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Best Things To Do in Korcula, Croatia

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Korcula Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia. Although fairly small (it’s less than 30 miles long and 5 miles across) there are an incredible number of things to do in Korcula. Home to ancient sites, stunning coastline, local wineries, crystal clear waters and (supposedly) the birthplace of Marco Polo, it’s easy to understand why so many tourists choose to visit Korcula, Croatia.

The island was so appealing to us that we visited Korcula on our first trip to Croatia in 2011. On that Korcula trip, we didn’t stray far from the historic Korčula Old Town. Since then, however, we have returned and have discovered that there are so many more things to do on Korcula Island!


Things To Do Korcula FAQs

Before we jump into our list of Korcula, Croatia Things To Do, we want to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions. 


Where is Croatia Island Korcula? 

Korcula is located along the Dalmatian Coast in the Adriatic Sea. Part of the Central Dalmatian Archipelago, Korcula is separated from the mainland Peljasac Peninsula by a rather narrow body of water, the Strait of Peljasac. 

Korcula Island is situated about halfway between the mainland cities of Split and Dubrovnik. It is the sixth largest Adriatic island, but the second most populous. 


How is Korcula Pronounced? 

In the Croatian language, Korcula is spelled Korčula – with a small V over the C. As this letter is not in the Latin alphabet, many tourists struggle to pronounce Korcula. Here’s a little tip: when you see a small V over the letter C (or over the letters S and Z), the sound you make is similar to Ch (or Sh or Zh). 

Therefore, the correct Korcula pronunciation is KOR-chu-la


What is the Korcula History? 

The history of Korcula stretches back to the Stone Age, but then was inhabited by the Illyrians around 1100 BC – and fell under various rulers through the Middle Ages. 

Korcula Town was first recognized by the Byzantines in the 10th century. By the 13th century, the town was encircled by protective stone fortifications – which continued to be strengthened for hundreds of years. The historic Korcula fortress still stands today. 


What is Korcula Known For? 

In addition to hosting one of the most gorgeous fortified Medieval towns, the Island of Korcula is known for its wine production, pine forests, culinary treasures and beautiful beaches.


Is Korcula Expensive? 

Of all the Croatia Islands, Korcula is one that is a bit more expensive, with prices similar to those seen in Hvar Town on Hvar Island.

Korcula Town, Croatia hotels – specifically – can be quite costly during the summer months. Additionally, travelers will find higher prices at the Korcula, Croatia restaurants when compared to other Croatian island eateries. 

That’s not to say that travelers can’t visit Korcula on a budget. In our list of Things To Do in Korcula, Croatia, we feature activities and attractions that fit a range of budgets.


Is Korcula Worth Visiting? 

Absolutely! The island is fairly easy to get to (we detail how a little bit later in the blog post), it’s stunningly beautiful and there is a long list of things to do in Korcula to entertain travelers. 


How Many Days on Island Korcula, Croatia? 

Deciding how long to stay in Korcula will largely depend on your overall Croatia Vacation Plans. Visitors can spend just one day in Korcula (and we outline how later on) or travelers could spend an entire week on the island. 

Travelers who are only interested in seeing Korcula Town could visit the island on a day trip – but those who want to see more of the island should plan on spending at least 3 days in Korcula. 


What To Do on Korcula Island: Old Town Korcula, Lumbarda, Vela Luka

Korcula Island, Croatia is a fascinating place to visit. In addition to the best things to see in Korcula, it’s also a place to simply enjoy.  

Many tourists visit the island to only see the Korcula Old City – it ranks as one of the Top Croatian Destinations. Although we agree that the Old Town is a Korcula must-see, there are other island destinations that shouldn’t be missed. Visiting the towns of Lumbarda and Vela Luka are also top Korcula Island things to do. 

Furthermore, we include detailed tips, links to more information, a helpful Korcula map of attractions and essential travel info – like how to get there and where to stay. Plus, we offer tips on Korcula tours. Whether you have one day in Korcula or one week, you can use our guide to help plan your Korcula itinerary.

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Korcula Town, Croatia

Korcula Town Gate on Korcula Island, Croatia

Korcula Town is the island’s most visited destination. The ancient city is perched on a small peninsula and wrapped in defensive stone walls. Korcula’s pedestrian-only streets were designed like a fishbone; the main thoroughfare runs through the center with angled side streets branching off each side. The layout was thoughtfully planned to welcome the summer breeze and limit the winter wind.


Things To Do in Korcula Town

Water views of lovely Korcula Town, Croatia

Many Korcula sights are located within the confines of the historic Old Town. Because of their close proximity, the top attractions can be covered in a few hours. Visitors on a day trip from Split will have plenty of time to discover the best Korcula sights.


What To See in Korcula Old Town

Fresh produce market outside Land Gate on Korcula Island, Croatia

The entire fortified Old Town is a sight! The narrow cobblestone lanes are lined with opulent architecture. We recommend simply wandering through the historic center and taking it all in. That said, make sure your self-guided Korcula walking tour includes the top Korcula highlights.


Korcula Sightseeing

St. Mark's Bell Tower through Revelin Tower arch in Old Town on Korcula Island, Croatia

Land Gate (Kopnena Vrata): On the south side of the city, a wide stone staircase leads up to the grand Land Gate and 15th century tower.

St. Mark’s Cathedral: The Gothic and Renaissance church was built from the 14th to 16th centuries and is dedicated to the patron saint of Korcula.

Marco Polo House: It is believed (but disputed) that Marco Polo – one of the world’s most famous explorers – was born in Korcula in the year 1254. The Marco Polo Korcula Museum tells the story of his life.

Korcula Town Museum: From pre-historic to modern times, the Korcula Town Museum details the history of Korcula – and it’s housed in a 16th century palace. 

Top Tip: The Old Town is congested with tourists during the day in the peak season. For visitors who stay in Korcula Town overnight, we recommend getting up bright and early to enjoy a blissfully peaceful walk through the city center at dawn.


Korcula Attractions Outside the Walls

View of Korcula Old Town from across the bay on Korcula Island, Croatia

Outside the city walls, a walkway encircles the town. In addition to the sensational sea views, many of the best restaurants in Korcula Old Town are found along the eastern wall. Next to the City Gate, in the Rotonda, is the local Korcula Market, where vendors sell in-season produce.

To the west of town, a path follows the coastline of Korcula Harbor. On the western side of the bay – across from the Old Town – is the Dominican Monastery, St. Nicholas Church and Convent. From the shoreline, look back toward the Old Town for the absolute best view of Korcula. (This is one of our favorite spots for a picnic lunch and bottle of Croatian wine!)


The Moreska Sword Dance in Korčula Town

The Korcula Sword Dance – called Moreska – is a traditional theatrical performance that dates to the 12th century. During the summer months, Korcula visitors can watch the Sword Dance on an outdoor stage (although tickets are required and can be purchased at the tourist office). 

The show tells the story of the battle over a princess. Korčula Island is the only place in the Mediterranean that honors the tradition of Moreska. 


Hiking Korcula

One of the best things to do in Korcula Town is to make use of the paths and explore nearby sights.

Forteca Svetog Vlaha: Take a short walk to the British Fort just south of town. From the path you can get stellar views of the Old Town.

St. Antun Church: About a half-hour hike from town, make the trek up St. Anthony’s Hill to the St. Antun Church. The church is reached via a staircase of 102 steps through a Cypress forest. Hikers are rewarded with sweeping views from the hilltop.


Best Beaches Korcula Town

Looking for Korcula Town beaches to soak up the sun or cool off with a swim? There are a few (non-sandy) beaches in Korcula Town where visitors can cool off in the refreshing Adriatic Sea.

Ispod Duvana Beach, near the Dominican Monastery, is the most popular Korcula Town beach. Other swimming spots are Luka Korculanska Beach, Beach Zakerjan and Banje Beach.

Pro Tip: Visitors seeking sandy beaches on the Croatian Island of Korcula can find them in Lombarda – which we feature in the next section. 


Korcula Restaurants

Seaside restaurants outside town walls on Korcula Island, Croatia

Although the city is small, there is a plethora of Korcula Town restaurants. Seafood is heavily favored as the local cuisine, but there is a strong Italian influence, too. As we already mentioned, many of the highly-rated restaurants in Korcula are located along the eastern wall with sea-view seating. Read reviews for top Korcula, Croatia restaurants on TripAdvisor


Our Recommendation of Where To Eat in Korcula

Zrnovski Makaruni pasta dish at Pinjac Pub on Korcula Island, Croatia

Although it is difficult to pass up the sea view restaurants, visitors who want an authentic local meal should make the effort to go to Pinjac Pub in the nearby village of Zrnovo.

The family-run restaurant serves traditional fare (try the island’s famous Zrnovksa Makaruni pasta!), locally produced wine and their own homemade beer from their on-site brewery (the only brewery on the island!). Not only do they offer delicious feasts at fair prices, they are also an incredibly friendly family. Read reviews!

To get to Pinjac Pub and Brewery, we took a taxi from Korcula Town. It’s also possible to walk from the Old Town (which we would have done, had it not been raining) – it should take about an hour. 


Korcula Nightlife

When the sun sets, you’ll likely be wondering what to do in Korcula, Croatia at night. While not known as a party destination (like Hvar Town on Hvar Island), there are a few places that constitute Korcula nightlife. A popular spot with DJs and dancing (complete with stripper poles) is Dos Locos No. 1. When we stopped in Korcula Town during our week-long Croatia Island Hopping Cruise, a group from our boat danced the night away at Dos Locos.


Korcula Bars We Recommend

Wine barrel tables at Bokar Wine Bar in Old Town, Korcula Island, Croatia

While dancing all night at clubs can be a blast for some, we usually prefer a more laid-back vibe…and Korcula has numerous establishments for a chilled out cocktail or glass of excellent Croatian wine.


Cocktail Bar Massimo

Tower that houses Massimo Bar on Korcula Island, Croatia

Although a bit of a novelty bar, Masimo’s location can’t be beat! Located on the top of a 15th century tower on the northern tip of the peninsula, Massimo is a fun and unique bar in Korcula.

To get inside, guests climb a ladder up to the turret. Drinks, which are priced to match the view, are delivered via pulley from the downstairs bar. The views are simply outstanding – and having a drink at Massimo for sunset is one of the top Korcula things to do!


Bokar Wine Bar

Glass of red Postup wine at Bokar Wine Bar in Korcula, Croatia

In our opinion, drinking Croatian wine is one of the essential Korcula activities! The intimate Bokar Wine Bar is an unpretentious place to sample wine from Korcula Island as well as the nearby Peljesac Peninsula and greater Dalmatian region.

The small space can only accommodate about 12 people, but grab a spot outside (right on the steps if necessary!). The superb wait staff are knowledgeable and friendly – and always ready to offer insight on the different offerings of amazing wine from Croatia.


Lumbarda, Korcula

Vineyards in Lumbarda on Korcula Island, Croatia

The quaint seaside village of Lumbarda is just 3.5 miles south of the Korcula Old Town. Inhabited since ancient times, Lumbarda is a small community of fisherman and farmers.

During the 16th century, many wealthy families from Korcula Town built summer residences in Lumbarda. Today, the village is again seeing a boost in tourism due to it’s sandy shoreline and local wine, Grk. Spending a leisurely day in Lumbarda is one of the top Korcula Island things to do.


Lumbarda, Korcula Beaches

Northern Lumbarda rocky Coastline

Unlike the rest of Croatia’s rocky coastline, in Lumbarda, some of the beaches are actually sandy. In fact, there are four sandy beaches in Lumbarda where beach goers can enjoy a soft shoreline rather than a rocky edge.

Beach Vela Przina, along the south coast, is regularly rated as one of the best beaches in Korcula. The water is shallow, so it’s a favorite spot to play the Croatian handball game, Picigin. There are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent on Vela Przina Beach. 

Other Lumbarda Korcula Island beaches that are sandy are Beach Bilin Zal, Beach Tatinja and Beach Prvi Zal.

Although not sandy, Lenga Beach is a local favorite and a bit of a hidden gem (it’s also one of the best Korcula beaches that is FKK, a.k.a. nude).


Grk Wine Tasting Korcula

Grk Wine at cafe in Lumbarda, Korcula Island, Croatia

As we already mentioned, drinking wine is one of the best things to do in Korcula, Croatia…and when in Lumbarda, tasting Grk wine is a must!

The only place the Grk Bijeli white wine variety is grown in the world is in Lumbarda. The Grk vine only produces female flowers, so it is often cross-pollinated with Plavac Mali (another famous Croatian wine-making grape).


Grk Wineries Korcula

Winery Grk sign at vineyard in Lumbarda on Korcula Island, Croatia

There are several wineries in Lumbarda where visitors can get a taste of the local Grk wine straight from the source. Vineyards cover the land just inland from the sandy shoreline. Popular Korcula wineries in Lumbarda that offer tastings are Winery Grk, Popic Winery, Bire Winery and Lovric Winery.

Top Tip: At restaurants in Lumbarda, Grk wine is usually offered by the glass or bottle – but is rarely found in grocery stores.


Lumbarda Exploration

Statue of man in Lumbarda on Korcula Island, Croatia

Being a small village, exploring Lumbarda on foot is a pleasant way to discover the town. A coastal path follows the shoreline in both directions from the town center; we particularly liked the path to the north.

Narrow lanes weave through the Old Town center to Sveti Rok Church, a charming church on the top of a small hill.


How To Get to Lumbarda from Korcula Old Town

Boats docked at Lumbarda Port on Korcula Island, Croatia

Lumbarda can be reached by taxi, boat, bus or by walking. Get details at the Korcula Tourist Information Office.


Vela Luka, Croatia

Boat in harbor at sunset in Vela Luka, Korcula, Croatia

Vela Luka, which translates to Big Port, is located on the western end of Korcula (the opposite end from Lumbarda). Although Vela Luka often gets a pass from tourists in favor of captivating Korcula Town, we think it can offer a lot to visitors (especially if you’re trying to avoid crowds).


Vela Splia Cave

Historic Vela Spila Cave in Vela Luka, Korcula, Croatia

Vela Spila – or The Great Cave – is one of the most interesting Korcula attractions. Artifacts found inside the prehistoric cave prove that it was used as a dwelling more than 20,000 years ago. The cave is just a 20-minute uphill walk from the port (make sure to pause and take in the gorgeous views of the bay along the way!).

To get to the cave, just follow the baby-blue cave markers up the side of Pinski Rat Mountain right to the cave entrance. A small fee is collected to enter the cave, which has a few explanatory signs in English. The ticket seller also has a book with photos of some of the cave discoveries.

Top Tip: The trail continues beyond the cave and wraps around the backside of the mountain to small villages. We spent about an hour taking different trails and working our way back down to the center of Vela Luka.


Hum Hill Korcula Hike

View of Vela Luka harbor from hillside on Korcula Island, Croatia

On the south side of the deep bay, Hum Hill rises over the town and sea. The Forteca – a 19th century Austro-Hungarian fortress – sits atop the hill. The fort is free to enter and provides an outstanding viewpoint. (We, unfortunately, did not make it to the top as we were running out of day light!)

To access the fort, a well-maintained 3-mile trail leads up the mountainside. The trailhead is found along the coastline, but to get there, trekkers need to walk inland around the old shipyard. For more information about the Hum Hill Korcula hike, see this article.


Northern Coastline Walk

On the north side of the port, a coastal path follows the shoreline past small beaches and secluded coves. After a brief trek through a forest, the path leads to the “Kissing Point” viewpoint, which is spectacular at sunset!


Vela Luka Sights

Vela Luka marina at sunset on Korcula Island, Croatia

We were drawn to the viewpoint hikes and shoreline walks, but the Vela Luka city center has a few attractions worth checking out, too!

Churches: Located in the heart of the town is the 19th century St. Joseph Church and bell tower. Along the southern coastline, visitors will find the Church of Our Lady of Good Health. The small church was built in the late 1800s after an outbreak of The Plague; behind the church is a small garden and statue.

Vela Luka mosaic tile work on Korcula, Croatia

Mosaic Tile Artwork: In 1968, Vela Luka hosted an international artist event called Artist’s Meeting of Painters. The attending artists were charged with creating mosaic tile work that was implemented in the sidewalks around the town center…where they still can be seen today.

Center for Culture: Utilizing a 19th century schoolhouse, the Center for Culture houses a small museum (featuring the findings from the cave) and hosts local events.

Jerolim Oil Products: Specializing in locally produced organic olive oil products, Jerolim was founded by a local couple.


Nearby Dalmatian Islands from Vela Luka

Watching sunset from Sail Croatia Almissa ship in Vela Luka Harbor, Korcula, Croatia

There are two very tiny and easily accessible Croatian islands from the Vela Luka port. These islands are reached via boat (or taxi boat). In our shoulder-season visit, there were no taxi boats running to the island…but we look forward to checking out these two islands on a return trip to Korcula!

Osjak Island, an uninhabited island, sits in the center of the harbor. Visitors go to explore the hiking trails and hidden coves. It takes 15 minutes by taxi boat to reach the island.

Proizd Island sits at the opening of the bay and is a 40-minute trip from the port of Vela Luka. Surrounded by dazzling blue water, visitors go to swim in the sea and soak in the sun on the nearly deserted island (there is one restaurant during peak summer season).

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More Ideas of What To Do in Korcula

Rooftops of Old Town Korcula in Croatia

The things to see in Korcula that we outlined above can easily fill 2 to 3 days on Korcula Island. That said, guests staying on the island for a few days or more may want to add a Korcula day trip to their itinerary or explore some of the lesser known Korcula hidden gems.


Excursions from Korcula

Most of the day trips from Korcula involve water activities, but there are a few on-land adventures, as well. We are highlighting a few of the most popular tours. 


Wine Tour in Korcula

Spend a day sipping and swirling local wine at 3 family-run wineries on the Island of Korcula, Croatia with a knowledgeable driver. On the tour, participants get to taste the flavors of the island and enjoy other homemade products, as well! Book it here!


Korcula Kayaking

Kayaking in Korcula is a popular activity that allows visitors to explore the Korcula Archipelago at water level. With a Korcula kayak rental, guests can explore nearby islands and coves that are only reachable by water. Guests can join a tour that includes sea kayaking, swimming and Korcula snorkeling. Get the details!


Korcula Kayak History Tour

On this highly rated, half-day kayaking tour, small groups are led by a local guide to offshore islands to explore, swim, learn and taste the local products. Find out more!


Evening Korcula Boat Trips

Spend the evening aboard a luxury yacht for a night of wine and local fare. Set sail from Korcula Town and stop at Lumbarda for a wine tasting, then cruise back to the Old Town and feast on a 4-course traditional meal. Learn more here!


Private Buggy Tour Korcula

Get off the beaten path and discover a side of Korcula rarely seen by most visitors. Explore the countryside by dune buggy and discover picturesque landscapes. Stop in Lumbarda for a wine tasting and snorkeling from the beach. Read the Reviews!


Korcula Bike Tour (with Wine Tasting!)

Looking for a more active adventure? Hop on a bicycle and pedal from Korcula Town to the Grk vineyards in Lumbarda! This tour includes a wine tasting and time to swim at a sandy beach. Book it now!


Less Visited Korcula Attractions

So far, our tips for what to see and do in Korcula have included the must see island sights. However, there are a few lesser known attractions in Korcula that we want to mention, as well. 


Kom Hill

The highest Korcula hill, Kom, stands at 508 meters (1,667 feet). A shaded trail leads up the hill offering spectacular vistas over the island and sea. The Kom Hill trail begins at a farm on a goat path and then ascends through a forest to the peak. There is a parking lot and the hike takes about 2 hours roundtrip. 


Pupnatska Luka Beach

A gorgeous beach at the end of a deep cove, spending a day at the beach in Pupnatska Luka is one of the fun things to do on Korcula Island. There is a small fee for parking and 2 cafes (cash only for both). 


Korcula Travel Tips

Cat on stone steps next to flower pot in Old Town Korcula, Croatia

Now that you know all of the Best Korcula, Croatia Things To Do, we have just a few more tips for your trip planning!


Planning a Trip to Korcula, Croatia

Our above tips can help you plan what to see on Korcula Island, Croatia. However, for our complete advice on visiting the country, use our Guide to Planning a Croatia Vacation

As you prepare your trip, you will want to stay organized – and our Printable Travel Planner can help! The 26-page digital download has organizational templates that will keep you on top of all the pertinent travel details!

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Korcula, Croatia Weather

The weather in Korcula is a Mediterranean climate, where winters are mild with a little rain and summers are warm and dry. Average summer high temps are in the mid-80s and January is the coolest month, with average high temperatures reaching the low 50s.


Choosing Between Korcula or Hvar

Many vacationing Croatia tourists are limited on time and can only fit one island destination into their trip. The most common choice is to visit either Hvar or Korcula. We think that is a pretty tough call – and really encourage travelers to see both islands!

However, if it has to be one of the other, we think the decision should be based interests. Travelers who are interested in history and wine should visit Korcula Island. People who are interested in hiking, sailing and nightlife might want to check out Hvar instead.

Read our guides on the Best Things To Do in Hvar Town and Stari Grad, Hvar to determine which is better for your Croatia trip!


Where To Stay on Korcula Island

We have stayed in both Korcula Town twice and in Vela Luka once. We enjoyed both locations – and are pretty sure we would like staying in Lumbarda, especially during the summer. Choosing where to stay on Korcula Island really depends on what is on your list of Korcula things to do.

That said, the island is fairly small and easy to get around. The longest distance is between Lumbarda and Vela Luka, which are roughly 30 miles apart. There are many places to stay in Korcula; all three towns have numerous hotels, many which have sea views.


Accommodation on Korcula Island

Visitors have a range of options when it comes to finding accommodations – there are luxury hotels and camping sites…and everything in between. When deciding where to stay in Korcula Island, consider your desired activities, length of stay, mode of transport and budget. 


Hotels in Korcula, Croatia

We are sharing a few of the highly-rated Korcula hotels for your trip! But, before starting your search for places to stay in Korcula, Croatia, use our tips on Finding the Best Hotels


Korcula Town Hotels

Aminess Korcula Heritage Hotel: We stayed in the prominently located Hotel Korcula during our first trip to the island – and we absolutely loved it! The completely remodeled (and rebranded), sea-facing hotel features rooms with views that are ideal for sunsets and watching the boats come and go.

We highly recommend staying here if you decide to spend the night in Korcula Town – it’s also rated by fellow travelers as one of the best hotels in Korcula! Read the rave reviews!

Hotel Marko Polo Korcula: Located south of the walled Old Town, Hotel Marko Polo has two pools, views overlooking the sea and Old Town and a highly-rated breakfast. Check availability!

Two beachfront hotels that get great reviews are the Aminess Port 9 Korcula Hotel (check rates!) and Hotel Korcula Hill (check rates!). 


Lumbarda Hotels

Hotel Borik: Built as a summer palace, Hotel Borik is just steps from the beach and centrally located in the village. Additionally, there is an on-site pool and restaurant. Check out the photos!

Heritage Hotel Lumbarda: Featuring sea view rooms, a pool and buffet breakfast, Hotel Lumbarda is located right across the street from the harbor. See if it’s available!


Vela Luka Hotels

Hotel Korkyra: Well-positioned in the heart of town, the elegant Hotel Korkyra has an outdoor pool, a wellness center and an included breakfast. Check the price!

Hotel Villa Telenta: Nestled along the northern shoreline of the deep bay, Hotel Villa Telenta has a quiet location near the beach. Check availability!

When searching for the best hotels in Korcula, start your search on – like we do!


Airbnb Korcula, Croatia

Guests who would rather stay in an apartment in Korcula have many options. We often prefer staying in apartments because they tend to have more space and a kitchen where we can prepare our own breakfasts. The majority of Airbnb Rentals on Korcula are in the Old Town. 


Camping Korcula

There are quite a few campgrounds on Korcula Island. Port 9 Camping offers a variety of camping options, including mobile homes and campsites. Find out more!


What To Pack for a Korcula Vacation

It’s time to think about what to pack for your trip to Korcula! Regardless of whether you travel with a backpack or suitcase, there are a few must-have items for your trip. We share more packing tips on our Travel Packing page. Grab your FREE Packing Checklist first


The Right Shoes

Travelers need the right shoes for exploring Korcula. In the summertime, a pair of flip flops might be sufficient for seeing Old Town and heading for the beach, but travelers who want to take a trek will need better footwear. Take a peek at our top tips for the best travel shoes


Croatia Sun Protection

The sun is strong in Korcula! Make sure you are prepared with sunny weather with adequate sunscreen and a wide-brimmed travel hat


Travel Camera

The island of Korcula, Croatia is mesmerizingly beautiful! Make sure you have a good camera to capture the beauty of it! We recommend upgrading from your phone camera to a real camera for your trip

We use a Canon Rebel DSLR with an 18-135mm lens. It takes quality photos, is easy to use and comes with heaps of accessories – all at an affordable price. We think it is one of the best cameras for budget travelers


Proper Day Bag

A good day pack is ideal for exploring Korcula Island. The best day bags are comfortable to wear, have zippered pockets and are large enough for everything you need for a full day of sightseeing. We often use lightweight backpacks – but use our tips for find the Best Travel Day Bag for your trip!


How To Get to Korcula Island

Approaching Korcula Old Town by Boat in Croatia

Being an island – without an airport – the only way to get to Korcula is via boat. Ferries and catamarans to Korcula dock in Korcula Town and Vela Luka (but not Lumbarda). There are, however, marinas in all three towns, where yachts can dock.


Getting to Korcula by Ferry

There are two Korcula ferry companies: Jadrolinija and Krilo. The Korcula boat schedules can vary greatly by season and by day, so be sure to verify Dalmatian Island ferry times for when you’ll be traveling to Croatia. Ferries to Korcula depart from Split, Dubrovnik and Orebic (and stop at other islands along the way).

When booking a ferry to Korcula, pay close attention to departure and arrival times, as well as days of week. Tickets for both ferries can be purchased online or at the port. In the peak summer season, we recommend purchasing tickets in advance.


Ferry from Split to Korcula

Visitors traveling from Split to Korcula have a few options when it comes to ferry boats. Jadrolinija runs a catamaran between Split and Dubrovnik and docks in Korcula Town (summer season – June to September only). Jadrolinija also runs Car Ferry lines from Split to Vela Luka.

The tourist ferry company, Krilo, also runs two lines to Korcula Town, but only one line runs year-round.

The Korcula – Split ride takes about 2+ hours. 


Ferry from Dubrovnik to Korcula

The Jadrolinija catamaran connects Dubrovnik to Split (via Korcula Town, Hvar and Bol). Krilo has seasonal ferry departures from Dubrovnik to Korcula Town. The ride between Dubrovnik and Korcula is about 2 hours.


Day Trip to Korcula Town

Visitors who want to take a Day Trip to Korcula Town can use the ferries, but it is only possible in the high season.


Day Trip from Split to Korcula

If taking a day trip from Split to Korcula in the summer season, use the Krilo Ferry. Two catamarans depart from the Split Port in the morning (one goes via Makarska and the other via Hvar Town) at 7:30 and 7:40am and both arrive to Korcula Town just after 10:00am. On the return trip, boats depart Korcula at 5:55pm and 6:35pm and arrive back in Split just before 9pm.

Use our complete guide to the Best Day Trips from Split!

17 Incredible Day Trips From Split, Croatia by


Day Trip from Dubrovnik to Korcula

If taking a day trip from Dubrovnik to Korcula (again, only possible during the peak summer season), use the Jadrolinija catamaran. The Jadrolinija departs Dubrovnik at 7:00am and arrives to Korcula at 9:00am; the return catamaran from Korcula to Dubrovnik departs Korcula at 7:25pm and arrives back in Dubrovnik at 9:25pm.


What To Do in Korcula in One Day

Visitors limited to just 1 Day in Korcula will need to make a concise trip plan to make the most of their time on the island. As the day trip ferries dock in Korcula Town, we recommend limiting your sightseeing to the town and immediate surroundings. Use our list of the top things to do in Korcula Old Town to plan your day. 

That said, with a well timed plan, it would also be possible to take a taxi or water taxi to Lumbarda to taste some wine or visit the beach, too. Just keep an eye on the time, as you don’t want to miss the ferry boat! 


Korcula, Croatia Map

Use this link to Google Maps to find your way to all the Best Things To Do on Korcula, Croatia! Visitors can also pick up a Korcula Town Map and a Vela Luka Map at visitor centers. 

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