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30 Best Things To Do in Aveiro, Portugal  

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Aveiro, Portugal – a town bedecked in a vibrant rainbow of colors and unique attractions – is a popular destination for travelers from around the world. From the network of canals to the historic salt fields to the grandiose architecture, our list of things to do in Aveiro, Portugal features the best sights and top activities.

We visited Aveiro on a day trip from Porto, as we were looking to experience more of this region of Portugal. Aveiro enticed us with its exceptional heritage, one-of-a-kind offerings and tasty local treats. On our Porto to Aveiro day trip, we discovered the area on foot – and fellow travelers eager to see the best of Aveiro can follow in our footsteps!


Aveiro, Portugal FAQs

Before we get to our list of what to do in Aveiro, Portugal we want to answer a few frequently asked questions.


Where is Aveiro?

Aveiro is situated in the Centro Region of Portugal, near the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The City of Aveiro is just about halfway between Porto and Coimbra. The short distances – about 45 miles from Porto and just 40 miles from Coimbra – make the city a prime day trip destination or quick weekend getaway.

Travelers can view the location and surrounding area on the Aveiro Map of Attractions that we include later in the article. We also share tips on how to get to Aveiro in the Travel Tips section.


What are the Best Aveiro, Portugal Things To Do?

Nicknamed the Venice of Portugal for its many canals, the best Aveiro things to do are centered on these waterways – including boat rides and bridge walks. The city also boasts incredible architecture, historic salt pans and lush nature. We highlight all the best Aveiro attractions in our outlined list of things to do!


What is there To Do in Aveiro, Portugal in Foul Weather?

Aveiro is a fun city to discover on foot – and the weather is usually quite agreeable for outdoor exploration. Generally speaking, the weather in Aveiro is sunny and hot in the summer and drizzly but mild in the winter.

When visitors need to escape the heat or get out of the rain, we recommend ducking into a church or heading inside one of the fine museums. We feature many indoor and outdoor activities in Aveiro on our list.


Are there Walking Tours in Aveiro?

Visitors who want a guided introduction to the city can join a paid or free tour of Aveiro, Portugal. Just keep in mind that the guides of the Free Walking Tour Aveiro expect to be compensated for their time with a tip.

Travelers who would rather explore at their pace can use our outlined ‘Aveiro: What To Do’ list to create their own self-guided walk. In fact, we purposely listed the sights in order to create an easy-to-follow Self-Guided, Free Aveiro Walking Tour.


Is Aveiro Worth Visiting?

When planning a trip to Portugal, many travelers wonder, Is Aveiro, Portugal worth visiting? – and we absolutely think that it is! Aveiro has an intriguing history and is distinctly different from other places in Portugal – all of which makes it a worthy destination.


How Many Days in Aveiro?

Deciding how many days to spend in Aveiro will depend on your interests and the overall timeframe for your trip. We think visitors need at least one day in Aveiro, Portugal – one full day – to see the sights. It’s fairly easy to plan a day trip to Aveiro from Porto or Coimbra.

That said, visiting Aveiro in a day limits travelers to only seeing the highlights in the city center. Meanwhile, those who stay for 2 or 3 days in Aveiro can experience more of the regional sights, which we will share with you later.


Planning a Trip to Aveiro

There is a lot more to planning a trip than figuring out what to see and do in Aveiro. Travelers also need to consider how to get there and where to eat. No worries: we are making your Aveiro trip planning as simple as possible!

In addition to our list of Aveiro Best Things To Do, we share travel tips about getting there and the best restaurants in Aveiro, too. Additionally, we provide info about where to stay and what to bring along on your trip.

Travelers staying in Porto who don’t want to fuss over the details can join a guide on an organized tour. Towards the end of this article, we highlight some of the best organized day trips to Aveiro.


Organize your Portugal Trip

Aveiro is a fantastic destination to include in your Portugal Itinerary – but it is just one of several excellent places to see. Lisbon, Porto and the Portuguese Islands are other top destinations in the country and our articles can help you make the most of your time at each stop.

Additionally, travelers visiting from overseas will find it helpful to use our Guide to Planning a Europe Vacation

As you begin to make your plans for visiting Portugal, you will need to stay on top of the details. We recommend using our Travel Planner Printables – to keep your trip organized!

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Go on a Aveiro, Portugal Boat Ride

Our Aveiro to-do list is ideal for anyone planning to spend time in the city, whether it be 1 week or 1 day.

Save, Pin or Bookmark our Aveiro Travel Guide to plan your visit to Portugal!


#1 Snap a Photo of the Old Aveiro Train Station

Exterior of the Old Aveiro Train Station, Aveiro, Portugal

The beautiful blue-and-white tiled train station is one of the top things to see in Aveiro. The Old Train Station was built in 1864 (at the same time as the railway) but was renovated in the early 1900s as a typical Portuguese House. The azulejos tiles that decorate the station were made in a local ceramic factory.

Pro Tip: Go inside the Old Aveiro Station to learn a little about local products – including wine, salt and sweet confections. Free Aveiro, Portugal maps are also available at the entrance. 


#2 Seek Out Amazing Street Art Murals

Rosto Esculpido em Parede de Vhils Street Art Mural, Aveiro, Portugal

Aveiro is well-known for its gorgeous architecture and colorful tiles. That said, the obscure street art in the city also tops our list of what to see in Aveiro, Portugal. Street art murals decorate the underside of bridges, cement retaining walls and the sides of buildings. As you tour Aveiro, be sure to keep an eye out for the interesting creations.

Top Tip: Find one of our favorite works of art, Rosto Esculpido em Parede de Vhils, on the side of the CUF Lisboa building just caddy-corner from the south end of the new Aveiro train station.


#3 Catch Sight of the Old Ceramic Factory Building

Weclome to Aveiro, Portugal

Capping the end of the Canal da Fonte Nova is a big, red brick factory building, called Antiga Fabrica Jeranimo Pereira Campos. It’s a must-see when visiting Aveiro!

The huge ceramic factory played a big part of the history of Aveiro – as tile-making was a notable trade in the early 20th century. The preserved structure helps to illustrate Aveiro’s heritage as a thriving industrial municipality.

Travel Tip: The factory has been repurposed into the Congress Center of Aveiro, which hosts conventions and exhibitions.


#4 Appreciate the Art along the Aveiro Canals

Maria da Fonte Statue, Aveiro, Portugal

Several modern public artworks decorate the Cais da Fonte Nova basin – and they are top things to see in Aveiro, Portugal.

The Maria da Fonte bronze sculpture, which stands in the water, dates to 1964 – but has only graced Fonte Nova Lake since the early 2000s. Tossing a coin at the statue is said to bring good luck.

The newly installed, tiled mural, titled ‘Reflexos’ is the product of local Aveiro artist, Fatinha Ramos. The artwork covers the wall along the west side of the lake and serves as a tribute to the nearby estuary.

Monuento dos Ovos Moles, Aveiro, Portugal

Monuento dos Ovos Moles – the white and yellow sculpture on the north lawn – is a contemporary ode to the traditional Aveiro pastry, Ovos Moles. We share more about the egg yolk treats – including the best place to eat them – further down on our list!

Pro Tip: The painted I Heart Aveiro staircase is also nearby – and is a fun spot for photo ops.


#5 Stroll through Aveiro City Park

Tiles Murals at Aveiro City Park, Portugal

In a town originally build for industry, Parque Infante Dom Pedro City Park provides an idyllic slice of nature. The lush grounds feature a stream, ponds and soaring trees providing ample shade during the hot summers in Portugal. The park has also been enhanced with an iron gazebo bandstand, a yellow-painted pergola and several pretty fountains.

Top Tip: Looking for more tips of what to do in Aveiro in nature? The surrounding region boasts numerous natural wonders – and we highlight a few of the best in the Nearby Aveiro section below.


#6 Visit the Aveiro Museum

Entrance to the Aveiro Museum, Portugal

The Museu de Aveiro, which hosts a trove of historic and religious artifacts, is one of the top places to visit. The highlight of the museum is the former Convento de Jesus Aveiro. The Baroque chapel is adorned in gilded carvings and tiles – and houses the tomb of the beatified Princess Joana.

Travel Tip: A ticket is required to visit the Museum of Aveiro. We opted to skip the museum for the sake of time, plus, there is another sumptuously decorated church in Aveiro that is free to visit – and we feature it later in the list!


#7 See the Se de Aveiro Cathedral

Interior of Se de Aveiro Cathedral, Portugal

The Se Cathedral in Aveiro has a long an interesting history. The early church on the site was founded in 1464 as part of a Dominican convent – and it was continually updated and expanded. In the mid-1800s, the convent was then utilized as military barracks and was burned to the ground. The church, however, remained and today it stands as a National Monument of Portugal.

Pro Tip: Climbing the church tower ranks as one of the Top Things To Do Aveiro, Portugal – however, it was closed for renovations during our visit.


#8 Peruse the Produce at Mercado Manuel Firmino

Produce for sale, Mercado Manuel Firmino, Aveiro, Portugal

We love perusing local markets – as they provide incredible insight into regional products, the people and their customs. Therefore, it is not surprising that the city center Mercado Manuel Firmino makes our list as one of the best places to see in Aveiro.

The market – also called the Mercado Coletivo Aveiro – houses an array of vendors selling everything from bright flowers to fresh fish.

Top Tip: The Aveiro market is closed on Sundays. Saturday is the busiest day of the market, when all vendors are open for business.


#9 Tie a Ribbon on Ponte dos Lacos de Amizade

Ribbons on the Lacos de Amizade Bridge, Aveiro, Portugal

The Lacos de Amizade Bridge, which crosses the Cojo Canal, is one of many pedestrian bridges that span the channel. What makes it unique however, is that it is decorated with thousands of colorful ribbons. Like the old Love Lock bridges of Paris, the Love or Friendship Ribbons symbolize a lasting commitment.

Travel Tip: The tradition of tying a ribbon to the bridge railing dates to 2014 – and has now extended to nearby bridges, as well. Friends, couples and even tourists participate in the ritual – so be sure to put it on your Aveiro To Do list!


#10 Find the Secret Garden at the Forum Shopping Mall

The Forum Secret Garden, Aveiro, Portugal

We don’t typically list shopping malls as tourist attractions. However, the Forum Mall is one of the best places to visit in Aveiro – and it’s not because of the shops. Instead, we recommend going to the mall to seek out the rooftop garden and enjoy the great view over Aveiro.

Pro Tip: The Forum is the premier place for shopping in Aveiro, Portugal. The open-air mall has more than 70 retailers, including recognizable fashion brands.


#11 Saunter around the Aveiro Central Cemetery

View of Aveiro Central Cemetery, Portugal

Some travelers might think it is unusual to include a graveyard on our list of What To See in Aveiro, but we think the cemeteries in Portugal are astounding. Filled with elaborate mausoleums and solemn statues, the Cemetario Central de Aveiro is oddly alluring.

Top Tip: The entrance to the cemetery can be accessed from the mall rooftop. Just exit from the back of the garden and turn left.


#12 Eat Ovos Moles de Aveiro at Confeitaria Peixinho

Famous Ovos Moles de Aveiro, Portugal

Eating Ovos Moles is one of the top things to do in Aveiro, Portugal. The origin of the local confection is attributed to Catholic nuns, who began making the soft egg treats in the 16th century. Today, bakers make the sweets and little has changed in the recipe, although the presentation has evolved into something spectacular.

Ovos Moles are made with egg yolk, sugar and water. The concoction is then wrapped in a thin wafer – usually resembling a fish, shell or boat. Of all the places to buy Ovos Moles in Aveiro, we think Peixinho makes the best (and most visually pleasing) treats.

Travel Tip: Ovos Moles have a very peculiar taste. Before buying an entire box, we recommend sampling just one!


#13 Take in the Beauty of Praca da Republica

Standing in Praca da Republica, Aveiro, Portugal

A small, but lovely square, Praca da Republic is home to the old Aveiro Town Hall, a historical monument and a sweeping view across the canal.

The highlight of Republic Square, however, is Igreja da Misericordia Church. In fact, it’s one of the best things to see in Aveiro, Portugal. The rising façade is decorated in classic Portuguese tiles – and the tiled interior is just as sumptuous. 

Pro Tip: The church is only open on weekdays and closes between 1 and 2pm for lunch – so plan accordingly!


#14 Parade down Rua de Coimbra to Pombal Square

View walking down Rua de Coimbra, Aveiro, Portugal

Without a doubt, one of the best things to do in Aveiro is walk along the pedestrian Rua de Coimbra. The street is one of the prettiest in the city, marked with colorfully tiled buildings and the ornate black-and-white mosaic Portuguese Pavement.

Rua de Coimbra ends at Praca do Marques de Pombal – a large, spacious square ringed by government buildings, cafes and palatial estates – like the classically tiled Casa de Santa Zita.

Top Tip: If you are on a girls’ trip to Aveiro, don’t miss the charming M Bakery, a dessert shop dedicated to all things pink!


#15 Peek inside the Splendid Church of the Carmelites

Interior of the Church of the Carmelites, Aveiro, Portugal

There are dozens of Aveiro churches – but few are as incredible as the intricately designed Igreja Carmelita de Aveiro. A gilded feast awaits behind the mundane exterior, where the small space is extravagantly decorated in tiles, artwork, carvings and painted ceiling panels. It is one of the best hidden gems in Aveiro.

Travel Tip: There is no fee for entry; it’s one of the best things to do in Aveiro for free!  


#16 Cross over Praca General Humberto Delgado Bridge

View of Parliament House from General Humberto Delgado Bridge, Aveiro, Portugal

Featuring a busy roundabout, Praca General Humberto Delgado Bridge crosses over the canal in the center of town. The bridge is decorated by four statues – and offers the best view of the surrounding cityscape.

The landmark Old Capitania building – which was built as a mill, served as the port authority headquarters and is now the Parliament House – hovers over the water to the east. To the west, Beira Mar – Jardim do Rossio park sits between the waterway and a pretty pastel palette of facades.

Pro Tip: Look below, as well, to see the steady flow of traditional boats gliding up and down the canal.


#17 Size Up the Obelisk of Liberdade

Man at the Obelisk of Liberdade, Aveiro, Portugal

One of the historic Aveiro things to see, Obelisco da Liberdade is a column that represents liberty. The Art Nouveau Obelisk was erected in 1909 to recognize Jose Estevao as a defender of freedom and pays tribute to the 1828 Revolution.

From the obelisk, an elongated pedestrian square, Praca 14 de Julho, is lined with shops and cafes.

Top Tip: At the far north end of the square, the brilliantly white 17th century Church of Nossa Senhora da Apresentacao (or Vera Cruz Church) features an outstanding interior. The bell tower also ranks as the oldest in Aveiro.


#18 Discover Art Nouveau on Rua Joao Mendonca Street

Exterior of Museu da Cidade, Aveiro, Portugal

Art Nouveau became a popular style in Aveiro in the early 1900s – and the entire city has been declared a City-Museum of Art Nouveau. One of the best things to do in Aveiro, Portugal is to gaze at the characteristic architecture along Rua Joao Mendonca, where some of the finest examples can be found.

The Museu da Cidade de Aveiro (or Aveiro City Museum, and not be confused with the Aveiro Museum) features an elegant, stone façade of floral motifs that is clearly distinguishable. A ticket is required to go inside, but we think it is great to simply enjoy the exterior, as well.

Just a few doors down, the pink Ovos Moles House features curved lines and delicate wrought iron balconies. It’s another top-rated establishment for the sweet egg yolk treats.

Exterior design, Museu de Arte Nova, Aveiro, Portugal

The best example of Aveiro Art Nouveau is the magnificent Museu de Arte Nova, which is just a bit further along the lane. The impressive pale blue building is highlighted by curved windows and carved flowers. The museum, which requires a small fee to enter, displays exhibits detailing the history of Art Nouveau in Aveiro.

Travel Tip: Numerous Art Nouveau structures dot the city center. Fans of the architecture might also want to seek out Casa de Cha, the Cooperativea Agricola Building and the House of Silva Rocha.


#19 Walk the Waterfront Promenade in Jardim do Rossio

Most of the Canal de Aveiro is lined with a pedestrian footpath, but the promenade in the center of town along the Jardim do Rossio is the most picturesque.

Events are often held in the Jardim do Rossio Garden – a green space right in the city center.

Pro Tip: During our visit the Beira Mar Jardim do Rossio was undergoing a complete overhaul – so we didn’t get to enjoy it. We expect that it will be a fabulous place for tourists to rest their weary feet once it is complete!


#20 Embark on a Barcos Moliceiros Canal Cruise

Go on a Barcos Moliceiros Canal Cruise, Aveiro, Portugal

The Aveiro Canals in Portugal are iconic – and were once vital lifeline to the city. The labyrinth of waterways was built in the early 1800s to provide access to the sea. Today, visitors can hop aboard a traditional Moliceiros de Aveiro boat (which were once used to harvest seaweed) for a tour of the town.

Moliceiro Boat Tours under the bridge, Aveiro, Portugal

Moliceiro tours last about 45 minutes and an on-board guide shares details about Aveiro’s past.

Top Tip: Visitors who want to take a canal trip in Aveiro can book their seats in advance. This highly rated Moliceiro Tour Aveiro gets high marks for its fun and informative guides – Get the price and details here!


#21 Stroll through the Salinas de Aveiro Salt Pans

Flamingo at Salinas de Aveiro Salt Pans, Portugal

The salt pans at the end of the canal on the edge of the Ria Lagoon is one of the top places to visit in Aveiro, Portugal. Sea salt was an integral part of the city’s thriving economy – and still today the signature Flor de Sal is an exclusive Aveiro salt harvested in the region. Visitors are free to roam into the salt flats, following the posted plaques explaining the history of the salt trade.

Travel Tip: The Aveiro Lagoon – or Ria de Aveiro – is an expansive coastal marshland that is a haven for birds.


#22 Marvel at the Modern Ponte dos Botiroes

View of Ponte dos Botiroes, Aveiro, Portugal

Visitors will cross many bridges while sightseeing Aveiro, but none are as impressive as Ponte dos Botiroes – at least in terms of engineering feats. Also called the Ponte Pedonal Circular Bridge, the oval-shaped bridge crosses two canals and is suspended from cables and a metal mast (which resembles a fish).

Pro Tip: From the bridge, walk down the short Canal dos Botiroes that cuts through the Beira Mar Fisherman’s District for a glimpse at the traditional houses.


#23 Take a Break at Praca do Peixe Aveiro Food Court

View of Mercado Praca do Peixe Aveiro, Portugal

Marking the end of the Botiroes Canal is Praca do Peixe. The building formerly served as the Mercado do Peixe Fish Market in Aveiro but has been renovated into a fashionable food court.

The market hall opens onto Largo da Praca do Peixe Square, which is the heart of the Barrio da Beira Mar historic district.

Top Tip: The square that fronts the market is a good place to take a break, sip a coffee or nibble on something to eat during the day. In the evenings, however, the venue transforms into a entertainment zone with live music and nearby nightclubs.


#24 Try to Comprehend a Quirky Aveiro Tradition

Exterior of Capela de Sao Goncalinho, Aveiro, Portugal

We are intrigued by quirky customs and unusual traditions – and we found the Aveiro Cavacas tradition thoroughly entertaining (even though we didn’t get to participate in the event).

The tradition is dedicated to Sao Goncalinho – the patron saint of Aveiro, who is known for his matchmaking skills and fertility magic. Couples who pray to the saint and are blessed with marriage or children then show their appreciation to Sao Goncalinho by making cakes – called Cavacas. The couples take the cakes to the rooftop of the chapel and toss them to the crowds waiting below.

Sao Goncalinho statue, Aveiro, Portugal

People who catch the cakes are granted good fortune for the coming year…so many participants show up with fishing nets or upside-down umbrellas to increase their odds!

Travel Tip: The celebration commences on January 10 and features 5 days of concerts and fireworks. The Capela de Sao Goncalinho is where to go in Aveiro to try to catch the lucky cakes.


#25 Roam Barrio da Beira Mar

Colorful houses, Barrio da Beira Mar, Aveiro, Portugal

Roaming around the old fisherman’s village of Barrio da Beira Mar is one of the fun things to do in Aveiro, Portugal. The district was originally called Vila Nova – and it stood outside the fortified town walls. Full of character and charm, the district is known for its narrow, twisting lanes and colorful houses decorated with ceramic tiles.

Pro Tip: Rua Antonia Rodrigues and Rua de Manuel Luiz Nogueira are two of our favorite streets to walk along in the Beira Mar District.


#26 Explore Canal de Sao Roque

Boat on the Canal de Sao Roque, Aveiro, Portugal

Once lined with salt warehouses, the Sao Roque Canal was long ago an important route for both the salt and fishing trade. The waterway defines the northern boundary between Beira Mar and the Ria de Aveiro Lagoon. Today, the canal is a main route of the Moliceiros cruises.

Top Tip: The path along Canal de Sao Roque is part of a longer walking and biking trail – called the Grand Route of the Ria de Aveiro Blue Trek – that delves into the salt marsh.


#27 Cross Ponte dos Carcavelos

View of the Carcavelos Bridge, Aveiro, Portugal

Often hailed as an Aveiro must see sight, Carcavelos Bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in the city. Historically, the bridge was used by workers as a route from Beira Mar into the salt fields. More recently, however, it has earned the nickname of Valentine’s Bridge or Lover’s Bridge because couples often meet on the bridge to watch the sunset together.

Travel Tip: When cruising the canals on an Aveiro Moliceiros boat, it is custom to kiss your partner when you pass beneath the bridge.


#28 View the Façade of Capela de Nossa Senhora das Febres

Exterior of Capela de Nossa Senhora das Febres, Aveiro, Portugal

Aveiro boasts an astounding number of buildings that are extensively decorated in azulejos tiles – and we think Capela de Nossa Senhora das Febres is one of the best. The 16th century church is just a small chapel, but in the late afternoon sun, it is simply stunning.

Pro Tip: It is said that the interior of the church is also festooned with tiles and gilded carvings, but it is unfortunately seldom open for visitors.


#29 Sip Local Craft Beer at LoveCraft Aveiro

Pint of Beer, LoveCraft Aveiro, Portugal

Wherever we are in the world, we love getting a taste of local brew. While most of the bars in Aveiro serve standard Portuguese beers (like Super Bok), the LoveCraft Tough Love Taproom is dedicated to independent brewers.

Situated in a hip space, the Aveiro craft beer bar pours excellent pints of locally produced and regional beers from more than 10 taps – and offers even more options in cans and bottles.

Top Tip: LoveCraft is the sister shop of Cask Beer in Porto – one of our recommended Porto Craft Beer Bars


#30 Indulge in a Portuguese Pork Sandwich

Ze do Pernil Sandwich, Aveiro, Portugal

Pork is a mainstay of Portuguese cuisine – so of course it’s popular in Aveiro, as well. One of the best Portuguese meals is a stacked pork sandwich covered in melted sheep cheese – and Ze do Pernil in Aveiro makes one of the best. After a long day of sightseeing in Aveiro, a pork sandwich will certainly hit the spot!

Travel Tip: We got our first taste of the famous pernil sandwich at Casa Guedes in Porto – and it still ranks as one of our Favorite Porto Foods!

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Map of Aveiro, Portugal

Use this link to Google for an interactive version of our Aveiro, Portugal Map of Attractions.

Aveiro Map by


More Things To Do Aveiro

Artistic Portuguese Tiles in Aveiro, Portugal

We have outlined our top picks of the best attractions in Aveiro, but there are a few more interesting things to do – especially for travelers staying longer than one day.


Oficina do Doce Aveiro

Oficina de Doce offers fantastic Ovos Moles workshops where participants can learn how to make the specialty treats. Visitors must contact the shop in advance for info and pricing of English speaking sessions.


Fabrica Centro Ciencia Viva de Aveiro

An interactive science museum, Fabrica Centrao Ciencia Viva de Aveiro has fun exhibits – and ranks as one of the best things to do in Aveiro with kids. A ticket is required for entry. 


Salt Spa in Aveiro

In Aveiro, salt is not just for seasoning your food, but also for pampering your skin! The Aveiro Salt Spa offers guests wellness sessions in the salt fields. Find prices and info here!


Urban Beach Noeirinha

An artificial beach complete with a sandy shoreline, the Aveiro Beach is a place to relax, sunbathe and swim. There is a small fee to enter the beach area.


Things To Do near Aveiro, Portugal

The region surrounding Aveiro offers an abundance of fun attractions – including beaches, hiking trails and ancient castles.


Costa Nova Beach, Boardwalk and Lighthouse

Praia da Costa Nova is one of the best places to visit near Aveiro. The oceanfront features a long stretch of golden sand, colorfully striped beach houses (called Palheiros) and the 1893 Farol da Barra lighthouse (the tallest lighthouse in Portugal). A 3.5-mile elevated boardwalk, Passadicos Costa Nova, allows visitors to walk along the scenic shore without getting sand in their shoes.

Visitors can easily plan a day trip from Aveiro to Costa Nova. The Costa Nova – Aveiro Bus takes just 40 minutes and costs less than 3 euros each way.


Explore Reserva Natural das Dunas de Sao Jacinto

The marshy lagoon where the land meets the sea is an interesting place to explore near Aveiro. The natural reserve features sand dunes, marshland vegetation and an incredible number of waterfowl. Visitors can also embark on the Nature Discovery Interpretive Trail, which departs from the Reserve Headquarters. The ferry is the best mode of transit for an Aveiro day trip adventure.


Castle of Santa Maria da Feira

Located 30 miles north of Aveiro, the Castle of Santa Maria da Feira stands as a magnificent, Medieval fortress. Just note that there is a small fee to enter the castle (cash only) and going to the castle is one of the day trips from Aveiro that is best done with your own car.


Restaurants in Aveiro, Portugal

Outdoor Restaurants in Aveiro, Portugal

We have already mentioned Ze do Pernil as our top pick of where to eat in Aveiro, Portugal – but there are a few more Aveiro restaurants that were recommended to us, so we want to pass along the info.


Palhuca Restaurant Aveiro

A favorite spot for traditional food, including Aviero Caldeirada de Enguias, a local Eel Stew made of onions, potatoes, bell peppers and saffron!


Taberna do Arco Restaurant

Taberna do Arco is a cozy evening spot for delicious tapas at affordable prices. Just keep in mind that it is a cash-only establishment!



Certain to cure a pizza craving, Pizzarte serves tasty pizzas and sweet dessert crepes. It’s been a local favorite for more than 30 years.


Organized Tours to Aveiro

I heart Aveiro, Portugal Staircase

When we planned to visit Aveiro, Portugal, we were comfortable enough with the trains in Portugal that we decided to tour the city on our own.

That said, there are many benefits to joining an organized tour to Aveiro. Namely, a guide is on hand to showcase the sights and lead the way to the top attractions. Additionally, the best organized Aveiro tours include a stop at Costa Nova Beach – like on this highly rated Half Day Tour from Porto.


What To Do Aveiro: Travel Tips

Architecture of the Buildings of Aveiro, Portugal

We have covered the basics of what to do and see in Aveiro, Portugal, but we have a few final trip planning tips.


When To Visit Aveiro

Travelers planning when to go to Aveiro will likely want to base their trip on the weather. While Aveiro is a year-round destination, the city is prettiest on sunny days. Therefore, it is best to check the weather in Aveiro before planning a trip – and pick a day where full sunshine is expected.


How To Get To Aveiro, Portugal

Aveiro can be reached by bus or train from major Portuguese cities. In our opinion, taking the train to Aveiro is the best option.


How To Get to Aveiro from Porto

Getting from Porto to Aveiro is as simple as hopping on a train!

The train from Porto to Aveiro takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes and costs less than 5 euros each way. The Porto-Aveiro Train departs from the city center Sao Bento Train Station in Porto, but also makes a stop at the Campanha Train Station, before traveling south to Aveiro.

On the return trip, some journeys will require a switch at Campanha to get back to Porto Sao Bento.

Getting to Aveiro from Porto by bus is also possible. The Porto to Aveiro bus departs from the Oporto Campanha Bus Station and it takes about an hour to complete the journey.

There are also direct buses from the Porto Airport to Aveiro. To travel the same route by train, however, you would need to ride the Metro from the Porto Airport to Sao Bento and then take an Urban Train on to Aveiro. The bus gets our vote on getting to Aveiro from the airport in Porto!


How To Get to Aveiro from Lisbon

The distance from Lisbon to Aveiro is about 160 miles – and travelers can get between the two cities by car, train or bus. In our opinion, the Lisbon – Aveiro Train is the best option. It is even possible to use the train to plan a Lisbon to Aveiro day trip.

The train from Lisbon to Aveiro can take as little as two hours. The cost of the Lisbon to Aveiro train varies; tickets purchased far in advance tend to be cheaper than buying the day of the trip.


Where To Stay in Aveiro, Portugal

Travelers staying overnight will need to find accommodation in Aveiro. As the city has long attracted tourists, there are quite a few hotels in Aveiro, Portugal – as well as Airbnb options. We think that the best places to stay in Aveiro, Portugal are accommodations in the heart of the town.

Hotel As Americas Aveiro – an Art Nouveau and Design Hotel – is a highly rated hotel in Aveiro. Although the rooms are a bit dated, guests give high marks for the excellent location, friendly staff, generous breakfast and clean and comfortable rooms. Check rates and availability for your stay!


What You Will Need for Your Aveiro, Portugal Trip

Our final travel tips for Aveiro are all about what to pack and bring with you on a day trip. We share all of our packing advice on our dedicated Packing Tips page. Grab your FREE checklist here! 


Comfortable Shoes

Our list of Top Things To Do Aveiro features sights that span the city from one end to the other – and walking is the best way to see them. Therefore, you will need to wear (or pack) a good pair of comfortable travel shoes


Travel Camera

Bright and colorful, Aveiro is picture perfect – and visitors can capture the true beauty with a real camera. We use a DSLR Canon Rebel with 18-135mm lens, which takes high quality photos, but still ranks as one of the best budget cameras.


Day Pack

When touring Aveiro, Portugal, it is best to carry a good day bag. We recommend using a day pack with zippered pockets (like a small backpack) that is big enough to stow everything you will need – from a travel hat to umbrella. Use our guide to the Best Day Bags for Travelers to help you choose the perfect one for you!


Europe Trip Documents

Remember to pack any trip documents for Portugal – like tickets for pre-booked attractions and your travel planner to ensure a smooth trip!


Start planning your trip to Portugal! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning Page for more advice – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides Page!


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