We spent a month in Thailand – in the city of Chiang Mai and on the island of Koh Lanta. The two places couldn’t have been more different, yet both appealed to us. To this day, we can hear the melodic Thai greeting, Sa-wat-dee-kha, that was always spoken with a smile and sometimes a wave. We stayed in the historic center of Chiang Mai where we visited temples, talked to monks, perused the markets, got Thai massages and ate the local cuisine (as well as some fine Western meals – pasta and bagels – we had long been craving!). We took two trips outside of the city center – one a trekking journey and one to two magnificent temples.

In Koh Lanta, our days moved a bit slower as we relaxed on the beach watching the tide roll in and out again and the incredibly colorful sunsets. The only day we strayed from Khlong Khong Beach was when we jumped on board a traditional long tail boat to explore nearby islands.

Thailand Facts:

Capital City: Bangkok

Country Population: 68 Million

Language: Thai

Useful Words and Phrases: Hello - Sa-wat-dee  |  Thank You – khx khxbkhun

Currency:  Thai Baht (THB) | Current Value

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