All The Best Things To Do in Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

10 Top Things To Do in Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

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Lake Bohinj, Slovenia is a postcard-picture scene. It’s naturally cloaked in hues of unbelievable blues and shades of intense green. Cradled around the Julian Alps, Lake Bohinj is watched over by the mountain peaks and is protected within the boundaries of Triglav National Park.

The sublime nature is the top attraction at Bohinj. A waterfall tumbles over the edge of a cliff in a long streaming ribbon. A gorgeous gorge is carved through dense forest. A cable car whisks visitors to a mountaintop for outstanding panoramic views. Nature enthusiasts are spoiled for choice when it comes to things to do in Lake Bohinj – and we are showcasing the best activities!


Best Things To Do in Lake Bohinj

Reflection in the Clear Water of Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Our list highlights the must-see sights at Bohinj Lake. We also share a map of attractions and top travel tips – like how to get there and a sample itinerary – later in the article.

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#1 Hop Aboard a Boat on Lake Bohinj

Electric Tourist Boat, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

The utterly beautiful lake in Bohinj is, naturally, the top feature of the area – and the best place to start your discovery of the region. That is why hopping aboard a boat, where you can take in the idyllic scenery from a unique perspective, tops our list of Things To Do Lake Bohinj!

The glacial Bohinjsko Jezero ranks as Slovenia’s largest natural lake. It measures nearly 2.5 miles in length and has a depth of up to 145 feet. The electric Bohinj Tourist Boat, which ferries passengers back and forth from Ribcev Laz on the east end of the lake to Ukanc on the west, offers sensational vistas of the surroundings.

Summer Sunset, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

During the 30-minute journey, passengers can listen to the fact-filled commentary – or simply savor the passing scenes. Tickets can be purchased at the point of boarding and are paid in cash; alternatively, visitors can buy tickets online. Adult one-way tickets cost €9 and the price for a roundtrip ticket is €14.

Fun Fact: The water in Lake Bohinj completely – and naturally – cycles out three times a year. Water enters the lake from Savica Stream on the west and exits it via Sava Bohnijka to the east. The natural flow keeps the lake water impeccably fresh. In fact, it’s so clean that Lake Bohinj water is considered potable outside of the peak summer season.


#2 See the Streaming Savica Waterfall

View of Waterfall Savica, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Hiking to Savica Falls is a must-do when visiting Lake Bohinj. The tumbling Bohinj waterfall, which flows in two streams, is a magnificent sight.

Flowing from an underground source, the water spills down the side of the cliff. The longest stream measures 255 feet, while the second stream drops 82 feet. The waterfall is the sole, continuous source of water that fills Lake Bohinj.

The Savica Falls are located on the west end of the lake near Ukanc. Travelers can drive, take a bus or hike to the Savica Hut, which marks the point of entry. From the hut, visitors climb about 500 stairs to the waterfall viewing platform.

The roundtrip Savica hike from the entrance takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Visitors hiking up from the lakeside in Ukanc should allow 2 to 3 hours for the roundtrip trek. Tickets are required for the Slovenia Slap Savica Waterfall viewpoint and cost €4.


#3 Ride the Lake Bohinj Cable Car

Vogel Cable Car, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Without a doubt, one of the best things to do in Bohinj, Slovenia is to get an elevated view of the lake that also encompasses the Julian Alps and the encircling Triglav NP. The prime way to do it is via the Mount Vogel Cable Car ride.

From the Valley Station, it’s just a short 4.2 minute ride up the mountainside to the Vogel Ski Center (Watch our video). After taking in the spectacular scenic panorama, visitors can enjoy a drink or meal at the chalet restaurant. 

Adventurous travelers spend hours tromping around the trails on the mountaintop. Short treks take as little as 45 minutes, while longer hikes from Vogel Ski Center can take 5-6 hours.

Whatever you choose to do, you’ll likely want to make the most of it, as Bohinj Vogel Cable Car prices are a bit steep. The roundtrip journey costs €30 for adults. A one-way ticket is only slightly less, at €22. Budget travelers can hike up to the summit for free!


#4 Hike Mostnica Gorge Trail

Clear Water in Mostnica Gorge, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

The Mostnica Gorge is one of the gorgeous natural attractions at Lake Bohinj. A crystal-clear stream flows through the deeply cut, narrow gorge – and the Voje Valley Trail follows alongside a lengthy section of it. Initially, the trail is enveloped in forest, but then emerges into open pastures. When it re-enters the forest, the trail continues to the Mostnica Waterfall.

Flowing Mostnica Waterfall, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

The roundtrip Mostnica Gorge hike to the waterfall begins in Stara Fuzina and takes about four hours to complete. That said, the trek is technically an out-and-back route along either side of the water, so hikers can opt to turn back at any point.

During the hike you’ll pass two lodges that serve food and drinks. The restaurants – Planinska koca na Vojah and Slap Voje Pavel Kozelj – provide a nice place to rest and fuel up on the trail. However, we opted to bring our own picnic lunch.

As hiking Mostnica Gorge is one of the top Lake Bohinj things to do, there is a fee to access the trail. The adult entry ticket is €4. We share more details and tips in our Guide to Lake Bohinj Hiking.


#5 Splash around Lake Bohinj

Group of Kayaks at Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

In the height of summer, the sun warms the frigid lake to a temperature of 71˚F, which is just warm enough for a refreshing swim. We preferred to slowly ease into the shallow water along the eastern shore. However, brave swimmers can plunge in from the end of the dock next to Kramar Restaurant.

Kids Playing in Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

That said, Lake Bohinj swimming is only one way to enjoy the chilly waters. Visitors can partake in several fun lake activities – from kayaking to paddle boarding. You can even rent old-school row boats for a paddle around the lake. Shoreline rentals for a rowboat, kayak or stand-up paddleboard are available in both Ribcev Laz and Ukanc.

Swimming Platform, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

In addition to paddling and splashing around the water, simply enjoying the serene views is one of the top things to do at Lake Bohinj. We think that one of the best times to experience the lake is before the crowds arrive. In the early morning, visitors can find stillness and solitude at the lakeside. The low light and lack of people make mornings a great time to take photos, too!


#6 Visit St. John the Baptist Church and Stone Bridge

Exterior view of the famous St. John the Baptist Church Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Standing as symbol of Lake Bohinj, St. John the Baptist Church – or Cerkev Sv. Janeza Krstnika – dates to the 13th century. The iconic church, with its rising bell tower, sits on the eastern shore of the lake next to the famous Stone Bridge.

For a small fee (€3.50), visitors can step inside the Saint John the Baptist Church to see the beautifully decorated interior. The highlight is the ancient painted frescoes (look for the White Devil on Cain’s shoulder). For an additional fee, guests can climb the bell tower for nice views, as well.

The bucolic Stone Bridge straddles the Sava Bohnijka River. The arched bridge was built in 1926 and stands as a protected monument. The bridge and church together are one of the most photographed Lake Bohinj attractions.

Note that the bridge itself offers stunning lake views. It’s a favorite place to take lake photos – just be mindful when snapping pictures, as the bridge is still used for vehicular traffic.


#7 Discover the Alpine Dairy Museum

For most visitors, Lake Bohinj is a recreation destination – but for hundreds of years, shepherding the surrounding land has been a way of life. At the Alpine Dairy Museum in Stara Fuzina, visitors can learn about the mountain farming shepherds and the cheese-making process.

Exhibits in the small museum detail the culture of the farmers – including the houses they lived in and the tools they used to make dairy products. Signs are in English and the friendly staff happily provide further explanations.

While we wouldn’t necessarily consider the museum to be a Bohinj must-see sight, the Planšarski Muzej is certainly an interesting places to learn about Alpine living. The adult admission fee is €3.50 – and they offer a cost-saving combo ticket that includes other Bohinj museums.


#8 Explore the Region on the Scenic Bohinj Railway

Soca Valley Scenic Train Bridge, Slovenia

Built in the early 1900s to connect Jesenice, Slovenia to Trieste, Italy, the Bohinj Railway is an excellent way to see more of the area. The route traverses the Soca Valley, taking passengers through tunnels and across bridges.

Between Bohinjska Bistrica and the border town of Nova Gorica, the railroad passes through the 4-mile-long Bohinj Tunnel and runs parallel to beautiful blue rivers. The highlight of the ride is crossing Solkan Bridge, the longest stone arch bridge in the world. Watch the video highlights of our ride on the Bohinj Railway.

View of Soca Valley from the Scenic Train, Slovenia

The train ride is more about the journey than the destination, but there is one fun thing to see in Nova Gorica: Europe Square. Sitting just outside the train station, the Italian-Slovenian border runs through the middle of the square, so you can literally stand in two countries at once!

Travelers who want to ride the train from Bohinj Bistrica to Nova Gorica should allow about 5 hours for the journey. The ride itself takes about 1.5 hours each way – plus the 1.5 hours in Nova Gorica. To get to Bohinj Bistrica train station, visitors can catch a bus or drive. We share more detailed tips in our article, Riding the Famous Scenic Train in Slovenia.


#9 Snap a Photo with the Zlatorog Statue

Statue of the Zlatorog, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

The emblematic Zlatorog Statue on the southern shore of the lake is not to be missed! The mythical Zlatorog – or Golden Horn – is a legendary tale of a deer-like creature that lives on Mount Triglav.

Today, one of the top Lake Bohinj attractions is the Golden Horn Statue, that is perched atop a craggy rock and backdropped by wonderful views. The statue of Zlatorog can be reached via the Circumference Trail from Stone Bridge in just 3 minutes. Note that completing the entire Bohinj Lake Circumference Trail takes about 3-4 hours.


#10 Take a Trip to Lake Bled and Vintgar Gorge

Mala Osojnica is for the Prime Views, Lake Bled, Slovenia

Iconic Lake Bled is just 15 miles northeast of Lake Bohinj, making it possible to visit both of the famous Slovenia lakes in a single day. Lake Bled is renowned for its enchanting island and cliff-topping castle. We suggest allowing enough time to hike to the Best Lake Bled Viewpoints

When visiting Lake Bled, it’s also worthwhile to make a stop at nearby Vintgar Gorge. One of the best natural attractions in the region, the canyon is lined with wooden-planked walkways, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in more incredible nature.

Getting from Lake Bohinj to Lake Bled is fairly straightforward – as the direct route is an easy drive by car or a short bus ride. Use all our advice for What To Do in Lake Bled to plan your trip!

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Where To Eat: Lake Bohinj Restaurants

Outdoor patio and restaurant near Vogel Ski Center in Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

The restaurants at Lake Bohinj range from quick take-away spots (with options of cevapcici and pizzas) to gostilnas serving traditional Slovenian meals (typically grilled meats and pasta dishes). Many accommodations double as eateries and serve basic (and delicious) homecooked meals.

Bakeries offer a local specialty, burek, which is a pastry stuffed with meat or cheese that is filling enough for any meal. Our top picks for the best restaurants in Lake Bohinj are marked on our map below!


Rebcev Laz Restaurants

In Ribčev Laz, our favorite place to eat is Restavracija Kramar, which is situated directly on Lake Bohinj. They serve excellent pizzas, truffle pastas, grilled meat and fresh trout. Just be aware that it is cash-only.

Other recommended dining establishment near the lake in Ribcev Laz are Pod Skalco and Foksner. While not directly on the lake, these restaurants feature spacious patios, super views and fantastic food.


Ukanc Restaurants

In Ukanc, near the Electric Tourist Boat dock, Restaurant Ukanc offers a menu of pizzas, risotto and burgers at fair prices. More Ukanc Bohinj restaurants, like Planinski dom Savica (try the soup), can be found near the Slap Savacia Slovenia Waterfall entrance.


Places to Eat in Stara Fuzina

In Stara Fuzina, Gostilna in Picerija Pr’ Mihovc serves traditional fare. Try the local homemade dishes – like Kranjska Klobasa or Struklji – or any grilled meat specialties.

As previously mentioned, there are also two restaurants on the hike along the Mostnica Gorge, which both feel like remote mountain hut escapes.


Picnics at Lake Bohinj

One of the best ways to enjoy a meal at the lake is to prepare your own picnic! Gather supplies for the grocery store and then find a spot along the eastern shore to nosh and watch the sunset.

The local grocery chain, Mercator, has stores in both Ribcev Laz and Stara Fuzina. They sell picnic food items, like meat, cheese, bread, fruit, wine (and plastic cups!) so that travelers can easily plan a lakeside picnic.


Lake Bohinj Map of Sights

Use this Google Map for an interactive version of our Map of Lake Bohinj Sights below.

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Lake Bohinj Travel Tips

Green Kayak, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

We have shared our honest advice for what to do in Lake Bohinj, Slovenia, but we have a few travel tips that will help make planning your trip even easier.


When To Go to Bohinj

Flowers in the Fields near Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Lake Bohinj is beautiful year-round, but each season brings a very different experience. We believe the prime time to go to Lake Bohinj in late summer and early autumn when hiking, boating and swimming are all possible.

That said, if you are taking a wintertime Slovenia trip, Bohinj Lake is dazzling draped in a blanket of snow. Plus, visitors can go skiing at Vogel Mountain!


How Many Days in Bohinj?

Mixing of Blue and Green Water, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Deciding how many days to spend at Lake Bohinj is not that simple. Some travelers attempt to squeeze in a visit on a day trip from Ljubljana, but we feel the lake deserves longer than a single day. If at all possible, we suggest spending at least 3 days at Lake Bohinj.


Sample Lake Bohinj 3-Day Itinerary

With 3 days at Lake Bohinj, visitors can explore the varied landscapes, embark on numerous hikes, ride the cable car to Mt Vogel and enjoy the scenic train excursion.


Day 1

Get your first glimpse of Lake Bohinj aboard the Electric Boat and ride from east to west. From the west end of the lake, hike up to Savica Falls. In the afternoon ride the cable car to Vogel mountaintop and hike back down to the waterfront for dinner.


Day 2

Spend the morning hiking Mostnica Gorge to the waterfall. Bring along a picnic lunch or dine at one of the restaurants on the trail. In the early afternoon, visit the Alpine Dairy Museum. In the heat of the day, go for a refreshing swim in the lake or partake in another water activity, like paddle boarding. Enjoy a relaxing dinner on the waterfront at Restaurant Kramar.


Day 3

Start the day with an energizing walk along the Bohinj circumference trail taking in the sweeping views from every angle – and stopping by the Zlatorog to snap some photos. Cross over Stone Bridge and see the frescoes inside the church. In the afternoon, take a trip to Lake Bled or ride to Italy on the scenic train.


Lake Bohinj Tourist Card

Tourist Guest Card, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

The cost of visiting the sights and attractions at Lake Bled can add up in a hurry. Guests can save money, however, with the Julian Alps Bohinj Card. Also called the Bohinj Mobility Card, the attractions pass provides free or discounted admission to the sights and activities on our list.

The 3-Day Bohinj Card costs €19 – with options to include public transit and parking. The one caveat is that the pass is only available to individuals and families staying two or more nights at Lake Bohinj.


Where To Stay at Bohinj

Stara Fuzina Village, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Travelers who opt to stay in Lake Bohinj, Slovenia can choose from a handful of hotels, guesthouses, hostels and campgrounds. Most accommodations are located within the main three Bohinj towns: Ribcev Laz, Stara Fuzina and Ukanc.


Ribcev Laz Accommodations

Ribcev Laz is the bustling town situated on the southeast corner of the lake. Staying in Ribcev Laz provides easy access to the lake, but it can feel slightly congested with traffic and day trippers.

Hotel Jezero is a premier Lake Bohinj hotel. It is practically located on the water – plus it has an outdoor swimming pool, an on-site restaurant and comfortable rooms.


Places to Stay in Stara Fuzina

Sobe Sign, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Stara Fuzina is a rural village at the northeast corner of the lake. Off the water, it is about a 15-minute walk along a path to the lake. That said, it’s a good place to find more affordable Lake Bohinj hotels and guesthouses.

For our trip, we stayed at Rooms Simon Ceklin in Stara Fuzina. The comfortable and affordable family-run guesthouse features a communal kitchen and shared bathroom in a quiet location with friendly owners. 


Accommodations in Ukanc

Staying in Ukanc is ideal for those looking for private Bohinj cabins. There are several to choose from – but the top-rated ones book up early! Ukanc also has a campground for visitors interested in Lake Bohinj camping. Camp Bohinj offers the opportunity to sleep right by the lake.


Lake Bohinj Hostel

Budget travelers looking for a cheap place to stay (that doesn’t require a tent) should check availability at Pod Voglom. Located on the south side of the lake, it is the top hostel in Bohinj.


Getting To Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Old Signs for directions, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Lake Bohinj can be reached by train, bus or car. The Bohinjska Bistrica train station is located 4 miles from the lake. Buses drop off passengers right at the edge of the lake in Ribcev Laz. Travelers with a car can of course drive, but be aware that parking can be very limited in the high season and expensive if not included with your accommodations.


How To Get from Ljubljana to Lake Bohinj

We believe the ideal way to travel from Ljubljana to Bohinj is by bus. Check the Lake Bohinj to Ljubljana bus schedule on Rome2Rio to plan your journey.


Organized Tours from Ljubljana to Lake Bohinj

Horse and Buggy Transport, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

While getting from Ljubljana to Lake Bohinj is fairly straightforward, there are organized tours for those who would rather leave the specifics to someone else. One the best one-day Ljubljana tours include a visit to Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled. Consider these highly-rated tours: Bled and Bohinj Valley Tour and Alpine Region Day Trip.


Which is Better: Bled or Bohinj?

Old School Row Boat, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Travelers who only have time to visit one Slovenia lake have a tough decision to make: Lake Bled or Lake Bohinj. In our opinion, Lake Bohinj is uncomplicated and raw. It’s all about fresh air, clean water, green forests, towering mountains and wide pastures. Lake Bohinj is a natural beauty, existing exactly as created.

Girls relaxing on Pier, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Meanwhile, the beauty of Lake Bled is enhanced by man-made embellishments. It’s famous island is more beautiful because of the lone church and bell tower that occupy it. The castle perched on the edge of the cliff creates a dramatic scene. Posh restaurants and a modern casino entertain guests along the lakeside.

Therefore, it’s really a personal preference. Both lakes are exquisite, but Lake Bohinj does it more naturally.


What You Will Need for Lake Bohinj

People enjoying Water Activities on Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Alright, we’re sure you’re excited to get to Slovenia! Our final tips are all about what to pack in your backpack or suitcase. Now grab your FREE Packing Checklist and we’ll get started!


Durable Travel Shoes

Nearly on the best things to see at Lake Bohinj can only be reached on foot. Therefore, you will absolutely need a good pair of shoes for your trip! Use our guide to the Best Travel Shoes for tips on footwear for every season.


Travel Camera

Keep your phone safe and dry, and consider upgrading to an actual travel camera for your trip to Slovenia. We shoot with a Canon Rebel and a 18-135mm lens, which ranks as one of the top camera setups for budget travelers.


Versatile Day Bag

Whether hiking the trails or swimming in the lake, you will want to make sure your personal belongings are carefully secured in a zippered day pack. Use our reviews on the Best Day Bags for Travelers to find the right one for your trip!


European Trip Insurance

Travel insurance can cover all sorts of travel mishaps – from lost luggage to getting sick while abroad. If you don’t already have coverage, check the rates and consider a policy with World Nomads.


Travel Planner for Europe

As you begin to make plans and reservations, staying organized is key. Use our Printable Travel Planner to stay on top of all the details of your vacation to Slovenia!

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Slovenia Travel Guides

Slovenian Flag, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

We’ve covered Slovenia from end-to-end and are absolutely smitten with the country. Dive into our detailed guides that are packed with our genuine advice to prepare your amazing Slovenia vacation!


Start planning your trip to Slovenia! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel advice? Head over to our Travel Planning Page for tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides Page!


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Best Things To Do in Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

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