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10 Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Dubrovnik, Croatia is a must-see city! The historic walled Dubrovnik Old Town is appealingly perched on the Adriatic Sea, earning it the nickname ‘The Pearl of the Adriatic’. The city in its entirety is a ‘sight’ – but many of the top things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia are just steps from the Old Town.

Our complete guide of what to do in Dubrovnik covers the highlights and much more!


Dubrovnik, Croatia: Top Destination

Without a doubt, Dubrovnik is one of the best cities in Croatia to visit. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old Town is simply fascinating. Defensive walls completely encircle the town that features grand architecture along ancient stone streets.

Meanwhile, the surrounding mountains, sea and offshore islands entice visitors to take adventures outside the Dubrovnik city walls.

With the right trip plan, travelers can spend time on top of Mount Srd taking in the stellar views and then swim in the sea at Dubrovnik’s best beaches – and everything in between!


Planning a Trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia

There is more to planning a Dubrovnik trip that figuring out what to do. Travelers also need to decide where to stay and how to get there. In this Dubrovnik travel blog post, we offer tips and advice on everything you need to know.

Travelers visiting the country for the first time might also want to take a look at our Guide to Planning a Croatia Trip where we discuss all the need-to-know details.

Our Croatia Itinerary is also helpful for visitors who are still planning their route through the country, along with our article on general advice for Traveling to Europe.

In order to stay organized as you make your plans, you can use our Printable Travel Planner. With it, you will stay on top of all the necessary details!

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What To Do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Wave crashing on rocks at secret viewpoint in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Travelers who visit Dubrovnik can leisurely take in the sights or create a jam-packed Dubrovnik Itinerary.

As a major destination, there is something for everyone in Dubrovnik, from active exploration to spectacular historic sights. Visitors can kayak to a secret beach at sunset or enjoy a leisurely stroll down the Stradun with an ice cream cone in hand.

In this Dubrovnik guide, we include the top things to see in Dubrovnik, advice on how long to stay and practical tips to help ensure an enjoyable vacation.


Dubrovnik History

Ornately decorated Sponza Palace in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Before visiting Dubrovnik, it helps to have an understanding of the past. We are quickly covering the history of the city and then hopping straight into our list of What To Do Dubrovnik. We feature even more in-depth history of Dubrovnik in our Self-Guided Walking Tour


Early History of the Republic of Ragusa

Evolving from a fishing village, the Republic of Ragusa (Dubrovnik’s original name) was flourishing by the 15th century. Although small, the free state was doing swift business in merchant trade.

The city has long had two great protectors – St. Blaise, the Patron Saint of Dubrovnik (whose statue you will see throughout the Old Town) and the Dubrovnik City Walls.

The Dubrovnik fortifications were built over hundreds of years and were not completed until the 17th century. The Dubrovnik Walls measure 1.2 miles in length and reach a height of 82 feet in some sections.

As protected as the city was, however, Dubrovnik suffered a massive earthquake in 1667 that left significant destruction. Although it was rebuilt – in the style that remains to this day – the earthquake marked the beginning of Dubrovnik’s decline.


Modern History of Dubrovnik

In the early 1800s, the city fell to the French, then came under rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After the First World War, Dubrovnik became part of Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

When Croatia declared its independence from Yugoslavia, a 4-year war erupted (called the Homeland War in Croatia) – and Dubrovnik came under attack. During the bombing of the Dubrovnik Old Town, more than half of the buildings were damaged or destroyed.

Today, the official Dubrovnik population is more than 40,000 – but very few of the citizens live inside the Old City Walls, which now caters mostly to tourists. A popular stop for cruise ships and a top destination for anyone visiting Croatia, the historic city of Dubrovnik is an intriguing place to visit.


10 Top Things To Do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sunrise over Banje Beach in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Our list of Dubrovnik activities includes both ticketed attractions and free things to do in Dubrovnik. We discuss more about the cost of visiting Dubrovnik (along with our best budget tips) at the end of the post.

Save, Pin or Bookmark this Dubrovnik travel blog post so that you can access it while you plan your time in Croatia!


#1 Tour Old Town Dubrovnik

Peering through a hole in the bridge to Old Port in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Exploring the cobblestone lanes and historic attractions in the walled city is an absolute must-do in Dubrovnik! Many of the top Dubrovnik sights are located along the Stradun – the lane that connects the Pile Gate to the Clock Tower. However, there are more Dubrovnik attractions to discover beyond the main thoroughfare.


Must See Dubrovnik Old Town Sights

The famous Stradun and Bell Tower in Dubrovnik, Croatia

While aimlessly rambling through the Old City is one of the best Dubrovnik things to do, visitors won’t want to miss the top sights.

The Pile Gate, Stradun, Big Onofrio Fountain and Clock Tower are top Dubrovnik sightseeing stops in the heart of the Old City. Visitors should also step inside the Dubrovnik Cathedral – as well as some of the other churches and monasteries.

Of course, the ancient walls of Dubrovnik can’t be missed and we highlight the best way to experience them next on our list.

Croatia flag and beautiful architecture in Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia

In order to see the top attractions, visitors can join a Dubrovnik tourist guide on a highly-rated walking tour of the city. Check out the reviews for this top-rated Dubrovnik tour.

Travelers who would rather explore on their own can use our step-by-step Free Self-Guided Dubrovnik Walking Tour. In addition to listing what to visit in Dubrovnik, we include a bit of history, fun facts, walking directions and a useful Dubrovnik tourist map.


#2 Walk the Dubrovnik Walls

Dubrovnik Wall Views from on top, Croatia

The city walls are a Dubrovnik must-see – and they are impossible to miss! However, the real excitement about the walls is walking on top of them. In fact, walking the walls is consistently rated as the top thing to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The protective walls that encircle the Old Town provide vantage points over the orange tiled rooftops, down the Stradun and out to the Adriatic Sea. A highlight of the Dubrovnik Walls Walk is climbing up Minceta Tower for unparalleled views. The unique perspective is a super way to get acquainted with the area – and one of our recommended scenic Dubrovnik Viewpoints


Dubrovnik Walls Walk Details

Must-Do-Dubrovnik, Walking Dubrovnik Walls, Croatia

We think Walking the Dubrovnik Walls is an essential sightseeing activity, but there are a few things you need to know before setting out.

Tickets are required to walk the walls in Dubrovnik. Due to its popularity and limited space, tickets are pricey, so you will want to make sure you get the most out of the experience.

The total length of the walls is 1.2 miles (so wear comfy travel shoes). Guests should allow 1-2 hours to complete their Dubrovnik wall walk.

View of Franciscan Church from city walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Bring plenty of water, maybe a few snacks and a good camera. Also, don’t forget your sunglasses or wide brimmed hat – and put on sunscreen, too.

We recommend doing the Dubrovnik Wall Walk early in the morning, when there are fewer crowds and cooler temperatures.

The Dubrovnik Walls Ticket also includes entry to Fort Lovrijenac – and we highly recommend taking the time to check it out. The Lovrijenac Fortress is also a stop on most Game of Thrones walking tours (which we detail later in the post).

Guests can visit on their own (buy your ticket in advance) or join a guided tour (get the details).


#3 Swim at the Best Dubrovnik Beaches

Blue water and rocks in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Travelers visiting in the hot summer months – will definitely want to put beaches on their Dubrovnik to do list!

The best way to cool off after a long day of Dubrovnik sightseeing is to take a swim in the refreshing and crystal-clear Adriatic Sea. Visitors don’t have to go far; there are several beaches just steps from the Dubrovnik Old Town.


Beaches and Swimming in Dubrovnik

Sveti Jakov Beach in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Rather than sand, the beaches in Dubrovnik are pebble or rocky platforms (which are perfect for jumping right in). Some Dubrovnik beaches have on-site cafes, while others are tucked away in secluded coves.

In fact, one of the cool things to do in Dubrovnik Old Town is to swim right outside the city walls. To find this beach, walk toward the lighthouse in the Old Harbor – and continue along the outer wall to the concrete platform with steps and ladders to get in (and out) of the water.

Banje Beach Club in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Read our complete guide to Dubrovnik Beaches for all the details – then grab your towel and find an ideal spot along the Adriatic coastline! 


#4 Go to the Top of Mt Srd, Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Cable Car to Mt. Srd, Dubrovnik, Croatia JetSettingFools.com

Dubrovnik is nestled at the base of Mount Srd, a craggy mountain that has long offered the city protection. One of the Dubrovnik top things to do is ascend Mt Srd for the sweeping 360-degree views.

The views, however, are not the only Dubrovnik attraction on the hilltop. At the top of Mt. Srd, visitors will also find a historic fortress, a war museum inside Fort Imperial detailing the Croatian War for Independence and the landmark stone cross.

The Dubrovnik viewpoint restaurant, Panorama, offers an exceptional mountaintop dining experience (but is also open for guests who just want to enjoy a cocktail with a view!).


Getting to the Top of Mount Srd

Hiking trail on Mount Srd in Dubrovnik, Croatia

There are four convenient ways to get to the top of Mount Srd – and which one you choose will depend on your budget and energy level.

The Dubrovnik Cable Car is the most popular way to ascend to the top of the mountain, but the ticket price is a bit steep for budget travelers.

Switchback trail on Mount Srd with Adriatic Sea Views in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Alternatively, adventurous Dubrovnik visitors can trek up a zig-zagging hiking trail, catch a ride on the local bus or join an organized tour.

We detail all the specifics in our complete guide on How To Visit Mount Srd.


#5 Watch Sunset from a Dubrovnik Cliff Bar (Buza Bar)

Sunset from Buza Bar in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sipping a drink while watching the sunset over the Adriatic Sea is one of the top things to do Dubrovnik…and the Buza Bar is the best place to do it.

The Buza Bar (and nearby Mala Buza) is an outdoor café on the rocky cliffs outside of the Dubrovnik Walls. The bars are accessed via a small, narrow passageway, called a Buza. The Buza Bar (Map) provides an extraordinary and memorable setting for watching the sunset in Dubrovnik.


Buza Bar Tips

Hole in the Wall entrance to Buza Bar in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The rocky cliffs along the southern portion of the Dubrovnik city wall is the perfect spot for sunset – but the unique spot is incredibly popular, so you need to grab a seat early.

The bar’s epic location comes with a few downsides; if you are prepared, however, it won’t spoil the fun. First, there is no toilet. Second, they don’t sell coffee or draft beer. Third, they don’t accept credit cards – so be sure to bring cash.

Looking down to the Buza Bar in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Speaking of cash, budget travelers beware: The drinks at the Buza Bar are possibly the most expensive in all of Croatia (about $7 USD for a small bottle of mass-produced beer). Read our guide to Dubrovnik on a Budget for our tips on how to enjoy a budget sunset!


#6 Go Croatian Island Hopping from Dubrovnik

Almissa Bow View while sailing from Dubrovnik, Croatia on Adriatic Sea Cruise

Dubrovnik’s seaside location makes it the perfect jumping off point for Croatian Island exploration! Spending a day on an island is one of the best things to do near Dubrovnik.

Regular ferry service and organized boat tours transport passengers to the nearby islands of Lokrum, Lopud, Mljet and Korcula. The closest islands are ideal for a quick day trip from Dubrovnik, while the ones further away are great overnight stops on the way to your next destination in Croatia.


Lokrum Island

View of Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Located south of the Dubrovnik Old Town, Lokrum Island has rocky beaches (including a nude beach and nature parks with wild peacocks and heaps of rabbits. Boats to Lokrum depart from the Old Town Harbor and the journey takes about 15 minutes.


Lopud Island

One of the Elaphiti Islands (also spelled Elafiti Islands), Lopud features sandy beaches and a smattering of medieval structures. Jadrolinija ferries depart for Lopud from the Gruz Harbor and take about 45 minutes or travelers can join a fun full day tour that includes visiting 3 islands, swimming, snorkeling and lunch.



St. Mary's Island Monastery in Great Lake in Mljet NP, Croatia

Home to the Mljet National Park, Mljet Island remains a relatively untouched part of Croatia. On the island there are two saltwater lakes and a historic Benedictine monastery. Fast Krilo catamarans depart for Mljet from the Gruz Harbor and take about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Alternatively, guests can hop on a boat tour that includes both Mljet and the Elaphiti Islands.



Water views of lovely Korcula Town, Croatia

One of Croatia’s most famous islands, Korcula Island is known for its secluded beaches, small villages, local vineyards and the historic Korcula Town.

Both Jadrolinija and Krilo catamarans depart from the Gruz Harbor to the island of Korcula and take about 2 hours. Read our detailed post on what to do on Korcula Island!

Pro Tip: Adriatic Sea Cruises are the best way to visit multiple islands in Croatia! Get complete details in our Croatia Island Hopping cruise review.


#7 Go Hiking in Lapad, Dubrovnik

Lapad Bay in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Just north of the Dubrovnik Old Town is the suburb of Lapad. The peninsula has deep coves, secluded beaches and forested hills.

Greben Lighthouse near Lapad in Dubrovnik, Croatia

While sunbathers head to Lapad for the beaches, we like to go for the scenic Dubrovnik hikes. Coastal trails follow the shoreline north around Babin Kuk and south through Forest Park Velika and Mala Petka to incredible viewpoints. 


#8 Join Dubrovnik Sightseeing Tours

Dubrovnik, Croatia viewpoints, Game of Thrones

Visitors who want to tour Dubrovnik with a guide have plenty of options! From themed Game of Thrones tours to combo attractions tours, guests can discover the best of Dubrovnik with a local guide. We are highlighting a few of the most popular tours, but you can also use our Guide to the Best Dubrovnik Day Trips for even more options. 


Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Tour

Fort Lovrijenac, also known as Game of Thrones' King's Landing, in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Seeking out the film locations of the popular Game of Thrones television series is one of the fun things to do in Dubrovnik.

A highly-rated GOT Dubrovnik tour follows the footsteps of the characters in King’s Landing while dishing on behind-the-scene filming stories. The tour visits multiple Game of Thrones filming locations – including the Red Keep and the iconic Walk of Shame. Read the Reviews of this Game of Thornes walking tour!


Kayak Tour Dubrovnik

Kayaks, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Active travelers wondering what to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia should consider joining a kayaking tour. Set off in the Adriatic Sea for a unique vantage point of the Old Town and paddle to a secluded beach cave. Check the price!


Dubrovnik Food and Wine Tour

Local meat and cheese platter with homegrown tomatoes in Split, Croatia

A Dubrovnik trip is not complete without getting a taste of the local fare (we highlight some of the best restaurants in Dubrovnik next)! Sample traditional Croatian food and wine at local family-run restaurants on a Dubrovnik food tour. Find out what’s included


Mostar and Kravice Waterfalls Tour

Old Bridge and Neretva River from Koski Mehmet-Pasha Mosque in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

One of the most interesting day trips from Dubrovnik is to the neighboring country of Bosnia Herzegovina. The full day trip includes visiting the stunning city of Mostar (and the famous Stari Most Bridge), as well as the picturesque Kravice Waterfalls. Get the details!


#9 Eat at Incredible Dubrovnik Restaurants

Three men eating ice cream in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatian fare is delicious! The restaurants in Dubrovnik serve classics, like Balkan meat platters and local seafood specialties. We are highlighting a few of the best places to eat in Dubrovnik (and eating gelato in Dubrovnik is always a good idea during the summer season!).


Taj Mahal Old Town

An upscale Bosnian restaurant specializing in traditional Balkan meats, like meat platters, cevapi and burek. The establishment is tucked down an alleyway, the portions are large and place is simply charming!



One of the Michelin Guide mentioned restaurants, Nautika is an elegant eatery just outside the Pile Gate on the Dubrovnik West Harbour. The dishes are inventive and well presented, creating a unique dining experience.

Other restaurants in the Nautika family are Panorama (at the top of Mount Srd), Dubravka 1836 (which offers similar dishes but at a more affordable price) and Gradska Kavana Arsenal.

However, diners who want to eat at a Michelin Star Restaurant in Dubrovnik need to go to Restaurant 360, which is currently the only restaurant in the city to have a coveted Michelin Star.


Lucin Kantun Dubrovnik

Classic Croatian dishes with a modern flare, Lucin Kantun sits just slightly off the beaten track. Top recommended dishes are the Octopus Salad, Black Risotto and Tuna Steak. The restaurant does not take reservations, so get there early!

Just around the corner are two of our favorite bars in the city: Glam Craft Beer Bar and D’Vino Wine Bar. Either one is good for a pre- or post-dinner drink.



A small restaurant in Dubrovnik serving fun seafood dishes (try the Octopus Burger!) for reasonable prices. Better yet, pair it with a Barba Pale Ale – one of our favorite Croatian craft beers!

Pro Tip: Also visiting Split, Croatia? Have a look at our tips for the Best Split Restaurants.


#10 Spend Time at a Dubrovnik Museum

Old Port, Dubrovnik Porat, Croatia

There are several museums in Dubrovnik, both in the Old Town and outside the city center. Visiting the museums is one of the fun things to do in Dubrovnik when it rains…or when it’s simply too hot to be outside. We are highlighting a few of the best Dubrovnik museums.


Red History Museum

Without a doubt, one of the unique things to do in Dubrovnik is to dive into the history of Yugoslavia at the Red History Museum.

Located near the Gruz Port, the small museum is filled with interactive displays, interesting facts, personal photos and fascinating details of what it was like to live in Yugoslavia. Don’t miss the café, where you can enjoy a classic Yugoslav drink – Cockta – while listening to tunes from the era.


War Photo Limited Museum

The End of Yugoslavia is the permanent exhibition at the War Photo Limited Museum – and it allows visitors a peek into the wars that broke up the country. We recommend using the provided booklet to best understand the poignant pictures.



The Museum of Modern Art in Dubrovnik is housed in a historic palace outside the Ploce Gate (near Banje Beach). The gallery exhibits include paintings, sculptures and modern artworks by Croatian artists. Don’t miss the art on the outdoor terrace!


Love Stories Museum

Visiting the Love Stories Museum is one of the interesting things to do in Dubrovnik. Similar to the Museum of Broken Relationships in the capital city of Zagreb, the Love Stories Museum features personal stories of love and accompanying mementoes from people around the world.


Dubrovnik Museum of Selfies and Memories

A quirky little museum specifically designed for photo ops, the Museum of Selfies features fun photo backdrops for an interactive experience. A place to play, laugh and take funny pictures, the museum is a good choice for things to do in Dubrovnik with kids, especially teenagers.

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Map of Dubrovnik, Croatia Things To Do

Use this link to Google Maps for an interactive version of our Things To Do in Dubrovnik Map. 

Things To Do in Dubrovnik, Croatia Map by JetSettingFools.com


How Long To Stay in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Stairs to Dominican Church in Dubrovnik, Croatia

While the city ranks as Croatia’s top destination, we think two days in Dubrovnik is enough time to see the highlights. Visitors with even less time can still fit in the top things to see in Dubrovnik in one day. Below we outline what to do in Dubrovnik in a day…or two!


Dubrovnik Itinerary

We are outlining a quick 2-Day Dubrovnik Itinerary for visitors who are short on time, but want to make the most of their visit.


One Day in Dubrovnik

If you are planning what to see in Dubrovnik in one day, we recommend limiting your activities to the absolute best things to see in Dubrovnik. Start the day by Walking the Walls (buy a ticket in advance!), then tour the Old Town (using our Self-Guided Dubrovnik Walking Tour).

Take a mid-day excursion – either hop on a boat to Lokrum Island, join the Kayak Tour, go to Lapad for a hike or visit a museum. In the late afternoon, sample the local fare on a food tour.


2 Days in Dubrovnik

If you have two days to visit Dubrovnik, Croatia, follow our above outline for Day 1, then on Day 2 start your exploration by soaring to the top of Mount Srd (use our Mt. Srd Guide!).

Head to a Dubrovnik Beach in the afternoon and watch the sunset from the Buza Bar. Eat dinner at an Old Town restaurant and end your day with a craft beer at Glam or a glass of local wine at D’Vino.


Best Time to Visit Dubrovnik

Ploce Gate, Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia

Determining the best time to go to Dubrovnik will depend on your interests, your comfort with crowds and heat and your budget. Truly, there are pros and cons to visiting in every season – so it all depends on what is best for your trip!


Summertime Trips to Dubrovnik

The summer is, far and away, the most popular time to visit Dubrovnik. Visitors can enjoy the beaches and boat tours along the Dalmatian Coast – as the sun will almost certainly be shining.

Summer marks the height of the busy season, so everything – from shops to restaurants to hotels to tours – will be open and ready for the onslaught of visitors.

The downside is that Dubrovnik in the summer is hot, crowded and expensive. The best hotels in Dubrovnik are booked far in advance and it can also be difficult to get into some of the city’s best restaurants.

Pro Tip: Check the Dubrovnik Cruise Ship Schedule for the dates of your visit, so you can be better prepared for the crowds!


Autumn Visit to Dubrovnik

The fall is a great time to visit Dubrovnik! Most hotels, restaurants and shops stay open until at least October – many remain open into November. The weather is slightly cooler and there are fewer crowds.

However, as autumn becomes a more popular time to take a vacation to Dubrovnik, there will certainly still be plenty of fellow tourists and prices may stay rather high.


Dubrovnik in Winter

Winter is the off season – and it can be eerily quiet. The town practically shuts down, with only a few restaurants and bars remaining open. The Dubrovnik Old Town is practically void of tourists…and locals, too.

However, during the wintertime, prices at hotels, restaurants and cafes that are open hit rock bottom. While the Dubrovnik weather can get brisk in the winter – along with storms and wind – there is usually plenty of sunshine as well.


Spring Dubrovnik Trips

Spring can be a good time for a trip to Dubrovnik. Places to stay and restaurants slowly open (beginning around Easter) – and prices tend to stay low as tourists slowly trickle back in.

The weather can be hit or miss, but it usually warms up quickly (but perhaps not to a temperature that is warm enough for a swim in the still very frigid Adriatic Sea).

Springtime is also the busy time for renovations – as everyone tries to finish projects before the coming summer season…and it can be noisy.


Dubrovnik Travel Tips

Porat Dubrovnik, The Old Port, Croatia

We outlined what to do in Dubrovnik Old Town and beyond, but we have a few more tips for when you travel to Dubrovnik, Croatia!


Dubrovnik Nightlife

The Old City of Dubrovnik may be known for its historic sites, but it also has a fun nightlife scene.

If you want to check out what is brewing in Dubrovnik and Croatia, there are a few spots for tasty craft beers in Dubrovnik. We already mentioned Glam Cafe in the Old Town – as it is one of the best places in the city to try beers from multiple breweries.

At the Dubrovnik Beer Co, however, they are brewing their own beer and it’s delicious! Situated in Gruz, the industrial taproom often has live music and a food truck on site.

Wine lovers should check out D’Vino (in the Old Town, across from Glam), where they offer an extensive list of local wines. The Skar Winery – with locations in Gruz and the Old Town – is another fun spot to try locally produced wine.

Visitors who want to dance the night away in a club should check out Culture Club Revelin or Banje Beach Night Club.


Dubrovnik Shopping

There are numerous stores and boutique shops to pick up Dubrovnik souvenirs. That said, our top recommended spot is the Gunduliceva Poljana Market (Map).

Located in the Old Town of Dubrovnik, the vendors at the market offer local products for sale. Some of the most popular gift items include lavender, honey and olive oil. The market is also a great spot to pick up items for a picnic lunch.


Weather for Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has a Mediterranean climate and boasts more than 250 days of sunshine every year. July is the hottest and driest (and most crowded) month, while January is the coolest (and quietest) and November is the wettest.

The Dubrovnik temperature ranges from the mid-50s in the winter to the 90s in the summer. Check the Dubrovnik weather forecast for your trip on AccuWeather.


Dubrovnik Prices

The incredible popularity of Dubrovnik has driven up prices…especially in the summer months. Visitors can expect to pay more for lodging, dining and activities in Dubrovnik than in any other Croatian city.

In our opinion, Dubrovnik prices are on par with other top European destinations like Paris, London and Amsterdam. Looking to save money? Be sure to read our Dubrovnik on a Budget post for money saving tips!


Croatian Currency

As of January 2023 the Dubrovnik, Croatia currency is the Euro!


Set Expectations for your Dubrovnik Trip

Dubrovnik is a highlight of Croatia – but only if you set your expectations properly.

The city gets crowded – really crowded – especially in the summertime when multiple cruise ships are in port. Dubrovnik authorities are now attempting to regulate the number of visitors to ease the overwhelming crowds, but expect there to be people and possibly lines everywhere you go if you visit in summer.

Dubrovnik gets hot – really hot – in the summertime. Plan your Old Town activities for the mornings and evenings, when it is slightly cooler. Go for a swim in the sea or head inside to a museum during the hot afternoons.

In Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik is King’s Landing. However, visitors who expect it to look exactly like it did in the show will be sorely disappointed.

Set your expectations properly, pack your patience and kindness and you will have a great time in Dubrovnik!


How To Get to Dubrovnik, Croatia

View across the port at some Dubrovnik Buildings, Croatia

Getting to Dubrovnik, Croatia is fairly easy in the summer. Dubrovnik can be reached by plane, bus, boat or car.

Flights to Dubrovnik land at the International Dubrovnik Airport (DBV). Nearly all routes are seasonal (NYC, London, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt) and there are very few flights during the winter months (typically just to Zagreb).

Search for the best flight deals to Dubrovnik on SkyScanner.

Other Croatian destinations are well-connected with a network of public buses and catamarans. In fact, visitors can travel from Split to Dubrovnik using either the bus or ferry.

We search for bus routes on Bus Croatia (but highly recommend confirming routes and times at the Dubrovnik bus station). For ferries and catamarans, we use both Jadrolinija and Krilo.

Travelers arriving in Dubrovnik via bus or boat will disembark in Gruz, which is about 3.5 km (2 miles) from the Old Town. Visitors can take a taxi or Uber from there – or hop on the cheap Dubrovnik bus.

We personally prefer not to drive in foreign countries, but travelers who like to drive can rent a car. A car rental may save time and money – especially if traveling in a group. Read all our tips for Getting the Best Car Rental Rates.


How to Get Around Dubrovnik

Getting around Dubrovnik is fairly straight-forward. The historic Old Town is pedestrian only – and it’s rather small, so visitors can typically get from one end to the other with ease.

The one caveat is that there are stairs in Dubrovnik…a lot of them. While the Stradun from the Pile Gate to the Ploce Gate is mostly flat, steep stairs rise up on both sides. To explore the narrow lanes (and to get to some recommended restaurants and accommodations), travelers will need to climb stairs.


Dubrovnik City Bus

There is a local bus in Dubrovnik for visitors not staying in the center. Dubrovnik bus tickets can be purchased directly from the driver, but they are cheaper from a kiosk (Tisak). All Day Tickets are also available if you are planning a full day of Dubrovnik sightseeing.


The Best Place to Stay in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Looking over the rooftops in Dubrovnik, Croatia

On our trips to Dubrovnik, we have stayed in the Old Town in hotels and vacation rentals. We have also stayed outside the walls, in Lapad, Ploce and in Gruz.

We think the Old Town is the best area to stay in Dubrovnik – especially for short trips. Hotels in Dubrovnik Old Town tend to be fairly expensive with few options, but there is an abundance of vacation apartments to choose from that are usually a little more affordable.


Dubrovnik Hotels

We are featuring a few of the top picks for the best hotels in Dubrovnik – including one in the Old Town, one just outside the Pile Gate and one in Lapad.

Start your search for places to stay on Booking.com – but first, read our tips on Booking the Best Hotels for the Best Price


The Pucic Palace

A 5-star hotel situated in an 18th century stone palace just steps from the Stradun, the Pucic Hotel in Dubrovnik gets rave reviews for its prime Old Town location. The hotel features elegant rooms, a delicious breakfast and superb service. Check Rates and Availability!


Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik

The Hilton in Dubrovnik is an exceptional property housed in a historic building just outside the Pile Gate. Top features of the hotel are the indoor pool, spa services and on site restaurant (with terrace seating). Check rates for your stay!


Rixos Premium Dubrovnik

Perhaps the poshest hotel in the city, Rixos Dubrovnik is located on the beachfront in Lapad. The chic 5-star hotel boasts sea views, modern amenities, a Turkish bath, outdoor pool and a seafood restaurant. Check availability!


Dubrovnik Vacation Rentals

When staying in holiday apartments in Dubrovnik, we recommend starting your search on Airbnb or Booking.com – both of which are great resources for Dubrovnik accommodations.


What To Pack for your Trip to Croatia

Old Town Alley in historic Dubrovnik, Croatia

Now that you are ready to tackle your Dubrovnik to-do list, it’s time to pack for your trip! We are sharing a few must-have items, but you can find all of our advice on our Packing Tips page. You can also grab your Free Packing Checklist!


Dubrovnik Guidebook

In this post, we have outlined the best things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia – but it’s always a good idea to have a guidebook, too! On our first trip to Croatia, we used Rick Steves’ Dubrovnik guidebook


Travel Camera for Croatia

The best things to see in Dubrovnik, Croatia are stunningly beautiful! We recommend capturing the magic of the sights with an actual camera (rather than using your phone). We use a Canon Rebel with an 18-135mm lens, which takes high quality photos, is easy to use and ranks as one of the best budget cameras for travelers.


Walking Shoes

The entire Dubrovnik Old Town is a pedestrian-only zone…which means you have to walk to see the sights. Make sure to pack a pair of good travel shoes; I like these lightweight Columbia shoes and Kris prefers wearing Merrell shoes.


Day Pack

Whether you travel with a backpack or a suitcase, you will want to be sure to have a wonderful day bag for your daily Dubrovnik adventures. It’s best to have a zippered bag where you can order to organize and secure all of your essentials – like your wallet, keys, camera and other everyday travel items!


Croatia Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may protect against flight delays, lost baggage, overseas injuries and unfortunate illnesses. You can choose to get a quote for travel insurance from World Nomads.


Start planning your trip to Croatia! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


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  1. Dubrovnik looks absolutely incredible! It’s definitely on our list for a future trip to Europe, though I would aim to try and visit in a shoulder season where hopefully it wouldn’t be so crowded! Thanks for putting together this post, will definitely come back to it whenever we make it out there!

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