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15 Best Day Trips from Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Ljubljana – the charming capital of Slovenia – is often the first (and sometimes only) stop for visitors of the country. On our first trip to Slovenia, we were captivated by the magic of the fairy-tale city and, except for one day trip from Ljubljana to Lake Bled, we were happy exploring the city’s history and culinary delights.

We were confident we had navigated our way to the top things to see in Ljubljana, but knew we had missed some of the most beautiful places to visit in Slovenia. On many subsequent trips, we were intent on creating a complete tour of Slovenia and discovered 15 Incredible Day Trips from Ljubljana to add to our Slovenia Itinerary!


Top Day Trips from Ljubljana, Slovenia

Bordered by Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia, the country of Slovenia encompasses less than 8,000 square miles of land. Ljubljana is located in the center and is home to about 300,000 of Slovenia’s 2 million residents.

Slovenia, while small, boasts a diverse landscape – from mountains to beaches to lakes and caves. Sprinkled in the terrain are quaint villages, family vineyards and historic Slovenia castles. We’ve rounded up the top Slovenia places to visit – all of which are reachable by way of Ljubljana Day Trips.


Traveling Around Slovenia

The ideal way to tour Slovenia is by renting car. In fact, with a vehicle, it is possible to create an epic Slovenia road trip without crisscrossing through Ljubljana. Public transportation can be used for many Slovenia day trips on our list, but not all. Organized Slovenia tours are an excellent option for day trips from Ljubljana without a car. For each of our recommended places to see in Slovenia, we have included transport and/or Ljubljana tour options.


Slovenia Travel Itinerary

10 Best Things To Do in Piran, Slovenia

With so many incredible day trips, is Ljubljana worth visiting? YES! Yes! A thousand times, YES! Slovenia’s capital city shouldn’t be missed; we suggest spending at least 2 days in Ljubljana. Check out our Ljubljana itinerary suggestions at the end of this article.

Note: Since we have visited Slovenia multiple times, our list of day trips from Ljubljana include destinations that we actually stayed in, rather than single day trips. We share our Slovenia itinerary tips at the end of the post for more ideas of how to best experience the beauty of Slovenia on a vacation.


15 Day Trips from Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Lake Bled, Slovenia JetSetting Fools

Our list of Ljubljana day trips is organized by type of destination: Lakes, Caves, Coast, Castles, Cities, Wineries, Countryside and Croatia!

Save, Pin or Bookmark our Recommended Day Trips from Ljubljana to plan your vacation to Slovenia!


Slovenia Lakes

Kayaks and mountains at Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

There are an astounding 321 lakes in Slovenia, two of which make our list of top day trips from Ljubljana.


#1 Lake Bled Day Trip

View of the Spectacular Things To See at Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is often touted as one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia – making the Ljubljana to Bled day trip a popular option. In the center of Lake Bled is an idyllic island, occupied by a church, which is reachable via electric boats or classic wooden Plenta rowboats. Hills rise all around Lake Bled, mountain peaks pierce the horizon and a beautiful castle clings to the craggy cliffs. A 4mi/6km path rings Lake Bled, where pedestrians can stroll along the teal water and gawk at the Slovenian landscapes.

High Mala Osojnica Viewpoint, Lake Bled, Slovenia

On our first day trip to Lake Bled from Ljubljana, we hiked the trails on Ostrica where there are two lookout points offering phenomenal views of Lake Bled and the spectacular mountains beyond. On another day trip to Lake Bled, we trekked Vintgar Gorge, a stunningly beautiful river-carved canyon accessible by wooden paths.

{Read about our experience hiking to Lake Bled Scenic Viewpoints and visiting Vintgar Gorge}

Getting from Ljubljana to Bled: For public transportation options, there is both a bus and a train from Ljubljana to Bled. The bus takes visitors to the Lake Bled bus station, which is just a short stroll to the lake. The train takes passengers to the town of Lesce Bled, which requires a taxi, bus or hike to get to the lake. Check the Ljubljana to Bled bus schedule and Bled to Ljubljana train schedule to plan your trip to Lake Bled.

Lake Bled Tours from Ljubljana: There are ample options for day tours from Ljubljana to Lake Bled. Check out these highly-rated tours: Bled Fairytale Tour, and Bled Sightseeing with Region Creme Cake Tasting.


#2 Lake Bohinj Day Trip

St. John the Baptist Church at Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

While Lake Bled reigns as the most popular lake in Slovenia, our preferred lake retreat is Lake Bohinj. More rustic than Bled, Bohinj is a crystal-clear, glacial lake…and a great starting point for Slovenia hiking (from easy hourlong hikes to multiday treks).

Kids swimming in Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Located within the boundaries of Triglav National Park, Lake Bohinj is also an ideal destination for swimming, soaking in the nature and simply relaxing. If you can fit it into your Slovenia Itinerary, we recommend spending a few days at Lake Bohinj to fully take advantage of the region.

Pro Tip: If you stay more than a day, take a day trip from Lake Bohinj and ride through the Soca Valley on a Scenic Train to Nova Gorica, a town on the Slovenia/Italy border.

{Read our experience Hiking Near Lake Bohinj and use our 3-Day Lake Bohinj Itinerary to plan a longer stay}

Getting from Ljubljana to Bohinj: The best way to travel from Ljubljana to Bohinj is by bus. Check the Lake Bohinj to Ljubljana bus schedule to plan your trip to Lake Bohinj.

Tours from Ljubljana to Lake Bohinj: There are several Ljubljana tours that include a visit to Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled. Check out these top-rated tours: Bled and Bohinj Valley Tour and Alpine Region Day Trip.


Slovenia Caves

View of Cave Formations, Postojna, Slovenia

A trip to Slovenia wouldn’t be complete without exploring the country’s southwestern Karst Region. Over millions of years, water has eroded the limestone creating fascinating caves of all sizes. In fact, there have been 11,000 caves discovered below the earth’s surface in Slovenia, and two are easily reachable on a Ljubljana Day Trip.


#3 Postojna Cave

Amazing Large Cave, Postojna, Slovenia

Postojna Cave has been a Slovenia tourist attraction and top Ljubljana excursion since the mid-1800s. Today, guests ride a train 1.25mi/2km into Postojna Cave on guided tours. We suggest spending the entire day at Postojna, and combining it with a trip to Predjama Castle (more on that later in the Slovenia Castle section).

{Read more about our tour of the amazing Postojna Caves}

Getting from Ljubljana to Postojna Cave: There is a Ljubljana to Postojna Caves bus that makes it easy to make a day trip from Ljubljana to Postojna. We used the bus, which conveniently stops in the Postojna parking lot. Read the How To Get Here section of the Postojna website or check the Ljubljana to Postojna Caves bus schedule to plan your own trip.

Postojna Cave Tours from Ljubljana: Several Ljubljana day tours depart for Postojna Cave. Check out these Ljubljana Caves Tour: Postojna and Predjama Castle Tour and the extremely popular Postojna Cave, Predjama Castle and Lake Bled Tour.


#4 Skocjan Cave

Best View above Skocjan Cave, Slovenia

The UNESCO World Heritage Skocjan Cave is another one of the fascinating Slovenia day trips from Ljubljana. Skocjan Cave ranks as the world’s largest underground canyon; the river that carved the cave still flows through it. Guided tours into the cavernous space last about 2.5 hours.

Tunnel exit when leaving Skocjan Cave, Slovenia

{Read about our trip to Skocjan Cave and Divaca, Slovenia}

How to get to Skocjan Caves from Ljubljana: There is a bus from Ljubljana to Skocjan Caves (rather, to the town of Divaca) and making a compete day trip to Skocjan Caves from Ljubljana by bus is possible, but you will want to plan your departure time to align with your Skocjan Cave tour. Be sure to first check bus schedules and tour times. We took the bus from Ljubljana, but stayed one night in Divaca, then continued on to the coastal town of Piran. See our next suggested Ljubljana trip for more on that!

Skocjan Caves Tour from Ljubljana: A Skocjan Caves day trip from Ljubljana organized tour usually includes at least one additional stop in western Slovenia. Check out these full-day Ljubljana excursions: Skocjan Caves, Predjama Castle and Piran tour and Skocjan and Horse Farm Tour.


Slovenia Coast

View of the Point of Piran, Slovenia

The short 29-mile-long coastline on the Adriatic Sea makes Slovenia beach holidays possible…and Piran is the place to go!


#5 Piran, Slovenia

Piran peninsula view from St. Geroge's Church Bell Tower in Piran, Slovenia

Gorgeous and historic Piran is a jumble of cobblestone streets and Medieval stone dwellings built on a peninsula – and one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia to visit. On a Ljubljana to Piran day trip, visit the town sights, swim in the sea, walk the coastline path to Strunjan or cruise on a boat to the town of Izola.

Stroll the Piran Harbor, Slovenia

{Read more about Things To See in Piran and Walking to Strunjan}

How to get from Ljubljana to Piran: There is a Ljubljana-Piran bus that runs several times a day and takes about 2.5 hours each way. Check the Piran-Ljubljana bus schedule to plan your trip.

Slovenia Day Tours from Ljubljana to Piran: Getting a glimpse of the Adriatic Sea is one of the best day trips from Ljubljana! Check out these popular tours: Piran and Portoroz Half-Day Trip and the Slovenia Coast and Karst Trip.


Slovenia Castles

Up close view and detail of the Predjama Castle in a Cave, Slovenia

Don’t all enchanted lands have castles? Well in Slovenia, there are 96! The country’s two most famous castles are Ljubljana Castle and Lake Bled Castle, however, for fanatics there are more Slovenia castles that are just a quick day trip from Ljubljana. 


#6 Celje Castle

View From The Castle, Celje, Slovenia

Celje Castle sits proudly on a hilltop overlooking the town of…Celje! The castle dates to the 1100s and features a 75-foot-tall tower – and has completely been restored. Visitors of Celje Castle can walk the grounds and climb the tower for 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape. If time allows, take a walk through the charming city of Celje and enjoy a Slovenian coffee or traditional meal.

{Read about our day trip to amazing Celje Castle}

Getting from Ljubljana to Celje: There are trains and buses that travel from Ljubljana to Celje, but not directly to the castle. Once in Celje, you will need to take a taxi or walk up the hill to the Celje Castle. Ask for information at the tourist office.

Day Tours to Celje Castle: Day trips from Ljubljana, Slovenia to Celje Castle and Ptuj (more on Ptuj below) can be booked with the official Visit Ljubljana Tourist Office or on the Visit Ljubljana website


#7 Predjama Castle

The Best View approaching Predjama Castle, Slovenia

We visited Predjama Castle as part of our Ljubljana day trip to Postojna Cave. The most famous Slovenian castle clings to the side of a 400-foot cliff, incorporating a natural cave into the dwelling. Inside the 800-year-old Predjama Castle, visitors tour furnished rooms and can even explore the secret passages of the cave. An informative audio guide is included with admission.

{Read our complete guide to Predjama Castle}

How to get from Ljubljana to Predjama Castle: To get to Predjama Castle from Ljubljana, we took the public bus direct to Postojna Cave (see #3 above) – and then boarded a shuttle bus (only available from April through October) to travel the 5.5mi/9km to Predjama Castle. In winter, without a car, a Predjama Castle Tour may be the only option.

Day Tours from Ljubljana, Slovenia to Predjama Castle: Most day tours to Predjama Castle include multiple stops, with the Castle/Cave Combo being the most popular. Buy your Predjama Castle ticket in advance or book one of these tours: Predjama Castle and Postojna Cave Tour or a full-day tour to Predjama Castle, Postojna Cave, Lake Bled and Vintgar Gorge Tour.


#8 Ptuj, Slovenia

Bell Tower view from Ptuj Castle in Ptuj, Slovenia

Cute Ptuj is Slovenia’s oldest town, which has been inhabited since the Stone Age and was developed as a Roman fortress. The Ptuj Castle that sits above the town dates to the 12th century. Travelers can visit the museum inside the Ptuj Castle and take in the sweeping views from the terrace. Speaking of incredible vistas, be sure to walk the Dravska brv pedestrian bridge for another fantastic view of Ptuj as well!

Ptuj Castle in Ptuj, Slovenia

Getting from Ljubljana to Ptuj: There are both trains and buses that transport passengers from Ljubljana to Ptuj, but it takes about 2.5 to 3 hours each way. Self-driving cuts that time in half.

Ljubljana, Slovenia Tours to Ptuj: Tours from Ljubljana to Ptuj include multiple stops – usually incorporating a visit to the nearby city of Maribor (more on that below). Check out this private Ptuj and Maribor Day Trip


#9 Skofja Loka, Slovenia

City wall and Skofja Loka Castle in Skofja Loka, Slovenia

The town of Skofja Loka is one of best preserved Medieval towns in Slovenia – and standing above the town is the impressive Skofja Loka Castle. Although a portion of the castle dates to the 13th century, the building suffered damage from an earthquake in 1511 and has since undergone several renovations. The castle now hosts the Museum of Skofja Loka, but it’s also worthwhile to roam the castle grounds to a historic mill house, garden, barn and outdoor theater.

{Read more about the Sights in Skofja Loka, Slovenia}

Capuchin Bridge, one of the historic sights in Skofja Loka

How to get from Ljubljana to Skofja Loka: Skofja Loka is one of the top places to visit near Ljubljana – as the town is only 16mi/26km away. There is a Ljubljana-Skofja Loka bus that departs multiple times a day and takes about 45 minutes. 

Day Trips from Ljubljana to Skofja Loka: Taking a self-guided day trip from Ljubljana to Skofja Loka is fairly simple, but you can combine 3 sights with this small-group, guided Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj, Skofja Loka Combo Tour. 


Slovenia Cities

Fountain at Levstikov Trg, Ljubljana, Slovenia

There are 67 towns in Slovenia, but only 16 of them have a population in excess of 10,000 residents. We suggest checking out a few Slovenian cities beyond Ljubljana to round out your experience!


#10 Kranj, Slovenia

Get the Best View of Kranj, Slovenia

Kranj is the 4th largest city in Slovenia – and is also just 16 miles from the capital of Ljubljana – yet it is often overlooked as a destination. Although it might not be bursting with sights, we found a pleasant mix of history, culture and nature in Kranj. The city features art galleries and riverside trails, but the most interesting Kranj sight are the man-made tunnels built during World War II.

{Read our list of Things To Do in Kranj, Slovenia}

Church Tower, Kranj, Slovenia

Getting from Ljubljana to Kranj: Travelers can reach Kranj from Ljubljana by bus or train, although the train station is a bit of a walk uphill to the center whereas there is a bus stop in the city center. 

Day Trips from Ljubljana to Kranj: Taking a self-guided day trip to Kranj is the best option. Once in Kranj, ask for assistance from the Tourist Information Office about visiting the tunnels.


#11 Maribor, Slovenia

Plague Column and Town Hall on Glavni Trg Main Square in Maribor, Slovenia

Maribor – rated one of the best cities in Slovenia to visit – is located in the northeastern part of the country, just 11mi/18km from the Austrian border. It’s Slovenia’s 2nd largest city, but has a distinctly different vibe than Ljubljana. Maribor features a large university, abounds in nature retreats for all seasons and boasts a phenomenal wine culture. In fact, the Oldest Vine in the World grows in the Maribor Old Town.

{Read our Marvellous Reasons to Visit Maribor}

Chapel at top of Pyramid Hill Piramida in Maribor, Slovenia

Getting from Ljubljana to Maribor: Buses and trains make the trip from Ljubljana to Maribor. Check schedules to see which works best for your daily adventure.

Day Trips from Ljubljana to Maribor: Slovenia sightseeing tours from Ljubljana to Maribor feature the region’s wine, creating a fabulous opportunity to see the northeastern region of the country and sample the wine! Book a wine tasting tour to Maribor and Ptuj


Slovenia Wineries

Bottles of Slovenian Wine at Hisa Vin Rondic

Slovenia has a long history of viticulture that pre-dates the introduction of wine to France. Today, there are 14 distinct Slovenian wine regions and more than 28,000 wineries in the country.  

{Read about our experience Slovenian Wine Tasting}


#12 Vipava Valley

Vineyards of HIsa Vin Rondic in Vipava Valley, Slap, Slovenia

The Vipava Valley, north of Slovenia’s Karst region, is known for it’s rich soil and mild climate – ideal conditions for growing grapes. There are three varietals of white grapes that are indigenous to the region: Zelen, Pinela and Vitovska Garganja. There are many wineries in the region, but our top recommendation is Hisa vin Rondic in the town of Slap.

Method of traditionally fermenting cabernet grapes to make Slovenian Wine


Getting from Ljubljana to Vipava Valley: Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to take public transportation to Vipava Valley – and not a viable option once you get there. We recommend renting a car to best enjoy your time in Vipava Valley.


#13 Prekmurje, Slovenia

Vineyards of Hisa Vina Cuk in Prekmurje, Slovenia

The Prekmurje region lies in the easternmost part of Slovenia near the borders of Hungary and Croatia, where small villages and family-run vineyards are both ample. Prekmurje is one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia. We recommend visiting Hisa Vina Cuk to try their wine and other culinary delights!

Getting from Ljubljana to Prekmurje: It is also quite difficult to take public transportation to Prekmurje. We recommend using a car and having a designated driver for this Ljubljana day trip.


Slovenia Countryside

Wooden hut in Pasture in Gorjuse in Pokljuka near Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

The Slovenia countryside is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but abounds with local cuisine and wide-open nature.


#14 Glamping in Slovenia

Red Canoes at Big Berry, Bela Krajina, Slovenia

Along Slovenia’s southern border lies the Bela Krajina region. The area is highlighted by rolling hills, rambling rivers and quaint Slovenian villages. There is an emphasis on tradition; family-run farms, passed-down recipes and friendly neighbors reign in this part of Slovenia.

We were introduced to the region – and its people – when we spent a few days Glamping at Big Berry. We definitely recommend making time in your Slovenia Itinerary to spend more than a day here!

Glamping House at Big Berry, Bela Krajina, Slovenia

{Read about Bela Krajina, Slovenia and Our Big Berry Experience}

Getting from Ljubljana to Bela Krajina: We do not recommend taking public transportation to Bela Krajina – renting a car is the best way to discover the Bela Krajina region.

Day Trips in Slovenia to Bela Krajina: You can plan your day trip from Ljubljana to Bela Krajina with a car or if you have more time, book a stay with Big Berry.


Slovenia to Croatia Day Trip

Statue of King Tomislav on Square, Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia is Slovenia’s southern neighbor – and both countries were formally part of Yugoslavia. They may bear many similarities, but the two countries have their unique personalities. We can absolutely recommend visiting both and be sure to check out our detailed Croatia Travel Guides!


#15 Zagreb, Croatia

Sunset on St. Mark's Church in Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is Croatia’s thriving capital city – which is just a little over a 2-hour drive from Ljubljana and one of the great day trips from Slovenia to a neighboring country. Although it is not the Croatia coastline that many tourists envision, Zagreb is a fabulous city to explore for a day!

Flowers line walkway to Croatia National Theater in Zagreb, Croatia

With a full-day and a car rental, we recommend visiting some of the other towns in the region, like Varazdin, Samobor and Krapina. Ambitious Zagreb Day Trippers may even be able to squeeze in a visit to Plitvice Lakes!

{Read our list of Best Things To Do in Zagreb, Croatia}

Getting from Ljubljana to Zagreb: Travelers can use public transportation – bus or train – to travel from Ljubljana to Zagreb in one day. However, if exploring the area, a car will be required to make the trip in a single day from Ljubljana.

Day Trips in Slovenia to Zagreb: Planning a day trip from Ljubljana to Zagreb is not difficult using public transport, however, if you would rather travel with a guide, you can book a tour Viator


Day Trips from Ljubljana Map 

Ljubljana Castle views through the ramparts

Find an interactive map of our Top Slovenia Day Trips from Ljubljana on this Google Map.Subscribe Packing Checklist by JetSettingFools.com


More Day Trips from Ljubljana, Slovenia

Incredible Mountains near Kranj, Slovenia

We highlighted our top day tours in Slovenia based on our experience, but there are more Ljubljana day trips that might suit your interests! 


Active Slovenia Tours

Biking and hiking in Slovenia is a fantastic way to see the country – and there are several hiking and biking tours in Slovenia for active tourists! 

Slovenia’s emerald rivers are perfect for a rafting day trip! Book a rafting adventure in Slovenia on a Sava River Rafting and Lake Bled Tour or immerse yourself in Slovenia’s stunningly beautiful nature on the National Treasures Tour


Multi-Destination Day Trips from Ljubljana

Being such a small country, it is easy to visit multiple destinations on a single day trip from Ljubljana. Here, we highlight the most popular multi-destination day tours from Ljubljana. 

Lake Bled, Postojna Cave and Predjama Castlebook here

Predjama Castle, Skocjan Caves and Pirancheck here

Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj and Skofja Lokainquire here

Skocjan and Lipica Stud Farmbook here

Maribor, Ptuj, Jeruzalemreserve here


Culinary Tours in Slovenia

Indulging in Slovenia’s cuisine is a highlight of any trip to the country! Get a taste of the regional fare on these Slovenia culinary tours:

Pro Tip: For a culinary tour that doesn’t leave the city of Ljubljana, book a tour with Ljubljanajam


Hidden Gem Day Trips from Ljubljana

Let a guide lead you off the beaten path on a tour of Slovenia’s hidden gems. Visit little-known jewels on the Off The Beaten Path Tour


Day Trips from Slovenia to Neighboring Countries

Slovenia’s small size bodes well for those who want to travel across borders for day trips from Ljubljana. In addition to heading south across the border to (#15) Zagreb, Croatia, travelers can go on day trips from Ljubljana to neighboring Italy and Austria. 

  • Check here for day trips from Ljubljana to Venice, Italy
  • Book here for day trips from Ljubljana to Graz, Austria
  • Inquire here for day trips from Ljubljana to Vienna, Austria
  • Reserve here for day trips from Ljubljana to Salzburg, Austria


More Ideas for Your Slovenia Itinerary

Fountain in square in Ljubljana, Slovenia

We think the best time to visit Slovenia is…anytime! We’ve toured the country in all seasons, but our preferred time is in the late summer or autumn.


How Many Days To Spend in Slovenia?

Before we get to how many days to spend in Slovenia, let’s talk about how many days in Ljubljana. One day in Ljubljana is simply not enough! The city is filled with iconic sights, buzzing cafes and loads of interesting things to see. We recommend spending 2 full days in Ljubljana to visit the castle, walk the bridges, admire the architecture and soak in the charm. 

{Read our top tips on Ljubljana Sightseeing and the best way to spend One Day in Ljubljana}


Sample Itinerary Slovenia

To answer the question, “How many days to spend in Slovenia?” we think 7 days in Slovenia is ideal. However, these sample Slovenia itineraries can help you plan the time you have allotted for your visit in Slovenia. Note: We have inserted Slovenia day trip suggestions for each sample itinerary, but feel free to substitute the Ljubljana day tours that fit your interests!


Slovenia Itinerary 3 Days

With 3 Days in Slovenia, spend 2 days sightseeing in Ljubljana and take one day tour from Ljubljana – popular day trip choices are Lake Bled or Postojna Cave.


Slovenia Itinerary 4 Days

With 4 Days in Slovenia, spend 2 days sightseeing in Ljubljana and take one full-day tour from Ljubljana to Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle and a half-day tour to Lake Bled and a half-day tour to Kranj.


Slovenia Itinerary 5 Days

With 5 Days in Slovenia, spend 3 days sightseeing in Ljubljana and a 2-day trip to Piran (making a stop at Skocjan Cave along the way).


Slovenia Itinerary 7 Days

With 7 Days in Slovenia, spend 2 days sightseeing Ljubljana, a 2-day trip to Piran (making a stop at Skocjan Cave or Postojna Cave along the way), a 2-day trip to Lake Bohinj and your final day with more sightseeing in Ljubljana.


Slovenia Itinerary 10 Days

With 10 Days in Slovenia, follow the 1 week in Slovenia itinerary and spend the three remaining days taking Ljubljana sightseeing tours. Ideally, alternate your Slovenia day trips with time in Ljubljana. Otherwise, for an epic road trip of Slovenia, rent a car and cover all corners of the country by visiting all of our 15 Day Trips from Ljubljana!


Our Top Tips For Your Trip to Slovenia

Beautiful Lake close to Kranj, Slovenia

We have a few more insider tips and packing hacks before you go to Slovenia!


Where To Stay in Slovenia

There are ample options when it comes to places to stay in Slovenia – from hotels to apartments to guesthouses and farmstays. If you are using Ljubljana as a base, here are our recommendations for where to stay in Ljubljana.

In Ljubljana, we have always stayed in Airbnb Apartments. We have found that staying in apartments is often less expensive than hotel rooms – with the added benefit of a kitchen and, usually, more space. 

However, for those who prefer staying in traditional accommodations, there are many Ljubljana Hotels to choose from in – or close to – the city center. Check out these top-rated hotels (based on guest reviews) for your upcoming trip: Hotel Cubo, Adora Hotel, Grand Hotel Union

Budget travelers can search for Ljubljana Hostels – like Hostel Tresor, Vila Veselova Hostel or Hostel Zeppelin


How To Get to Slovenia

Slovenia can be reached by plane, train, bus or car. The international airport is the Ljubljana Joze Pucnik Airport (LJU), which is located 15mi/24km from the city. Book airport transfers to the city in advance.

Our preferred method of getting anywhere is by flying (we are JetSetting Fools, after all!). When we need to purchase plane tickets, we start our search for the best deals on airline tickets on Skyscanner.


Before You Go to Slovenia

Start planning your trip to Slovenia! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel advice? Head over to our Travel Planning Page for tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides Page!


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15 Day Trips from Ljubljana Slovenia Itinerary by JetSettingFools.com

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