Dubrovnik Viewpoint from east of the city

An Insanely Awesome Dubrovnik viewpoint

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Not wanting to waste any time during our short one-week stay in Dubrovnik, on our first day – which was clear and sunny – we took the cable car to the summit of Mount Srd for a look at the sensational views of the Old City and Adriatic Sea. Rather than taking the cable car back down, we made the hike and were treated to even more spectacular views. But, instead of satisfying our urge for taking in the beautiful scenic outlooks, it only piqued our interest in finding another Dubrovnik viewpoint.

Dubrovnik Viewpoint from east of the city

The original dismal forecast hasn’t held true, instead we’ve had a string of mostly sunny days with a few short periods of light rain. We’ve taken advantage of the gorgeous winter weather, covering nearly every street and sight in the Old City and then making our way outside the gates and up hillsides seeking out new vistas. We haven’t been disappointed, finding many viewpoints we missed on our first stay in Dubrovnik (when we barely left the interior of the walled city), including an exceptional spot east of the city.

Dubrovnik Viewpoint Map

Without a specific destination in mind, we set off with a packed picnic on a walk through the Ploce Gate and followed the road along the coast, taking the lower street when it split in two. We didn’t make it far before we were lured into a bakery, the scent of coffee and chocolate wafting out the doors. With a little more zing running through our veins, we left the old town behind, passing waterfront clubs and high-end hotels.

A few times we attempted to make our way down stairs that led to the shore, but we were stopped by locked gates and private entrances. Anytime there was a clear view, we stopped and gawked, but we had a suspicion that better views were awaiting us around the next corner.

Dubrovnik viewpoint: another stellar view

After walking less than a kilometer, we came to a staircase leading down that didn’t appear to be private and, without hesitation, we started the climb down. The wide, paved path extended across the top of the cliff with open views back over the sea to Dubrovnik. The footpath ended, but a dirt trail continued through trees and to more steps leading onto the expansive rocky shore of the sea. As we emerged onto the boulders, we were stunned at the picturesque scene in front of us.

Dubrovnik viewpoint from the eastern shore

We were the sole visitors and savored the absolutely astonishing and scenic Dubrovnik viewpoint. The strong sun had us peeling off our jackets and long sleeve shirts and we welcomed the light spray of salty sea water. We sat in the shade of a fragrant pine tree to eat our picnic, feeling as if we were the first people to discover this scenic outlook.

Dubrovnik viewpoint and picnic spot

Follow this picture view to find the Dubrovnik viewpoint: 

Dubrovnik viewpoint: use the picture directions

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An insanely awesome Dubrovnik Viewpoint Croatia JetSetting Fools


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