Chiang Mai Itinerary: The Best Way To Spend 3 Days in Chiang Mai, Thailand by

Chiang Mai Itinerary: Best Way To Spend 3 Days in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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With an ancient history, lush landscapes and captivating culture, it’s clear why Chiang Mai is one of the best cities to visit in Thailand. Much more laid back and manageable than Bangkok, the compact Chiang Mai Old City is teeming with temples, family-run restaurants and fun local markets. We’ve designed a perfect 3 Days in Chiang Mai Itinerary that explores the top highlights – and much more!


The Best Chiang Mai Itinerary

Trips to Chiang Mai can be relaxing and full of contemplation – or full throttle and filled with adventure. Visitors can see Chiang Mai on a budget – or splurge for a luxury vacation to Thailand.

Because travel styles are vastly different, we created a Chiang Mai Travel Itinerary that can be tailored to each individual. We outline essential Chiang Mai activities, but offer ample alternatives so that you can adapt our itinerary for Chiang Mai into your perfect plan for visiting the city.


3 Days in Chiang Mai, Thailand

We detail what to do in Chiang Mai in 3 days – which we think the perfect amount of time to see the sights and get a glimpse at the surrounding region. But what if you have more (or less) time? We’ve got you covered! At the end of this article, we feature alternate Chiang Mai Itineraries for 1 Day or up to 1 Week in Northern Thailand.


Chiang Mai Itinerary 3 Days

Two monks walking into Wat Inthakhin Sadue Muang Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our detailed itinerary includes the absolute best things to do in Chiang Mai in 3 days. We’ll give you a taste of it all and likely leave you wanting to visit Chiang Mai again. So, we best get started!

Save, Pin or Bookmark our Chiang Mai Travel Guide to plan your trip to Thailand!



Historic Chiang Mai City Gates in Thailand

On the first day of your Chiang Mai 3-Day Itinerary, explore the best Old Town sights. Get a taste of traditional cuisine, experience a key part of the Thai culture and navigate your way through a Chiang Mai night market.


Chiang Mai Temple Tour

Ornate temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Begin your exploration of Chiang Mai on a Temple Tour. There are at least 30 temples within the Old City walls – and dozens more just steps from the city gates. The most visited are the lavishly decorated temples that sit within sprawling complexes, but some of the unique Chiang Mai temples see relatively few visitors.

Stupa at Wat Chiang Man in Chiang Mai, Thailand

For travelers who are unfamiliar with Buddhism, it can be helpful to hire a Chiang Mai Tour Guide that can explain the traditions and significance of the temples. Read reviews of this popular tour on Viator.

Visitors who would rather see the temples on their own can use our detailed Chiang Mai Temples Guide. It includes specific information about our recommended temples and a walking route to see all the best temples in Chiang Mai Old City.

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Khao Soi Lunch

Bowls of Khao Soi at famous Khao Soi Khun Yai in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Khao Soi is the iconic dish of Northern Thailand – and it’s absolutely delicious. The spicy soup is a combination of noodles, meat and herbs that simmer in a coconut milk broth. Each stemming bowl is topped with crispy noodles – then diners add a squeeze of lime, pickled cabbage and shallots to create their own version that best suits their tastes.

Best Khao Soi in city at Khao Soi Khun Yai in Chiang Mai, Thailand

While Khao Soi is offered at numerous restaurants in Chiang Mai, the best place for the signature meal is at Khao Soi Khun Yai – map. The simple restaurant is located on the north side of the Old Town (conveniently near Wat Lok Moli – one of the best temples in Chiang Mai). Only open limited hours – 10:00am until 2:00pm Monday through Saturday (closed Sundays), make sure to keep an eye on the clock if you want a bowl of this famous Chiang Mai Khao Soi!


Chiang Mai Thai Massage

Typical Massage parlor in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Getting a Thai massage in a Chiang Mai is must! The art of Thai massage has been used for thousands of years as a method of healing and rejuvenation. Rather than soothing or tranquil, Thai massages use a technique of pressure, stretching and pulling. It can feel somewhat like visiting a chiropractor…but I think they are fabulous.

There are hundreds of places to get a massage in Chiang Mai. Every massage parlor and spa in the city offers a 1-hour Thai Massage, but additional services – like foot massages, oil massages and deeper spa treatments – are also available. Prices for a traditional Thai massage start at around 200 baht ($6 USD), but can cost significantly more at a luxury Chiang Mai massage spa.

Read our Complete Guide to Chiang Mai Massages to find the perfect place for your Thai massage!



Chiang Mai Night Markets

Saturday Walking Street Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai has 3 night markets: The Saturday Night Market, The Sunday Night Market and the daily Night Bazaar. Even though all three of the Chiang Mai markets are geared toward tourists, we find them highly entertaining. Most of the items for sale are souvenirs (some handmade) and local eats. Vendors begin setting up around 4:00pm – and all the markets in Chiang Mai are in full swing by 7:00pm.


Saturday Night Market (Wua Lai Walking Street)

Young girl sings for tips at Saturday Night Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Of the three, the Saturday Walking Street Market is our favorite. The market takes place along Wua Lai Street, just outside the south Chiang Mai city gate. After perusing the goods, we recommend dining on local fare from one of the popular vendors near the Pratu Gate.


Sunday Night Market

The Sunday Market – also called the Tha Pae Walking Street Market – is located inside the Old City, occupying Rachadamnoen Road from Tha Phae Gate west to the city center. Although more congested than the Saturday Market, people watching while having a delicious meal on the grounds of Wat Pan On is very entertaining!


Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is east of the Old Town along Changklan Road. Offering similar goods as the Saturday and Sunday markets, the Bazaar takes places nightly and has a larger variety of food vendors and sometimes live music.



Viewing Platform and mountain views at Doi Kham Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand

On the second day of your Chiang Mai 3-Days Itinerary, discover beyond the Old City walls on one of the best day trips from Chiang Mai.


Chiang Mai Tours

Rice field and huts in Chiang Mai, Thailand

One of the great things about Chiang Mai is its proximity to amazing nature, additional top sights and other interesting towns. Tours from Chiang Mai take visitors into the mountains and to play with elephants, to famous temples and tea plantations, and to northern Thai cities and hill tribe villages.


Choosing the Best Day Trips from Chiang Mai

Rice fields and mountains in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Deciding which Chiang Mai tour – or tours – to take can be overwhelming; there are just so many options! There are half-day, full-day and multi-day tours; big bus tours, small group tours and personalized tours; cheap, mid-range and luxury tours. We think the best way to wade through all the options is to read reviews from fellow travelers. Organized Chiang Mai tour providers like Viator and Get Your Guide allow visitors to sort through the massive number of tours, clearly see inclusions, exclusions and pour through the reviews.

Waterfall near Chiang Mai, Thailand

We have only taken one organized Chiang Mai tour, an all-day trekking trip that included numerous activities, like playing with elephants, bamboo rafting, visiting a hill tribe, hiking through the forest and swimming at a waterfall. In the end, the tour fell short of our expectations – and, in hindsight, we would have chosen a different tour.

Read about details of our day trip – and which tour we would have taken instead – in our Chiang Mai Trekking Trip review.

Chiang Mai Trekking Trip: Our Review of A Day Trip from Chiang Mai, Thailand by


Popular Day Trips from Chiang Mai

Rocky creek bed in Chiang Mai, Thailand

These popular Chiang Mai day trips come highly rated by fellow travelers!


Chiang Mai Ethical Elephant Camp

While elephant camps have long been a Thailand attraction, the poor treatment of the animals has come to light in recent years. Finding an ethical elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai can be difficult – but not impossible. The Ran-Tong Save & Rescue Elephant Centre allows visitors to get up-close and personal with the gentle giants, but does not allow participants to ride the elephants. Find out more and book it! 


Chiang Rai and Golden Triangle

The White Temple, Wat Rong Khun, in Chiang Rai, Thailand

One of the most popular tours is from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle. The day trip from Chiang Mai includes visiting the famous White Temple, seeing the ancient city of Chiang Saen, riding a boat on the Khong River and exploring the Golden Triangle, the point where Myanmar, Laos and Thailand converge. Get the details and book it! 

Top Tip: Rather than seeing the city on a day trip, we stayed in Chiang Rai for a week. We have more suggestions for a Chiang Rai-Chiang Mai Itinerary below!


Chiang Mai Mountain Doi Suthep

Replica Emerald Buddha Statue at Doi Suthep Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sitting west of the Chiang Mai Old City is Doi Suthep Mountain. Numerous day trips from Chiang Mai explore the mountain that is known for its lush nature, dazzling temples and incredible adventures. Some of the top activities include visiting the iconic Doi Suthep Temple, going to a hill tribe village and hiking to hidden waterfalls and stellar viewpoints. Search for the best Doi Suthep tours on Get Your Guide!


Dinner: Pork Leg Rice

Pork Leg Rice from Cowboy Hat Lady in Chiang Mai, Thailand

After you return from your day trip, indulge in a scrumptious meal of stewed Pork Leg Rice from a famous Chiang Mai food vendor, the Cowboy Hat Lady. Located outside the north gate at the Chang Phueak Night Food Market, Khao Kha Moo Chang Phueak – map – is the best place in Chiang Mai for Thai-style braised pork leg.

The pork is first simmered to perfection. Served over steamed rice and covered in sauce, it’s best with a sprinkle of pickled vegetables and an egg on the side. Some say the Cowboy Hat Lady makes the absolute best stewed pork in all of Thailand; the stall is so well-known that even the late Anthony Bourdain dined there. Watch the clip here.



Food vendors at lunchtime in Warorot Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Use the last day of your three days in Chiang Mai to learn more about the local Thai culture…and eat more delicious Chiang Mai food.


Local Chiang Mai Market

Woman vendor selling goods at Ton Lam Yai Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand

One of the best ways to get a glimpse of local life is to visit the markets where residents do their daily shopping. In Chiang Mai, the most popular day market is Warorot Market in Chinatown, which is just a short walk (or Grab Taxi ride) from the Old Town.

Food vendor stall at market in Chinatown in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The massive shopping complex offers everything under the sun. Freshly ground spices overflow from barrels. Flies buzz around the piles of exotic produce and raw meat. Clothing, jewelry, electronics and luggage are all crammed into small spaces that are navigated by narrow lanes. The heat is oppressive and the scents are potent…and we love it!

Sausage market stall in Chinatown Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Top Tip: Prepared market food is also available and is a great opportunity to try several different dishes. Look for food vendors that have the longest lines and order what the locals are ordering!


Chiang Mai Cooking Class 

Tasty Thai Omelette over steamed rice at Aroy Dee in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Participating in a cooking class is another excellent way to understand the market, food and eating culture of Thailand. The school’s chef leads the attendees to a local market to gather produce, meat and spices for the day’s meal, explaining different fruits, vegetables and herbs during the visit. Back at the school, guests are guided through the process of making an incredible array of local eats. Lunch is guaranteed to be a feast! Read the reviews and book it now!


Monk Chat, Meditation, Museums (or a Swim!)

Temples Chiang Mai Thailand

In the afternoon, spend time chatting with a monk, taking a class on meditation or visiting one of the top Chiang Mai museums. If you just need time to relax, go for a refreshing swim at your hotel pool or chill out in a Chiang Mai café.


Monk Chat

Buddhism in Chiang Mai Thailand JetSetting Fools

Monk Chat is a fabulous way to learn more about the temples, monks, Buddhism and Thailand. Many of the temples offer the opportunity for tourists to converse with monks. We had an amazing monk chat with fellow travelers at Wat Chedi Luang, where they offer daily chats from 9:00am until 6:00pm.


Meditation or Yoga Class

Woman sitting on bamboo bridge at Chedlin Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand

There are numerous places around Chiang Mai that offer classes on meditation and yoga. Courses last from a couple of hours to month-long retreats. Search for options and read reviews!


Chiang Mai Museums

We didn’t actually visit any museums on our trips to Chiang Mai, but they would make an excellent escape from the afternoon heat or monsoon rains. Top Chiang Mai museums are the 3D Art Museum (buy your ticket in advance!), the Museum of World Insects and Natural Wonders and the National Museum.


Cool Off With A Swim

Rather than Chiang Mai sightseeing, grab a good book and cool off with a refreshing swim at your hotel pool. Find our tips below for where to stay in Chiang Mai with a pool.

Staying at a hotel without a pool? Take a short trip out to the Chiang Mai Grand Canyon Water Park. Find out more! 


Dinner: Classic Thai Food

Prepared market food in Chiang Mai, Thailand

For your final meal in Chiang Mai, enjoy a traditional Thai dish – such as Pad Thai, Papaya Salad or Phanaeng Curry. There is no shortage of places to eat Thai food in Chiang Mai. That said, we highly recommend eating at Aroy Dee, Kanjana, Lucky Too or Teng Nueng. Use this map to find all of our favorite Chiang Mai restaurants.


Want additional tips for What To Do in Chiang Mai? Use our guide for more of the Best Things To Do in Chiang Mai!

The 5 Best Things To Do in Chiang Mai Old City, Thailand by


How Long To Stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Teak and Golden gilded Wat Inthakhin Sadue Muang Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand

When deciding how long to spend in Chiang Mai, there are several factors to consider – like budget, interest and time allotted for your entire SE Asia trip. We think 3 Days in Chiang Mai is just enough time to get a feel for the city. That said, our trips to Chiang Mai have always been longer – and we have never had a problem filling our stays with fun things to do!

Top Tip: When planning how many days in Chiang Mai to include on your Thai Itinerary, make sure to figure in travel day details. We discuss how to get to Chiang Mai at the end of the article.

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Chiang Mai Itinerary Alternatives

Picturesque soi in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our outlined 3-Day Chiang Mai Tour Itinerary is a great way to get acquainted with the city – but what if you are planning to stay shorter or longer than 3 days? We are here to help! Use our tips to plan your Chiang Mai Itinerary and to help you decide how long to stay in Chiang Mai.



With just a day in Chiang Mai travelers will be limited to only seeing the highlights.

Chiang Mai 1-Day Itinerary

We think the best way to spend 1 Day in Chiang Mai is to follow Day 1 of our above 3-Day Chiang Mai Itinerary – Temple Tour, Khao Soi Lunch, Thai Massage, Night Market.



With 2 Days in Chiang Mai, visitors have the opportunity to either delve deeper into the Chiang Mai culture or explore more the of the region.

Chiang Mai 2-Day Itinerary

When determining what to do in Chiang Mai in 2 days, we recommend deciding between spending both days in the heart of the city or one day in the city and one day on a full-day tour.

Day One: Follow our outlined Day 1 in our 3-Day Itinerary – Temple Tour, Khao Soi Lunch, Thai Massage, Night Market.

Day Two: Choose between Day 2 or Day 3 in our 3 Days in Chiang Mai Itinerary.



With 4 days in Chiang Mai, travelers can get acquainted with the Old City, learn about the culture and explore more of the region.

Chiang Mai 4-Day Itinerary

For Days 1, 2 and 3, use our above outlined 3-Day Chiang Mai Itinerary.

Day Four: Take a second day trip. For example, if you went to an Elephant Camp on Day 2, then spend Day 4 at Doi Suthep Mountain.



Travelers who have 5 days in Chiang Mai will be able to see even more of the best sights!

Chiang Mai 5-Day Itinerary

For Days 1, 2, 3 and 4, use our Chiang Mai 4-Days Itinerary (directly above).

Day Five: Do any of the activities you didn’t do on Day 3. In the morning, either take a Cooking Class or visit the Warorot Chinatown Market. Then, in the afternoon, go to a Monk Chat, a museum or take a yoga or meditation class – whichever you skipped on Day 3.



One week in Chiang Mai is ample time to see the top sights as well as much of the surroundings.

Chiang Mai 7-Day Itinerary

For Days 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, use our 5 Days in Chiang Mai Itinerary (directly above).

Day Six: Explore the neighborhoods beyond the Old City walls. Go to the east and wander through the very local San Pa Khoi Market. To the west, discover the Nimman district (which is popular with expats), go to the Suan Dok temple and visit the Chiang Mai University campus.

Day Seven: Spend the day wandering the Old City sois (alleys). Pop into random temples, have an iced coffee at a themed Chiang Mai café and scout out street art. In the afternoon, relax at your hotel pool or splurge on a spa treatment.


Northern Thailand Itinerary: Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai

Creating a dedicated Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai Itinerary is a fabulous way to experience Northern Thailand. A 5-Day North Thailand Itinerary is an ideal amount of time to see the two cities.

Days 1, 2 and 3: Use our detailed Chiang Mai Itinerary for 3 days.

Day 4: Private transfer to Chiang Rai that includes stops at sights along the way, such as tea plantations and the Golden Triangle. Book a driver that will take you to your desired destinations, like this private transfer

Day 5: See the top sights of Chiang Rai, like the famous White Temple, the Black House, waterfalls and food markets. Use this list of the Top Things To Do in Chiang Rai for our best tips!

14 Things to do in Chiang Rai, Thailand by


Top Tip: Exploring other destinations in Southeast Asia after Thailand? Consider taking an iconic Slow Boat on the Mekong to get from Thailand to Luang Prabang, Laos!


Bangkok-Chiang Mai Itinerary

Want to create a 1-Week Bangkok and Chiang Mai Itinerary? Simply combine our 4-Day Bangkok Itinerary and our 3-Day Chiang Mai Itinerary for a fabulous week in Thailand!

A Bangkok Itinerary for Budget Minded Travelers by


Best Time to Visit Chiang Mai

Loi Krah Road Bridge over Ping River in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The weather in Chiang Mai can severely affect any trip to the city. Year round, Chiang Mai experiences hot and humid temperatures; visitors can expect highs in the upper 80s to low 90s Fahrenheit. The Chiang Mai rainy season lasts from May to October – and, historically, August in the wettest month. The dry season is from late October through April; January is typically the coolest month in Chiang Mai.

Our Chiang Mai visits have unintentionally coincided with the rainy season – and it certainly does rain! Any adverse weather – be it rain or extreme heat – can put a damper on outdoor activities, like hiking and temple touring. However, it rarely rains for long periods of time and it usually lowers the temperature slightly, so don’t let rainy season weather completely deter you from visiting Chiang Mai.

Top Tip: Get (and stay) organized for your vacation to Thailand with our Trip Planning Printables!

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How To Get to Chiang Mai

Red pick-up truck Sonthaew in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai can be reached by airplane, train, bus or car. On our visits, we have arrived via plane (we are JetSettingFools, after all!) from Phuket and Krabi and departed on flights to Hanoi and Siem Reap. Flying and taking the train are the two most popular options for traveling to Chiang Mai from Bangkok.


Chiang Mai Airport

The Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX) is located southwest of the Old City. It’s about a 10-minute taxi ride from the airport to the city center and the flat-rate taxi should be less than $10.

Start your search for the lowest airfare to Chiang Mai on SkyScanner!


Chiang Mai Train Station

The Chiang Mai Railway Station (CGM) is located east of the Old City, across the Ping River. The station has limited service and is mostly used to connect Chiang Mai to Bangkok.


Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Many people will travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai as part of their greater Thailand Itinerary – and there are a few options for covering the large distance between the two cities.


Bangkok-Chiang Mai Flight

The most efficient way to get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is via airplane. The flight takes about 1.5 hours and can cost less than $100 USD. Search for the best times and lowest fares!


Bangkok to Chiang Mai Train

The journey between the two cities takes – at minimum – 11 hours. The long ride costs as little as $30 USD, but sleeper compartments cost almost double. Find the schedule and information here.


Chiang Mai via Bus or Car

Travelers can also get between the Bangkok and Chiang Mai using buses and/or renting a car, but we don’t recommend a car unless you have specific sights you wish to see that are along the way.


Where To Stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chada Mantra Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand

With just 3 days in Chiang Mai, it’s important to stay somewhere centrally located. Our favorite area to stay in Chiang Mai is the northeast corner of the Old Town. We spent hours – maybe days – researching the best place to stay in Chiang Mai. The factors we considered for booking a hotel were location, amenities and cost.


Chada Mantra Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai

For our most recent trips to Chiang Mai, we stayed in the Chada Mantra Hotel. The boutique hotel is ideally located in a great area of the Old Town. In addition to the included made-to-order breakfast (currently suspended), the hotel features a pool – which was an amenity we knew we wanted for our Chiang Mai trip! Best of all, the cost was less than $50 USD per night.

The rooms are spacious, clean and bright with ice-cold air con. Our top-floor, corner room had two balconies that overlooked the street, which was busy during the day but quiet at night. As it is a small hotel, we recommend booking in advance. Check now for availability and rates!

Top Tip: Looking for a hostel in Chiang Mai? Chada Mantra doubles as one of the best Chiang Mai hostels with family dorm rooms, offering 6 bunk beds (with shared bathrooms). Guests traveling as a family or group of friends can book the entire room at very low rates. Get current rates!


Things To Pack For Chiang Mai, Thailand

Bamboo wooden hut over river in Chiang Mai, Thailand

When preparing for your trip to Chiang Mai, don’t forget to read our Ultimate Packing List and Best Packing Hacks!


Chiang Mai Map

Chiang Mai Old Town is pretty easy to get around – it’s basically a grid. However, the foreign alphabet and a few curving alleys can present a challenge. In order to navigate like a pro, we recommend buying a map in advance of your trip (and spend a little time studying it before you arrive!). Buy it now!


Bug Spray and Sun Protection for Chiang Mai

Don’t let pesky mosquitoes or a dreadful sunburn hinder your vacation to Thailand. Remember to pack good insect repellent and protective sunscreen!

Top Tip: A wide-brimmed travel hat or compact umbrella are also useful for combating the intense sun rays of Southeast Asia.


Travel Camera for Chiang Mai Photos

Rather than relying on your mobile phone to capture the images of amazing Thailand, we recommend upgrading to a real camera for high quality photos. We travel with a Canon Rebel with a 18-135mm lens, but also carry the Canon Powershot, a great budget camera that is small and light weight, to use when hiking or at the beach.


Day Pack for Chiang Mai Trips

Whether you travel with a backpack or a suitcase, you will also want to have a great day bag to organize and secure all of your essential everyday travel items!


Thailand Travel Insurance

Trip insurance can be used to cover expenses incurred for a wide range of things – such as injuries, illnesses and even flight delays or lost luggage. Find rates and a full list of coverages at World Nomads.


Heading to other top Thailand destinations (like Koh Lanta or Koh Chang)? Get our top tips for your complete Thailand Itinerary on our Thailand Travel Guides page!


We Want To Know: What would you add to our Chiang Mai Itinerary? Do you have any Chiang Mai travel tips? Give us your best tips and advice in the comments below!


Start planning your trip to Thailand! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


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