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Ultimate 2 Weeks in Thailand Itinerary

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Thailand is a country of contrasting landscapes. The sprawling capital city of Bangkok is marked with soaring skyscrapers, the Northern Thai countryside is lush with rolling mountains and the long southern coastline is peppered with thousands of tropical Thai Islands.

Creating an all-encompassing Thailand Itinerary can be challenging, but certainly possible. Visitors who have 2 weeks in Thailand will likely find that it is the perfect amount of time to see the country’s vast array of sights.


2 Weeks in Thailand Itinerary

We created this Thailand in 2 Weeks Itinerary based on our personal experiences visiting the country. We have visited Thailand several times and have traveled around Thailand over the course of many years. Focusing on our most memorable experiences, we created what we think is the Best Itinerary for Thailand.

Our detailed two-week Thailand Itinerary is organized day-by-day and outlines specific sights and activities. We include top Thailand attractions, tips for what to eat, and our recommendations for where to stay.

That said, we know not everyone can plan to spend 14 days in Thailand. To help travelers with more – or less – time, we have provided additional Thailand itineraries at the end of the article. We offer suggestions on how to spend 5, 7 or 10 days in Thailand – and give tips for a Thailand 3-Week Itinerary…or even longer.


Where To Go in Thailand

Top Thailand tourist attractions are sprinkled all around the country. Although relatively close in distance, getting between these different regions of Thailand can be arduous. Ancient Thai cities and iconic temples lie in the north, buzzing Bangkok sits on the Chao Phraya River and stunning stretches of sand line the southern Malay Peninsula that separates the Andaman Sea from the Gulf of Thailand.

In such a fascinating land, choosing where to visit in Thailand can be a difficult task – even with two weeks in Thailand. Some may choose to focus on one facet of the country. Visitors who are only interested in Thailand island hopping could almost completely bypass the mainland. Travelers more intrigued by ancient Thai civilizations could skip the islands altogether. Our Thailand Travel Itinerary, however, includes a diverse mix of scenic lands, flourishing cities and must-see Thai sights.


Destinations For Our 14-Day Thailand Itinerary

Visitors planning a 2 Weeks in Thailand Itinerary can cover a lot of ground. Our Thailand travel route includes overnight stays in the following destinations: Bangkok (4 nights), Railay Beach (3 nights), Koh Lanta (4 nights), Chiang Mai (3 nights). Each destination is unique and will offer travelers a true taste of Thailand. 


Bangkok, Thailand

Storms at sunset from Brewski rooftop bar in Bangkok, Thailand

The capital city of Bangkok makes an appearance on most Thailand Itineraries. For many people, Bangkok is a love-it-or-leave-it city. While the massive, concrete-laden metropolis can be formidable; we find Bangkok fascinating, but admit it’s not for everyone. However, vibrant markets, lavish temples, intriguing neighborhoods, fabulous Thai food and buzzing bars can entertain visitors to Bangkok for days.


Railay Beach Thailand

Longtail Taxi Boat on Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand

Located in the Krabi Province, Railay Beach sits on the tip of peninsula that is surrounded by towering cliffs. The scenic terrain features gigantic karst monoliths that appear other-worldly. Even though this secluded Thai beach is not an island, it can only be reached by boat.


Koh Lanta, Thailand

Wooden longtail boats on 4 Island Tour in Koh Lanta, Thailand

Sitting in the Andaman Sea, dripping from the southern tip of Krabi, is Koh Lanta. This elongated Thai island is characterized by a rugged topography and a long stretch of west-facing beaches. Our favorite Koh Lanta beach, Klong Khong Beach, exudes a laid-back vibe with ramshackle beachfront bars and a handful of family-run restaurants nestled between larger resorts.


Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wat Chedi Luang in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The ancient city of Chiang Mai has long held a firm position on popular Thailand route itineraries. Situated in the far reaches of Northern Thailand, we think it is well worth a visit on any trip to Thailand. Chiang Mai’s top sights are the numerous temples and night markets, but the incredible food and mountainous climate are our favorite reasons to visit Chiang Mai.


Booking the Best Thailand Itinerary

Every traveler has their own idea of the perfect trip to Thailand. There is no right or wrong way to see the country. Our Thailand trip planner includes top Thailand attractions and off-the-beaten-path gems. Fellow travelers can use our Thailand two-week itinerary day-by-day guide verbatim – or as a reference point to build a Thailand Itinerary that best suits the style of their travel.


Planning a Trip to Thailand

Sunset, Koh Chang, Thailand

There is a lot more to planning a trip than simply deciding your Thailand route. In addition to destinations, visitors need to consider time of year, budget and where to stay. Our advice on how to plan a trip to Thailand includes all of that – and more – at the end of the post.

Save, Bookmark or Pin our Thai Travel Itinerary to plan your trip to Thailand!


Thailand 2-Week Itinerary

View of Bangkok Wat Saket Mount Temple, Thailand

Our Best of Thailand Itinerary covers two weeks of sightseeing and activities for four destinations. We provide ideas for how to spend each day and include links to more information where we think it is helpful.



Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok, Thailand

Kick off your Two Weeks in Thailand Itinerary in Bangkok. After getting settled into your accommodations, head out to see the city’s top sights. Pay a visit to the Royal Grand Palace and the treasured Emerald Buddha Temple, gaze at the famous Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho and then hop across the Chao Phraya River to the Temple of Dawn.

151-foot-long Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho in Bangkok, Thailand

For dinner, feast on Thailand’s signature dish, Pad Thai, at the popular Thip Samai. Then, skip over to legendary Khao San Road and end your first evening in Bangkok with cold drinks while you soak in the eclectic atmosphere.



Sleeping Street Vendor, Bangkok, Thailand

On Day 2 of your two-week Thailand Itinerary, get a full dose of Thai culture. Start your day at a local Thai market (the Chatuchak Market if it’s a Saturday or Sunday); peruse the vendor stalls selling exotic produce and unfamiliar products – and get your first taste of Bangkok street food.

Long tail taxi boat on canal in Bangkok, Thailand

In the afternoon, take a longtail ferry boat ride – either on the Chao Phraya River or on one of the narrow canals that meander through the Bangkok city center. Beat the afternoon heat in one of Bangkok’s museums (like the Jim Thompson House) or cool off in one of the Bangkok malls (which are fabulous for people watching as much as shopping!).

On Nut Sky Line, Bangkok, Thailand

For an entertaining evening, follow Sukhumvit Road to the east side of the city. Immerse yourself in the (in)famous Bangkok nightlife at the clubs at Nana Plaza or the bars on Soi Cowboy.

Not into Red Light Bangkok? That’s okay, neither are we. Instead, consider checking out the craft beer bars in Mid-Sukhumvit or travel a bit further to Bangkok On Nut or the Weekend Train Night Market.



View of Lumphini Park, Bangkok, Thailand

On Day 3 of your Thailand Trip Itinerary, break away from the tourist trail and delve into local Bangkok neighborhoods. Enjoy quiet tranquility at Lumphini Park and then wind your way to a truly local market, Khlong Toei. Test your strength at withstanding vile scents as you slog past tables piled high with raw meat and still-wriggling fish.

Switch gears in the afternoon and summon sublime relaxation with an inexpensive Thai spa treatment. I personally like Traditional Thai Massages – but to the uninitiated, they can sometimes feel more rigorous than relaxing!

Colorful sunset from rooftop bar Brewski in Bangkok, Thailand

Rejoin the party in the early evening and soar to the top of a skyscraper for sunset at a Bangkok rooftop bar. Later, navigate your way to the Bangkok Suan Plu district for dinner and drinks.



Bridge over lake at Bang Kachao Botanical Garden in Bangkok, Thailand

Start Day 4 of your Thailand 14 Day Itinerary in an often-over-looked oasis, Bang Kachao. The rural enclave sits inconspicuously near the Bangkok city center. Crisscrossed with biking paths, exploring the ‘Green Lung of Bangkok’ offers a vastly different perspective to the area. Cool off in the afternoon with a swim in your Bangkok hotel pool (or find one that allows guests).

Glowing neon signs in Chinatown in Bangkok, Thailand

Early evening, set off on a mission to discover Bangkok street art in the Talad Noi District. After dark, wander into the neon-glow of Chinatown. Create your own Bangkok Street Food Walk (or join a tour) and sample an array of delicious local Thai eats!

Read our Bangkok Itinerary for additional information to plan your visit to Thailand!

A Bangkok Itinerary for Budget Minded Travelers by



Monolith at Railay Beach West in Krabi, Thailand

On Day 5 of your 2-Week Thailand Itinerary, catch a morning flight from Bangkok to Krabi. Then get a ride to the Ao Nang or Ao Nam Mao Pier, where you can catch a longtail boat to Railay Beach. 

Check into your Railay Beach accommodations (recommended: Avatar Railay), then cool off with a refreshing swim in the pool. Don’t linger too long, however, because you will want to be on Railay Beach West in time for sunset!

Top Tip: To avoid paying the severe up-charge for beers from beachside bars, bring your own provisions! Pack a beach towel or blanket and grab inexpensive – and ice cold – beers from this convenience store on the way to Railay West Beach.

Eat dinner at one of the restaurants clustered along the east-west pedestrian street and complete your first night in Railay with drinks and live music at one of the adjacent (likely Bob Marley themed) bars.

Note: Unlike most of Thailand, the food in Railay (and most Thai beach destinations) tends to be underwhelming…and over-priced. Chalk it up to the secluded location, captive audience and limited resources.



Swimming at Railay West Beach in Thailand

On Day 6 of your Thailand travel plan, explore the striking Railay landscape. Investigate the many caves that are carved into the rising karsts. Be sure not to miss the phallic shrine in the cave at hidden Phra Nang Beach and the impressive Diamond Cave north of town (where it is likely you will also encounter cheeky monkeys!).

Feeling intrepid? Put on your hiking shoes and make the strenuous uphill climb to the stunning Railay View Point. Or, if you really want to test your skills, join a Rock Wall Climbing expedition and scale the sheer cliffs that rise above Railay Beach. Get the details here!

In the afternoon, rent a kayak and spend a few of hours paddling around the Railay monoliths.

Top Tip: If you take a kayak out at low tide, you can paddle across the bay from Railay West to the peninsula that has a semi-secret, uninhabited Railay beach. (Map)

For sunset drinks, follow the coastline path north along Railay East to Tew Lay Bar. Stay for dinner or pop into one of the mangrove-facing restaurants lining the boardwalk on your way back to into town.



Sunset in Railay West Beach in Thailand

Day 7 of our Thailand Tour Itinerary is just about the beach! Spend the day on Railay Beach West soaking in the rays and splashing in the sea. If you need a change of scenery mid-day, stroll down to Phra Nang Beach. Wade into the cool water directly below the colossal cliffs or swim out to Koh Rang Nok at low tide to explore.

Top Tip: Bring your own snorkel gear to peer below the surface!

Not content to sit on the beach all day? No problem, join a snorkeling tour that disembarks mid-day and continues past dark! Your first snorkeling stop will be in the daylight in the clear waters of Koh Sii. Then, after dark, participants have the unique opportunity to swim in the sea among the glowing bio-luminescent plankton. The tour includes lunch and a light sunset dinner, too. Find out more and book it!

Read more about our favorite Thailand Beaches

Thailand Beaches 4 Relaxing and Beautiful Thai Beaches by



Koh Lanta Sunset, Thailand

On Day 8 of your Thailand tour plan, transfer from Railay to Koh Lanta via the Princess Ferry (and then continue by minivan to Klong Khong Beach). Once you get checked in at your Koh Lanta hotel, head straight for the beach! Known as a ‘hippie beach,’ the shore is lined with Bob Marley-inspired bars that offer good happy hour deals and a front row seat for dazzling Koh Lanta sunsets.

Sip a cold beverage (but steer clear of the Bhang Lassi!) with your feet in the sand, then pick one of the beachfront restaurants for dinner.



Four Island Tour from Koh Lanta Thailand JetSetting Fools

Spend Day 9 of your 2-week Trip to Thailand out to sea on an incredible 4-Island Snorkeling Tour. Traditional Thai longtail boats are used to take participants on a seafaring adventure in the Andaman Sea.

The full-day trip includes four snorkeling spots and the famed Emerald Cave, which you can swim through to a hidden tropical oasis. Of all the Thailand tourist attractions we have experienced over the years, the 4-Island Boat Tour still ranks as one of our favorites. Book it now!



White sand beach, Phra Ae Beach, in Koh Lanta, Thailand

On Day 10 of your 2-Week Thailand Tour, spend the day at the beach. Walk the complete 2-mile stretch of crescent sand from end-to-end, dipping into the sea when it gets too warm. For a different beach vibe, hail a tuk tuk and ride north to Phra Ae Long Beach (aka Long Beach). The powder-white sand beach is fronted by chic resorts and feels slightly more upscale than Klong Khong.



Tuk tuk driver in Klong Khong Beach in Koh Lanta, Thailand

Use Day 11 of your Thailand Vacation Itinerary to discover more of Lanta Island. Rent a scooter (or, if you are like us and would rather not, hire a driver for the day) to explore the sights on the south end of Koh Lanta. The top things to see are the lesser-visited beaches, the Khlong Chak Waterfall and the Mu Ko Lanta National Park.

Alternatively, visitors who are keen to spend more time on the water can book a second boat tour. Popular trips take guests to the most famous beach in Thailand, Koh Phi Phi (find out more!) and to Koh Rok for more snorkeling (read reviews!).

Find out why we think Klong Khong is the Best Koh Lanta Beach to visit!

Best Koh Lanta Beaches Klong Khong Beach by



Red pick-up truck Sonthaew in Chiang Mai, Thailand

On Day 12 of your two-week trip to Thailand, it’s time to say goodbye to the Thai beaches and travel north to the city of Chiang Mai. Unfortunately, you will need most of the day to make the trip. From Klong Khong Beach, take the minivan and ferry service to the Krabi Airport (or book an expensive, but convenient, private transfer), then fly from Krabi to Chiang Mai.

Historic Chiang Mai City Gates in Thailand

Once in Chiang Mai, take a flat-rate taxi or pre-arranged transfer to your Chiang Mai hotel (recommended: Chada Mantra Boutique Hotel). Drop off your luggage and set off to visit one of the best Chiang Mai Night Markets.

Saturday Walking Street Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand

After perusing the goods (and maybe picking up a few handmade souvenirs from Thailand), head to the Chang Phueak Food Night Market near the north gate of the Chiang Mai Old Town. Find the famous Cowboy Hat Lady stall and indulge in a rich meal of stewed Pork Leg Rice with egg! (Map)



Giant Buddha Statue at Doi Kham Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Start Day 13 of your Thailand 2-Week Itinerary touring the ancient and opulent temples of Chiang Mai (but get moving early, before it gets too hot). Use our Chiang Mai Temples Guide and follow our walking route – or hire a local Chiang Mai, Thailand tour guide to lead the way. For lunch, feast on a signature Northern Thailand dish – Khao Soi – from our favorite local vendor, Khao Soi Khun Yai.

Typical Massage parlor in Chiang Mai, Thailand

In the afternoon, treat yourself to a Thai massage (just remember our top tips for the Best Chiang Mai Massages) or join a session of Monk Chat at Wat Chedi Luang, then take a refreshing dip in your Chiang Mai hotel pool.

Prepared market food in Chiang Mai, Thailand

For dinner, eat classic Thai Food – like Pad Thai, Papaya Salad or Phanaeng Curry – from one of the local restaurants. Lucky Too, Aroy Dee and Baan Landai are all good choices; find specific tips for what to eat in Chiang Mai in our article: Best Things To Do in Chiang Mai.



Crossing a swinging bridge in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wrap up your 2 weeks in Thailand on a tour that goes beyond the Chiang Mai Old Town. Travel into the mountains for a trekking tour, go north to Chiang Rai to see the famous White Temple and Golden Triangle (get the details) or spend the day providing care for elephants (find out more).

Bamboo wooden hut over river in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Top Tips: Choosing an ethical Thai Elephant tour company isn’t easy. We recommend booking through Viator or Get Your Guide, where you can clearly see what is included and read other traveler’s reviews. We booked a tour through an agency that – in hindsight – we wished we hadn’t. Read more about our day trip from Chiang Mai (and which tour we would have booked instead) in our Chiang Mai Trekking Trip review.


If your visit to Thailand is part of a longer Southeast Asia trip and you are continuing on from Thailand to Laos, we recommend slightly altering the end of our Thailand Itinerary. On Day 14, book a private sightseeing transfer from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai. For what to do there, read our complete article: Things To Do in Chiang Rai. From Chiang Rai, you can then embark on an incredible 2-day trip on a classic Mekong Slow Boat to Luang Prabang


For additional details about visiting Chiang Mai in 3 Days, check out our Chiang Mai Itinerary!

Chiang Mai Itinerary: The Best Way To Spend 3 Days in Chiang Mai, Thailand by


Thailand Trip Planner Suggestions

The famous haunted Wat Mahabut Temple in On Nut Bangkok, Thailand

We know not everyone has time for a Thailand 2 Weeks Itinerary, so we have created helpful outlines for travelers with less or more time in the country.

Pro Tip: Consider using Travel Planning Printables to get your vacation to Thailand organized!

Travel Planner Printables by


Thailand Itinerary 5 Days

With only 5 days in Thailand, visitors will be limited in the places they can see. However, we would still include at least two Thailand destinations in order to get a better overall experience. That said, how to plan a 5-Day Thailand Itinerary depends on where you are coming from.


Thailand 5-Day Itinerary: Bangkok and Railay Beach

International visitors arriving via Bangkok can spend 2 days exploring the capital city and then 3 days on the coast at Railay Beach. Using our detailed Thailand 2-Week Itinerary, we recommend following Days 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7.


Thailand 5-Days Itinerary: Chiang Mai and Railay Beach

Travelers already in Southeast Asia can fly directly to Chiang Mai where they can spend 2 days in the city before flying to Krabi for 3 days on Railay Beach. Create a 5 Days in Thailand Itinerary by using our outlined things to do for Days 13, 14, 5, 6 and 7 from our 2 Weeks in Thailand Itinerary.


Thailand Itinerary 7 Days

A 7-Day Thailand Itinerary is still a bit limited, but is ample time to visit at least two places in Thailand at a relaxed pace. We would, again, choose one city and one beach to create an excellent Thailand Itinerary for 1 Week.


Thailand 7-Day Itinerary: Bangkok and Railay Beach

For a Bangkok and Railay, Thailand 1-Week Itinerary, we recommend spending 4 days in Bangkok (as specifically outlined in our Bangkok Itinerary) and 3 days in Railay (using Days 5, 6 and 7 in our Two Weeks Thailand Itinerary from above).


Thailand 7-Days Itinerary: Chiang Mai and Railay Beach

To plan a 1 Week in Thailand Itinerary that includes Chiang Mai and Railay Beach, we recommend spending 4 days in Chiang Mai (using our Itinerary for Chiang Mai) and 3 days in Railay (using Days 5, 6 and 7 above).


A Week in Thailand Island Hopping Itinerary

Visitors who want to bypass the mainland and spend all their time in Thailand on the Thai Beaches can easily create a travel plan that does just that! We recommend flying into Krabi (which may require a connection through Bangkok) and flying out of Phuket International Airport.

A fun Thailand Island Itinerary could include Railay, Koh Lanta and Phuket. Spend 2 days in Railay (even though it’s technically not an island, it is truly amazing!), 3 days on Klong Khong Beach on Koh Lanta and 2 days in Phuket partying at Patong Beach or keeping it quieter on Kamala Beach. If time permits, you could even add a quick trip to Koh Chang to your Thai Island Itinerary!


Thailand Itinerary 1 Week with 3 Destinations

Building a 7 days in Thailand Itinerary with 3 stops would be fast-paced, but still enjoyable. A 3-stop One-Week in Thailand trip could include 2 Days in Bangkok, 2 Days in Railay and 3 Days in Chiang Mai.


Thailand Itinerary 10 Days

A 10-Day Thailand Tour is a more reasonable amount of time to truly explore the country. Visitors who like to slow down and really feel the vibe of a place could choose just two destinations. However, we think there is plenty of time to make at least three stops at distinctively different destinations on a 10-Day Trip to Thailand. Ambitious travelers, who like to see it all, can also attempt to squeeze in all four of our recommended Thai destinations!


Slow Travel Thailand 10-Day Itinerary

Gain a deeper appreciation and better understanding of the Thai people and culture by just visiting two places in Thailand over 10 days. Spend five full days in Bangkok (and add a day trip to ancient Ayutthaya) and then five relaxing days on a beach, either Railay or Koh Lanta.


Best of Thailand in 10 Days Planner

For us, an ideal 10 Days in Thailand Itinerary would include a little bit of everything. We think the best way to visit Thailand in 10 days would be to spend 4 Days in Bangkok, 3 Days in Railay Beach (or Koh Lanta) and 3 Days in Chiang Mai.


Fast-Paced 10-Day Thailand Itinerary

Visitors can create an expeditious 10 Days in Thailand Itinerary by squeezing everything from our Thailand Itinerary for 14 Days into 10 days. This swift trip through Thailand could include 3 Days in Bangkok, 2 Days in Railay, 2 Days in Koh Lanta and 3 Days in Chiang Mai.


Thailand Itinerary 3 Weeks

Spending 3 weeks in Thailand allows for much more flexibility and discovery. Rather than rushing through, you get better acquainted with the places you visit. To create the Best 3-Week Thailand Itinerary, we would recommend visiting all the above destinations – and adding two more cities to your trip plan: Phuket and Chiang Rai.


Thailand 3-Weeks Itinerary

  • 6 Days in Bangkok (add a trip to Ayutthaya and a day exploring the Bangkok On Nut district)
  • 3 Days in Railay Beach
  • 4 Days on Koh Lanta
  • 3 Days on Phuket Island
  • 3 Days in Chiang Mai
  • 2 Days in Chiang Rai (use our guide for What To Do in Chiang Rai)


Thailand Itinerary 1 Month

Two monks walking into Wat Inthakhin Sadue Muang Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Lucky travelers who stay a month in Thailand have ample choices when creating their itinerary! Expanding on our above plan for 3 weeks, we would add more time in each place and more day trips to create an ideal 1-Month Thailand Itinerary.


Thailand Itinerary 4 Weeks

  • 7 Days in Bangkok
  • 3 Days in Railay
  • 7 Days on Koh Lanta
  • 3 Days on Phuket
  • 7 Days in Chiang Mai
  • 3 Days in Chiang Rai


Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam Itinerary

Visiting more than just Thailand on your Southeast Asia trip? Good idea! Create a multi-country tour to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam using the information from our detailed guides.

Thailand Travel Guides | Cambodia Travel Guides | Vietnam Travel Guides


Find all of our travel tips for Southeast Asia – and destinations worldwide – on our Travel Guides Page

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Thailand Holiday Packages

Beaches, Koh Chang, Thailand

We’ve outlined numerous options for how to plan your Thailand trip. Yet, more details need to be considered – like how to get around, where to stay, which specific tours to take and what to eat. If the details are bogging you down, consider joining a Thailand Group Tour.

Thailand vacation packages can be an excellent way to experience the country. Leave all the nitty-gritty details to a professional so that you can simply sit back and enjoy your vacation!

While there are hundreds of tour agencies offering Thailand Tours, we recommend choosing a reputable company, like Viator. They offer several trips in Thailand, including a highly-rated guided 10-Day Tour of the mainland (read reviews!).

Search routes and read reviews for all Viator Thailand Tours to find your perfect trip!


Thailand Travel Tips

Mural in Bangkok, Thailand

Planning your Thailand Route is only part of the process. We have more tips, tricks and advice to help you make your best trip to Thailand!


Thailand Weather

Islands, Koh Chang, Thailand

While Thailand is not a huge country, the weather is significantly influenced by the diverse topography – and the weather in Thailand can have a direct impact on your trip. High heat and heavy rain can put a damper on outdoor activities – or cause cancellations altogether. If traveling to multiple destinations in Thailand, it is likely that you will encounter various conditions. For example, the weather in the north differs drastically from the weather on the coast.

That said, Thailand has a tropical climate with warm temperatures year-round; it is almost always hot and humid, and the average temperature is in the mid-80s. However, there are two clearly definable seasons: Dry Season and Wet Season. Within the Dry Season, there are cooler months and hotter months.

The Wet Season – or Monsoon Season – lasts from May until October. And, when it rains…it pours! But, while rainstorms are heavy, they are often short lived.

The Dry Season lasts from November through April. Cooler temps can be expected from November until February (especially in the north), with it getting increasingly warmer toward April (which is the hottest month).


Rainy Season Visits to Thailand

Woman on Stand Up Paddle Board at Kamala Beach on Phuket, Thailand

Our visits to Thailand have typically coincided with the Rainy Season. It has been our first-hand experience that the weather is usually nice – even on the days it rains. And, only on rare occurrences did we encounter consecutive days of non-stop rain. Typically, we experienced warm mornings, hot afternoons, late-day storms and pleasant evenings.


Best Time To Travel to Thailand

Sunset on Kamala Beach on Phuket Island, Thailand

Many people claim the best time to visit Thailand is during the Dry Season. However, when determining the best time to go to Thailand, we think you should consider more than just the weather.

Tourism in Thailand – especially on the coast and islands – is very seasonal. Flight routes and ferry schedules are highly impacted by the season (some routes stop running altogether in the Wet Season), which can make getting around more difficult. On the flip side, crowds are thin and hotel rates are often reduced to half of what they charge in High Season (a.k.a. Dry Season).

Top Tip: Before deciding when to go to Thailand, consider all the variables and research routes to ensure you will be able to get to the places you want to see.


Getting To Thailand

Laos Slow Boat on the Mekong River

Most visitors will arrive to Thailand via plane. Bangkok has two international airports (BKK and DMK) and the airports in Chiang Mai, Krabi and Phuket also service some international flights.

Start your search for the best airfare to Thailand on SkyScanner!

Thailand can also be reached by bus – but because of the length of time required to get from places like Cambodia and Vietnam, we wouldn’t recommend traveling this way.

However, travelers coming from Luang Prabang, Laos can take the Slow Boat on the Mekong – which is an absolutely fabulous way to see the countryside over 2 days.


Getting Around Thailand

4 Bangkok Girls on one scooter, Thailand

Thailand transport is as diverse as the country itself! There are planes, trains, buses, cars, tuk tuks and motorbikes. To get between the destinations outlined in our Thailand 2-Week Itinerary, we recommend flying. Flights are fairly inexpensive (especially if you use our tips!), book far in advance and always compare airline ticket prices before booking.


Where To Stay in Thailand

View of Bangkok Skyline, Thailand

We spent hours – days – researching the best places to stay in Thailand. We pored over maps, viewed hundreds of photos and read thousands of reviews. As budget-conscious travelers, we were not interested in posh resorts, but were still looking for a few creature comforts.

Our top requirements for choosing where to stay included: central location, a clean, private room with ensuite bathroom, air conditioning and reliable Wi-Fi. Our wish list requests for accommodations in Thailand were swimming pools and an included cooked breakfast.


Bangkok: On Nut District Apartment or Hotel

Bangkok Highrise, places to stay in Thailand

In addition to our above requirements for choosing a hotel, in Bangkok we were determined to find a place near a BTS or MRT station. Within our budget, we found an Airbnb apartment in the On Nut District.

Although our apartment differed slightly from the photos (common in Bangkok) and we were taking a small risk by staying in a short-term rental (technically illegal in Thailand), it suited our needs. Most importantly, it had ice cold air conditioning, a swimming pool and was just steps from a BTS Station.

If we would have stayed in a Bangkok hotel instead of an Airbnb apartment, we would have opted for the X2 Vibe Bangkok Sukhumvit Hotel (read reviews!). 


Railay Beach: Resort Avatar

Pool at the Avatar Hotel in Railay Beach, Thailand

Accommodations in Railay Beach range from budget dorms to high-end hotels. We found Avatar Resort Hotel, which fell squarely in the middle; it was both affordable (in the off season) and included a few touches of luxury.

Located on East Railay, the boutique Avatar Railay Beach Resort features manicured grounds, an on-site restaurant (that included a generous, hot buffet breakfast) and a fabulous pool. We would stay at Avatar again in a heartbeat and highly recommend it to other travelers. Check availability and rates!


Koh Lanta Klong Khong Beach Hotel

Our bungalow at Phutara Resort at Klong Khong Beach in Koh Lanta, Thailand

There are several hotels on Klong Khong Beach – and we chose to stay at the Phutara Lanta Resort, which we enjoyed at the time. However, the property has since been expanded and possibly changed ownership. Based on several of the most recent reviews, we find it difficult to recommend it and would likely not stay there again ourselves.

Instead, we would choose a resort like Lanta Lapaya Resort – where they offer affordable rooms and an included breakfast – just a short walk to the beach. Check availability and read reviews!


Chiang Mai: Chada Mantra Boutique Hotel

Chada Mantra Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ideally located in the northeast corner of Old Chiang Mai, Chada Mantra Hotel is a true gem! The air-conditioned rooms are spacious, bright and clean. The staff is superb and the all-you-can-eat included breakfast is made-to-order (but currently suspended). Best of all, they have a swimming pool (a rarity in Chiang Mai Old Town), which was perfect for the hot and humid afternoons. Check rates and availability!


Thailand Trip Cost

Baht, Bangkok currency

Thailand is a well-known budget destination, but costs can add up quickly if you don’t keep an eye on your Thailand Trip budget. The biggest cost to travel to Thailand is likely your flight (assuming you are coming from somewhere other than Southeast Asia).

Travelers on a budget should set alerts through SkyScanner to find the best flight deals. Expensive day tours, eating ‘Western’ food and hiring private drivers for transport can also increase your Thailand trip expenditures exponentially.


2 Weeks in Thailand Cost

We keep our budget in check by securing affordable accommodations, eating local food (which happens to be the best food in Thailand!) and limiting our day tours to those we could not take on our own using public transportation. We often – as a couple – spend less than $100 USD per day in Thailand, including hotel, food, drinks, local transport and activities/entrance fees.


Backpacking Thailand

Khao San Road at night in Bangkok, Thailand

Because it can be very economical to visit, Thailand is a haven for backpackers. The Thailand backpacking route, which is part of the affectionately named “Banana Pancake Trail,” includes the region’s top destinations.

Mickey D's, Khaosan, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok (specifically Khao San Road), Chiang Mai, Krabi and Patong Beach Phuket are all popular destinations for backpackers. Places like Ko Pha Ngan (where the Full Moon Party takes place) and Ko Lipe are two places that are favored by backpackers to Thailand – but we have yet to visit either.


What You Will Need For Your Trip To Thailand

Woman sitting on bamboo bridge at Chedlin Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand

When packing for your trip, don’t forget these must-have items and other packing hacks!


Thailand Map and Guidebook

Even in the age of internet and AI, we think it can be helpful to travel with a paper map and guidebook. Both can be invaluable if your plans get derailed or when Wi-Fi is unreliable. 


Proper Attire for Thailand

Pack clothing for Thailand that is lightweight and breathable. Keep in mind that Thai people tend to dress modestly – and clothing that covers shoulders and knees is required for visiting temples. I carry a wrap with me while sightseeing in Thailand so I can enter any temples we stumble upon along the way. 


Bug Spray and Sun Protection

Don’t let pesky mosquitoes or a dreadful sunburn hinder your amazing Thailand trip! Remember to pack good insect repellent and protective sunscreen. We recommend a wide-brimmed travel hat and travel umbrella that are also useful for combating the intense sun rays of Southeast Asia.


Travel Camera for Thailand Photos

Rather than relying on your mobile phone to capture the images of your fun Thailand vacation, we recommend upgrading to a real camera for high quality photos. We use a Canon Rebel with a 18-135mm lens (which I love), but also carry a lighter weight Canon Powershot to use when hiking or at the beach (and is an all around great budget camera).


Thailand Travel Insurance

Trip insurance for Thailand may cover expenses incurred for a wide range of things – such as injuries, illnesses and even flight delays, lost luggage or cancellations. Find rates and a full list of coverages at World Nomads.


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