate – and the rate of petty crimes (like pickpocketing) is very low when compared to bigger European cities.


Are There Free Things To Do in Belfast?

Absolutely! There are many incredible things to do in Belfast for free. While some of the attractions on our list require a ticket, most are free of charge. Throughout our article, we share money-saving tips for Belfast budget travelers.


Are There Belfast Attractions for Kids?

Yes, there are many family things to do in Belfast! Although our list is not specifically geared towards things to do in Belfast with kids, we do feature many family-friendly sights and attractions.


How Many Days in Belfast?

Many travelers wonder how long to stay in Belfast for a vacation. Is one day in Belfast enough? Is a week too long? To be honest, we think spending 3 days in Belfast is ideal for most visitors. It’s just enough time to see the top sights and go on a day trip from Belfast to the coast.

However, travelers touring Northern Ireland by car or making other stops in the region could spend just 2 days in Belfast and still see all the top sights.


How To Create a Belfast Itinerary

When we were researching cool things to do in Belfast, we came up with a long list of attractions, but struggled a little when it came to fitting everything into a Belfast 3-Day Itinerary. 

Now that we have visited the city and understand the layout a bit better, we tweaked our outlined trip plan for better flow. Therefore, in addition to sharing the best things to see in Belfast, we also feature our perfect 3-Day Belfast Itinerary that will help make your trip planning a breeze!  


Planning a Trip to Belfast

There are many facets to planning a Belfast trip – and deciding what sights to see is just one part of it. Visitors also need to consider how to get there, where to stay and what to pack. We share top tips specific to Belfast travels at the end of the article.

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Additionally, visitors coming from overseas can use our detailed guide to Planning a European Vacation.

In order to stay organized throughout the planning process, we recommend using a Travel Planner. Our printable planner comes with 26 pages of travel organization!

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On our list, we feature the must do things in Belfast for your trip!


#1 See Belfast City Hall and the City Center

Exterior of the Belfast City Hall, Northern Ireland

Topping our Things To Do Belfast list is exploring the city center sights – and the best place to start is at City Hall.


Belfast City Hall

Opened in 1906 in Donegall Square in the heart of the city, Belfast City Hall is a grand civic building. The surrounding gardens host numerous statues and monuments – including the Titanic Memorial Garden and a statue of Queen Victoria.


City Centre Belfast Must See Sights

City Hall is just one of the city center sights. Other Belfast City Centre things to do are climbing to the top of The Dome at Victoria Square Shopping Centre, looking up at the Albert Memorial Clock, standing on the stairs of The Merchant Hotel and visiting St. Anne’s Cathedral.


City Center Belfast Walking Tours

One of the best things to do in Belfast City Centre is to take a tour to get your bearings. Join a fun and entertaining local guide on a walking tour – like this one!

Pro Tip:  Visitors seeking out things to do for free in Belfast can download the DC Tours App for a self-guided walk or join one of the free walking tours.


#2 Walk the Maritime Mile in the Titanic Quarter

Drydock of SS Nomadic, Belfast, NI

Perhaps one of the best free things to do in Belfast is exploring the Belfast Maritime Mile. Start the adventure at The Big Fish Salmon of Knowledge and cross the Lagan Weir pedestrian bridge to the Belfast Harbor Marina.

Walk the 1.5 miles along the water’s edge to the HMS Caroline. The top things to see in Belfast along the route are the SS Nomadic tender boat, Titanic Belfast Museum (which we highlight in detail next), The Slipways, The H & W Samson and Goliath Cranes, The Great Light and the Titanic Dock and Pump House.

Other attractions near the harbor are the W5 Science Museum (next to the SSE Arena Belfast), a series of Game of Thrones glass artworks along with other interesting sculptures.

Pro Tip: To get back to the center of Belfast, either retrace your steps or hop on the G2 Glider Bus on Queens Road (likely the Catalyst Inc stop).


#3 Visit Titanic Belfast Museum

Exterior of the Belfast Titanic Museum

Ranking as one of the Belfast top attractions, the Titanic Museum is not to be missed! The state-of-the-art museum traces the history of the Titanic – from building it right on the docks in Belfast to the moment it sank into the sea during its maiden voyage.

We highly recommend purchasing your entry ticket for the Titanic Belfast Visitor Experience in advance – as they do sell out.

Pro Tip: Looking for indoor activities in Belfast? The Titanic Museum is one of the best things to do in Belfast on a rainy day!


#4 Learn about The Troubles at The Peace Wall

Black Cab at Peace Wall, Belfast, NI

The 30-year period from the late 1960s through the 1990s was a turbulent time for Belfast and Northern Ireland. Now dubbed The Troubles, the conflict divided Northern Ireland along political and religious lines. Riots and violence in Belfast led to separating the two communities by barriers – called Peace Walls.

The Peace Wall that separates the Falls Road community (Irish Nationalist/Catholic) from the Shankill Road community (Unionist/Protestant) on the west side of the city has become one of the more unusual Belfast sights.

Tourists interested in learning about the conflict can tour the neighborhoods to see poignant memorials, evocative street art murals and the stark differences between the two neighboring communities.

The best way to learn about the conflict is with a local tour guide. The famous Black Taxi Tours offer a personal introduction with a balanced viewpoint. Find out more about the Black Cab tour here

Pro Tip: Not up for a tour? Visitors who want to explore on their own can use this map – just be aware that without a local guide, it can be difficult to fully understand the events and sentiments of The Troubles.


#5 Spend an Afternoon in Queens Quarter

South of the city is Queens Quarter, also known as the University Quarter, a hip and fun cultural district in Belfast – and the architecture is astounding.

At the center of the youthful district is Queens University Belfast, which ranks as the largest university in Northern Ireland. The highlight of the campus is the exquisite Tudor-style Lanyon Building, but the thriving café scene is not to be missed!


Belfast Sightseeing in Queens Quarter

While Queens University is at the center of the district, there are two other highly rated attractions worth seeing while there: the Botanical Gardens and Ulster Museum.

The Belfast Botanic Gardens is a 28-acre park that opened in 1828 as the Royal Belfast Botanical Gardens and became public in 1895. The cast iron Palm House Conservatory glasshouse is a must-see at the gardens.

The Ulster Museum sits on the garden grounds as well, and is one of the best museums in Belfast. Displays trace the history of the city through engaging exhibits – and it’s free to visit! 


#6 Seek Out Street Art

Exchange Pl, Street Art, Belfast, NI

In Belfast, street art is everywhere! Expressive street art murals decorate multistory buildings, political messages are spray painted on the walls and artists’ tags cover hidden alleyways.  

Seeking out the best street art is one of the top things to do in Belfast – and the best place to do it is in the Cathedral Quarter. Vibrant, edgy, hip and poignant, we found the street art in the Cathedral Quarter as interesting as art in many museums.

Visitors can wander the district and search for street art on their own or join a tour where a local guide leads the way to the best Belfast murals and explains the history behind them. 

Pro Tip: Want more things to do in Cathedral Quarter Belfast? Pop into The MAC – a performing arts venue with a free contemporary art exhibit!


#7 Shop at St. George’s Market

View of the St. George’s Market, Belfast, NI

If your Belfast trip takes place over a weekend, then the St. George’s Market is a must! The red brick building was constructed in the late 1800s as a chicken and dairy market hall. Today, the buzzing Belfast market hosts 200 vendor stalls selling everything from antiques to modern art and fresh fish and produce.

With live music and food court, you could easily spend a few hours at the market perusing the goods and feasting on local fare. Our favorite spot for food at the market is the Belfast Bap Co, where they make insanely delicious (and massive) breakfast sandwiches. (We share more tips on what to eat in Belfast in a minute.)

Pro Tip: Looking for Belfast souvenirs? Some of the best things to buy in Belfast to remember your trip are hand crafted products – and there are plenty to choose from at the St. George Market!


#8 Go to Giant’s Causeway

View of Giants Causeway, NI

The Giant’s Causeway is a fascinating geological feature on the Northern Irelands Causeway Coast – and seeing it is a must do in Belfast! Created from a volcanic eruption, the UNESCO World Heritage Site consists of thousands of stacked basalt columns on the shoreline that rise out from the sea.

In addition to playing on the hexagonal stepping stones (which is absolutely free of charge), visitors can learn more about the natural history of Giants Causeway and the intriguing legend of the giant, Finn MacCool, inside the Giant’s Causeway Visitor’s Center (ticket required). That said, don’t miss the clifftop walks that extend in both directions and offer unique vantage points over the amazing coastline.


How To Get To Giant’s Causeway from Belfast

There are a few ways to get from Belfast to Giant’s Causeway: Tour, Public Bus or Car.

Giant’s Causeway Tour from Belfast

The most popular way to get to Giant’s Causeway is on an organized tour from Belfast. On a tour, visitors can see multiple attractions along the Causeway Coastal Route – like the Antrim Coast Road, Carrickfergus Castle, Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge and The Dark Hedges (a picturesque tree-lined avenue that served as a Game of Thrones filming location). Book it here!

Belfast to Giant’s Causeway Bus

We, however, waited too long to book our tour and were too late to get a seat. Instead, we opted to take public bus 221 direct from Belfast to Giant’s Causeway. We used the same bus/train all day ticket for our return journey, taking a scenic ride along the coast (and past a castle) to pick up the train from Coleraine to Belfast. In hindsight, however, we would have opted for the cheaper ‘bus only’ all day ticket to save money and time. (We were told the train ride was far more scenic than the bus, but honestly didn’t think that it was.)

Giant’s Causeway by Car

Of course, visitors with a car can drive to Giant’s Causeway. In fact, having a car will allow for a lot more flexibility in how you plan your day. Just be aware that there is a fee to park at Giant’s Causeway and parking is limited. If you need to rent a car for your trip, use our tips on Getting the Best Car Rental Rates


Pro Tip: Interested in more unique things to do in Northern Ireland? Make a stop in the nearby town of Bushmills and visit the famed Old Bushmills Distillery for a tour or tasting. The distillery is the oldest licensed whisky distillery in the world – and it’s just 3 miles from Giant’s Causeway!


#9 Drink a Pint at the Best Belfast Bars

Duke of York. Best Belfast Bars, Northern Ireland

The pubs and bars in Belfast are phenomenal! One of the fun activities in Belfast is to hoist a few pints after a long day of sightseeing. We are highlighting a few of our top picks for the best Belfast pubs.

  • The Duke of York: Located on Commercial Court and famously decorated with heaps of Guinness memorabilia.
  • Whites Tavern: Cozy and dimly lit with exposed brick and wooden beams – and claims of being the Oldest Pub in Belfast.
  • The Deer’s Head: A traditional bar in Belfast featuring beer from its own craft brewery, Bell’s Brewery.
  • Bittles Bar: Narrow bar dating to 1868 with artwork covering the walls.
  • Kelly’s Cellars: Fun bar with live music and one of the best beer gardens in Belfast.
  • Sunflower Pub: A simple neighborhood bar in the Cathedral Quarter that serves Beamish instead of Guinness (and woodfired pizzas from the garden kitchen in the back!).
  • The Crown Liquor Saloon: A classic and classy bar with snugs and early 1800s décor – and rated the Best Pub in Belfast by the late Anthony Bourdain. (Next door, Robinson’s Bar is similar in style with Titanic memorabilia and attracts locals as well as visitors.)

Pro Tip: Many Belfast pubs host live music nights or Trad Sessions, which are a meet up of musicians who play traditional Irish tunes.


#10 Eat the Best Belfast Food

Getting a taste of the local flavor is one of the best things about traveling! During our trip, we were intent on eating food in Belfast that is both traditional and loved by locals. Here are our top picks.

Pro Tip: At most Belfast restaurants, reservations are essential. Plan ahead and book a table if you have specific places you want to eat.


Northern Ireland Boxty

Peppered Beef Strip Northern Ireland Boxty, Belfast

A Northern Ireland specialty, Boxty is a classic meal to eat in Belfast! The dish consists of a potato pancake, which is made from mashed potatoes and raw grated potato, that is then topped with a meaty concoction (like steak and onions or chicken and mushrooms).

Where To Eat Boxty in Belfast: McHughs Bar and Restaurant


Irish Stew

Savory Irish Stew served with soda bread is one of the iconic things to eat in Belfast. The hearty stew is made with tender lamb and root vegetables, (like carrots and potatoes) in a thick broth.

Where to Eat Irish Stew: The Crown Liquor Saloon



With Belfast’s location right on the sea, it’s not surprising that seafood is a major part of the local gastronomy. Oysters are a local specialty, but many dishes feature seafood – like a traditional creamy Seafood Chowder made with cod, smoked haddock, prawns and mussels.

Where To Eat Seafood in Belfast: We loved the seafood chowder at Whites Tavern (and the ambiance, too), but two Belfast restaurants that specialize in seafood are Mourne Seafood Bar and Fish City.


Breakfast in Belfast

Belfast Bap Co.

We are both suckers for a good breakfast sandwich – and the Belfast Bap might be one of the best we have ever had. The bap – an oversized roll – is piled high with sausage, bacon and egg and drenched in brown sauce. Delicious!

The Ulster Fry is Belfast breakfast dish that we did not try – but looks amazing! Similar to a Full English Breakfast, the Ulster Fry features fried eggs, sausage, bacon, black pudding and both soda bread and potato bread (and sometimes a few veggies, like tomato and mushrooms).

Where To Eat a Breakfast: Belfast Bap Co at St. George’s Market for a Breakfast Bap or Granny Annie’s for a Full Ulster Fry.


Afternoon Tea Belfast

While not specifically from Belfast, Afternoon Tea is a tradition that is upheld in the city. The afternoon meal consists of finger sandwiches, scones and tea – and can be accompanied by a bubbly finish.

Where to have Afternoon Tea in Belfast: The Merchant Hotel in the opulent Great Room Restaurant.


Deli Sandwiches

Far and away, the best deli in Belfast is the long-standing Sawers Deli. The shop itself is a foodie’s dream, with unique and hard-to-find products – but the gigantic deli sandwiches are simply out of this world delicious!


Food Trucks in Belfast

The best place to go in Belfast for food truck fare is The Common Market. Several vendors are housed under one roof – along with a bar – in a spacious warehouse. The cool space also has live music. We ordered food from the Al Pastor Mexican Street Food cart – and were blown away by the authentic taste!

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Belfast Map: City Centre and Tourist Attractions

Use this link to Google Maps for an interactive, online version of our Belfast Tourist Attractions Map.

Things To Do in Belfast Map by


More Belfast Things To Do

We have shared our top tips for best places to go and a few unusual things to do in Belfast – but there are more Belfast tourist attractions that might be of interest to fellow travelers.


Linen Quarter and the Grand Opera House Belfast

The area directly south of City Hall is the Linen Quarter, which is named for the many linen warehouses that still stand in the district. Once the thriving center of industry and innovation in the city, the area fell to disuse for a time and only recently has been revitalized.

Old warehouses are being transformed into chic offices and the entire area is getting a makeover.

Entertainment and hospitality thrive in the Linen District. The area is home to some of the best restaurants in Belfast – like the historic Crown Liquor Saloon and the Michelin star restaurant, Eipic.

The Belfast Opera House, which first opened in 1895, is also situated in the Linen Quarter – and visitors today can still watch productions at the ornate theater. Performances include theatrical plays, musicals, ballet and even stand-up comedy.

Nearby Ulster Hall – dating to the mid-1800s – is the city’s premier concert hall, which also hosts fairs and conferences.


Crumlin Road Gaol

The Crumlin Road Gaol operated from 1846 until 1996. After the jail closed its doors, the space was renovated to be a tourist attraction in Belfast.

Visitors can learn about the prisoners held in the jail, how the prison operated during The Troubles and see the Execution Cell. Tickets are required for the Crumlin Road Gaol Experience and can be purchased for a discount online.


Cave Hill and the Belfast Castle

Cave Hill Country Park sits north of the city center with the landmark Belfast Castle perched on the hillside. One of the best Belfast, Ireland things to do outdoors is to hike the walking paths, tour the castle gardens and take in the expansive views over Belfast.

The Belfast Zoo – one of the best Belfast attractions for families – is also located on Cave Hill.


Divis and Black Mountain Hikes

Visitors looking for fun Belfast things to do for free might want to consider hiking in the Belfast Hills, which are west of the city center. Divis and the Black Mountain offer numerous trails with some of the treks providing stunning views.


Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park

South of the city is the Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park. Best known for its rose garden, the park features 128 acres of gardens, forests and meadows.


Ulster Folk Museum

Ulster – the original name of the historic Irish province – has a long history…and it’s on display at the Ulster Folk Museum. Designed as a century-old village, visiting the Ulster Folk Museum is another of the fun things to do in Belfast for families.

Costumed guides bring to life daily chores and crafts from 100 years ago – and visitors can watch demonstrations on tweed weaving and blacksmithing. Tickets are required.


CS Lewis Square

CS Lewis, the renowned author of The Chronicles of Narnia, was born in East Belfast in 1898. Today, a square named in his honor – CS Lewis Square – marks the perfect starting point for exploring the city’s east side and the author’s story. In the area there are 7 bronze statues depicting characters from the book, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Stop by the coffee shop at the EastSide Visitor’s Center to pick up a map that guides visitors to statues and historic points in East Belfast.


How To Spend 3 Days in Belfast

Now that you know what to see in Belfast, Northern Ireland, you need to plan how to fit it all into your itinerary!

During our trip, we planned three full days of adventures. Our outlined trip plan is an ideal itinerary for Belfast in 3 Days that includes what to do and where to eat.


DAY 1 in Belfast

Check into your hotel early – or at least leave your luggage so you can start exploring Belfast. (We share recommendations for the best hotel in Belfast in the next section.)


Tour Belfast City Centre

Set off on foot to see the best Belfast sights in the center of the city.

You can use this link to Google Maps for a route that begins at Belfast City Hall – or let a guide lead the way to the best sights on this tour.


Lunch on Day 1

After touring Belfast City, rest your legs and get a bite to eat at The Common Market. The food hall features vendors doling out international eats in a hip space.

Or, for an upscale mid-day lunch experience, make a reservation for Afternoon Tea at The Merchant Hotel.


Titanic Quarter Exploration

Continue your exploration of Belfast in the Titanic Quarter. Walk the Maritime Mile (use this map link for sights or download the DC Tours app) and visit the Titanic Museum (don’t forget to book your ticket in advance!). 


Dinner and Drinks in City Centre

End your first day in Belfast with a pint of Guinness at The Duke of York. Then, for dinner, eat at the historic Whites Tavern (be sure to make a reservation in advance!).


Day 2

It’s best to get a fairly early start on your second day in Belfast – as there is still a lot to see and do!


St. George’s Market for Breakfast

If it’s a weekend, start off at St. George’s Market for a filling Breakfast Bap and a quick look at the local products from the various vendors. If it’s not the weekend, go to Granny Annie’s for an Ulster Fry.


Peace Wall and The Troubles

Tour the two neighborhoods divided by the Peace Wall, along with the memorials and the Irish Republican History Museum to try to understand the conflict. Use this map for a looping route. 

Alternatively, hire a Black Taxi Tour driver for a better introduction to The Troubles that includes personal insight and experiences.


Lunch on Day 2

Swing into Sawers Deli for a stacked deli sandwich and salad. While at the deli, peruse the goods in the market and consider purchasing a few items that could serve as lunch or snacks for tomorrow’s adventure!


Discover Queens Quarter

After lunch, catch a bus or walk to the Queens Quarter. Visit Queens University campus, stroll through the Botanical Gardens and then stop by the free Ulster Museum.


Dinner and Drinks on Day 2

If you are enjoying the youthful vibe of the University District, stay for dinner and drinks. Holohan’s Pantry is a low-key diner offering good traditional fare, like Boxty – and The Parlour is a local pub popular with students.

Otherwise, head back to the city center for drinks and dinner. Stop by Kelly’s Cellar or Bittles Bar for drinks and then check out McHugh’s for dinner (again, make a reservation, if possible).


Day 3 in Belfast

On the last of your 3 days in Belfast, NI, take a day tour to the northern coastline – but be back in the city for one last meal.


Giant’s Causeway Tour

Embark on an adventure to the northern coastline to see the UNESCO Giant’s Causeway. Whether you decide to take a tour or are taking a DIY trip using the public bus or a car, plan on spending the entire day seeing the coastal sights.


Dinner at Crown Liquor Saloon

Eat your final dinner in Belfast in an iconic location, the Crown Liquor Saloon. Stick around after dinner for a round of drinks – and relish in the jovial atmosphere.  


Travel Tips for Belfast, UK

Now that you know the best places to go in Belfast, we have a few tips to help you plan the rest of your trip.


How To Get to Belfast

Belfast can be reached by plane, train, boat, bus or car. How you get to Belfast will depend on where you are coming from.


Plane to Belfast

There are two airports in Belfast: Belfast International Airport (BFS) and George Best Belfast City Airport (BHD).

The international airport in Belfast is located 20 miles northwest of the city center. Travelers can get from the airport to the city center in about 30 minutes using the bus or taxi or booking private transport in advance

The Belfast City Airport, which is used mostly for flights within the United Kingdom and from the Republic of Ireland, is just 2 miles northeast of the city center. On arrival, visitors can make the short trip into Belfast using public bus 600, a taxi or private transport

Search for the best flights on Skyscanner – but use our tips on Getting the Best Flight Fares first!


Getting Around Belfast

It is relatively easy to get around Belfast on foot – especially when discovering the center, Titanic Quarter, Cathedral Quarter and Linen Quarter.

Visitors who want to explore the Peace Wall or Queens Quarter – or hop a ride back from the Titanic Quarter – can utilize the public transit system. Use the Translink website to find routes and timetables. 


Hop On Hop Off Bus

Belfast Tourists might find it convenient, however, to use the Belfast Hop On Hop Off Bus. The bus offers both 1-day and 2-day passes for unlimited rides. The route includes stops at 20 top tourist destinations, making it incredibly easy to get from sight-to-sight. Find out more!


Where To Stay in Belfast

The best place to stay in Belfast is in the heart of the city, just steps from the top attractions and bars and restaurants. With a range of accommodations in Belfast, there is a place to stay for every budget.  


Belfast Hotels and Hostels

On short trips to any city, we recommend staying in a hotel. There are many hotels in Belfast for travelers to choose from – so we are highlighting just two of the best.

Pro Tip: Use our top tips for Booking the Best Hotels before starting your search!


The Flint Hotel

On our Belfast trip, we stayed at The Flint Hotel – and affordable hotel in the heart of the city. From start to finish, we loved everything about The Flint!

Check in was a breeze – as they offer pre-check in online. The hotel was easy to find; it’s ideally situated between City Hall and the bus/train station and just steps to some of the best sights in Belfast.

The spacious rooms feature comfortable beds, black out curtains, air conditioning and a big shower. Although the hotel does not offer breakfast, each room is equipped with a small kitchen and outfitted with everything you need to make simple meals (and there is a Tesco Express grocery store just around the corner).

Without question, we would stay at The Flint Hotel again and cannot recommend it enough! Check rates and availability for your trip!


The Merchant Hotel

If you want to splash out on your trip to Belfast, The Merchant Hotel is the place to stay!

The luxurious Merchant Hotel is an exceptional hotel centrally located in the Cathedral Quarter. The grandiose hotel features well-appointed rooms with comfortable beds, on-site dining in the domed Great Room Restaurant and a spa. Check rates and availability!


Airbnb Belfast

Travelers who prefer staying in vacation rentals will find many to choose from in Belfast. Both Airbnb and offer short-stay apartment rentals.


What To Pack for Belfast

You are almost ready to go on your vacation – you just need to pack your backpack or suitcase! We are sharing a few must-have items for your Belfast trip, but you can find all of our advice on our Travel Packing Tips blog page. You can also grab your FREE Packing Checklist here!


Walking Shoes

We cover some ground in our Belfast itinerary! Be sure to pack a pair of good, comfortable walking shoes for your trip. I wear versatile and lightweight sneakers for city sightseeing – and they worked great for the trails at the Giants Causeway, as well. Kris is most comfortable wearing Merrell Trail Shoes.

Find more tips in our blog post, The Best Shoes for Traveling.


Belfast Weather Gear

The weather in Belfast can be warm, hot, cool, cold, windy and rainy…all within an hour. Travelers should be prepared for changing weather when visiting Northern Ireland. It is best to dress in layers, bring a raincoat and a travel umbrella.


Travel Camera

Belfast sights – and specifically the coast – are absolutely beautiful! Upgrade to a real travel camera for your trip so that you can capture the beauty of the city and region.

We travel with a DSLR Canon Rebel and use an everyday 18-135mm lens. It’s an excellent camera for budget travelers, as it is affordable, takes quality photos and comes with heaps of accessories.


Day Bag

In our Belfast 3-Day Itinerary, we planned long days of sightseeing, which meant that we had to carry everything we needed for the day with us all day long. To make sure we can stow everything we need, we use small backpacks. Use our tips for finding the Best Day Bag for Traveling.


Travel Insurance

Trip Insurance is more important now than ever! A policy can cover lost luggage, cancelled trips and even illness abroad. If you haven’t already purchased insurance for your trip to Europe, check out the affordable rates and coverage at World Nomads


Pro Tip: Don’t forget to pack your Travel Planner!


We Want To Know: What would you add to our list of Things To Do in Belfast, UK? Would you make any adjustments to our Belfast Itinerary? Tell us in the comments!


Start planning your trip to Belfast! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


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