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Best Porto Food: What and Where To Eat in Porto, Portugal

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Eating Porto food is a highlight of any trip to Portugal. From meaty sandwiches to hearty casseroles to sweet treats, there is a long list of must-try Porto dishes.

During our numerous visits to Portugal, we have ventured into a hefty number of the excellent restaurants in Porto in search of delectable local cuisine. Now, we are sharing our advice for What and Where To Eat in Porto, Portugal to help fellow travelers in their quest to find the best food in the city!


Traditional Porto Food

To be honest, it took us awhile to warm up to Portuguese food. Some of the offerings – hot dogs, cod balls, ‘nail in bread’ and kale soup – just didn’t sound very appetizing. However, once we got a taste of the food in Porto, we were hooked.

Typical Porto food is often classified as heavy comfort food. Delicious casseroles and stews are made with potatoes, seafood and sausages. Sandwiches piled with meat and cheese are combined in a variety of unique ways to create the best cheap eats in Porto.

Of course, not all traditional food in Portugal is savory – the country is well-known for its delectable egg custard desserts.

Although the Top Food in Porto, Portugal is – no doubt – laden with calories, there are plenty of hills to work it off. So, go ahead and indulge in the Best Porto Food!   


Where To Eat in Porto, Portugal

Classic view of Porto, Portugal during the day

Our search wasn’t only for the best food, we also sought out the prime places to eat in Porto. Therefore, our list of What To Eat in Porto includes specific dishes – as well as a recommended restaurant to eat them at. As we were mostly interested in sampling Porto food specialties that Portuguese people actually eat, we focused on those types of places.


Best Restaurants in Porto

We think the top Porto restaurants are ones where visitors can dine side-by-side with locals. The places we include are mostly typical Porto establishments – and are far from fancy. That said, they are not without character and a big dose of charm and, of course, excellent food!


Porto Restaurant Tips

For foreigners, dining habits and table service can appear to be quite different in Portugal. Some things to be aware of when eating in Porto is that there are often lines, either to order or for a table. The Portuguese are excellent at queuing, so be sure to ask if it appears people are already waiting.

English menu translations can still be difficult to understand and meals are brought to the table when each dish is ready. Checks are not automatically delivered to diners and you may pay at the counter/register, especially if contactless payments are accepted.

Meals are usually delivered efficiently and then the waitstaff tend to leave you on your own. Many of our recommended Porto food dishes can take time to prepare, but – trust us – it’s worth the wait! 


Our Guide to The Best Porto Food

View of Ribeira District and Cais da Ribeira Porto

For all of our recommended things to eat in Porto, we include a description of the dish, as well as our preferred Porto restaurant to consume it.

At the end of the article, we include a map of all our recommended Porto Restaurants. Visitors can use our tips to create their own Self-Guided Porto Food Tours – and we highlight a few top-rated guided foodie tours, as well.

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#1 Cachorrinhos

Classic Hot Dog Sandwich, Porto, Portugal

We didn’t think we would kick off our list of “Best Food Porto” with a hot dog…yet here we are. At first, we were skeptical of the iconic Porto fast food hot dog – but let us assure you: it is a must-try!

A Cachorrinhos hot dog is utterly simple, yet truly tasty. The sausage is grilled to sizzling perfection then it’s popped inside crusty bread and covered with cheese. After being pressed on the grill, the sandwich is cut into bite-sized pieces and topped with a tangy sauce. That is all there is to it…but it is amazing!


Where To Eat Cachorrinhos: Gazela Cachorrinhos da Batalha

The Best Hog Dog Sandwich, Gazela Cachorrinhos da Batalha, Porto, Portugal

Far and away the most popular place for Porto hot dogs is the famous Gazel Cachorrinhos da Batalha. The eatery attracts patrons from all walks of life – from Porto foodies to office workers to tourists…and everyone comes for the hot dogs. 

Diners belly up to the counter and watch the busy crew crank out piping hot cachorrinhos and plates of salty fries. We recommend getting two hot dogs – they are just that good – and a plate of fries to make it a meal. 

Pro Tip: There are two Gazel locations at Batalha, but we recommend going to the original diner vs. the restaurant…even if the line is out the door.  


#2 Francesinha Porto Sandwich

Cafe Santiago, Francesinha Porto Sandwich, Portugal

What is Porto famous for? The Francesinha! For many people, Porto Food is the Francesinha. A staple of Porto cuisine and listed on nearly every café and restaurant menu, the Francesinha is the mother of all sandwiches. The name translates to ‘Little Frenchie’ and is somewhat similar to a Croque Madame – only thicker and messier.

While each Porto restaurant has their own unique variations of the sandwich, standard ingredients include bread, cured ham, smoked sausage, fresh sausage, steak, cheese and a specialty sauce. The creation begins with layers of meat and cheese and then grilled. As a final preparation, more cheese is melted over the top and a fried egg added, then it’s drowned in a tomato and beer sauce.

The first time we tried a Francesinha was in Lisbon – which was a mistake. This is a Porto specialty food and, as such, the best Francesinha is made in Porto!


Where To Eat Francesinha: O Afonso Porto Restaurant

Best Francesinha Porto Sandwich

O Afonso is ranked as one of the top Porto restaurants for a Francesinha – and it does not disappoint! From the welcoming waitstaff to traditional snacks to the main dish as well as the complimentary post-meal port wine, we were impressed every step of the way. The place is so well-known for their version of the sandwich, the late Anthony Bourdain dined at O Afonso.

Anthony Bourdain, O Afonso Porto Restaurant, Portugal

The well-pressed, stacked Francesinha held its form and was complimented by the sauce – and the fries (served on a separate platter) were the perfect accompaniment. Some people say that the Francesinha at O Afonso is big enough for two people…and they might be right, but we had no problem devouring our own!

Pro Tip: Café Santiago is another Porto food institution that excels at making a fabulous Francesinha. While we thought it was certainly a tasty and decadent meal, no Francesinha is made the same…and we give the nod to O Afonso. Lado B is also known for their version of the sandwich and they even make a veggie Francesinha.


#3 Bacalhau com Natas

Rich and delicious, Bacalhau com Natas, Porto, Portugal

Dried and salted cod – called Bacalhau – is a very traditional food in Porto. In fact, it is the national dish of Portugal and the joke goes that there are 365 ways to make Bacalhau. Therefore, it is one of the traditional Portuguese dishes that is a must-try when eating in Porto.

Initially, we were turned off by Bacalhau. The dried fish is stacked in the grocery stores and omits a pungent aroma. We just couldn’t imagine it tasted good…but we were proven wrong when we ate our first bite in Porto.

For a taste of this Porto traditional food, there is nothing better than Bacalhau com Natas – or Cod with Cream. The creamy casserole is layered with Bacalhau, onion, fried potatoes and cream. The oven-baked dish is spiced with nutmeg and white pepper. It’s rich and absolutely divine – and quickly became one of our Porto food favorites!

Fresh Fillet Bacalhau Ca, Porto, Portugal

Another popular salted cod dish that we love is Bacalhau a Bras. It is very popular in Lisbon, but appears on many menus in Porto, too. This Portuguese dish features cod, potatoes, eggs, onions, parsley and garlic – and is more like a scramble than a casserole.


Where To Eat Bacalhau com Natas: Bacalhau do Porto at Mercado Beira-Rio

Inside, Mercado Municipal de Gaia, Portugal

The best Bacalhau com Natas we ate was at the namesake Bacalhau do Porto at the Mercado Beira-Rio along the waterfront in Vila Nova de Gaia. The cod casserole was almost velvety and full of flavor…just be careful of the fish bones!

Other notable restaurants serving meals that incorporate the dried cod Porto food specialty are Bacalhau Restaurant (located on the Porto side of the Douro) and the upscale Culto ao Bacalhau. 

Pro Tip: We talk more about the amazing food markets in Porto later in the post.  


#4 Porto Bifana

Simple and a must eat in Porto, Portugal

Considered a Portuguese snack, the Bifana sandwich is a common fast food in Porto that can serve as a takeaway meal or late-night snack.

The sandwich – which consists of only seasoned pork on bread – is incredibly simple, yet it tantalizes the taste buds. The best Bifanas are piled with meat that has been simmered in a pot along with spicy seasonings that soak into the bread roll. Although we’re usually not fans of soggy bread, it works magically in a Bifana.


Where To Eat the Best Bifana: Conga

Bifana Sandwich, Conga Restaurant, Porto Food, Portugal

Conga is, hands down, the best-known place to eat Bifanas in Porto. In operation since 1976, Conga takes pride in simmering their pork to perfection. Bifana em Pao Sandwiches are assembled over the steaming pot of pork; bread is stuffed with a heaping portion of meat and then partially dipped into the sauce for good measure.  

Arriving just ahead of the lunch crowd will help ensure you get a seat – either at the counter or in the upstairs dining room. We got to Conga at about 12:30pm and breezed right in, but by the time we left, every table was occupied and there was a long queue out the door. 

Pro Tip: While we loved the Bifanas at Conga, the ones at Taxca, a Petiscos restaurant that we feature later on our list, are delicious too! 


#5 Pernil com Queijo Sandwich

Casa Guedes, Pernil Com Queijo Sandwich, Porto, Portugal

All pork sandwiches are not equal…and, in Porto, the Pernil com Queijo is proof of that. Similar to a Bifana, the Pernil com Queijo is almost a basic pork sandwich. What makes the Pernil com Queijo one of the best Porto eats is that it is made with roasted pork shoulder and covered in the famous Serra da Estrela cheese.

The contents are stuffed inside a rustic roll that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The aromatic cheese melts into the tender pork, ensuring every single bite is supreme!


Where To Eat Pernil com Queijo: Casa Guedes

Casa Guedes, Pernil Com Queijo Sandwich, Porto, Portugal

There is no better place in Porto to get a Pernil com Queijo than Casa Guedes. Ideal for a quick lunch, casual dinner or just to satisfy a random craving, at Casa Guedes they excel at the Pernil com Queijo.

We loved this sandwich so much, Casa Guedes quickly became one of our favorite Porto restaurants. There is often a line, but it moves fast. We recommend ordering it with fries and a glass of regional Portuguese wine.

Pro Tip: Casa Guedes became so popular that they opened a second, 3-story, table service restaurant just down from the first location in 2019. The much larger and sleeker set up has an expanded menu as well as a rooftop terrace. Then, defying all obstacles, Casa Guedes Progresso opened in 2020 and was joined by yet another, Casa Guedes Oliveiras, in 2023! Truthfully, we still prefer the original Casa Guedes Tradicional corner spot. 


#6 Prego no Pao Sandwich

Must eat in Porto, Prego no Pao Sandwich, Mais 5. Porto, Portugal

The Prego no Pao is Portuguese cuisine that we almost skipped – simply because we couldn’t figure out what it was. The name translates to Nail in Bread, which – let’s face it – doesn’t sound particularly tasty at all. The unfortunate translation is a huge injustice, because the Prego no Pao sandwich is actually heavenly and one of the best foods to try in Porto!

Like many other Porto sandwiches, it is quite simple: a Prego no Pao is a Porto steak sandwich – consisting of meat, bread and cheese. 

What makes it fantastic is that it is a perfectly marinaded, garlicky, cheesy, tender steak sandwich. The name ‘Nail in Bread’ comes from the art of using a mallet to tenderize the steak and pound the pieces of garlic into the meat before grilling it. The result is a melt-in-your-mouth sandwich. 


Where To Eat Prego em Pao: Venham Mais 5

Interior of Venham Mais 5, Porto, Portugal

Prego sandwiches are found on many Porto restaurant menus. We ate (devoured) ours at Venham Mais 5 O Original, where they specialize in the art of the Prego in a cozy and classic setting.

At Venham Mais 5 – a name that translates to ‘Bring Five More’ – they make incredibly tender Prego no Pao sandwiches that are covered in gooey Serra da Estrela cheese. Had we not ordered fries and Alheira (more on what that is in a minute), we definitely would have ordered five more.

Chocolate Cake, At Venham Mais 5, Porto Food, Portugal

If you do have more than one sandwich, just be sure to leave room for a slice of their famous – and oh-so-decadent – chocolate cake. The sweet treat balances out the savory feast!   

Pro Tip: Two other Porto food restaurants are well known for their Prego no Pao sandwiches – Lareira (where you can upgrade with additional toppings, like egg) and Pregar (in the popular Ribeira District).


#7 Rotisserie Chicken Porto Style (with Piri Piri Sauce)

Pedro dos Frangos Churrascaria, Porto, Portugal

Grilling meat over hot coals is a specialty in Porto – as evidenced by the number of churrascarias (barbecues) found around the city. The scent of grilled chicken often floats down the sidewalks, luring in hungry patrons.

While the rotisserie chicken alone is delicious, many vendors use the local Piri Piri sauce to add a little spice to the meal. Piri Piri is a combination of chilis, citrus, onion, garlic, pepper and other spices. The sauce was created in Mozambique in the 15th century and it is now a staple condiment in Portuguese cuisine.


Where To Eat Piri Piri Chicken in Porto: Pedro dos Frangos Churrascaria

Piri Piri Chicken in Porto, Portugal

Pedro dos Frangos is consistently ranked as one of the best restaurants in Porto, Portugal for rotisserie chicken and the frequent line out the door will back that up! In fact, the restaurant is so popular with both locals and tourists, they opened a second location across the street. At both spots, they grill whole chickens on a spit right at the entrance.

The portions are enormous – and the well-dressed, mild-mannered waiters are helpful in making sure patrons don’t over-order. The rotisserie chicken is served with fries – and diners can ask for Piri Piri sauce on the side.

Pro Tip: While chicken (frango in Portuguese) is the star at Pedro dos Frangos, they offer a full menu of typical Portuguese food, as well. We recommend trying the Octopus Salad (Salada de Polvo) as a starter!


#8 Fresh Seafood Porto

Grilled Squid Fish Lunch in Matosinhos, Porto, Portugal

Situated where the Douro River meets the Atlantic Ocean, Porto is famous for fresh seafood. Because it is abundant, it can also be fairly affordable. 

Fresh Porto fish (usually hake, mackerel or sea bass) can be prepared in a myriad of ways; grilled, fried or steamed are a few of the most popular.

Oysters, seafood rice, squid, sardines, and octopus are other typical menu options at seafood restaurants in Porto.


Where To Eat Fresh Seafood: O Lusitano in Matosinhos

Grilled Seafood at O Lusitano in Matosinhos, Porto, Portugal

The coastal town of Matosinhos is declared The Place to eat the best seafood in Porto. Our go to spot for the best grilled fish in Matosinhos is O Lusitano for the friendly owners, excellent prices and, of course, fantastic fish!

Like many Matosinhos fish restaurants, O Lusitano only serves fresh, grilled fish, which is cooked over glowing coals on a grill right on the front patio. Try the grilled squid, which is enhanced with garlic, onions and herbs. 

If traveling to the Porto coast for a seafood meal, just be aware that most restaurants in Matosinhos are only open for lunch and dinner – and close in the late afternoon.

Pro Tip: For a city center, family-run spot to eat Porto seafood, Adega Mercearia Bebe Se Mal comes highly recommended by locals. You can also try your luck at the uber popular Taberna Dos Mercadores. 


#9 Alheira

Porkless Sausage, Venham Mais 5, Porto, Portugal

Alheira, another famous Porto food, is a porkless sausage – usually consisting of fowl or game meat and bread. It was created in the late 15th century when Jews were forced to convert to Christianity or face expulsion from the country.

Many Jewish people were baptized as Christians in order to stay in Portugal, but secretly practiced Judaism. As they do not eat pork, they created Alheira – a non-pork sausage – which they could freely consume and appear as if they no longer followed Jewish laws. The cuisine remains popular today – and Alheira is now a common Portuguese food. 


Where to Eat Alheira in Porto

Where to Buy Alheira in Porto, Portugal

Poultry sausage is a Porto food that is easily found on menus and traditional grocery stores around the city – and is a popular Petiscos item, too. We ate Alheira at several Porto restaurants – but our favorite was at Venham Mais 5. 

Pro Tip: Alheira is a must try food in Porto, but we recommend ordering it as a starter or Petiscos for a taste first. Because of the softer poultry meat and bread, Alheira can be a bit mushy in consistency, which can surprise (or disappoint) the palate. 


#10 Petiscos (Small Plates)

What To Eat In Porto, Portugal

Often referred to as tapas, Portuguese Petiscos are part of the unique food culture in the country. Unlike bite-size tapas, Petiscos are small plates of traditional Porto food that are often shared as a snack while drinking. Served in both taverns and restaurants alongside beer or wine, Petiscos provide a leisurely way to dine with friends or family.

Snack Plate, Porto, Portugal

Common Petiscos dishes include Salads de Polvo (Octopus Salad), Pipis/Moelas (Chicken Gizzards), Bifanas (pork sandwiches), Bolinhos de Bacalhau (cod balls), Presunto (cured Iberian ham) and Pica Pau (which translates to Woodpecker, but refers to bite-sized marinated meats and pickled vegetables that are eaten with toothpicks).

That said, Petiscos can be as simple as a basket of bread, a bowl of olives or Conservas (Portugal’s famous tinned fish).

Tremocos, which are salty, pickled lupin bean, are Petisco bar snacks that are often served with beer. The bean has a skin, which can be removed by biting into it (and spitting out the skin) or pinching it with your fingers before popping it into your mouth.  

Grillled Sausage, Porto, Portugal

One of our favorite Petiscos is Chourico Assado – a flaming sausage cooked table-side in a terracotta dish and then sliced and eaten with toothpicks.

Visitors should have no problem finding where to eat Petiscos in Porto. There are dedicated Petiscos restaurants all over Porto – and almost every tavern and cafe offer the snack plates, as well.


Best Petiscos Restaurants Porto: Taxca

Bifana, Taxca, Porto, Portugal

It would be impossible to name just one as the Best Petiscos Porto. That said, for travelers, we think the best place to eat Porto-style tapas is at Taxca.

The restaurant specializes in petiscos meals, offering an array of options and a rotating menu. We feasted on plates of bifanas, codfish cakes, ham-and-cheese sandwiches and Alheira sausages. They also make daily stews, salads and casseroles.

Guests can order one plate at a time or order several items at once. Although much more spacious than most taverns in Porto, in typical fashion, diners place orders at the bar. 

Pro Tip: For a casual, riverside meal of Petiscos, try Gourmet da Emilia, which is located outside the Mercado Beira Rio in Gaia (and they also have inexpensive Port wine tastings). Alternatively, make a reservation at the super hip TapaBento at Sao Bento Train Station. For a truly local experience, head to Petiscaria Boca Aberta, where they offer traditional petiscos…and, on certain nights, live fado.


#11 Caldo Verde Soup

Caldo Verde Soup, Porto, Portugal

Portuguese Green Soup – or Caldo Verde – is a simple concoction of leafy greens (such as Kale or Cabbage), potatoes and olive oil. The soup is sometimes spiced with onion or garlic and a slice of sausage can be added right before serving.

Caldo Verde originated in the Minho Province of northern Portugal and is usually eaten at celebrations – such as weddings and holidays. However, the satisfying dish is found on most menus and is one of the best cheap eats in Porto that is somewhat healthy!


Where To Eat Caldo Verde in Porto

We tried Caldo Verde as an accompaniment to numerous of our meals in Porto…and don’t have one that stands out as a favorite. In some places, like Conga, the broth was thin, while at Pedro dos Frangos, it was thick and packed with kale. Lareira also gets rave reviews for their Caldo Verde Soup.


#12 Pernil de Porco Assado

Roasted Pork Shank at Antunes, Porto, Portugal

Pork is, by far, the most popular meat consumed in Porto and we feature it in many forms – from sandwiches to sausages – in this list of famous Porto food. That said, Pernil de Porco Assado – or Roasted Pork Shank – is a traditional Northern Portugal main dish for a family-style feast. The homecooked meal is often served on special occasions, including your vacation to Porto!

First, the pork is marinated overnight in a mouthwatering blend of herbs and spices – then it’s roasted for hours, until the outer layer is crisp. The meat of the slow-cooked shank is juicy, tender and incredibly flavorful. Poroco Assado is often served with potatoes or rice…and sometimes even a few vegetables. 


Where To Eat Porco Assado: Antunes

Dessert at Antunes, Porto, Portugal

Since Porco Assado is a popular dish to eat at home in Porto, it is seldom found on restaurant menus. The exception is Antunes, where Porco Assado is their claim to fame!

Antunes attracts both tourists and locals, the service is fun and friendly and the Pernil de Porco Assado is absolute perfection. 

Pro Tip: When dining at Antunes, be sure to bring along a friend, because an order of Pernil de Porco Assado serves two…at least. After eating as much as we could, we had leftovers for two more meals. However, we still ordered Rabanada ‘French Toast’ for dessert!


#13 Pasteis de Bacalhau (Codfish Cakes)

Bolinhos de Bacalhau, Porto, Portugal

Bacalhau is so ingrained in the Porto food scene that some version of the salted cod can be found almost everywhere…even in pastry shops. Savory codfish cakes take on a variety of forms – including cod balls, salt cod fritters and cod croquettes.

Bolinhos de Bacalhau – cod balls – are perhaps the most common cod snack. Made with potatoes, codfish, eggs, parsley, onion and sometimes spices, the batter is formed into balls and deep fried.


Where To Eat Bolinhos de Bacalhau: Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau

Interior of Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau, Gaia, Porto, Portugal

Cod balls and cod cakes are found at eateries around the city; they are a popular street food in Porto. However, it is also typical for people to sit down at a café or tavern to consume them.

Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau in Gaia is, by far, the fanciest place in Porto to eat cod cakes. Although a bit on the pricey side, the elegant ambiance – which is complimented by the sounds of a piano – offers a stylish way to taste even the most basic of Porto foods!


#14 Confeitaria Snacks and Street Food Porto

Bola De Carne, Porto Food, What To Eat in Portugal

There’s much more to Porto street food than cod. Ready-made, prepared foods that are easy to eat by hand are a delicious part of the culinary scene in Porto. These savory, carb-loaded pastries are typically inexpensive – and can serve as a filling snack or a light lunch. 

While there is a seemingly endless list of pastries and fried morsels to eat in Porto, we are highlighting a few of our favorites.

Rissoles, Portuguese Meat Pie, Porto

Rissoles are a Portuguese Meat Pie; the deep-fried, half-moon pastries filled with meat or shrimp. We think of it as the Portuguese version of dumplings or pierogies.

Bola de Carne – which translates to Meat Ball – is nearly a sandwich, but the meat is layered into the dough and then baked. 

Pastel de Chaves is another meat pastry that originated in the town of Chaves in northern Portugal in 1862 and is commonly found in taverns and bakeries. The flaky pastry is filled with minced veal, bread and onions and actually reminds us of Burek from the Balkans.


Best Confeitaria for Cheap Eats Porto

Takeaway food, Porto, Portugal

Bakeries – or Confeitarias – are the best places to eat when it comes to on-the-go snacks. On countless occasions, the treats piled high in the bakery windows persuaded us to take a break from Porto sightseeing for a quick bite. Still, we think it is rather difficult to name just one as our favorite. 

Confeitaria dos Clerigos, a traditional Porto bakery, sells an array of savory baked goods, which are stacked in the window to entice passersby. 

Confeitaria Sta. Catarina (located on Rua de Santa Catarina shopping street) features an exceptional selection of take-away fare and is an ideal place for lunch-on-the-go. While their Bola de Carne is a bit expensive for Porto snacks, it is incredibly filling and very tasty. 


#15 Pasteis de Nata (Portuguese Custard Tart)

Pasteis de Nata, Manteigaria, Porto Food, Portugal

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the egg custard tarts are a specialty in Portugal! Originating in Belem near Lisbon, Pasteis de Nata are now found throughout the country and world (especially in former Portuguese colonies, but we even ate them in Hong Kong!).

Sweet and creamy, the treats are best warm and fresh from the oven. They pair well with coffee or even wine – but we have no problem eating them on their own, with a dash of cinnamon!


Where To Eat Pasteis de Nata: Natas D’ouro

Sweet Cheap Eats, Porto, Portugal

The creamy custard tarts nestled in a puff pastry are a must-try in Portugal – and our favorite place to get them in Porto is at Natas D’ouro.

Rather than imitating the Pastel de Nata from Belem, at Natas D’ouro, they have altered the shape of the tart to resemble a traditional Porto Rabelo Boat. To truly make it a unique Porto egg tart, they create a custard treat topped with port wine flavor. However, our favorite version is their Pastel de Nata with chocolate.

Pro Tip: Numerous Porto bakeries churn out fresh Portuguese egg tarts – and our other top places are Fabrica da Nata and Manteigaria, where they are often served hot straight from the oven!

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More Must-Eat Porto Food

Seafood Stew, What To Eat In Porto, Portugal

Still hungry? We’re not judging! In fact, we have a few more suggestions for your Ultimate Porto Foodie Tour.


Cozido a Portuguesa and Traditional Portuguese Stews

Serving of Cozido a Portuguesa, Porto, Portugal

Considered to be one of the national foods of Portugal, Cozido a Portuguesa is a mix of boiled vegetables and meats. The Porto slow food includes common ingredients like beans, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, rice, chicken, pork and smoked sausages. The concoction is often spiced with red pepper and cinnamon.

Meat, Bean, Rice Stew, Portugal

We also enjoyed a similar stew called Feijoada when we visited Pinhao in the Douro Valley. Another hearty and delicious dish is Rancho a Portuguese, which is sometimes found on Porto menus. This stew is made by cooking bacon, meat, pasta, chickpeas and vegetables (like cabbage, carrots and potato) in a broth.   


Tripas a Moda do Porto (Portuguese Tripe and Beans)

A legendary Porto food dish, Tripas a Moda do Porto is a meal of tripe, sausages and beans. The classic cuisine – from which the people of Porto get their nickname, “Tripeiros” – was invented during the Age of Discoveries.

It is said that a ship setting sail from Porto loaded all of the available meat on the boat, leaving only the casings behind for the people to eat. Rather than despair, the scrappy citizens created a meal of tripe, Tripas a Moda do Porto, which has been (in)famous ever since!


Conservas de Peixe Canned Fish

Conservas de Peixe Canned Fish, Porto, Portugal

The Portuguese people have been preserving fish since the Iron Age – and canning fish since the mid-1800s. To this day, thousands of tons of sardines are canned in Portugal each year – so it would be remiss to not include it in our list of Porto foods to try. Canned sardines can be served as Petiscos at bars or appetizers at restaurants. 

Conservas de Peixe – or Canned Fish – have, in fact, become somewhat fashionable as of late. Gourmet shops and market vendors sell colorful tins – often with cheeky labels. O Mundo Fantastico das Sardinhas Portuguesas is a fun shop that specializes in tinned fish, which can be eaten while you are in Porto or taken home as a souvenir or unique gift. 


Broa de Avintes Portuguese Bread

One of the best things to eat in Porto (and nearly everywhere in Europe, in our opinion!) is fresh bread. There is a great variety of Portuguese bread – which is sold in Porto bakeries and offered alongside meals, but often for an extra fee.

One bread to try in Porto is Broa de Avintes. Created in the nearby town of Avintes, the dense bread is made of corn and rye and has a strong, spicy taste. Pao de Centeio – another northern Portugal bread – is similar to Broa de Avintes and is just as filling.  


Porto Sweet Pastries

Pasteis de Nata are, far and away, the most popular and prevalent sweet treat in Porto. However, bakeries churn out all kinds of sweet pastries – and there are a few we highly recommend. 


Bola do Berlim

The Best Bola do Berlim, Porto, Portugal

Born from the Berliner Pfannkuchen, the Bola do Berlim (or Berlin Balls) are unique to Portugal. Unlike the Berliner donut that is filled with jam, the Bola do Berlim is a donut cut in half, filled with Portugal’s typical sweet egg cream and topped with powered sugar.

The sweet treats are prepared both with full-size donuts and mini bite-size portions. Some are dipped in chocolate (like the ones at Molete Bread and Breakfast), but they are found in many bakeries – such as Confeitaria do Bolhao (around since 1896) and Neta 3 Padaria e Confeitaria (near Sao Bento Train Station).

In Porto during the summertime, it is common for roving vendors to sell the small confections on the beach from baskets!



Chocolate Brigadeiros, Porto Food, Portugal Things To Eat

A sprinkle-covered truffle confection, Brigadeiros are bite-sized treats that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Originally hailing from Brazil in the mid-1900s, Brigadeiros are a relatively new Portuguese treat – but they are wildly popular. 

Made with a combination of condensed milk, chocolate, butter – then coated in a layer of sprinkles – the gooey mixture is heavenly. The sweets are sold at many cafes and most bakeries. We love the Brigadeiros from Pao Fofo, but Padaria Ribeiro makes excellent ones, too. 


More Porto, Portugal Best Restaurants

Porto, Portugal downtown buildings at night

We’ve highlighted our favorite places to eat in Porto, but fellow travelers looking for specialty restaurants might want to consider these establishments.


Traditional Restaurants and Porto Taverns

Eat a meal of Traditional Porto Food, Portugal

Our above list outlines the best traditional Porto foods – and where to eat them. That said, some of the taverns in Porto feature rotating menus that change by the day. We think these establishments are fantastic for getting a taste of local, in-season fare, so we are sharing two of the best. 


Taberna Santo Antonio

Attracting both locals and tourists, Taberna Santo Antonio is a small tavern that serves classic Porto meals at affordable prices. With an ever-changing menu, it is difficult to recommend one dish, but we have particularly enjoyed the Bife de Casa and a scrumptious pork belly and sausage dish. As it is extremely popular, we recommend making reservations to avoid a wait.


Abadia do Porto

Founded in 1939 as a stop for pilgrims walking The Portuguese Way to Santiago de Compostela, Abadia serves typical Portuguese cuisine and regional dishes. The restaurant is known for Oven Roasted Goat and Porto-style Tripe, but they also feature daily specials. 


Porto Diners for Budget Eats

Traditional Portuguese Restaurant, Churrasqueira Lameiras, Porto, Portugal

With bright fluorescent lighting and counter service, Porto-style diners are exceptional places to get a basic meal at a bargain price – plus, it’s a fabulous local experience! The old-fashioned eateries do not cater to tourists; Porto residents are their target clientele. There may or may not be menus in English – or waitstaff that speaks English – but the food is truly authentic. 


Churrasqueira Lameiras

Our favorite Porto diner, Churrasqueira Lameiras is a cash-only establishment serving simple and appetizing Portuguese food. Patrons can squeeze in with the locals at the counter or sit at a table for service. The standard menu features typical fare and daily specials are posted on a board that hangs on the wall. The food is filling, tasty and cheap (as is the wine!). 


Cafe Almada

Offering a robust menu of Brazilian and Portuguese food, Cafe Almada is often busy, usually loud and always welcoming. Their signature dish is Picanha Steak, but they make a pretty good Francesinha, as well. 


Michelin Star Restaurants in Porto

Michelin Star Restaurant Antiqvvm, Porto, Portugal

Porto food is becoming recognized around the world – so it’s not surprising that there are several Porto Michelin Star restaurants. Visitors who want to dine at a Michelin Star restaurant in Porto actually have many options – and we are highlighting a couple of the top picks. (Here’s the full list of current Michelin Starred Porto Restaurants.)


Casa de Cha da Boa Nova

With waves crashing against the rocks below, Casa de Cha da Boa Nova is one of the incredibly atmospheric restaurants in the Matosinhos district. The 2-star Michelin restaurant offers a multiple course tasting menu. 


The Yeatman 

Headed by Chef Ricardo Costa, the Yeatman offers an inventive menu, excellent wine pairings and superior service. Located in Vila Nova de Gaia, the restaurant provides fantastic views of the Douro River.  



Situated in a lush garden and offering views over Porto and the river, Antiqvvm is elegant and innovative. The tasting menu can be complemented with wine to elevate the experience. 


Best Breakfast in Porto, Portugal

Classic Coffee, Majestic Cafe, Porto, Portugal

Travelers have many choices for places to eat breakfast in Porto. The most popular – and one of the most expensive – Porto breakfast spots is Majestic Café.

The landmark restaurant is considered to be one of the most beautifully decorated establishments in the city. It opened in 1921 – and is complete with chandeliers, mirrors and marble. There is often a long wait at Majestic Café.

If you don’t have time to kill for a table at Majestic, go to Café A Brasileira instead. The décor is similar, but it is less expensive and there are seldom lines.

Pro Tip: If you are looking for a hip Porto brunch spot or a healthy breakfast, check out Zenith or The Happy Nest.


Burger Restaurants in Porto

Best Burger Restaurants in Porto, Portugal

Hamburgers are certainly not a unique food in Porto, but they are well worth a mention, as they are becoming incredibly popular in the city. During our lengthy stays in Porto, we have eaten our fair share of burgers – and we have a few favorites. 

From our experience, we believe Simplex Virtus makes the best burgers in Porto. The carefully constructed burgers pack a punch with intense flavor combinations and just the right amount of toppings.

The burgers at Alvares Brewery Co Taproom also stand out – not only for being enormous and flavorful, but because they also make Brazilian-style Xis Burgers. 

Other Porto burger joints serving up pretty fantastic creations are Holy Sandwich Shop and Real Hamburgueria Portuguesa.

Top Tip: Looking for other international fare in Porto? Try the thin and crispy pizzas at TerraPlana Cafe that pair nicely with their craft cocktails.


Vegan Food Porto

Being a vegan in Portugal was long a difficult task. Meat and seafood are part of the food culture – which often leaves vegan and vegetarian visitors wondering where to eat in Porto. 

However, with a surge in tourism, digital nomads and a global shift in eating habits, there are now several Porto restaurants that cater to vegetarian and vegan diets.

Em Carne Viva, meaning Raw Flesh, was one of the first Porto restaurant to create traditional Portuguese food without animal products. DaTerra Baixa, Kind Kitchen and NOLA are other good choices for vegan and vegetarian meals in Porto.


Fast Food Porto

Prettiest McDonalds, Porto, Portugal

Not all Porto cheap eats come from bakeries and diners…there are a handful of local and chain fast-food restaurants in Porto, too. Pork sandwiches or pizza-by-the-slice (check out Mr. Pizza) are great Porto fast food choices.

While we won’t actually recommend eating at McDonald’s in Porto, the Golden Arches on Praca da Liberdade is a site to behold. The space – previously home to the Imperial Café – is lavishly decorated with stained-glass windows and chandeliers. The opulent décor is reason enough to take a peek inside.


Food Delivery Porto

Although we think it is best to dine out while visiting a destination, sometimes you just need a break. For those moments, Porto food delivery is available via Uber Eats along with others.


What To Drink in Porto, Portugal

Red Wine, Drinking In Porto, Portugal

Now that you know what and where to eat in Porto, we have a few tips for drinking in Porto as well! 


Port Wine

Gaia view from Porto over the Douro River, Portugal

Sipping a glass of Port wine while in Porto, Portugal is practically mandatory! The city is, after all, named after the wine.

Visitors can learn about the long history of Port at one of the cellars on the south side of the Douro River in Vila Nova de Gaia. A range of daytime cellar tours and guided tastings are available (and should be booked in advance) but sampling the best Port wines (like 40-year Tawny or a Vintage) will get pricey.

For a more comprehensive Port wine experience, go on a day trip to the Douro Valley where the vineyards line the hillsides. Tours can be planned with guides in advance, like this popular tour. However, we took a Douro Valley day trip on our own, which we feature in our detailed Itinerary for Porto.

Typical Porto Wine Tasting, Gaia, Porto, Portugal

Those less concerned in learning and more interested in sampling have many options, too. Every restaurant, café and bar in town serves port wine, and sometimes it is even included with the meal.

Wine Quay Bar – on the waterfront in Ribeira – offers a large selection of Port, regional wine and petiscos and ranks as one of the top Porto tapas bars with a view. However, for a quick and cheap introduction to Port, visitors can try a €5, 5-port wine tasting at one of the many cafes surrounding the Mercado Beira Rio in Gaia.


Vinho Verde

Far lesser known than Port, Vinho Verde is another regional drink that is a must-try when in Porto. The name – Vinho Verde – translates literally to Green Wine, but really means Young Wine.

This varietal is meant to be consumed within 3 to 6 months of being harvested. Produced in northern Portugal, Vinho Verde wine can be red, white or rose – and is sometimes sparkling.  


Porto Craft Beer

Pint at Catraio Craft Beer Shop Porto, Portugal

The craft beer movement had been slow to catch on in Portugal, but is now experiencing a surge in craft breweries and dedicated craft beer bars opening in Porto and Lisbon. Read our Porto Craft Beer guide for our choices of the prime places to find unique brews in the area.


Best Porto Food Markets

Outisde Mercado Municipal de Gaia, Portugal

Porto food markets are a great place to get a sample of the local cuisine. There are several food markets in Porto where visitors can get a glimpse of the regional products for sale. Some Porto markets have dedicated food courts, featuring kiosk restaurants that dish out local and international food.  


Bolhao Food Market Porto

Exterior of the renovated Mercado do Bolhão, Porto, Portugal

Dating to the late 1800s, Bolhao Market in Porto is the largest in the city. Filled with fresh produce, fish and snack stalls, the market has long served as a central meeting point for the people of Porto.

Bolhao Market is a great option for lunch in Porto, and the current structure (originally built in 1914) has just reopened after an extensive renovation.

Pro Tip: The Bolhao Food Market is one of the stops on our Porto Self-Guided Tour. Find the complete route to more than 25 attractions on our Porto Walking Tour!


Bom Sucesso Market

Entrance to Mercado Bom Sucesso, Porto, Portugal

The Bom Sucesso Market has a long history in Porto, and has been revitalized into a Concept Market. In addition to the Fresh Market, where local produce is sold, there are 44 stall restaurants and numerous locally owned shops, too.

The Bom Successo space is also used for music performances (like Fado on Sunday nights) and workshops. 


Mercado Beira Rio

Wine tasting, Mercado Municipal de Gaia, Portugal

Located along the riverfront in Gaia, Mercado Beira Rio (or Mercado Municipal de Gaia) is an excellent place to get a taste of Porto food. The renovated building features stalls from some of the best Porto restaurants – as well as a small produce market.

A perfect place to gather with friends and sample various types of famous Portuguese cuisine, this Porto food hall also has live music performances and an excellent selection of regional wines by the glass.


Historic, Gourmet Grocery Stores

Entrance to A Pérola do Bolhão, Porto, Portugal

In addition to the markets, visitors can also pop into one of the Porto gourmet grocers to shop for cheese, meat, candies, wine and tinned fish. Three of the best are near the Bolhao Market.

A Pérola do Bolhão is an old-fashioned Porto grocery store that is beautiful on the outside and absolutely stocked to the ceiling with everyday items and specialty products.

A Favorita do Bolhau is a fun grocery shop that specializes in Port Wine and local products – plus they sell a selection of pre-sliced cheese and dried fruit by weight. 

Historic Casa Natal offers a similar assortment of gourmet products – and the helpful staff is happy to offer recommendations. 


MAP: Where To Eat in Porto, Portugal

Use this link to Google for an interactive Porto map that will help you eat your way through the city! Porto Food Map by JetSettingFools.com


Porto Food Tour

Using our recommendations and provided map, it would be easy to create your own Self-Guided Porto Food Tour. However, those who prefer a guide and a chance to meet fellow travelers should consider one of these top-rated food tours in Porto!


Secret Food Tour Porto

Let a local lead the way through the atmospheric streets on a Secret Food Tour Porto, Portugal that will delight the taste buds. Try local specialties – including a taste of craft beer, wine and port. Reserve your spot!  


Porto Food and Wine Tour

This 3-hour walking food tour provides an introduction to the best food in Porto. Learn about the history of Porto food while sampling the local delicacies and sipping regional wine. Book it now!  


Planning a Trip to Porto

Looking for more things to do in Porto besides just eating? We highlight great ways to spend your vacation in our Perfect Porto Itinerary! In addition to day-by-day details for planning a trip to Porto, we also share advice on how to get there, where to stay and what to pack. 

Additionally, those arriving from overseas can use our complete Portugal Itinerary and helpful tips for Planning a European Vacation.

As you begin researching plans and making reservations, staying organized is key! We recommend using our Travel Planning Printables – to stay on top of all the details of your Portugal holiday.

Travel Planner Printables by JetSettingFools.com


Summary of our Porto Foodie Guide

OK, that was a lot of information on the best food and drink in Porto. So, we have condensed our list of the top places to eat in Porto to help you quickly find all the popular foodie spots!

Porto Famous Food: Cachorrinhos Hot Dog | Where to Eat: Gazela Cachorrinhos a Batalha

Porto Francesinha | Top Restaurant in Porto for Francesinha: O Afonso

Bacalhau com Natas | Best Bacalhau in Porto: Bacalhau do Porto at Mercado Beira-Rio

Bifana Sandwich | Great Places in Porto for Bifana: Conga and Taxca

Pernil com Queijo Sandwich | Must Eat in Porto Restaurant: Casa Guedes

Prego no Pao | Porto Famous Streak Sandwich Restaurant: Venham Mais 5

Piri Piri | Best Piri Piri Chicken in Porto: Pedro dos Frangos

Grilled Fish | O Lusitano in Matosinhos

Alheira Porto | Venham Mais 5 and Petiscos Restaurants

Porto Petiscos | Our Top Snack Restaurants Porto: Taxca, Gourmet da Emilia

Caldo Verde Soup | Congo, Pedro dos Frangos and Lareira 

Roasted Pork Shank | Where to Eat Pork Knuckle Porto: Antunes

Bolinhos de Bacalhau | Best Cod Balls Porto: Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau

Best Street Food Porto | Bakeries, Bars and other takeaways

Pasteis de Nata | Natas D’ouro, Fabrica da Nata and Manteigaria


Start planning your trip to Portugal! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel advice? Head over to our Travel Planning Page for more tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides Page!


We Want To Know: What is your favorite Porto food? Do you have any recommendations for where to eat in Porto? Give us your best tips and advice in the comments!   


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