Best Things To Do in Windsor, England, UK

15 Best Things To Do in Windsor, UK

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Windsor, UK is an excellent destination for day trips and weekend getaways. The famous Royal Windsor Castle entices visitors to make the trip and the charming town that surrounds the castle encourages guests to linger a little bit longer. Travelers who want to experience the best of the area can use our guide to the top things to do in Windsor UK.

Our list of what to do in Windsor features the must-see sights, fun activities and favorite pubs. Plus, we share need-to-know details that will make your Windsor trip planning process as simple as possible.


Top Things To Do in Windsor UK FAQs

Before we jump into our list of Fun Things To Do in Windsor, England, we want to cover a few of the most frequently asked questions.


Where is Windsor Castle and the Town of Windsor?

Many travelers wonder, Is Windsor in London? – and, unfortunately, it’s not. That said, Windsor is not far from London and easy to reach by car, coach, train or bus.

If you use the train (and we recommend that you do!), there are two Windsor train stations. That said, both are right in the heart of the town – and the top Things To Do in Windsor, England are just steps away from either.

There is no need to worry about how to get to Windsor Town Centre. Just like getting to Windsor from London, getting around Windsor is fairly simple and straight forward. From either Windsor train station to Windsor Castle and the city center, it is just about a 5-minute walk.

To help fellow travelers plan 1 Day in Windsor using the train, we provide more detailed info about how to get to Windsor from London at the end of the article.

Additionally, we share a map marked with the top Windsor things to do to help you find your way once in town.


Why Visit Windsor?

There are so many great reasons to visit Windsor, England – from the famous royal residence, aptly called Windsor Castle, to the burial place of the late Queen Elizabeth II to the utterly charming and historic town lanes.

In our list, we detail what to do in Windsor, UK to experience the best of this stunning destination.


Should I Plan My Own Windsor Activities or Take a Tour?

Windsor visitors traveling from London often wonder if it is best to plan their own day trip or join a guided tour. We think there are pros and cons to both.

On a tour, visitors don’t have to worry about the logistics of how to get there or where to buy tickets. However, most tours only allow a couple of hours in the town, so you may not have time to enjoy all of the best Windsor attractions.

On the other hand, visitors who plan their own day trip to Windsor can freely determine what to see and when to linger based on their personal interests. Although planning your own Windsor trip does require a little effort, we share travel tips that will make it easy.

If you determine that joining a tour will work better for you, we list some of the best Windsor tours later in the post.


Are There Things To Do in the Town of Windsor, England besides Windsor Castle?

The royal castle in Windsor draws tourists from around the world, but there are many fun things to do in Windsor UK in addition to visiting the castle.

Most of the top Windsor attractions are located within the historic center, but there are plenty of things to do near Windsor, too.

Our Things To Do Windsor list features the best things to see in Windsor Castle, as well area attractions.


Should I Buy Tickets in Advance to Visit Windsor Castle?

Yes! As visiting the castle is one of the top Windsor, UK things to do, it is wise to buy your tickets in advance. We discuss tickets in more detail later in the article.


Are There Things To Do in Windsor with Kids?

Of course! There are many wonderful things to do in Windsor for families. While our list is not specifically designed around kid-friendly attractions, we feature many of the top things to do with family in Windsor UK and nearby. 


Are There Free Things To Do in Windsor, UK?

Yes, there are some Windsor things to do for free, but the main attraction in Windsor – the castle – requires a ticket…and the price is a bit steep.

That said, our list features several things to do in Windsor for free. Budget-conscious travelers trying to plan a low-cost trip can use our tips to plan an affordable adventure.

Best Things To Do Windsor England, UK


Planning a Trip of Fun Things To Do in Windsor, England

Planning a day trip to Windsor is fairly simple, but it does require some organization and attention to detail. Our list outlines the best Windsor things to do – most of which can be visited in a single day – along with essential day trip tips.

Windsor also makes a great base for travelers who want to really soak up the charm of the town and explore nearby regions. We share advice on where to stay and the best things to do near Windsor, too.

If you are planning a day trip to see Windsor Castle as part of a bigger trip to London, we have heaps of travel advice that you might find useful. Traveling from overseas? Start with our tips for Planning a Trip to Europe. For specific advice about London, use our following guides:

As you begin to make your trip plans, you will want to make sure you stay on top of all the details. We recommend using a travel planner – like our Printable Travel Planner – in order to stay organized throughout your trip planning process!

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View of the Castle, Victoria Statue, Windsor, ENG, UK

Now that we have covered the basics, it’s time to dive into our list of the Best Things To Do Windsor, UK! Our list features things to see at Windsor Castle, sights in Downtown Windsor and top attractions in the region.


#1 Wander through Windsor Castle

The Grounds of Windsor Castle, England, UK

Without a doubt, the castle is a Windsor must see sight! Windsor Castle has a history that stretches back to the 11th century – and has been the home of kings, queens, princes and princesses for nearly 1,000 years. In fact, the castle is one of the oldest and largest lived in castle residences in the world – and currently holds the rank as the longest occupied royal palace in Europe.

In addition to royals residing at the castle, the palatial home is also used to host ceremonies, house treasures of the Royal Collection and entertain a steady stream of curious visitors.


Top Things To Do at Windsor Castle at Windsor, England

Exterior of the Castle, Windsor, England, UK

Visitors who enter the expansive castle grounds will find that there are many things to do in Windsor Castle. We are highlighting a few of the top Windsor Castle things to see so that you can best plan your visit.


State Apartments and Ceremonial Rooms

One of the top things to see in Windsor Castle is, in fact, the inside of Windsor Castle. Visitors are invited to stroll through the glittering rooms that are – quite literally – fit for a king.

The Grand Reception Room (decorated with real gold and shimmering chandeliers) and the Crimson Drawing Room (completely furnished in red and gold) are two of the most lavishly decorated rooms.


Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House

An elaborate doll house designed in the 1920s, Queen Mary’s Doll House is a fascinating exhibit inside the castle. The miniature house was built to include electricity, running water and working elevators. It is even said that bottles in the cellar contain real wine.

Visitors can peer into each room and marvel at the fascinating details – like the small beds, tiny books and mini artwork that hangs on the walls.


Artwork from the Royal Collection

For centuries, the Royal Family has amassed a phenomenal collection of artwork – from paintings to ceramics to sculptures. Many of the works are on display inside Windsor Castle, including a famous Anthony Van Dyck painting, the Triple Portrait of King Charles I.


St. George’s Chapel

Famous entrance to St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, UK, England

The St. George Windsor Chapel in Windsor, UK is a highlight for many visitors! The medieval chapel, which still has regular services, was established in the 14th century. St. George’s has hosted numerous royal weddings (it’s where Prince Harry and Meghan got hitched) and also serves as a place of burial for many in the Royal Family – including Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Exterior of St. George’s Chapel, Windsor, UK

In addition to viewing the grave of the late Queen, visitors are also permitted to walk through the exquisite Choir, which is marked by banners, plaques and crests of the Knights of the Garter.


Windsor Castle Grounds

View of the Grounds of Windsor Castle, UK

Walking the grounds is one of the best things to do in Windsor Castle – as visitors can gaze at the Georgian, Victorian and Gothic architecture. The Round Tower and Motte, which mark the oldest part of the castle, sit at the center of the grounds.


Changing of the Guard

Must see the Changing of the Guard, Windsor, UK

On certain days of the week, Windsor Castle visitors can watch the celebrated Changing of the Guard. The flashy spectacle features ornamented soldiers ceremoniously parading the grounds to the beat of drums.


Windsor Castle Sightseeing Tickets

Tickets are required to enter Windsor Castle – and we recommend purchasing your tickets in advance

Tickets include access to all of the above-mentioned Windsor Castle things to do – plus the use of an informational audio guide. Before making plans for a day trip from London to Windsor, check the castle opening times and access to sights – as they vary by day of the week.


#2 Take a Stroll on The Long Walk 

View along the Long Walk, Windsor, UK

One of the favorite activities in Windsor, UK – for visitors and locals, alike – is strolling along The Long Walk in Windsor Great Park. The picturesque path provides one of the best (and most recognizable) castle views in Windsor.

Visitors can freely access the 2.5-mile pedestrian pathway on the south side of Windsor Castle at Cambridge Gate. There is no ticket required, which makes it one of the best free things to do near Windsor Castle.

 The Long Walk is lined with a variety of trees, including oak, horse chestnut and London plane – which are particularly beautiful in the autumn season. At the far end of The Long Walk is Snow Hill and a giant statue of King George III, nicknamed the Copper Horse.


#3 Spend a Sunny Day at Windsor Great Park

The Long Walk towards Windsor Great Park, Windsor, UK

The 5,000-acre Great Park is one the best Windsor places to go for a full dose of nature and a breath of fresh air. Originating as the castle hunting grounds in the 13th century, the park landscape features open meadows, dense forests and planned gardens.

In addition to The Long Walk, other top things to do in Windsor Great Park are searching for red deer, trekking the trails and enjoying a picnic lunch in the beautiful outdoors.  

The south end of the park, which is best accessed by vehicle, is home to some of the best things to do outside in Windsor. Visitors can walk around Virginia Water Lake, see the Cumberland Obelisk or visit the stunningly beautiful Savill Garden.

While most of the park is free to roam, the 35-acre Savill Garden requires a ticket to enter.


#4 Walk the Historic Windsor Streets

Wander Historic Windsor Streets, England, UK

One of the fun things to do in Downtown Windsor is to walk along the historic, cobblestone streets that sit at the southwest corner of the castle grounds (just south of the Queen Victoria Statue). Church Street and Market Street run parallel – and both are lined with restaurants, pubs and shops in a quaint, old-time atmosphere.

People on the Streets of historic Windsor, UK, England

A few of the fun places to stop for a pint are The Queen Charlotte, The Carpenters Arms and The Prince Harry. Visitors who would like to enjoy traditional afternoon tea should stop by the Clarence Brasserie and Tea Room for scones and finger sandwiches (and eat al fresco with a view of the castle down the lane).


#5 Pay Respects at the Soldiers Statue of Windsor

View of the Soldiers Statue of Windsor, UK

Located at the intersection of Sheet and Park Streets, the Soldier’s Statue – or the Irish Guardsman Statue – is a modern 6-foot-tall bronze memorial that stands to honor the Irish Guard of the past, present and future.

It is one of the quiet and peaceful places to visit near Windsor Castle.


#6 See The Windsor Lady and Her Corgis at Bachelor’s Acre

The Windsor Lady (The Queen and her Corgis), Bachelor’s Acre, Windsor, UK

The spacious, green Bachelor’s Acre is a favorite local park in Windsor. Families flock to the park for the playground and dog walkers enjoy the open lawns – but everyone loves the statue dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II and her corgi dogs.

Queen Elizabeth II was known for having a fondness for dogs, particularly corgis. It is said that during her reign, she owned more than 30 corgis.

The Queen Elizabeth II Corgi Statue at Bachelor’s Acre features the queen wearing a handkerchief with one corgi in her lap, while five others play around her.


#7 Gaze at the Windsor Guildhall

Exterior view of the Windsor Guildhall, UK

The Guildhall is one of the interesting tourist attractions near Windsor Castle. The building was designed in the late 1600s to house the Windsor Town Council in the upstairs chambers and the corn market in the cellar.

Although the Guildhall in Windsor no longer houses either the council or a market, it does currently play host to the Windsor and Royal Borough Museum. The small one-room museum features an array of ancient artifacts and historic exhibits. Plus, it offers free entry, which is great for visitors looking for cheap things to do in Windsor.

Another current function of the Guildhall is hosting events and ceremonies. In fact, the Guildhall is where King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles wed in 2005. Sir Elton John and his partner, David Furnish, also celebrated their Civil Partnership ceremony at the Guildhall.


#8 Size Up the Crooked House of Windsor

View of the Crooked House of Windsor, UK

Travelers seeking quirky and unique things to do in Windsor should take a moment to size up the 3-story Crooked House that boasts ‘an outrageous slant.’

Just why the house looks a bit wobbly is under debate. There are some that claim it was built in a rush with poor materials that quickly began to buckle. Another theory is that when the building to the left was demolished, the Crooked House lost its support and started to sway.

The little leaning structure looks as if it is on the verge of collapse, yet it is still used for commercial business. Through the years, the Crooked House has been used as a meat market, a brewery, an antique store, a tea house and a jewelry shop.


#9 Parade Down Peascod Street

View walking up Peascod Street, Windsor, UK

One of the top things to do in Downtown Windsor is to join the procession of people who parade up and down Peascod Street.

The pleasantly curving and sloping pedestrianized Peascod Street is a favorite shopping district. Both major retailers and independent shops line the lane. The local Daniel Department Store – a family run shop for more than 100 years – is a top shopping destination for toys.


#10 Splash Out on a Shopping Spree at Windsor Royal Station

Entrance to Windsor Royal Station, UK

Occupying the old train station is the revitalized Windsor Royal Station Mall – and shopping or dining at the center is one of the top things to do around Windsor Castle. There are 40 shops inside the partially-covered old train station – including boutique stores and casual cafes.

The historic and elegant arcade, which dates to the mid-1800s, retains many original features. As a matter of fact, you can still step inside the old Queen’s Waiting Room (now an All Bar One) and see the replica locomotive that sits just outside.

Looking for more shopping in Windsor? As shopping is one of the top activities to do in Windsor, England, there is yet another mall just steps from the Windsor Royal Station Shopping Center, called Windsor Yards Shopping Center, which features shops selling high-end fashion, fine art along side basic necessities.


#11 Try Fresh Fudge at Windsor Fudge Kitchen Shop

After a long day of sightseeing, one of the fun things in Windsor to do is to pop into the Fudge Kitchen for a taste of fresh-made fudge. The smiling staff is always quick to dole out free samples (which most likely will leave you wanting more!)

In business for more than 40 years, the team at Fudge Kitchen uses a 200-year-old recipe to create unique and fun flavors that most certainly please the palate. Visitors can even watch the fudge-making process at the back of the store.


#12 Cross the Thames to Explore Eton, England

Walking across from Eton to Windsor Bridge, UK

Just north of Windsor, across the Thames River, is the town of Eton. The historic and notable town is one of the best places to visit near Windsor, UK.

Visitors can cross the 3-arched Windsor Bridge (pause for a moment and look back to take in the views of the castle), then amble up Eton Main Street, passing local shops and fantastic architecture along the route. At the top of the street is the elite Eton College, marked by beautiful architecture – which is most certainly one of the interesting things to see near Windsor Castle.

High Street in Eton, England, UK

Established in the year 1440 by Henry VI, Eton College – an all-boys boarding school – is recognized as a prestigious educational institution. Eton College has been attended by a number of politicians, prime ministers and even Princes William and Harry.

Historic Buildings in Eton, United Kingdom, England

While we loved just wandering around Eton, visitors can get a better introduction using this self-guided walk


#13 Stretch Your Legs on the Windsor Thames Riverside

Cross the Thames on the Bridge to Eton, England, UK

Visitors looking for places to visit around Windsor where they can stretch their legs and take in the views should head to the Thames Riverside. The riverbank features a wide, pedestrian footpath that is perfect for strolling alongside gliding swans.

The riverside path in Windsor is part of the 180-mile Thames Path. It’s actually possible to walk the path from Windsor all the way to London (but we don’t necessarily recommend it for visitors!).


#14 Relax at Alexandra Gardens

Alexandra Gardens is one of the attractions around Windsor Castle where visitors can rest, relax and recharge. The pretty planned garden was developed in the early 1900s and features a bandstand and monuments.

On the west end of the garden is the Sydney Camm Memorial, which features a replica Hawker Hurricane fighter plane that commemorates the Battle of Britain.

The Diamond Jubilee Fountain on the east end of the garden is another one of the places of interest in Windsor. The fountain was commissioned in 2012 to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.


#15 Enjoy a Pint at a Windsor Pub

Grab a pint at The Two Brewers, Windsor, UK

After a long day of seeing the sights, one of the cool things to do in Windsor is to stop by a classic pub or local brewery for a pint.

Two Brewers Pub, which is located near the Windsor Castle Cambridge Gate and The Long Walk, is frequented by both locals and visitors (but not families – as kids are not permitted to be inside the pub).

Craft Beers at Windsor Eton Brewing, Windsor, UK

The two craft breweries in town – Two Flints Brewery and Windsor and Eton Brewery – are both fun places to go in Windsor. Both Windsor breweries are located near the train tracks in a industrial area and offer an alternate (and more local) vibe to the touristic side of town.

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More Attractions Windsor, UK

Windsor Street Art under the train track arches

We shared our list of the best things to do in Windsor and Eton – but there are a few more attractions for visitors staying in town longer.


Theatre Royal Windsor Performance

Exterior of the Theatre Royal Windsor, UK

Travelers who opt to stay in the area and are searching for things to do in Windsor at night should check the schedule of performances at the Theatre Royal Windsor.

The Royal Borough of Windsor theater has a history of more than 200 years and aims to entertain guests with a revolving lineup for performances – from pantos to dramas to musicals.


Windsor Boat Ride

Whether looking for romantic things to do in Windsor or family things to do in Windsor, a River Thames boat ride might be it!

For family entertainment, we recommend the Duck Boat Tour that takes visitors by land and sea on a one-hour ride. Find out more here!

Couples looking for Windsor things to do, however, might want to rent a personal rowboat to paddle along the Thames.


Frogmore House and Gardens

Visiting the Frogmore Cottage and Gardens is one of the unusual things to do in Windsor – mostly because it is only open to the public on a very limited basis.

The house has been a royal residence since 1792 – most recently inhabited by Prince Harry and Meghan.



The Legoland Resort is one of the top Windsor attractions for families. The sprawling theme park can easily entertain kids for an entire day – or longer – with spectacular shows, riveting rides and an endless number of activities.

It is best to buy your ticket in advance, so that you can walk right in when you arrive.


Liquid Leisure Windsor Water Park

Definitely one of the Windsor fun things to do on a hot, sunny summer day, the Liquid Leisure Park offers guests the opportunity to play in and around the water. From wakeboarding to water skiing to soaking in the sun on the beach, it’s a full day of fun!


Places near Windsor to Visit

We outlined the best things to see in Windsor, UK – but there are nearby cities that are worth seeing, too – and they are easy to reach via trains and public transit.


Bath, UK

Avon River, Tips for Visitng Bath, England, UK

Architecturally rich and historically significant, Bath is a fascinating place to see. Visitors can tour the ancient Roman baths, see the stunning Georgian buildings and trek through the rolling green hills.

For tips on what to see and do, use our guide to the Best Things To Do in Bath.


Bristol, England

Take a ride on a Bristol Ferry Boat, UK

Urban and hip, Bristol has come a long way from its past as a major port city. Today, visitors can revel in the modern revitalized spaces, seek out the most famous street art and can cross the marvelous Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Find our top tips and advice in our guide to What To Do in Bristol


Stonehenge and Salisbury

The fascinating and intriguing archaeological site at Stonehenge has attracted visitors for centuries – and visiting leaves guests with an unforgettable experience.

Nearby is the town of Salisbury, which is home to the famed Salisbury Cathedral, and is well-worth a stop on the way to or from Stonehenge.


Windsor Tours from London

Take a Tour of Windsor Castle, UK, England

With our list of the best Windsor places to see (and our essential travel tips below), visitors can easily plan their own day trip to Windsor from London. However, organized tours to Windsor from London often include multiple attractions in Windsor, UK and the region. 


Half Day Windsor Castle Day Trip from London

Embark on a 4-hour half day trip to see Windsor Castle from London via a comfortable coach bus. After a quick tour through town, enter the castle (ticket included!) to see the state rooms – and then be back in London by early afternoon to continue your sightseeing. Book it here!


Tour to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath

On this incredibly popular full day trip from London, visitors can discover the sights at Windsor Castle, marvel at mystifying Stonehenge and explore the remains of the Roman Baths in Bath. Participants of this organized tour travel via coach and includes admission tickets – making it a completely stress-free London day trip! Reserve your space here!


Day Trip to Windsor Castle and Stonehenge

Tour two of England’s most iconic sights with plenty of time to soak in the history. On a planned London day trip to just two attractions, visitors have extended time inside the castle and at Stonehenge. Get the details!


Tour Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Oxford

On this tour from London, visit Windsor, Stonehenge and the historic town of Oxford – with an included free guided tour. Find out more! 


Windsor Map

Use this link to Google Maps for an interactive version of our Things To See in Windsor, England Map. The map is marked with Windsor Castle sights – as well as the top attractions near Windsor Castle.

Things To Do in Windsor UK Map by


Travel Tips for Visiting Windsor, England

Tips for a Visit to Windsor, England, UK

Planning a trip requires a bit more effort than figuring out the things to see and do in Windsor. Travelers also need to consider when to go, how to get there, where to stay and what to bring. We are sharing top tips to make your trip planning effortless!


Best Time to Visit Windsor, UK

Determining the best time to go to Windsor can depend on several factors. Not only do visitors need to consider the days of the week for visiting the Windsor Castle, but time of year is also important. 

Seasonally, spring and summer provide the best chance for nice weather in order to enjoy outdoor activities – but it rains year-round.

Although the autumn can be drizzly, the trees along The Long Walk are exceptionally beautiful in the fall.

Visitors wondering if there are things to do in Windsor in winter won’t be disappointed! In addition to there being fewer crowds, one of the top reasons to go to Windsor in winter is that some rooms of the Windsor Castle are only open during the winter months.

Top Tip: Visitors traveling to the UK during winter can use our guide to London at Christmas.


How To Get To Windsor, UK

The best way to reach Windsor is by rail. Trains from London Waterloo run direct to Windsor & Eton Riverside Station. Alternatively, you can take the Elizabeth Line from Paddington (or other London stations), switch at Slough and arrive at Windsor & Eton Central. Both stations are conveniently close to Windsor, the Castle and Eton.


How To Get Around Windsor

Getting around Windsor is fairly simple using your own two feet – however, there is an easier way to get to the top tourist attractions: the Hop On Hop Off Bus.

The route of the Windsor Hop On Hop Off Bus includes 11 stops in both Windsor and Eton. The one-day ticket allows guests unlimited rides throughout the day – and includes commentary on board. Buy your ticket in advance!


Where To Stay in Windsor

Travelers who opt to spend a weekend in Windsor will need to find somewhere to stay that’s not the castle! We are highlighting a few of the best Windsor hotels.  


Sir Christopher Wren Windsor Hotel

A fabulous 4-star hotel converted from a 17th century home, the Sir Christopher Wren Hotel is a highly rated hotel in Windsor, UK. Located along the River Thames close to the castle, the hotel boasts modern rooms – many of which offer stunning views. Check rates and availability for your stay!


Legoland Resort

We already mentioned Legoland as one of the top things for kids in Windsor – but it is also a great place for families to stay. The hotel is located within the amusement park – with themed rooms, to boot! Book your stay!


What To Pack for Your Windsor Trip

Whether taking a Windsor day trip or staying for a week, we have a few tips of the things you will want to make sure to pack. Need a packing checklist? Get our FREE Packing Checklist here!


The Right Travel Shoes for Windsor and Windsor Castle

The activities in Windsor are close in proximity, but walking is still required (even if you opt to take the Hop On Hop Off Bus) – so you will want to make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

For our Windsor day trip, I wore my everyday sneakers – which are my favorite travel shoes, in general, because they tick all the boxes of being comfy, lightweight and versatile.


A Good Camera for Windsor Sightseeing

The top things to visit in Windsor and the region are incredibly beautiful! We think it is best to capture the beauty with a real camera

We used our Canon Rebel with an 18-135mm lens for our trip, which worked great. The Rebel is one of the best travel cameras on a budget – and is perfect for beginner photogs!


Day Pack

With so many things to do around Windsor, you will want to make sure you are prepared for the day’s adventures with a stocked day pack.

In addition to the necessities (like your wallet and phone), some things you will want to bring on your trip are your camera, hand sanitizer to use throughout the day, a lightweight rain jacket (or travel umbrella) in case the weather turns foul and a refillable water bottle

Pro Tip: Use our guide to help choose the Best Travel Day Pack for your trip!


UK Travel Insurance

Trip insurance can not only help recoup the cost of travel blunders – like lost luggage or canceled flights – but it may also come in handy if you get injured or sick while traveling abroad.

If you haven’t already obtained travel insurance for your trip to Europe, check the rates and coverage at World Nomads.


Start planning your trip to the UK! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


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