Train to Budapest: Watching the tracks as we traveled from Ljubljana to Budapest.

How We Got From Ljubljana To Budapest By Train

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After our laid back two-week stay in Ljubljana, we wanted to travel by train from Ljubljana to Budapest. Even though we’ve been in Europe now for almost five months, our travel by train has been very limited. We purchased our tickets at the Ljubljana Railway Station a few days before we departed and were simultaneously excited and dismayed. The price for both tickets was only $41 USD, but the Ljubljana to Budapest train would take an astounding eight hours. We mentally prepared for the long haul and I made a list of things I could get done during the trip (like research Budapest, which I had failed – once again – to do in advance!).


Departing Ljubljana Central Station

Train to Budapest: From Ljubljana, our train only had three cars for the eight hour journey.

When we arrived on the platform at the Ljubljana main train station, we noted that the Ljubljana-Budapest train only had two cars, which seemed short for the extended journey. We had seat assignments listed on our tickets and were met by another gentleman in our six-seat compartment. We easily fell into conversation with the fellow American who now lives in Slovenia and runs food and wine tours throughout the region.

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Riding The Train From Ljubljana To Budapest

Train to Budapest: Scenic landscapes out our window during our eight hour journey from Ljubljana to Budapest

We watched the scenery through the window as we left the Ljubljana station. The Ljubljana-Budapest distance is only 450km (that’s about 280 miles and would only take about 4.5 hours to make the trip in a car), so we settled in for the 8 hour trip.

We followed a river, passing through hills and small Slovenian towns. There weren’t many stops on our route and the few stations where we did stop, we only paused briefly. The longer stops were to switch from electric to diesel engines – and then back again, which happened near the Slovenia-Hungary border both times.


On the train to Budapest from Ljubljana, the landscape changed drastically once we were in Hungary, becoming pancake flat. We noted the construction occurring alongside the tracks in almost every town. They were even working on the tracks, at one point requiring us to disembark the train, travel by bus to the next station and then board a different train to Budapest. Between busily chatting and checking just a few things off my research of things to do in Budapest list, the time flew by and we arrived at our destination right on time.

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Arriving In Budapest

Budapest is packed with sights and has a population of over two million; by far the biggest city we’ve been to since Madrid. We had to quickly adapt to the fast pace as we maneuvered through the Budapest train station to the Metro. We were whisked through the underground of the city wondering what Budapest might have in store for us.

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Top Tips For The Ljubljana To Budapest Train

  • Buy the Ljubljana to Budapest train tickets at the Ljubljana, Slovenia train station for the best price. 
  • Get more information and check the Slovenia train timetable in advance on the Slovenia Rail official site. The timetable also provides information about the Budapest to Ljubljana train. 


Ljubljana to Budapest Bus

The train is not the only method of transport between the two cities. Travelers can also take the Ljubljana to Budapest Bus from the Ljubljana Bus Station. The Ljubljana main bus station is located in front of the Ljubljana railway station. Ljubljana bus tickets can be bought from the small building next to where the buses park. The ride takes about 6.5 hours. Check Ljubljana to Budapest bus timetables on Rome2Rio. (For the Budapest to Ljubljana bus, use this timetable.)


Ljubljana to Budapest Flights

There are NO Ljubljana to Budapest flights (or Budapest to Ljubljana flights, for that matter!). Traveling between the two cities via plane would require a stop in another city (such as Munich, Frankfurt or Vienna). 


How To Get from Budapest to Ljubljana

We have not personally traveled from Budapest to Ljubljana, but the options remain basically the same. There are no flights; transport is limited to car, bus or train from Budapest to Ljubljana, Slovenia. Note: At one time, we researched taking the Budapest to Ljubljana night train. However, it does not run on a frequent schedule and sometimes requires train changes in the middle of the night. The day train or bus from Budapest to Ljubljana might be the better option. 


Start planning your trip to Slovenia! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


We want to know: Have you taken the Ljubljana to Budapest train? Vice versa on the Budapest to Ljubljana train? Or have you taken the Ljubljana to Budapest bus?  Tell us about your experience in the comments!


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