Croatia 2-Week Itinerary

Croatia Itinerary: A Complete Guide for 2 Weeks in Croatia

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We’ve made no secret of our love for Croatia. From north to south, from the interior to the Dalmatian Coast, there hasn’t been a place we visited in Croatia that we didn’t fall in love with. With so many incredible Croatia destinations, creating an easy-flowing, all-encompassing route through the country can be a challenge…but we’re here to help make your Croatia Itinerary trip planning easy!

We carefully considered all of the top places to see in Croatia and devised an absolutely perfect 2 Week Croatia Itinerary.


Croatia Itinerary Planning

Croatia might be a small country of just 4 million people, but there is so much to see and do. One of the first steps in planning the best Croatia Itinerary is determining length of stay and number of destinations. 

Ideally, visitors will have at least two weeks in Croatia (but even that isn’t a long enough trip to see it all!). With 2 weeks in Croatia, there are dozens of possible routes through the country – and there is no right or wrong way to plan a Croatia trip. 

It was with thoughtful consideration that we created this Croatia travel itinerary, which features (in our opinion) the best of Croatia – from must-see destinations to lesser-visited gems. 

Sunrise over Banje Beach in Dubrovnik, Croatia


Planning a Trip to Croatia for 2 Weeks

Before we jump into our day-by-day Croatia Two Week Itinerary, we want to cover a few details about Croatia trip planning. We’ll cover an overview of our Croatia route, a helpful Croatia map, info about where to start and end and how to best travel around Croatia.


About Our Croatia Itinerary

This 2 Week Croatia Itinerary is not for the slow traveler, but for the tourist who wants to see as much of Croatia as possible in a short amount of time (and will possibly return in the future for a more leisurely Croatia trip). We think this is the best Croatia itinerary, but it moves at a fast pace. Our Two Weeks in Croatia Itinerary covers the length of the country from north to south, starting in Zagreb and ending in Dubrovnik (although, it could be done in the reverse direction).

The route of our Two Week Croatia Itinerary travels mostly along the coast, with eight stops in total. Additionally, throughout our Croatia trip plan, we offer alternate Croatia routes to help travelers plan their best trip. 


Planning Your 2 Week Croatia Itinerary

Our Croatia Travel Itinerary can be used exactly as it is written or as a guideline of what to do in Croatia. To help plan your trip to Croatia, we have also included suggestions on where to stay, links to more information, tips about how much a trip to Croatia costs and general advice about traveling through Croatia.

We understand that every person has a different travel style and that some visitors may have more or less time in Croatia than two weeks. To further help others with planning a trip to Croatia, we include sample Croatia itinerary variations at the end of the article.

Below, in addition to the Croatia 2 Week Itinerary Overview, you will find a detailed Day-by-Day Croatia Trip Planner that includes some of our top travel tips for Croatia. 

Visitors planning a first time trip to Croatia should also read our tips for preparing for your vacation to Croatia – which covers a wide range of need-to-know Croatia travel topics. Additionally, travelers arriving from overseas can use our general tips for planning European vacations


Organizing Your 2 Week Itinerary Croatia

When planning a 14 Day Croatia Itinerary, it is essential to stay on top of the details! While researching and making reservations, we recommend using a travel planner to keep track of your trip plans. Our Travel Planning Printables are fantastic for tracking trip plans and ensuring nothing slips through the cracks! 

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Best Places to Visit in Croatia in 2 Weeks

Boys explore the rocks on the western side of Bacvice Beach in Split, Croatia

Croatia is a contrasting country – and so much more than one iconic city. We feature an array of destinations, sights and a few of Croatia’s hidden gems in our Croatia 2 Week Itinerary. 

We’ve been captivated by the dramatic Croatian coastline dotted with islands. Enthralled by the thundering waterfalls in Croatia’s national parks. Charmed by the historic Croatian towns and buzzing cities. Delighted by the traditional cuisine and local Croatian wine. The country is simply amazing. Our recommended travel route features the best places to go in Croatia for a truly complete experience.

With all the things to do in Croatia, we could easily recommend that anyone visiting Croatia plan to spend at least a month – or more – exploring the landscapes and soaking it all in. However, we understand the realities of limited time off work and have, therefore, devised an ambitious 2-Week Croatia Itinerary.

For detailed information about the best destinations in the country, read our complete guide to the Best Croatian Cities to Visit.


2 Weeks In Croatia Itinerary Outline

Our 2 Weeks in Croatia Itinerary includes overnight stays in eight cities in Croatia. (Although, travelers who would rather stay in one location longer have options for Croatia day trips; we provide alternate trip tips throughout our Day-by-Day Croatia Itinerary.)

Croatia Itinerary 2 Weeks: Zagreb (2 nights) – Rovinj (3 nights) – Zadar (2 nights) – Sibenik (1 night) – Split (2 nights) – Hvar (1 night) – Korcula (1 night) – Dubrovnik (2 nights)


Croatia Travel Map

This map of Croatia outlines the route from Zagreb to Dubrovnik and highlights the destinations that we include in our Best of Croatia Itinerary. Use this link to Google Maps for an online version of our Croatia Map.

While this map can provide an idea of the route, we highly recommend purchasing a paper Croatia Road Trip Map (like this one) in advance of your trip, especially if you are taking a self-drive Croatia road trip. 

2 Week Croatia Itinerary Map by


Accommodations and Getting Around Croatia

For each destination in our 2 Week Croatia Itinerary, we provide recommendations of where to stay – offering advice on what area to stay in and a specific place (if we have a preference). We often stay in Airbnb apartments, rather than hotels, and there are thousands of Croatia Airbnb Apartments to choose from. That said, on quick 1 or 2 night stays, we often think it is better to stay in hotels (both for the cost and convenience). 


Croatia Road Trip 14 Days: Public Transport or Car

We created our 2-Week Croatia Itinerary based on the ability to use public transportation. All of our featured Croatia destinations are connected via bus or ferry – and many of our recommendations are based on travelers not having access to a car. That said, our itinerary for Croatia can just as easily be used for visitors who rent a car for a Croatia Road Trip.

We include detailed tips for Croatia accommodations and transport at the end of the post.


2-Week Croatia Itinerary Overview

Small red car on narrow lane in Rovinj, Croatia

Our Croatia travel itinerary is filled with amazing Croatia sights and many of the top Croatia things to do. Before we dive into the Croatia 2 Weeks itinerary day-by-day details, our overview of how to spend 14 days in Croatia sums up the trip plan.


Croatia in Two Weeks – in a Nutshell

Start your 2-week Croatia Itinerary in Zagreb, the country’s capital that moves in rhythm with the pulse of the city’s trams. Get a sense of how the historic city evolved into a metropolis, growing from two separate towns. Explore more of Croatia’s inland landscapes, such as Plitvice National Park, on a day trip.

From Zagreb, continue your Croatia Itinerary trip plan and travel to the Istrian Peninsula to discover romantic Rovinj, prettily perched on the Adriatic Sea and painted in hues of pink and gold. Spend a day exploring the hill towns of the Istrian interior. See the historic sights in the coastal town of Porec, then step back in time in Pula, a city on the southern tip of the peninsula and home to incredible Roman ruins.

Next up on our 2-Week Croatia itinerary is the Dalmatian Coast. Take the scenic route along the shoreline south from Istria easing into the laid-back Dalmatian Coast lifestyle and make a stop in Zadar. It is another once-walled city situated on the sea with islands just a stone’s throw away. After spending a day exploring the Zadar Old City and the seaside, continue south to Sibenik for a one day stay.

From Sibenik, our 2-Week Trip Plan for Croatia allows visitors to get an additional taste of the country’s beautiful nature off the coast. Travel to Skradin and take a trip into Krka National Park where thundering waterfalls cascade into jade pools.

Next on our Best Itinerary for Croatia is one of the most popular cities to visit: Split. The city has history and nature, along with an urban vibe – plus, it is a hub of transportation activity. Wander the lanes of Diocletian’s Palace, hike to an amazing Croatian viewpoint and soak in the sun on an Adriatic beach.

You will then depart Split for a few days of Croatian Island Hopping, a highlight of any Croatia vacation. Jump aboard a ferry to discover two of Croatia’s best islands: Hvar and Korcula. Spend one night of your Croatia vacation in Hvar Town, where there are secluded beaches, stunning coastline and private islands to explore. Catch the ferry the following day and sail to Korcula, a beautiful island with heaps of charm and astounding vistas.

After a night in Korcula, cruise to Dubrovnik – one of the best places to see in Croatia – soaking in the sun and scenery along the way. The final two days of our Croatia Itinerary are spent discovering Dubrovnik. The UNESCO World Heritage Site city is packed with amazing architecture, historic sights and some of the best Dalmatian Coast beaches.


Day-by-Day Croatia Trip Planner

Now that you know what to expect on your Croatia 14 Day Itinerary, we are filling in all the details of how to plan your time in each destination. Use our detailed day-by-day outline for 2 weeks in Croatia to plan your perfect trip.

For each day, we recommend the day’s activities, provide info on where to stay, share links to more info and offer alternative options. Additionally, we provide more pertinent information about visiting Croatia at the end of the blog post! 

Note: We share specific destination links to our helpful Croatia travel guides through the 2 Weeks Itinerary Croatia Trip Plan, but you can find all of our Croatia trip planning articles on a dedicated travel page


DAY 1: Arrive in Zagreb, Croatia

2-week Croatia Itinerary Zagreb St. Mark's Church JetSetting Fools

On Day 1 of your Croatia 2-Week Itinerary, arrive in Zagreb and waste no time getting acquainted with the often-overlooked Croatian capital city. Take in the sights of the Zagreb Old Town in the historic districts of Gradec and Kaptol. Use our Self-Guided Zagreb Walking Tour or join a local guide on an organized walk (read reviews!).

If time permits, consider a stroll around one of Zagreb’s best parks, like the Green Horseshoe (8 city blocks of green space lined with grand architecture). For drinks and dinner, head back to the old town and dine along the cafe-lined street, Tkalciceva. After dinner, belly up at Opatovina or ‘Beer Street’ for a pint of Croatian craft beer (ask if they have our favorite on tap, Nova Runda!).


Where To Stay in Zagreb

The city of Zagreb is well-connected by a network of trams. Assuming that travelers using this itinerary are utilizing public transportation, we recommend staying near the Zagreb Bus Station (so that you don’t have to lug your bags very far!). There are a handful of hotels, boutique accommodations and numerous holiday apartments within walking distance from the station. If there are rooms available, we recommend staying at the hip Hotel 9 (check availability!).


Top Tip: From the airport, there is an inexpensive and direct bus to the Zagreb Bus Station. From the station, it’s about a 30-minute walk into the city center…but it’s much easier to hop on a #6 tram (purchase ‘short ride’ tickets from a Tisak kiosk for the best price).

Get more tips about what to do in Zagreb in our guide of 22 Things To Do in Zagreb!

22 Terrific Things To Do in Zagreb, Croatia by



DAY 2: Zagreb and Regional Exploration

The town of Samobor, Croatia

Start Day 2 of your Croatia trip itinerary with a coffee on Ban Jelacic Square. Watch the trams come and go and the consequent rush of people. Visit the historic Dolac market bustling with morning shoppers and then double back through Jelacic Square to Zagreb 360 for a bird’s eye view of the city (keep your ticket; it’s valid for multiple entries on the same day). 

In the afternoon, head out of the city on a half-day Zagreb Day Trip. Go to nearby Samobor, Croatia (which can be done via public bus or on a private tour). Hike up to Samobor’s hilltop ruins and complete the afternoon with a piece of the famous Kremsnite cake. Once back in Zagreb, ascend to the top of Zagreb 360 after dark for a nighttime view of the city.


Day 2 Alternative: Plitvice Day Trip

Visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park is a must for most Croatia itineraries – but the park is inland and requires a full day to reach from Zagreb or from cities on the coast. If the famous Plitvice Lakes is a must for your Two Weeks Croatia Trip, embark on a full day trip from Zagreb on the second day of your trip. Swoon over the 16 turquoise lakes connected together by stunning waterfalls. Get the trip details!

Find out more about the top Zagreb trips in our Day Trips from Zagreb post.

6 Sensational Day Trips from Zagreb, Croatia by



DAY 3: Arrive in Romantic Rovinj

Romantic Rovinj, Istria, Croatia

Day 3 is the start of your Croatia road trip and Croatian coast itinerary. Transfer (by car or bus) to Rovinj on the Istrian Peninsula. Upon arrival, immediately immerse yourself in the enchanting old town. Wander the cobblestone lanes that lead to the hilltop church and climb the stairs of St. Euphemia Church bell tower for grand views over the Adriatic Sea.

If the weather is warm, take the stairs down to the rocks and cool off with a swim in the refreshing turquoise sea. Find a spot to watch the legendary Rovinj sunset, whether at a seaside cafe, along the rocks or on one of the piers. For dinner, enjoy Rovinj’s strong Italian influence and indulge in a pizza at Pizzeria Da Sergio, complemented with a glass of local wine.


Where To Stay in Rovinj, Croatia

We think the Old Town is the best place to stay in Rovinj…and the bus station is just a short stroll away. In the Old Town, there is a choice of boutique hotels, holiday apartment rentals and hostels. Just outside the Old Town, across the marina, there are luxury resorts on a small beach. We recommend booking a room at the Hotel Casa Garzotto for it’s historic charm and old town location. (Check rates!)

Find our top tips for what to do in Rovinj in our Things To Do in Rovinj Croatia blog post.

Things To Do in Rovinj: A Complete Guide to Rovinj, Croatia by



DAY 4: Tour the Istrian Peninsula

2-week Croatia Itinerary Motovun JetSetting Fools

Day 4 is one of our favorite day trips in Croatia! Participants get to spend the day touring the incredibly picturesque Istrian Peninsula.

Start with a visit to Karlic Tartufi for a savory breakfast and an expedition in truffle hunting. Next, start drinking early and sip locally produced brandy at Aura Distillery. Then stop in the quaint hilltop town, Motovun, for lunch-with-a-view, before heading back to the coast to the historic town of Porec, where you will gander at the opulent interior of the Euphrasian Basilica.

Be back in Rovinj for dinner and sample the catch of the day or the famous Istrian Truffle pasta at one of the restaurants along the water.

Top Tip: This fantastic day discovering Istria is not possible by public transportation. In order to Tour Istria, Croatia by car, book a rental car, book an Istria Tour similar to ours (which will not make the same stops as outlined above – Find out More!) or hire a private guide/driver for an Istria Day Trip. 

Get all the specific details of our Istria day trip in our One-Day Tour of Istria blog post.

A One-Day Tour of Istria Croatia by



DAY 5: Rovinj Relaxation

Beautiful sunset in Rovinj, Croatia

On Day 5 of your two weeks in Croatia, soak up the charm and idyllic location of Rovinj. There are numerous options for a relaxing day in – and around – Rovinj. Visitors can head to Golden Cape Forest Park to find a secluded cove for swimming…or rent a bicycle and discover the vineyard-covered countryside. In the afternoon, sample locally produced wine at two Rovinj wineries. Be back to the harbor before sunset and set sail on El Mare or Delfin for an evening sunset cruise.


Day 5 Alternative: Pula Day Trip or Boat Trip

Visitors who like to always be on the move can opt for another day trip from Rovinj – either on land or by sea.


Boat Trips from Rovinj

Day cruises depart from Rovinj and navigate the seas around the Rovinj Archipelago for a day of sun, fun, swimming and snorkeling. Some of the most popular boat tours are the Lim Fjord Boat Trip and a full-day trip to Venice.


Day Trip to Pula

Alternatively, visitors can hop on a public bus and ride 40 minutes south to Pula, a historic harbor town. Pula is the largest city on the Istrian Peninsula with Roman ruins that rival those in Italy. Spend the day gazing in awe over the preserved 1st century Pula Amphitheater and Temple of Augustus. Learn the history of the city on a guided tour or use our guide of Things To Do in Pula and discover the city on your own.

Top Tip: On Day 4, on your Istria Tour, it is possible to add Pula to the end of the day…especially in the summertime when it stays light longer. By including Pula as part of your Day 4 Istria day trip, it opens the full day in Rovinj to relax!



DAY 6: Arrive in Zadar, Croatia

Self Guided Walking Tour, Zadar, Croatia

On Day 6 of your Croatia vacation itinerary, transfer to Zadar by taking the scenic route along the coast. Zadar, which also boasts remains of the ancient past, retains a youthful feel with a large portion of the population comprised of young university students. Get an immediate introduction to the city with our Self-Guided Zadar Walking Tour that circles in a loop past the best sights – or let a guide lead the way (read reviews!) through the streets and history of Zadar.

For dinner, grab an enormous slice of pizza for cheap – or choose one of the many restaurants that line the narrow streets. (Try Malo Misto; we have not eaten there yet, but it comes highly recommended!) End the evening with a taste of Maraschino, the liqueur produced by the local Maraska Company.

Top Tip: There are two routes for a Croatia road trip from Pula to Zadar: highway (faster) or scenic coast (which takes about 7 hours). If touring Croatia by car, we recommend taking the coastal road for the beautiful scenery…unless you are short on time. When traveling by bus, inquire whether the route will be on the highway or coastal road – and, if on the coastal road, be sure to get a seat on the right side of the bus for the best views.


Where To Stay in Zadar

We stayed in an apartment in the Zadar Old Town – and we loved having the historic city out our front door. The Art Hotel Kalelarga is located in the heart of the Old Town and gets rave reviews! 

However, the Old Town City Center Forum is about a 25-minute walk from the station, so keep that in mind if traveling Croatia by bus (and maybe consider grabbing an Uber or taxi)

Use our Self-Guided Zadar Walking Tour to discover the best city sights.

Zadar Walking Tour: A Self-Guided Walk to 26 Sights by



DAY 7: Take a Zadar Day Trip

2-week Croatia Itinerary Boat Trip from Zadar JetSetting Fools

Zadar’s location is ideal for exploration in all directions – including out to sea! On Day 7, take one of the highly-rated boat trips from Zadar. Set sail from the mainland to one of the nearby islands by ferry or take a sailboat trip to the Kornati Archipelago. Be back in Zadar in time to watch sunset from the steps of the Sea Organ.

During our stay, we took two ferries from Zadar; one to the island of Ugljan, just across from Zadar and another ferry all the way to Dugi Otok. In Ugljan, we had plenty of time to explore the small villages and coastline. However, when we took the ferry to Dugi Otok, it was simply an affordable way to spend the day on the water (there isn’t even time to get off the boat!). Read our guide for more about Ferry Trips from Zadar.


Day 7 Alternative: Plitvice from Zadar

If you didn’t visit Plitvice Lakes from Zagreb – and it is a must-do on your Croatia trip – join one of the highly rated Plitvice Lakes day trips from Zadar – like this one.

Find the best tours in our guide to Day Trips from Zadar.

8 Fantastic Day Trips from Zadar Croatia by



DAY 8: Visit Krka National Park then Travel to Sibenik

2-week Croatia Itinerary Krka National Park JetSetting Fools

Get an early start on Day 8 of your Croatia two-week itinerary and transfer to Sibenik via Skradin to see the waterfalls at Krka National Park. Travelers using public transportation can stow their luggage in Skradin while touring the waterfall park. 

The Croatia city of Skradin was once a powerful town in the region, but now the small town mostly serves as the most popular entrance to Krka National Park (which some claim is the most stunning waterfall park in Croatia and better than Plitvice Lakes…you will have to decide!). Buy tickets from the official park office in Skradin and take the first available ferry to the park.

Spend the day walking around and over the beautiful waterfalls, allowing enough time to simply gaze at Skradinski Buk, the largest waterfall in the park. Back in Skradin, walk around the town to a handful of sights and be sure to make the climb up the city center hill for 360-degree views before collecting your luggage and catching a bus to Sibenik. Use our Guide of Things To Do in Skradin for more tips!


Explore Sibenik

Arrive in Sibenik by late afternoon, while there is still plenty of light to discover the sights of the town. After getting settled in your accommodations, set out on foot to see the top Sibenik attractions, like the St. James Cathedral and the St. Michael Fortress. In the evening, enjoy a peaceful waterfront meal at one of the many sea-facing restaurants. 


Where To Stay In Sibenik, Croatia

We think the best place to stay in Sibenik is right on the water on the edge of the Old Town (which also happens to be very close to the bus station). The Bellevue Superior City Hotel offers modern rooms with sea views. (Check rates and availability!)


Day 8 Alternative: Krka Day Trip from Zadar

Don’t want to move to new accommodations in Sibenik for just one night? Opt instead to stay in Zadar and take a day trip to Krka that includes Sibenik. Get the details of this trip! Although it is technically backtracking (something we try to avoid in itineraries), it will eliminate the hassle of packing and unpacking.

Top Tip: If you already visited Plitvice Lakes NP and would rather skip Krka National Park altogether, you have two options: Either spend more time in Sibenik (it’s a fabulous city to explore!) or skip Sibenik altogether and go to Split a day early, allowing you to spend 3 days in Split. (You can use our 3-Day Split Itinerary for tips on what to see and do.) Alternatively, rather than spending 3 full days in Split, use the extra day for an extra night on one of the Croatian islands – either Hvar or Korcula. 

For more tips on Sibenik, use our list of Things To Do in Sibenik!

15 Things To Do in Sibenik, Croatia by



DAY 9: Arrive in Split, Croatia

Main square inside Diocletian's Palace, Peristyle, in Split, Croatia

On Day 9 transfer to Split (one of our favorite cities in Croatia!). Split is a bustling city with a lively waterfront and ancient past. Walk Split’s Old Town on your own or with a guide. Discover the remains of Diocletian’s Palace (a must see in Split, Croatia!) and explore the streets of the town that grew around the ruler’s residence.

After an afternoon of history, return to modern times and walk the Riva. Sit at one of the many cafes to have a drink and soak in the atmosphere (grab a front-row seat for sunset!). For dinner, enjoy a delectable meal at Villa Spiza, a quaint and traditional restaurant, along a narrow lane in the palace. For something a little more upscale, head to Restaurant Apetit or Articok.


Where To Stay In Split, Croatia

Oh my, we have stayed in so many different accommodations in Split – from the Old Town to the Varos Neighborhood to apartments north of the city. Our preferred neighborhood, however, is Bacvice. Located east of the ferry port and bus station near the city’s most famous beach, Bacvice has many (many, many) places to stay. There are high-end hotels near the beach (Hotel Park and Briig Boutique) and loads of Airbnb apartments to choose from.

Use our guide of the Top Things To Do in Split, Croatia to plan your time in the city!

10 Sights to See in Split, Croatia



DAY 10: Discover Split and Dalmatia

Split, Croatia and Diocletian's Palace

In the morning of Day 10 of your Croatia holiday itinerary, walk through the Varos neighborhood to Marjan Hill and take in the scenic viewpoint. If you are feeling motivated, continue along the paths on Marjan Hill to the hilltop viewing platform for 360-degree views over the sea and city.

By early afternoon, set out on a half-day trip from Split. Go north (via public bus or tour) to Trogir. The UNESCO Heritage city encompasses a small historic island, which is reached by a short footbridge. Alternatively, go south to Omis to make the challenging hike up to the Starigrad Castle, which provides stunning views of the surrounding area.

At sunset, have a cocktail at one of the marina cafes – or for a more unique experience – stop by ‘Little Beer Shop’ near the fisherman’s port, Matejuska. Grab a few Croatian Craft beers and drink with the locals on the pier. Have dinner at one of the family-run restaurants in the Varos neighborhood or eat a traditional meal of Peka at Konoba Kod Joze (but be sure to put your order in a day in advance).


Day 10 Alternative: Split Beaches or Boat Trip

Two other options for a day in Split are either a full day of relaxation or a full day boat trip. 


A Day at the Beach

After hiking Marjan Hill in the morning, rather than making a trip out of the city, find one of the Best Beaches In Split where you can spend the afternoon swimming in the Adriatic Sea.


Split Boat Trip

Visitors can also opt to take a full day boat trip from Split to some of the best islands in the Adriatic Sea. A boat trip to the Blue Cave is the most popular (book it here!) – but there are more choices of things to do from Split, which we share in our Best Day Trips from Split blog post!


Check out top suggestions for where – and what! – to eat in Split in our round up of the Best Split Restaurants!

The Best Restaurants in Split, Croatia by



DAY 11: Island Hop to Hvar Town

View of Hvar Town and Adriatic Sea from Spanish Fortress in Croatia

It’s time for some Croatia island hopping – an essential activity to every Croatia itinerary! On Day 11, catch an early catamaran (operated by Jadrolinija or Krilo) to posh Hvar Town on Hvar Island. Get settled into your accommodations (or just leave your luggage if it’s too early to check in) and take advantage of a full day in the city.

First explore the sights of the Old Town and climb to the hilltop Spanjola Fortress that watches over the city. Then, take a coastline walk to hidden bays for a swim in the Adriatic or rent a small boat and explore the nearby Pakleni Islands.

In the early evening, try the locally produced craft beer from Vunetovo, then watch sunset from laid-back Falko Bar. For dinner, indulge in a traditional meal at Konoba Menego or feast on fresh seafood at Junior.


Where To Stay in Hvar Town

In Hvar, we like to stay right in the heart of the city – and there are both hotels and apartments to choose from. That said, on our first trip to the city, we treated ourselves to a stay at the Amfora Grand Beach Resort, which is a fabulous hotel just a ten-minute walk to the city center harbor – and we highly recommend it!


Day 11 Alternative: Hvar Day Trip from Split or Stari Grad on Hvar Island

We have a few alternative tips for your time in Hvar. First, if you would rather not move accommodations, Hvar Town is easily accessible via catamaran for a full day trip. Just make sure to purchase your return ticket in advance so that you don’t get stuck on the island.

A second option is to visit Stari Grad on Hvar Island rather than Hvar Town. The gorgeous Stari Grad Old Town is just steps from the UNESCO listed Stari Grad Plain and offers a completely different experience from Hvar Town.

Top Tip: Yet another option is to plan to spend two nights in Hvar – allowing enough time to visit both Hvar Town and Stari Grad – and skipping the next destination of Korcula Island.


Find all of our tips for Things To Do in Hvar Town on our blog!

Things to do in Hvar on Hvar Island, Croatia by



DAY 12: Cruise to Korcula, Croatia

Water views of lovely Korcula Town, Croatia

On Day 12 of your 2 weeks in Croatia, set sail for the old-world town of Korcula. Claiming to be the birthplace of Marco Polo, the old walled city is a fascinating place to visit. Wander the neatly planned cobblestone lanes to the city’s top sights: Town Gate, St. Mark’s Church and the House of Marco Polo. For views of the city from a distance, walk west, outside the walls, along the shoreline or south to hilltop viewpoints. For sunset cocktails, go to Massimo, a unique bar in a turret (just be careful when climbing the ladder!).

Have dinner al fresco along the seawall – or venture inland to the town of Zrnovo. The small village is known for its unique pasta dish: Zrnovski Makaruni. We recommend eating at the Pinjac Pub, where they make traditional meals and brew their own beer on-site (in fact, it’s the only brewery on the island!).


Where To Stay in Korcula

Although it is a small city, there are plenty of places to stay in Korcula Old Town. During our trip, we stayed in Hotel Korcula, which is steps from the ferry port. Even better, our room had the most amazing view of the sea.

Read our top tips for Visiting Korcula in our Things To Do in Korcula post!

Things To Do in Korcula Island, Croatia by


DAY 13: Set Sail for Dubrovnik, Croatia

Ploce Gate, Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia

The last two days of your Croatia 14-Day Itinerary will be spent in the country’s iconic city, Dubrovnik. On Day 13, take an early boat to the city dubbed “The Pearl of the Adriatic” and discover the most popular of all the Croatia cities.

Get an overview of the city (literally) with an elevated walk around the Dubrovnik city walls (a must-do activity in Dubrovnik – so buy your ticket in advance!). Back on ground level, see the city sights on a Self-Guided Dubrovnik Walking Tour. Take in the sights along the Stradun and throughout the old town with an ice cream cone in hand. In the early evening, pop through the wall to one of the Buzas – bars clinging to the outside of the walls above the sea – and grab a seat for sunset.


Where To Stay in Dubrovnik

The Dubrovnik Old Town is an iconic place to stay…just be aware that it gets crushed by tourists in the height of the summer. A top choice for Old Town Dubrovnik accommodations is The Pucic Palace, which is both elegant and historic. Read the reviews!

That said, there are alternatives to staying in the old city center, which could be better (and definitely less expensive!) options. To the east of the walled city, luxury hotels are located along the coastline and numerous holiday apartments just across the street. We liked staying in this area because it was just a short walk to the Old Town and had easy access to the best Dubrovnik beaches.

Northwest of the Old Town are two other neighborhoods where we have stayed: Gruz and Lapad. The districts are about a 40-minute walk from the Old Town, but well-connected with a network of buses. We liked staying in Gruz for its proximity to the city bus station and ferry port, while our stay in Lapad was an excellent retreat to nature and away from the crowds of the city.

Read our complete guide of What To Do in Dubrovnik for our top recommendations!

What To Do in Dubrovnik: A Guide of the Top Things To Do in Dubrovnik, Croatia by



DAY 14: Final Day in Croatia

Sunset from Buza Bar in Dubrovnik, Croatia

On your last day in Croatia, experience more Dubrovnik highlights. Go to the top of Mount Srd (either by cable car, bus, tour or hike!) for an outstanding vantage point of the old walled city. (Find other fabulous city vantage points with our Guide to Dubrovnik Viewpoints!)

In the afternoon, take a boat tour to Mljet National Park (like this one) and nearby islands or join an on-land tour. For example, if you are a Game of Thrones fan – join a tour of recognizable film locations – Read these reviews! If you have time before your flight leaves, take a late afternoon swim in the Adriatic Sea!

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Our Top Tips For Your Croatia Itinerary

Our 2-week Croatia Itinerary is simply an outline of what to do in Croatia – and what we think is the perfect Zagreb to Dubrovnik trip. Based on your choice of accommodations, method of transportation, tours and activities, it can be used for a Luxury Travel Croatia Itinerary, a Croatia Honeymoon Itinerary or a Backpacking Croatia Itinerary. Visitors can use our following tips to plan their perfect Croatia trip!


Suggested Croatia Itinerary Destination Options

In our 2-Week Itinerary for Croatia, we highlight the country’s must-see destinations that can be squeezed into a quick trip. That said, there are numerous ways to extend a Croatia vacation for travelers interested in more of the country and surrounding regions.

In addition to adding other Croatian destinations to your itinerary, visitors can also cross country borders into other Balkan countries. We are highlighting a few of the top nearby sights that are not included in our Zagreb to Dubrovnik drive, but that other travelers may want to include in their trip plans. 


More Croatia Destinations for your Trip Plan

  • Makarska, Croatia: Located between Split and Dubrovnik, Markarska has beautiful beaches, a fun nightlife and many more things to do! Travelers can opt to go to Makarska instead of island hopping. 
  • Brac Island: Home to the world-famous Zlatni Rat Beach and the tallest mountain on the Dalmatian islands, Bol on Brac Island is a wonderful active holiday destination. Visitors can reach Brac on a day trip from Split – or, instead of visiting the islands of Hvar and Korcula, visit Brac and then Makarska before heading south to Dubrovnik. 
  • Vis Island: One of the most intriguing Dalmatian islands to visit, Vis Island sees fewer tourists than other Croatian islands and features an incredible coastline. However, travelers who want to visit Vis will need to double back to Split – as Vis is not connected by ferry boats to other Dalmatian islands. 
  • Osijek, Croatia: The inland, historic city of Osijek boasts culinary delights, local Croatian wineries and it’s own uniquely amazing nature. 


Croatia Itineraries: How Many Days in Croatia?

We think 2 weeks in Croatia is an ideal amount of time – but how long to spend in Croatia will depend on your interests, budget and overall time allotted for your trip. We understand that not everyone has two full weeks to see Croatia – and some travelers have more time and flexibility.

Tourists with less time can use our sample Croatia itineraries for trip planning ideas…and we have a few tips for longer trips, as well.


A Weekend to 4 Days in Croatia

Travelers very limited on time should pick just one Croatia destination to explore with added day trips, if time allows. With 2 days in Croatia, go to Dubrovnik; with 3 days in Croatia go to Split. With more time, add Croatia day trips to either destination.


Croatia Itinerary 5 Days

With 5 days in Croatia, visitors will still be limited with what they can see. That said, it is still possible to visit 3 Croatia top destinations: Split, Hvar Town and Dubrovnik.

To plan what to see in Croatia in 5 days, we recommend visitors fly into Split (1 night), ferry to Hvar Town (2 nights) and fly out of Dubrovnik (2 nights).

Alternatively, you could create a Croatia Travel Itinerary 5 Days in northern Croatia – that includes Zagreb (2 nights) and Istria (3 nights). 


Croatia Itinerary 6 Days

On our first trip to Croatia in 2011, we sprinted through on a 6-day Croatia vacation. For our Croatia 6 Day Itinerary, we flew into Split, breezed through the sights in a couple of hours, caught the ferry to Hvar Town for two nights, then spent the next two nights in Korcula Town and our final two days in Dubrovnik. What we experienced was just enough to make us want to come back for more. And, looking back on our trip, it isn’t necessarily what we would recommend.

Instead, when planning a trip to Croatia for 6 days, we would fly into Split (1 night), ferry to Hvar (2 nights), ferry to Korcula (1 night) and sail to Dubrovnik (2 nights).

Or, create a Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik Itinerary by spending 2 nights in each destination – and skipping Korcula. 


Croatia Itinerary 7 Days (Best 1 Week Croatia Itinerary!)

With 7 days in Croatia, we would change things around a little. On a One Week in Croatia Itinerary, we would fly into Zagreb (1 night), take a transportation tour to visit Plitvice Lakes in route to Split (2 nights), ferry to Hvar (2 nights) and then head straight to Dubrovnik (2 nights).


Croatia Itinerary 10 Days

With 10 days in Croatia, we would recommend using our Croatia 2-Week Itinerary, but slimming it down a little (or eliminating some places altogether). For example, we would fly to Zagreb (1 night), go to Rovinj (2 nights), then Zadar (1 night), Split (2 nights), Hvar (1 night), Korcula (1 night) and Dubrovnik (2 nights).


Alternate Croatia Road Trip 10 Days

Alternatively, a Croatia 10-Day Itinerary could skip Istria and instead go like this: Zagreb (2 nights), Zadar (2 nights), Split (2 nights), Hvar (1 night), Korcula (1 night) and Dubrovnik (2 nights).


Croatia Itinerary 12 Days

With a 12 Day Croatia Travel Plan, it is possible to squeeze in all the destinations of our 2-Week Croatia Road Trip Itinerary. We think the best way to visit Croatia in 12 days would be to eliminate one night in Zagreb and one night in Rovinj – so that your trip plan would look like this: Zagreb (1 nights) – Rovinj (1 nights) – Zadar (2 nights) – Sibenik (1 night) – Split (2 nights) – Hvar (1 night) – Korcula (1 night) – Dubrovnik (2 nights). 


Croatia Itinerary 14 Days: Alternative 2-Week Itinerary

For some visitors, traveling the entire length of the country is too much time on the road and not enough time in the destinations. We understand, we prefer slow travel ourselves.

Travelers who would rather have a less demanding itinerary should choose to visit either northern or southern Croatia – or venture across borders into surrounding countries. These itineraries allow for optional day trips to nearby destinations (see detailed recommendations below).


Top Balkan Destinations to Add to a Croatia Itinerary
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia: Pretty as a picture, Ljubljana is a fairy tale destination, complete with a hill-topping castle, a backdrop of gorgeous mountains and stunning lakes nearby (the most popular of which are Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj). 
  • Kotor, Montenegro:  Tucked into the end of a breathtaking bay, the fjord-like landscape in Kotor is certainly surreal. From Kotor, the towns of historic Herceg Novi, pretty Perast and beautiful Budva are just a short drive (or bus ride) away.
  • Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina: Distinctly different from the Croatia coastline, the city of Mostar features a quaint Ottoman Old Town, a simply stunning bridge, incredible Bosnian food and beautiful mosques. 
2-Week Northern Croatia Trip

This Two Week Croatia Trip Plan goes as far south as Split (which is still pretty far), but does not include overnight stays on islands (day trips are possible from Split, however) and eliminates visiting Dubrovnik. 

Zagreb (3 nights), Rovinj (3 nights), Plitvice (1 night), Zadar (3 nights), Split (4 nights).

2-Week Dalmatia Trip

A 14 Day Croatia Itinerary can also be spent completely on the southern Dalmatian Coast – island hopping from Split to Dubrovnik. 

Split (4 nights), Vis Island (2 nights), Hvar (2 nights), Korcula (2 nights), Dubrovnik (4 nights).


Croatia and Montenegro Itinerary 14 Days

In order to spend 2 weeks in Croatia and Montenegro, visitors can either decide to stay overnight in Montenegro or just visit on a day trip from Dubrovnik. 

For example, eliminating 3 nights in Rovinj would allow for a 3 night stay in Kotor, Montenegro – which is plenty of time to see the city’s beautiful churches, climb the hill to the fortress and spend a day in Herceg Novi, Perast or Budva – or a take a full day Montenegro tour

Zagreb (2 nights) – Zadar (2 nights) – Sibenik (1 night) – Split (2 nights) – Hvar (1 night) – Korcula (1 night) – Dubrovnik (2 nights) – Kotor (3 nights).


2 Weeks in Croatia – Slovenia Trip

There are many ways to plan a Croatia – Slovenia Itinerary. We recommend starting in Northern Croatia and then traveling north into the beauty of Slovenia. 

Zagreb (2 nights), Plitvice (1 night), Istria (4 nights), Piran, Slovenia (2 nights), Lake Bled or Lake Bohinj, Slovenia (2 nights), Ljubljana, Slovenia (3 nights).


2 Weeks in Croatia and Bosnia

Just like creating a Montenegro – Croatia Itinerary, a Croatia trip that includes Bosnia can be created by adding a day trip (from Dubrovnik) or staying overnight in the town of Mostar. 

Visitors who want to stay in Mostar should eliminate the overnight stays in the islands (Hvar and Korcula; possibly take a day trip to Hvar from Split on your second day in the city) and stay in Mostar on route to Dubrovnik. 

Zagreb (2 nights) – Rovinj (3 nights) – Zadar (2 nights) – Sibenik (1 night) – Split (2 nights) –  Mostar (2 nights) – Dubrovnik (2 nights).


Croatia Itinerary 3 Weeks

Have more than two weeks for your Croatia holiday? Lucky you! With 3 weeks in Croatia, visitors can add more places in Croatia to visit. To plan an ideal Croatia 3 Week Itinerary, we recommend following our above outline of things to see in Croatia in 2 weeks and add more nearby destinations to your trip plan.


Planning a Trip to Croatia, Slovenia, BiH and Montenegro

How to plan a trip to Croatia and surrounding Balkan countries is simple…especially if you have time for Day Trips! In addition to the Croatian destinations we recommend, we suggest adding Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina to your trip in this sample itinerary. 

Ljubljana, Slovenia (3 nights), Zagreb (2 nights), Rovinj (3 nights), Zadar (2 nights), Sibenik (1 night), Split (3 nights) – Hvar (1 night) – Korcula (1 night) – Kotor, Montenegro (2 nights), Dubrovnik, plus day trip to Mostar (3 nights).


Croatia Tour Options

We’ve highlighted some of the best things to do in Croatia, but there is plenty of room for travelers to customize! Trips to Croatia can be enhanced with a variety of sights, activities and tours.


Organized Day Tours

Croatia sightseeing tours are a fantastic way to get to see more of the country without the stress of planning every single detail of the trip. Some of the best tours in Croatia focus on a theme – like Food and Wine, Game of Thrones and multi-attraction adventures.

When looking for Croatia day tours, we start our search on Viator– but Get Your Guide is a great resource, too! What we love about these sites is that we can read fellow traveler reviews so that we better know what to expect on the tour before booking.

However, if you want local insight from a travel agency in Croatia, we recommend Adiona Travel. The locally-owned company is based in Split, Croatia and organizes accommodations, tours and transfers – all with excellent customer service! 


Croatia Island Cruises

Are you mostly interested in seeing Croatian islands? Week-long cruises navigate the waters of the Adriatic Sea to top Croatian island destinations. There are a range of Croatia cruise options – from luxury boats to sailing with a skipper to party boats. We searched high and low for a tour that fit our style of travel – and found the perfect fit on a week-long cruise with Sail Croatia.

Read the full details of our Croatia Island Hopping Adventure on an Explorer Cruise from Dubrovnik to Split.

Croatia Island Hopping: Our 1-Week Sail Croatia Adriatic Sea Cruise by


Organized Croatia Trip

Planning the details of a succinct itinerary can be a daunting task. Rather than planning a trip on your own, leave the hard work to the organizers and join fellow travelers on one of the many Croatia Tours by Viator.


Croatia Travel Itinerary Planning Tips

We have detailed the best way to travel Croatia, but we are not quite done yet! Planning a Croatia trip isn’t just about where to go – there are other factors to consider – like when to go and what to expect for your Croatia trip cost. 


The Best Time To Visit Croatia

The time of year you visit Croatia can have a big impact on your trip – in terms of access to sights, budget and overall experience. 


Summer in Croatia

In the summertime, Croatia typically sets a new record for number of tourists each year – as it is the best time of the year for island hopping and soaking in the sunshine. If you will be in Croatia in July or August, expect it to be hot and crowded. There will be lines for everything and prices skyrocket – premiums are charged for accommodations, meals and tours. We avoid Croatia in the summer.


Croatia in Autumn

Our favorite time to visit Croatia is in the autumn, when crowds and temperatures have backed off, yet it is still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors and even a swim in the Adriatic Sea. Prices start to come down for top Croatia attractions and accommodations – but nearly everything is still open.


Croatia Winters

We have spent a few winters in Croatia, which are a stark contrast to summertime. Most coastal towns – even Dubrovnik – are practically ghost towns in the winter, with few open attractions and many shops shuttered. Bigger cities, like Split and Zagreb, are still enjoyable and full of locals, rather than tourists.

Spending Christmas in Croatia is also wonderful. Many cities have Christmas markets – like the award-winning Advent in Zagreb event. It’s one of our favorite places for Christmas in Europe!


Springtime in Croatia

Croatia is also beautiful in the spring, but the water is a little too chilly to swim and the weather can be unpredictable. Crowds are generally light and there tends to be a great deal of activity in getting ready for the tourist season (so expect construction noise and restaurant closures for remodeling). The affordable shoulder-season prices in Croatia, in our opinion, more than make up for all that. 


2 Weeks in Croatia Cost

Even though visiting Croatia has become more expensive in recent years, it is still a relatively affordable country and a small budget can go a long way.

Creating a budget for 2 weeks in Croatia will depend on your style of travel and the time of your visit. If traveling outside of peak season, couples could easily spend less than $100 USD per day – including accommodations, food and sightseeing. However, in the summer months, most city-center accommodations alone will cost $100 USD or more. 

Additionally, prices are on the rise every year, making some must-do activities too expensive for budget travelers. For example, the iconic Croatia experience of walking the walls in Dubrovnik currently costs nearly $40 USD per person. Similarly, feasting on a traditional meal in Old Town Split can cost the same as eating other well-known European cities. 

When planning your Croatia itinerary, we recommend listing all of your must-do activities and finding current entrance fees to ensure they will fit into your Croatia budget. 


Budget Travel in Croatia

There are simple ways to stretch your budget in Croatia. First and foremost, take your trip to Croatia outside of the summer season. Prices for everything – accommodations, sights and meals – drop drastically in the shoulder season. 

Furthermore, book accommodations in advance – especially in the summer season, as the best-value lodging fills up quickly. Consider creating your own Croatia day trips rather than paying for tours – or skip the top ticketed attractions in favor of free things to do (like going to the beach). For meals, pick up local Croatian products at the market or grocery store for picnic lunches on the coast rather than dining in restaurants.


Places To Stay in Croatia

With this fast-paced Croatia Itinerary in 14 days, staying in city centers or near public transport is essential. When choosing where to stay in Croatia, visitors have a choice of apartments, hotels and hostels. 

Many accommodations (both apartments and hotel rooms) are available in historic buildings, which provides character. It can also mean multi-level houses with no elevator and often windows with shutters, but no screens.


Where To Stay in Croatia

We think hotels are the best places to stay in Croatia on a two week trip when you are switching accommodations every few days. 


Hotels in Croatia

There are many Croatia Hotels to choose from in the city centers, including several 4 and 5 star hotels. When we stay in hotels in Croatia, we start our search on

Search for top-rated hotels by city:  ZAGREB  |  ROVINJ  |  PULA  |  ZADAR  |  SKRADIN  |  SPLIT  |  KORCULA  |  DUBROVNIK


Croatia Budget Accommodations

To save money on your Croatia travel budget, check out Hostels in Croatia. Be aware, however, that when traveling in a group of 2 or more people, it may be cheaper to stay in a holiday apartment or cheap hotel. 

Search for budget hostels by city:  ZAGREB  |  ROVINJ  |  PULA  |  ZADAR  |  SKRADIN  |  SPLIT  |  KORCULA  |  DUBROVNIK


Croatia Rental Apartments

Holiday apartments offer the most value for places to stay in Croatia. We have found that staying in apartments in Croatia is often less expensive than hotel rooms – with the added benefit of a kitchen and, usually, more space. To find the best places at the best prices, we use Airbnb as our go-to resource.

However, rental apartments often have extra charges (or hidden fees) that make them more expensive than staying in a hotel. Plus, it can be cumbersome to plan to meet your host for check in – and on such a fast-paced Croatia itinerary, waiting for a host can cut into your sightseeing time. 

All that said, Airbnb apartments are plentiful in Croatia and reasonably affordable (although, prices can sky-rocket in high-season.) Read our Top Tips for Airbnb Guests for more advice on booking the best apartments.


Croatian Food

Croatian cuisine is some of our favorite around the world. Food ranges from seafood specialties to fabulous fast food options. There is a strong Italian influence throughout Croatia (most noticeable in Istria) – and both pizzas and pastas are phenomenal.

Fresh fish is a regional specialty (especially in Dalmatia) and we highly recommend trying fresh-caught fish from the Adriatic sea during your trip. Black risotto with cuttlefish (squid) is another Croatian must-try dish. 

Popular and inexpensive take-away items are cevapi (minced meat sausages served with bread, onions and cream), burek (a hearty meat- or cheese-filled pastry) and pljeskavica (an overflowing sandwich similar to a burger, but made of pork, beef or lamb).


Croatian Wine and Craft Beer

There is a long history of wine production in Croatia dating back 2,500 years to Ancient Greek settlers – and sipping locally produced wine should definitely be included in your Croatia Itinerary!

Although much of the country’s wine production was stalled during the Yugoslav era, Croatian wineries are in full swing today. The country has two wine regions: Continental (mostly white wines, like Grasevina) and Coastal (mostly red wines, like Plavac Mali). Local Croatian wines are sold at cafes, restaurants, corner stores and supermarkets; but the best experience is right from the source at a winery tasting room!

Croatian craft beer is certainly worth seeking out during your 2 weeks in Croatia! Our favorite Croatia craft brewery is Nova Runda – but there are many others to choose from, like LAB Split, Garden and Varionica. Local craft beer bars are popping up in the bigger cities, but still harder to find in small towns. In Zagreb, head to Opatovina Street (Beer Street); in Split, look for Little Beer Shop, the Daltonist and Sanctuary; and in Dubrovnik, find Dubrovnik Beer Co. near the Gruz Port and the Glam Cafe in the Old Town.

Zivjeli (that’s Cheers in Croatian)! 


Transportation in Croatia

The best way to get around Croatia depends on how you prefer to travel, how much time you have and where you are coming from. 

For this Croatia 2-Week Itinerary, we recommend flying into Zagreb and out of Dubrovnik (or vice-versa). You may also want to consider a quick and affordable flight back to Zagreb (or Dubrovnik) to keep your international flight itinerary cheaper. To travel from Zagreb to Split during your first 10 days in Croatia, travelers can choose to either rent a car and self drive or take the bus.


Where To Fly into Croatia

Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik can all be reached by plane year-round. Pula, Zadar and Brac Island have seasonal flights over the peak summer period.

Our preferred method of getting anywhere is by flying (we are JetSettingFools, after all!) and when we need to purchase plane tickets, we start our search for the best deals on airline tickets on Skyscanner. Before starting you search, however, be sure to read our Top Tips for Finding Cheap Flights


Driving in Croatia

Using our guide as a Croatia driving itinerary is an excellent way to experience the country. Driving through Croatia with your own wheels allows for optimal adventures…but there are also some downsides to renting a car.


Driving in Croatia Tips

  • If traveling by car, keep in mind that most of the old towns are car-free zones.
  • Not all accommodations provide parking – and in some cases there is an extra charge for parking.
  • In our Croatia Itinerary, a car is not necessary after arriving to Split (unless you want to take your car on a ferry to the island or are skipping the islands and driving to Dubrovnik). 

We have never driven in Croatia, so we don’t have specific recommendations on car rental companies, but we do have general tips for finding the Cheapest Car Rental Rates. When you are ready, you can start your search for the best prices for Croatia Car Rentals.


Croatia Buses

All of the highlighted destinations on our 2-week Croatia Itinerary can be reached via public bus (and the islands can be reached by ferry with either Jadrolinija or Krilo).

On our many trips to Croatia, we have always traveled by public transportation. What we like about traveling through Croatia by bus, is that we are free to enjoy the scenery and are relieved of driving duties. Bus travel is widely used, so there are ample routes to the most popular Croatia destinations – although there are fewer scheduled buses in the off-season. Generally speaking, bus and ferry tickets are affordable when using them to get between major cities and to day trip destinations. 

However, for travelers uncomfortable with public transport or limited on time, we suggest hiring a car and using our guide as a Croatia driving itinerary.


Tips For Traveling Via Bus in Croatia

  • Buses often take longer, make multiple stops and most don’t have facilities on board.
  • On a longer route, buses will make short 5-10 minute stops at stations for bathroom breaks – and sometimes the station charges a small fee to use the bathroom, so bring small coins.
  • You can eat on board buses in Croatia, so bring food and drinks with you.
  • Croatia bus schedules change with the seasons, offering limited service in the off-season and potentially filling all the seats in advance in the high season.
  • Use a site, like Bus Croatia, to find the routes and timetables, but always confirm at the station. Unfortunately, the online information isn’t always accurate as to price and schedule for buses in Croatia. We have found that it is best to immediately buy tickets for the next destination upon arrival.
  • On the upside, travel-by-bus can be an economical and less-stressful way to travel.
  • Be Flexible. Our 2-week Croatia Itinerary is jam-packed. If a bus or boat connection won’t work, don’t panic – simply rearrange your schedule or hire a car to get to your next destination. 


Wifi Connectivity in Croatia

When you are on the move and want to stay connected, a Wi-Fi hotspot is the way to go. Frequent international travelers may want to consider purchasing a mobile hotspot device rather than renting one. We use GlocalMe, which has options for both SIM cards and cloud data packages. We would quite literally be lost without it! 


What To Pack For Your Croatia 2-Week Itinerary

We have just a few final tips to help you pack for your trip to Croatia! We share our ultimate packing list and best packing hacks on our Packing Tips Blog Page. Need a Packing Checklist? Get your FREE Checklist here


Comfortable Walking Shoes

We cover some ground in our Croatia itinerary, so you will want to be sure to pack comfortable shoes for your trip. Some of the Old Town streets are uneven or slick, so make sure to bring shoes with good soles (and I would recommend leaving the heels at home!). I like to wear my lightweight and versatile everyday sneakers and Kris is most comfortable in trail shoes

Pro Tip: Read our detailed breakdown for the Best Travel Shoes for any trip!


Travel Camera

Croatia is stunningly beautiful – and it is best to capture the sights and landscapes with a real camera. We use a Canon Rebel with an everyday 18-135mm lens. The DSLR camera takes excellent photos – and is a fantastic budget camera for beginners (as it comes with heaps of accessories!).


Appropriate Weather Gear

The sun in Croatia is intense – especially in the summer. Be sure to pack sunscreen, lightweight clothes, sunglasses and a wide brimmed travel hat. On the flip side, if traveling in the shoulder season, there is always a chance of precipitation – so pack a travel umbrella and a rain jacket

Also, the tap water in Croatia is safe to drink – so bring a reusable water bottle, like this one, for your trip. 


Day Pack

Speaking of accessories, whether you travel with backpack or a suitcase, you will want a great day bag to organize all of your essential everyday travel items as well!


Croatia Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may provide protection for flight delays and lost luggage, and could also come in handy for injuries and illnesses abroad. If you haven’t already obtained travel insurance for your trip to Croatia, check rates and coverage with reputable company.


For more Croatia Itineraries, tips and advice, go to our Travel Guides Croatia page. Need help planning a trip to Europe? We got you covered there as well with our Complete Guide to Vacationing in Europe!


Start planning your trip to Croatia! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


We want to know: How would you spend your time in Croatia in 2 weeks? What would you add – or omit from – our 2-Week Croatia Itinerary? Give us your best tips and advice in the comments!


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35 thoughts on “Croatia Itinerary: A Complete Guide for 2 Weeks in Croatia

  1. Linda Willard

    Thank you for helping those of us not familiar with the region. We would like to take our two grown children and their spouses for a two-week trip next June. Would you still suggest taking the bus or should we try to hire a van? Or rent one and drive ourselves? You mentioned that parking could be a problem. And I’d like accommodations that have character and great breakfasts where we would all be close together. I’d look for B & B’s in Canada. What would be the equivalent? Thanks for any help you can offer.

  2. Kathy

    Thanks for this itinerary. Going to do this next year but take a bit longer, can you suggest somewhere to stay between Pula and Zadar 7 hours driving in one day is a bit much for us.
    Love this itinerary have been going in circles trying to work an itinerary out for our family of 5 who are all adults.

    • Hello Kathy, thank you! If you’re taking the coastal route, Opatija or Senj would be good options. If you’re taking the highway, we would consider a detour to Plitvice Lakes. Enjoy your trip!
      Sarah & Kris

  3. JL

    Hello! This post is most helpful as I prepare my summer trip to Croatia. Thanks for posting all your research and experiences. May I ask: 1) if I have the same amount of time, but want less frequent stops, what are the three of four regions I could experience ( staying in each of those major places a bit longer than jet-setting each day or every other, as to not always be on the move)? 2) How did you fly home from Dubrovnik? If I use that as an end point, how would I leave the country? Is there an airport outside of the capitol? Thank you!!

    • Hi JL – Thanks for the comment! If we had to limit the trip to just 4 regions to stay in, we would suggest Rovinj, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik. From each of those cities, it is possible to explore the regions by bus (quite a bit easier if you have a car, but that adds the difficulty of parking). There are also day trips to islands via boat that are possible from each location. For example, from Rovinj (4 nights), take a trip to the interior and to Pula. From Zadar (2 nights), take a trip to Skradin/Krka National Park. From Split (4 nights), take day trips north or south (to Trogir or Omis) and via boat to Hvar. From Dubrovnik (4 nights), explore the area and swim in the sea!
      There is an airport in Dubrovnik just south of the city. In the summer, there are flights to most major European cities (London, Munich, Frankfurt) where you connect to your final destination. Hope this helps. Have a fantastic trip to Croatia!

  4. Dan

    I have been to Croatia numerous times now from Australia as I fell in love with the place on my first visit. I love Dubrovnik, Hvar, Split, Korcula, Zadar but my hidden treasures are Rovinj , Porec, Groznjan and Noticing in the Ostrich hinterland, Island of Murter and the Kornati archipelago,charming City of Sibenik, island of Losinj, Pucisca and Golden Horn beach on the island of Brac, Varazdin and Trakoscan castle, the waterfall village of Rastoke and last but not least the Island of Via and ghe stunning Stiniva cove. Be sure to google these beautiful places and visit on ur next trip

  5. Apu

    Am planning 10 days in Croatia. We are vegetarian and wanted to check if veg food is an issue? Also, can you recommend a travel agent who can help you book this itinerary?

    • Hi Apu – 10 days in Croatia sounds wonderful! There should be non-meat dishes – at least as far as pasta, salads and pizzas – but I don’t recall there being many options for meat substitutes (like tofu) or vegetarian-specific restaurants – but perhaps we just don’t remember seeing them. We usually book our trips on our own, but there is a list of travel agencies on the Croatia National Tourist Board website – here is the link: – hopefully you can find an agent from that list 😉
      Have a fantastic time in Croatia – hope you love it as much as we do!

    • Dan

      There are many vegan and gluten free places opening up so just google them and in most touristy places you should be okay. There is plenty of fish dishes also as this is a National delicassy

    • Dan

      I prefer the high season , even the smallest towns come alive with festivities and the water is beautiful . You miss these things which add 30 percent to the experience of you go outside the tourist season

  6. Dan

    I think the town of Sibenik is the most underrated place in Croatia. Such a beautiful harbor and great old windy streets. Trust me will be the new Dubrovnik soon. Close to the Krka falls, Island of Murter and the Kornati archipelago. Also day trip options to Vodice and Primosten

  7. A nice itinerary but too much time between Zagreb and Istria. Visiting Croatia, Plitvice Lakes are ‘must visit’. Driving down the coast, Trogir town has to be included. Once in Split (my home town), don’t miss either Brac island (Bol town) or Hvar island (Hvar town). This only my suggestions but we all have our own plans when visiting any country.

    • Hi Pero –
      Thanks for the comment! We absolutely love Zagreb and Istria and think they are too often overlooked when visiting Croatia, thus why we encourage people to spend more time there. It was a tough decision to leave Plitvice off this itinerary (we are completely enamored by the park!), but wanted to stick to the coast. Trogir is included in our itinerary as a day trip option from Split. We chose Korcula over Hvar because of the more historic setting, but Hvar is a lovely place for relaxation and a swim in the sea. In our opinion, if you make it to Croatia, you won’t be disappointed 😉

  8. Jo allem

    I really want to go to Croatia. . Is October months or November still good to go..? Is plitvice lakes open that time of year? Thanks… lady jo

    • Hi Lady Jo –
      Croatia is beautiful in the autumn – it’s our favorite time to visit Croatia, actually! By the middle of October it will probably be too cold to go swimming, but the crowds are light! Prices for accommodations and entrance fees might also be lower in the off-season; however, some restaurants, museums, boats, tours and other sights close at the end of summer. Plitvice Lakes is open year round, but in November, some parts are closed. (We were there in March when the Upper Lakes were closed and still thought it was worth it to go see the Lower Lakes). Hope you enjoy your trip!

  9. Debbie


    I’ve just stumbled upon this
    Fantastic to have some help as we are just trying to organise our trip in June as I type this. Not sure we can manage 2 weeks but think we can possibly make 10 days. If we had to miss certain things out what would u recommend?


    • Hi Debbie –
      Any amount of time spent in Croatia is well worth it! So, if we had to cut out a few days of our itinerary, we would do the following:
      1 night in Zagreb instead of 2 (walk the sights, skip Samobor), 2 nights in Rovinj instead of 3 (spend time in the old town and tour the Istrian Peninsula, skip biking/wine walk). If you are self-driving, don’t stay the night in Pula, instead see it during the drive from Rovinj to Zadar. Make a stop in Pula to walk the sights and have lunch and then continue driving to Zadar. (If you are taking buses, check the schedules when you arrive in Rovinj – there may be more frequent buses in the summer that would allow you to make a short 2-3 hour stopover in Pula and then continue by bus. If not, Pula would have to be missed.) Then, depending on your interests, choose to only stay one night in Zadar or skip staying on Korcula. For us, it would be a tough call. You would be getting to Zadar late in the day and would have to leave early the next day to get to Krka NP, but we think it is too great of a city to bypass outright. If you stay 2 nights in Zadar and skip Korcula, still – if you like being out on the water – take the boat from Split to Dubrovnik, that way you would be able to see the island on approach – and it’s absolutely beautiful. I hope this helps!

  10. Nice post. We’ll be in Croatia the next 3 months, starting in Rovinj which we’ll be using as a base for a month.

    Frank (bbqboy)

    • Thanks Frank. I have to admit, we’re a little jealous of your upcoming trip. We spent 3 weeks in Rovinj…and could have stayed longer. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

  11. Oregon Follower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your suggested travel itinerary is a masterpiece !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONWARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for the tips Safari Junkie! We haven’t been to Brioni, but have heard great things about it. We did some sailing a little further south of the Kornati Archipelago and it rates high on our list of leisurely activities in Croatia!

  12. Olimpia

    A good itinerary. My family are from Korcula and I often visit. I’m surprised you left out the Plitvice Lakes, another UNESCO heritage site. I always recommend a visit to Plitvice as a must do to anyone visiting Croatia.

    • Hi Olimpia – Thank you so much and how lovely that you have family to visit in Korcula (we are a bit jealous!). We loved our time in Plitvice Lakes and debated about including it instead of Krka NP. But, for this short-on-time, fast-paced itinerary, Krka worked better. 😉

  13. Olimpia

    A good itinerary. In my opinion the omission of the Plitvice Lakes is a mistake. I tell anyone going there that visiting Plitvice is an absolute must!

  14. Sharon Applewhite

    How nice to have a whole itinerary. I sent it off to my travelling children – who haven’t been to this part of the world and who like to walk and don’t spend much time in museums – and who like beer and wine.
    I have enjoyed receiving your posts and their terrific pictures – almost like being there. I am getting older and creakier but my children are getting closer to retirement and richer so hopefully they can see the sights you have. Take care, and Cheers!
    Sharon Applewhite

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