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The 6 Best Dubrovnik Beaches

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There is no better way to relax and cool off after a day of Dubrovnik sightseeing than heading to the seaside to take a dip in the turquoise waters of the Adriatic. Although this Croatian city is better known for its historic sights than shoreline sunbathing, there are several Dubrovnik beaches within walking distance of the Old Town. Each Dubrovnik beach has its own character, so visitors can find the one that best suits their style!


Dubrovnik, Croatia Beach Tips

Turquoise water in cove along shoreline in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Before you head for the sea, there are a few things to know about Dubrovnik beaches.


Dubrovnik Beach Types: Sand, Pebble, Rock, Platform

If you are hoping to find long stretches of powdery sand beaches in Croatia, you will likely be disappointed. The country’s long coastline is more rocky than sand. There are a few nearly sandy beaches in Dubrovnik but expect more pebbles and smooth rocks than powdery soft sand. Additionally, Dubrovnik beaches tend to be small and are not ideal for long beach walks.

Concrete or rock platform beaches are also common in Croatia. Perhaps not the most comfortable for sun-tanning (but it’s never stopped us from spreading out our beach towels and stretching out!), we love being able to jump right into the water from the ledges.

Top Tip: Whenever you jump, make sure that the water is deep enough. And, always look for a secured ladder that you can use to help pull yourself out of the water before taking the plunge.


Nude Public Beaches In Dubrovnik

In Croatia, nude beaches are usually labeled as FKK (which stands for Freikörper-Kultur in German – and translates to Free Body Culture or Naturist). There are no nude beaches near Dubrovnik Old Town, but there is an FKK beach on Lokrum Island, just a short ferry boat ride away from Dubrovnik. 


Swimming In Dubrovnik, Croatia

Swimming in the sea is one of the favorite Dubrovnik activities of tourists and locals alike. Even in the height of summer, the water is cool and the salty sea helps keep swimmers buoyant.

There are beaches in Dubrovnik where you can either jump or wade into the water. At the Dubrovnik beaches where you wade in, be aware of sharp rocks, sea urchins and broken glass. We recommend wearing swim shoes to protect your feet….and make sure you have travel insurance, just in case!


Snorkeling Dubrovnik, Croatia

Unfortunately, the snorkeling in Dubrovnik (and most of coastline along Croatia) is not that great. If you have your own snorkel gear, it can be fun to check out the sea floor and sea life…just don’t expect an abundance of brightly colored fish and coral.


Dubrovnik Beaches Map

At the end of the post, you will find a link to a helpful Dubrovnik Map of Beaches so that you can locate each Dubrovnik Beach. We also include a link to Google Maps for each beach so that you can easily get walking directions from wherever you are in the city. 


Dubrovnik Beach Hotels

Want to stay in a Dubrovnik beachfront hotel? Find a list of highly-rated beach resorts near Dubrovnik at the end of the post.


The Best Beaches In Dubrovnik, Croatia

We think the best Dubrovnik Beaches are ones that you can easily walk to from the Old Town. However, there are many beaches around Dubrovnik that can be accessed via bus, boat or car. Our list details the Dubrovnik Beaches that are easily accessible on foot, but we include a list of the Best Beaches Around Dubrovnik, too (which require some sort of transport to access from the Old Town).


Dubrovnik Beaches You Can Walk To From The Old Town

Grab your towel and sunscreen and find your perfect Dubrovnik beach just steps from the historic walled city.


#1 Banje Beach Dubrovnik

{MAP} Stylish, hip, family-friendly and fun, Banje Beach is the most popular Dubrovnik, Croatia beach. Located just outside the eastern Ploce Gate, the beach is easily accessible from the Old Town. (The Banje Dubrovnik Beach, however, is not suitable for wheelchairs or strollers, as the beach is accessed via stairs). The idyllic spot offers incredible views encompassing the Dubrovnik Old Town, Lokrum Island and the crystal clear, blue sea.

Banje Beach Croatia has small pebbles rather than sand (seriously, there are very few sandy beaches in Croatia!) and is split into two sections: public beach and Banje Beach Club. On the public beach, visitors are free to claim their space with beach towels and bring their own drinks. However, if you want to sit in a lounger at the beach club, there is a fee for the chair and you will need to purchase food and beverage from their restaurant.

Banje Beach Club Dubrovnik

The posh Banje Beach Club offers an upscale beach experience with cushy loungers, bamboo beds, on-site massages and classic summer cocktails. The restaurant serves beach food – lunch and dinner with a focus on seafood and local cuisine – while the DJ serves up the beats all day long.

Top Tip: The beach club is one of the top spots for Dubrovnik nightlife, too. After dark, Banje Beach Club transforms into a nightclub where patrons can dance until dawn.


#2 Sulic Beach Dubrovnik

Sulic Beach in Dubrovnik, Croatia

{MAP} Tucked into a deep cove near the Old Town Pile Gate, Sulic Beach is a real gem. Towering cliffs rise on both sides of the narrow inlet; the stoic Fort Lawrence (also known as King’s Landing from Game of Thrones) is on one side and a city parking lot on the other. The beach is pebbly and not that big (but it’s also not as popular as Banje, so there will likely be fewer people). Waves of turquoise water gently roll through the small opening, crashing on the rocky sides until it makes its final surge onto the little beach.

Swimmers can enter the water from the beach or via the paved path along the edge of the water below the cliff. There are two beach bars at Sulic – Ala Mizerija and Dodo Beach Bar Dubrovnik – where beach-goers can grab a bite to eat or sip on a cold drink.

Top Tip: For one of the best views in Dubrovnik, walk to the top of either bluff that rises from the sea at Sulic Beach.

Find out more in our Guide to Dubrovnik Viewpoints!

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#3 Dance Beach Dubrovnik

{MAP} Dance Beach is located west of the Old Town – and it takes about 15-20 minutes to walk there from the Pile Gate. A platform beach, Dance Beach is comprised of both natural rocks and poured concrete. The west-facing beach sits at the outer edge of a charming crescent bay.

The beach has multiple water access points, where swimmers can use a ladder or simply jump into the sea. A small cafe offers drinks, chairs and shade (only open in the summer months).

Top Tip: Most of the bay is covered in natural forest. Follow the road past the small church and find the coastline trails that lead to secluded beaches and picturesque spots along the cove.

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#4 Dubrovnik Walls Public Beach

{MAP} Although we have never found an official name for this Dubrovnik beach, we think it is one of the best places to swim in the city! The water is crystal-clear and deep, making it easy to jump right in the water. Swimming in the Adriatic Sea – below the imposing and iconic Dubrovnik city walls – is an experience unlike any other in the city!

The no-frills beach platform (as in no facilities, except a few basic showers) is located on the outside of the southern Dubrovnik walls, around the corner from the Old Port and St. Ivana Tower. To find this beach, walk to the Old Port and follow the walkway out to the breakwater and lighthouse. Climb over the breakwater wall – there are stairs – and continue walking on the path that hugs the outside of the city walls to the platform.

Top Tip: This swim spot is open to the sea – not in a cove – and many boats pass the outer walls. Be aware of boat wakes when swimming – and especially when using the ladder or stairs to climb out. 


#5 St. Jacob’s Beach Dubrovnik (Sv. Jakov Beach Dubrovnik)

{MAP} The furthest beach from the Old Town, St. Jakov Beach Dubrovnik is one of the most picturesque spots in the city! Located east of the Dubrovnik Old Town, Sv. Jakov Beach is nestled in a cove at the base of a rocky cliff and provides the perfect view of the old walled city in the distance. It’s about a 30-minute walk…but it’s worth the extra effort to get to one of the best beaches in Dubrovnik, Croatia. (The road to the beach appears to end at a church, but just go around the church and you will find the stairs down to the beach.)

Accessed via a steep staircase, the beach is pebbly and rocky – so it’s best to wear water shoes if taking a swim. There is an on-site restaurant that serves cold drinks and beach food (and has a bathroom). Visitors can also rent loungers and umbrellas (for much less than the cost of chairs a Beach Banje!).

Top Tip: From the beach, follow the coastline past the beach bar to an abandoned hotel and more rustic coastline around the corner.


#6 Secret Beach, Dubrovnik

Wave crashing on rocks at secret viewpoint in Dubrovnik, Croatia

{MAP} We have never been able to find a name for the Secret Beach, but it’s one of our favorite secluded spots in the city. The beach is accessed via a staircase, which leads to a paved path (that becomes a dirt path) and eventually leads down to a sea-level platform with ladders. And the views of Dubrovnik Old City are phenomenal!

Not only do we like that we can easily get in the water at this beach, but we also love that we can escape into the shade of trees when it gets too hot. Visitors need to bring their own food and drinks, as there are no services or cafes at the Secret Beach.

Top Tip: The Secret Beach is about two-thirds of the way to St. Jacob’s Beach. The unmarked access is simply a staircase – with green handrails – off Ulica Vlaha Bukovca street. (There is no ‘Private’ sign, so we can only assume that it is one of the Dubrovnik public beaches.)


BONUS: Buza Beach Dubrovnik For Drinks

Buza Bar Beach in Dubrovnik, Croatia

{MAP} The Buza Bar Beach was once a great place to swim on the outside of the city wall. However, on our most recent trip to the city, we noted that the railings and ladders (which are essential for getting out of the water) have been removed. Until they are replaced, we do not recommend swimming here. The rocks are a great spot for sunbathing, though, and sunsets from the Buza Beach Bar are spectacular! (You need to patronize the bar if you sit at a table, otherwise, you are free to sit on the rocks and BYOB.)


The Best Beaches NEAR Dubrovnik

You can’t walk to these beaches from the Dubrovnik Old Town, but they are close to the city center and worth going to if you’re planning a complete Dubrovnik vacation!

Lapad Beach in Dubrovnik, Croatia


Betina Beach Cave, Dubrovnik

{MAP} Only accessible via boat, Betina Beach is located inside a shallow cave along the eastern shoreline. Although it is mainly a pebble beach, there is a small patch of sand beach (finally a sandy Dubrovnik beach!). There are no facilities, but cliff-jumping and snorkeling are possible. The beach cave is a popular stop on Kayak Tours.


Babin Kuk and Lapad Beach Locations

A residential suburb to the north of the Old City, Lapad Bay Dubrovnik is a popular place for Dubrovnik beach holidays away from the crowds. The area boasts numerous hotel and Airbnb accommodations, which offer an affordable alternative to staying in Dubrovnik Old Town.

Uvala Beach Dubrovnik

{MAP} The Uvala Lapad Beach Dubrovnik (also called Sunset Beach) is the main beach in Lapad. The beach is pebble, but there are lounge chairs available for rent. There is a nearby waterpark and playground for kids.

Copacabana Beach Dubrovnik

{MAP} Copacabana Dubrovnik Beach is on the north side of Babin Kuk – and similar to Banje Beach Club (being both posh and pricey). The beach is pebble, but the setting is extraordinary.

Cava Beach Dubrovnik

{MAP} Just west of (and very similar to) Copacabana Beach Club, Cava Beach caters to an upscale crowd…but there is no public space. We heard this was once an FKK beach, but now it is an exclusive club.


Lokrum Beach Options: FKK

{MAP} Lokrum is one of the best islands near Dubrovnik and easy to get to on the local ferry boat. The most popular Lokrum Island beach is the nude beach near the island’s southern tip. It is a rock beach – and non-naturists often end up at the beach, too.

Top Tip: Most nude beaches are in secluded locations, but not this one. Boats carrying camera-toting tourists come pretty close to the beach…and some are not shy about snapping photos of the nudists on the beach.


Dubrovnik Map of Beaches

Use this link to Google Maps for the online version of our Dubrovnik Beach Map.


Dubrovnik Beaches: What You Will Need

Obviously, you will need a swimsuit (well, unless you are heading for Lokrum Island!), but you will want to make sure to have the following items when visiting Dubrovnik beaches. 


Travel Shoes for Croatia

Flip flops are great summer travel shoes for walking to the Dubrovnik beaches on our list (I always pack these flip flops by Reef!). But we recommend wearing water shoes for swimming if you need to wade into the water.


Dubrovnik Beach Towel

Hopefully your accommodations will provide beach towels. However, we recommend packing a lightweight wrap for your trip that can double as a beach towel in case you need one.


Sun Protection in Croatia

The Croatia sun is intense! Remember to apply sunscreen before you head to the beach – and bring it with you to reapply after swimming. It’s also a good idea to wear a wide-brimmed hat to shade your face. You’ll also want a great day pack to carry all your daily essential travel items in!


Waterproof Phone Casing

Whenever we are near the water – be it on beach or boat – we slip our devices into waterproof casing to ensure there is no water damage. We love the cases by Sea to Summit.



The water is so clear in Croatia, which makes for fabulous underwater videos. If a GoPro is out of your budget, consider buying a less-expensive underwater action camera.


Croatia Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is essential on any trip! Check rates and coverage for travel insurance with World Nomads for your trip to Croatia.

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Dubrovnik, Croatia Beach Hotels

We have never stayed in a Dubrovnik Beach Resort, but there are several holiday hotels that come highly-rated by fellow travelers.

Hotel Excelsior

Located close to Ploce Gate, Hotel Excelsior is a five-star hotel with a phenomenal view of the Old Town and direct access to the beach via the hotel spa. (This is also one of the top-rated Dubrovnik hotels with a pool!). Check prices and availability!

Hotel Kompas

Located in Lapad, Hotel Kompas overlooks the sea in Lapad Bay. The hotel features a spa, outdoor swimming pool and is near the beach. Check prices and availability!

Sun Gardens Dubrovnik

Located 11km north of the Old Town, Sun Gardens is a luxury hotel offering panoramic sea views, three outdoor pools and a private beach. Check prices and availability! Whenever we search for hotels, we start our search on!

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We Want To Know: Which is your favorite Dubrovnik Beach? Are there any Dubrovnik beaches you think we should add to our list? Give us your best tips and advice in the comments below! 


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