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The Best Day Trips From Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Dubrovnik, Croatia is a top destination for travelers from around the world. The historic, UNESCO World Heritage city is balanced on the edge of the Adriatic sea and confined within imposing stone walls. With its ideal location in the southern Dalmatia Region of Croatia, day trips from Dubrovnik take visitors across borders, out to sea and to other Croatian coastal villages.


Our Favorite Dubrovnik Day Trips

Dubrovnik, Croatia is a charming and easy to navigate city. Once visitors have checked off their list of what to do in Dubrovnik, day trips from Dubrovnik are a fantastic way to see more of the region.

The city is situated near Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Adriatic Sea, which allows visitors to take Dubrovnik day trips to neighboring countries and offshore islands. Travelers can join highly rated Dubrovnik excursions or plan their own DIY day trips.


Dubrovnik, Croatia Tours

While we often prefer traveling on our own, planning trips from Dubrovnik can be cumbersome and somewhat restricted without a rental car. For instance, visitors can use public transportation for a Dubrovnik-Montenegro trip, but travelers will be limited to visiting just one destination, likely Kotor. Meanwhile, a popular organized Montenegro trip from Dubrovnik makes stops in three cities: Kotor, Budva and Perast.

When joining organized tours from Dubrovnik, we recommend reviewing the agenda prior to booking. It’s equally important, however, to read online reviews to help get a better idea of what to expect on the tour. There are hundreds of Dubrovnik trips to choose from – from bus trips to small-group adventures to Dubrovnik private tours.


Best Day Trips From Dubrovnik, Croatia

We have rounded up the top destinations for the best Dubrovnik day tours. Our list is sorted into Land Trips, Dubrovnik Islands Trips and Boat Tours. For each of the day trips, we detail the highlights of the destination and information about how and when to best visit them.



Being located near the borders of Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina, some of the best tours from Dubrovnik cross borders. 



Best View of Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

The most popular day tours from Dubrovnik are trips to Montenegro; and the top destinations in Montenegro are the towns of Kotor, Budva and Perast. The country sits just south of Croatia and features a extremely beautiful coastline.

The highlight of day trips to Montenegro is the historic city of Kotor, which is tucked into the corner of a vast Boka Bay where mountains plunge into the sea. Perast, also on the Bay of Kotor, is breathtaking – especially with the picture-perfect islands that sit just off the shoreline. The city of Budva faces the Adriatic Sea and boasts sandy beaches – as well as a historic Old Town.


How Far is Montenegro from Dubrovnik?

The distance from Dubrovnik to the Montenegro border is about 45km (30 miles); the border is about halfway between Dubrovnik and Kotor. Because of the border crossing, it takes about 3 hours to get from Dubrovnik to Kotor or Budva.

Pro Tip: Remember to bring your passport!


For more information, read our Montenegro Blog Posts: Things To Do in KotorPerast in a Day, and Tips for Visiting Budva!


Planning a DIY Montenegro tour from Dubrovnik

Devising a DIY Dubrovnik to Kotor Day Trip is fairly simple – especially for travelers driving from Dubrovnik to Montenegro. Visitors planning Kotor day trips without a car can take a direct and inexpensive Dubrovnik-Kotor Bus that transports passengers between the two cities.

Likewise, there is a Dubrovnik to Budva Bus that can be used to go directly to Budva. It is possible to sort out public transport between Kotor, Perast and Budva once in Montenegro, but it would be complicated to try to figure it all out on a one-day trip to Montenegro.


Organized Montenegro day trip from Dubrovnik

Visitors who want to see all three Montenegro destinations – Kotor, Perast and Budva – in one day can join an organized tour. The fast-paced tour is a full-day adventure that includes guided tours of Kotor and Budva, a boat ride to the islands in Perast and free time, too. Find out more and Book it!


Dubrovnik to Bay of Kotor and Boat Trip

Rather than squeeze in all three destinations, visitors who don’t mind eliminating Budva can embark on a tour into the Bay of Kotor by boat. Guests travel by bus to the Montenegro border, then hop on a boat to sail into the Kotor Bay, visiting the towns of Perast and Kotor. Get the Details!



The Stari Most Bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Incredibly popular, the Dubrovnik to Mostar day trip is a fabulous way to see the fascinating country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A multicultural city with a complicated past, Mostar features a dazzling bazaar, centerpiece Old Bridge (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and an incredible cuisine. Not far from the city are the picturesque Kravice Waterfalls and the peaceful Blagaj Tekija, which are absolutely worth the stop to see!


For more information, read our Mostar Blog Post: Things To Do in Mostar.


Getting from Dubrovnik to Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Dubrovnik to Mostar drive takes about 3 hours, depending on the wait time at the border crossing.

Pro Tip: You will need your passport for this trip!


Planning a DIY Mostar Tour from Dubrovnik

It is not complicated to plan a day trip from Dubrovnik to Mostar; however, it is essential to get an early start in order to make the most of the day. There are public buses that transport passengers from Dubrovnik to Mostar – however, there is no bus that goes from Dubrovnik to Kravice Waterfalls.


Organized Dubrovnik to Bosnia Day Trip

Visitors who want to see both Mostar and the Kravice Waterfalls from Dubrovnik should join an organized group tour. The Mostar trip from Dubrovnik includes city exploration in Mostar and visiting the waterfalls – all with a knowledgeable guide. Check prices and Reserve your seat!


More Dubrovnik to Bosnia and Herzegovina Tours

The Mostar trip from Dubrovnik is not the only tour in Bosnia-Herzegovina. On a Bosnia tour from Dubrovnik, it is also possible to reach the city of Sarajevo and the pilgrimage city of Medjugorje.

Day Trip to Sarajevo from Dubrovnik

Sarajevo is an intriguing city, marked by a long history and recent war. Although a fair distance from Dubrovnik, it is possible to reach Sarajevo on a day trip. We recommend hiring a private driver for the trip – Check prices and availability! – so that you can make the most of your time sightseeing the city.

Pro Tip: Find more information about the city sights in our blog post: Sarajevo Walking Tour.

Day Trip to Medjugorje from Dubrovnik 

In 1981, six kids in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina claimed to have witnessed the apparition of the Virgin Mary. Since then, the town of Medjugorje has become a pilgrimage destination for Catholics and the curious. To get to Medjugorje, it is best to join an organized tour, like this one!



View of Split, Croatia from Marjan Hill Hike

In our opinion, Split and Dubrovnik are too far apart for an enjoyable day trip. The distance between the two cities is about 230km (140 miles), and getting from Dubrovnik to Split requires two border crossings (where Bosnia and Herzegovina extends to the coast). Therefore, a Dubrovnik to Split tour in a day is not practical. That said, we love Split! If you can fit it into your schedule, a Split overnight trip from Dubrovnik is just enough time to get a glimpse of the city (although we really recommend at least 3 Days In Split).


For more information about Split, read our blog post: Things To Do in Split.


Makarska, a beach town between Dubrovnik and Split, can be visited on a day trip – but travelers will still need to contend with the two border crossings. Visitors who want to use the public bus to take a day trip to Makarska from Dubrovnik will be in for a 3 hour ride each way.


For more Makarska information, read our blog post: Things To Do in Makarska.



Of course, some of the best day trips are Dubrovnik island tours – and the best islands near Dubrovnik are Korcula, Mljet and Hvar. Rather than spending the day at sea, these Dubrovnik tours are focused on exploring the sights on the nearby islands. (Don’t worry though, we highlight the best Dubrovnik boat tours below! )

It is possible to arrange DIY Dubrovnik day trips to islands using the public ferries – but only in the summer season when Jadrolinija Ferries are running. For each destination, we note if island trips from Dubrovnik are possible by ferry.



Korcula Town Gate on Korcula Island, Croatia

Korcula Island is a top island destination in Dalmatia – and one of the best islands near Dubrovnik. The historic walled city (which is often referred to as a miniature Dubrovnik) is said to be the birthplace of Marco Polo and the island is well-known for its wine production.


For more information, read our blog post: Things To Do on Korcula Island.


The island sits close to the coastline and the Peljasac Peninsula, which is one of the most prominent wine regions on the Dalmatian Coast. The peninsula is covered with vineyards and is home to the town of Ston, which is famous for its ancient city walls, salt flats and oysters.


DIY Day Trip to Korcula from Dubrovnik

There are ferries that travel to Korcula from Dubrovnik and from the Peljasac Peninsula. In the summertime, visitors can use the Jadrolinija Ferry to take a day trip to Korcula Town. The ferry from Orebic on the Peljasac Peninsula runs year-round, but docks at the Domince Ferry Terminal, rather than Korcula Town. However, travelers first need to get to Orebic, which is about a 2.5 hour bus ride from Dubrovnik.


Full Day Trip from Dubrovnik to Peljesac Peninsula and Korcula

On a well-organized day trip from Dubrovnik, participants can see all of the highlights of the region. The first stop is a visit to the town of Ston, then guests travel by ferry to see the beautiful Korcula Old Town and, once back on the mainland, visitors are treated to wine tasting in winery cellar. Find out more and Book it!



View of Hvar Town from the Adriatic Sea

Hvar Island is the most famous island in the Adriatic Sea and visitors have long been attracted to the sunny shoreline. While the nightlife on Hvar is epic, day trippers will find an abundance of things to do – from seeking out beaches along the coastline to trekking up to the hill topping fortresses.


For more information, read our blog post: Things To Do in Hvar Town.


Ferry Ride to Hvar from Dubrvonik

There are not many organized Dubrovnik boat tours to Hvar Island, however, visitors can easily get to Hvar during the summertime by using the local Jadrolinija Ferry. The ride takes about 3.5 hours each way (passing Korcula Island en route). However, because of the ferry timing, visitors will still have about 7 hours to explore Hvar Town. 

Pro Tip: If you have more time, be sure to also visit Stari Grad, Hvar; it’s one of our favorite Croatian Towns!



St. Mary's Island Monastery in Great Lake in Mljet NP, Croatia

Mljet is an enchanting island with lakes and hiking trails; in fact, most of the island is under protection as the Mljet National Park. On the Big Lake, there is an island that is home to a 12th century monastery, which can only be reached by boat. Top activities on Mljet are biking, hiking and swimming.

Pro Tip: We visited Mljet as part of our week-long Croatia Island Hopping Cruise from Dubrovnik to Split; however, it is possible to take Mljet day trips from Dubrovnik, too.  


A Self-Guided Mljet Island Day Tour from Dubrovnik

Visitors who want to visit Mljet Island from Dubrovnik on a day tour without a guide can do so using the G&V Line Nona Ana Ferry – but it only runs in the summertime.


Guided Mljet Tour from Dubrovnik

Guided tours to Mljet Island eliminate all the hassle of planning a trip on your own. Guests are picked up at their accommodations and taken to the ferry at the port (with tickets already arranged and purchased). Once at Mljet, tickets to the park are provided and, after a brief overview, visitors are given time to explore and swim. Get all of the details!



The Elafiti Islands (or Elaphite Islands) are just north of Dubrovnik – making them some of the best islands to visit from Dubrovnik on a day trip. The three main islands of the six-island archipelago are Kolocep, Sipan and Lopud. The islands are accessible via public ferry boats, but island hopping is best done by tour boat.

While there are several companies that offer excursions from Dubrvonik to Elafiti Islands, the wooden Karaka ship offers a unique experience. The full day cruise includes visiting the three most popular islands, swimming, snorkeling and an included buffet lunch. Reserve your space!

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Spend the day at sea on one of the phenomenal Dubrovnik boat excursions. These are the best tours in Dubrovnik for a day of sun and fun!



Set sail on a full day of discovery on a popular Dubrovnik day cruise! Stop at the Odysseus Cave on Mljet and the Blue Cave on Kolocep Island. At the Elafiti Islands, go snorkeling and eat lunch by the sea. Get the details and book it!



Hop aboard a skippered yacht for a day of sailing in the Adriatic Sea. Limited to six people max, tour participants can help sail the ship to the Elafiti Islands. The skipper will navigate the boat into hidden coves, where guests can go swimming and snorkeling. Reserve it now!



Experience the Adriatic Sea by kayak on a guided tour. Take in the scenic views as you paddle your way to a secluded beach – only accessible by water. Book it now!



The Dalmatian Coast is known for its delectable cuisine and numerous wineries. Learn and indulge in the local fare on one of the culinary tours in Dubrovnik, Croatia.



Travel from Dubrovnik to a rural country estate where you will learn about the flavors, spices and ingredients used in Dalmatian cooking. Prepare traditional, time honored recipes made with fresh-from-the-garden ingredients. When the meal is complete, sit down to the feast with a glass of wine. Reserve your seat!



Discover the Konavle Valley and all of its charms on a half-day Dubrovnik tour. Learn about the history of the valley and take a train ride through the picturesque vineyards before tasting wine for 3 different vineyards. Check availability!


Dubrovnik Sightseeing Tours

Looking for tours in Dubrovnik? Check out our easy-to-follow Dubrovnik Walking Tour. At the end of that post, we highlight popular sightseeing tours – including food tours, Game of Thrones tours and City Walls tours.

Dubrovnik Walking Tour Self-Guided Dubrovnik, Croatia Sightseeing by


What You Will Need For Dubrovnik Tours

Whether you are planning to organize your own day trips or joining a guide for a Dubrovnik excursion, there are a few things you will want to make sure you pack in your suitcase!


Travel Camera for Dubrovnik Photography 

We think Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world! Make sure you have a good travel camera to capture the sights. On our travels, we use a Canon Rebel with an 18-135mm lens, which takes fantastic photos and is ideal budget camera for beginner photographers. Of course, on trips out to sea, you may want to invest in a GoPro, but we use a less expensive underwater camera.


Refillable Water Bottle & Snacks

There is no need to buy bottled water in Croatia – tap water is safe to drink. Use an environmentally safe refillable water bottle. A collapsible water bottle is ideal for travelers! It’s also wise to bring a few snacks on day trips from Dubrovnik.


Sun Protection for Croatia

Whether touring cities by foot or seeing the sea by boat, it’s important to protect your skin from the sun. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen on your day trip. A wide-brimmed travel hat and a travel umbrella to provide shade are good ideas, too.


Entertainment & Day Pack

Many of our recommended Dubrovnik day trips require long road trips. While a guide will likely be chatting with tour participants on the way to the destination, it can sometimes be quiet and dark on the way home. Don’t forget headphones or your Kindle for the ride home and a great day bag to organize all your everyday essential travel items!


Croatia Travel Insurance

We think travel insurance is essential! Not only can it help in unfortunate situations, like lost luggage or delayed flights, but it can also be crucial for travelers who get sick or hurt abroad while traveling. Check rates and coverage at World Nomads.


Visiting other Croatian cities like Zagreb, Osijek, Rovinj, Sibenik or Zadar? Find all of our detailed guides for things to do on our Croatia Travel Guides Page



Start planning your trip to Croatia! It’s never been easier with NONSTOP FLIGHTS TO DUBROVNIK FROM THE US, so begin searching for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


We Want To Know: Are there any tours you would add to our list of Day Trips from Dubrovnik? What is your favorite Dubrovnik day trip? Tell us in the comments below! 


More Tips For Visiting Dubrovnik: Read our guides for the Best Dubrovnik Beaches, Hiking To Mt. Srd, and the most Beautiful Dubrovnik Viewpoints!


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