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Hiking Vidova Gora On Brac Island, Croatia

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On shaky legs and with ragged breath, we crested the mountain plateau of Vidova Gora, Croatia. We had been steadily climbing uphill for nearly two hours – one hour and fifty-six minutes, to be exact – but we weren’t celebrating quite yet. Our goal – hiking Vidova Gora to the top – was not yet attained. The 2,552-foot Vidova Gora peak was in our sight – marked with a gigantic red and white communications tower – and we estimated we could reach it with a (relatively flat) 15-minute trek.

Pushing onward, we followed the trail onto rocky terrain that resembled the setting for a space odyssey flick; the smooth boulders a welcome relief from the loose stones covering the switchbacks we just climbed.

As we rounded a bush, we encountered two goats – a mom and her baby – nibbling at the sparse foliage growing through crevices. They were the first living creatures we’d seen since we left the sea-level town of Bol, Croatia (well, besides lizards) and it surprised us that we had made it so far on the trail in solitude.

The goats sauntered away from us, obviously annoyed by their lunchtime disruption, and we eagerly moved closer to the cliff’s edge for our first peek down the mountain slope to Zlatni Rat, the famous beach on Brac Island, Croatia.


Brac Island and Hiking Vidova Gora, Croatia

Looking down at Zlatni Rat Beach from Vidova Gora, Bol, Brac, Croatia

Croatia Island Hopping is bound to be on every great Croatia Itinerary. Of the hundreds of islands and islets along the Dalmatian Coast, Brac is the largest, with a population of about 14,000.

In addition to Croatian wine and oil production, Brac Island is known for its white stone, which was used to build Diocletian’s Palace in Split Croatia, the Parliament building in Budapest and the columns of the White House in Washington DC (or, so we heard). Located just off the Croatian mainland, south of Split, Brac Island has long been a tourist paradise.

Green channel marker in Bol, Brac, Croatia

On the south side of Brac, facing Croatia’s most popular island, Hvar, is the town of Bol. A top Croatia vacation destination with long stretches of shoreline beach, holiday apartments with sea views, a strong breeze for windsurfers and the famous Zlatni Rat Beach. Zlatni Rat – or Golden Horn – is a unique spit of land made up of Brac Island’s white pebbles that extends into the Adriatic Sea and shifts with the current and tide.

Standing over Bol is the island’s tallest mountain, Vidova Gora. In fact, the peak of Vidova Gora marks the highest point of all the Adriatic islands and provides some of the best hiking in Croatia. With sweeping views of the Adriatic Sea and Croatia’s coastline, hiking Vidova Gora to the top was an absolute must during our trip to Bol!


Hiking Vidova Gora from Bol, Croatia

View of Bol and Zlatni Rat Beach from Vidova Gora peak on Brac, Croatia

Type of Trail: Out and Back  |  Trail Length (one-way): 3.5 miles  |  Elevation Gain: 2,300 feet  |  Time: 4-5 hours  |  Level of Difficulty: Moderate

While doing research for hiking Vidova Gora, we were a bit surprised to find that the popular trail was not marked on Google Maps (but that is often the case when researching hiking in Croatia). Various hiking websites offered details regarding length and level of difficulty – but not with a concise consensus of stats.

We surmised that the Vidova Gora hiking trail is about 3.5 miles in length from Bol to peak, most of which steadily climbs uphill. It took us two hours and 15 minutes to hike up, but the trek down only took one hour and 40 minutes. We rate it as a moderate hike in terms of level of difficulty, due to the relentless incline and, in several places, loose rocks on the trail.


Vidova Gora Trail Overview

Trailhead marker for hiking Vidova Gora from Bol, Brac, Croatia

The Vidova Gora summit trail begins in a neighborhood in Bol. The paved path (also a street) starts at a slight incline, passing a few homes, a church and a quarry. There were many trucks parked along the trail – some that looked like they haven’t moved in years.

Trail marker painted on tractor on Vidova Gora hike on on Brac, Croatia

When we were hiking Vidova Gora, workers were driving the trucks around the quarry and had – for some inexplicable reason – a small fire burning in the middle of the trail. They hardly took note of our presence when we skirted around them. We chalked it up to part of the adventure in Croatia.

Hiking Vidova Gora Croatia

Once past the quarry, the Vidova Gora trail turns to dirt and leads through a gate and into incredible and untouched Croatian nature. The hike becomes a series of long switchbacks, offering beautiful views back down the valley to Bol. About halfway through the hike, the trail passes through an evergreen forest, which provides some relief from the strong Croatian sun.

Hiking Trail to Vidova Gora summit on on Brac, Croatia

Nearing the plateau, the trail turns from packed dirt to loose gravel for a succession of steep switchbacks (serpentines or ladders, as the Croatian’s often call them). Once on top of the plateau, the trail levels and it becomes an easy walk over flat boulders to the Vidova Gora Peak’s park entrance.


Vidova Gora Trailhead and Trail Markers

Trail marker and sea view near Vidova Gora peak on on Brac, Croatia

Like many Croatia hiking trails, there was not an official ‘trailhead.’ The first Vidova Gora sign we saw was near the intersection of Ulica Donje Podbarje and Ulica uz Gospojicu (link to Google Maps.).

Once we were on our way, the trail was well marked with red-and-white dots and stripes painted on trees and rocks (a familiar marker for anyone who has experience in Croatia hiking). Note: Near the beginning of the hike, we noticed a narrow trail that veered to the right from the main path. Both paths were marked, but we stuck to the left. 


View at the Top of Vidova Gora, Croatia

Heart made of stones at Vidova Gora Peak on on Brac, Croatia

The hike ends at the road and entrance to the Vidova Gora summit parking lot. (Oh, did we forget to mention there is a road that allows visitors to drive to the top instead of hike?) At the top of Vidova Gora are several communications towers, a small café (which wasn’t open when we were there) and a single picnic table. There are several memorial plaques, a large cross made of Brac stone and the foundations of an old church (the latter two are both past the café).

Brac Stone Cross at Vidova Gora Summit, Bol, Brac, Croatia

Barriers are non-existent, so visitors are free to tromp around the rocks to the different viewpoints (using common sense, of course). Plan to spend some time at the top (we stayed for over an hour) to walk around and take in the views. To the northeast, the Croatia coastline is visible from Makarska to Split. Across the Adriatic Sea, we could see five islands: Hvar, Korcula, Lastovo, Vis and Solta. Looking down Vidova Gora mountain is the town of Bol and the iconic Zlatni Rat Beach. Absolutely stunning and well worth the effort!

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Tips for Hiking Vidova Gora from Bol, Croatia

View of Bol while hiking Vidova Gora on on Brac, CroatiaWe have some advice and tips for your trek to the top of Vidova Gora.


When to Hike Vidova Gora

When hiking Vidova Gora, it’s best to get an early start. During our visit in early May, we started hiking Vidova Gora at 9:00am. Not only did we enjoy the cooler morning air, but we also had the trail to ourselves. In the hot Croatian summer, we would have started at least two hours earlier.


What To Bring and Wear on your Vidova Gora Hike

  • First and foremost, bring plenty of water! There is no water source on the trail. We carried a liter of water each – and wished we had brought more. Consider bringing a collapsible water bottle for trekking in Croatia.
  • Wear sensible shoes. While hiking Vidova Gora, I wore my Columbia walking shoes, which were fine for most of the trail, although I did slip in some places. Kris wore his Merrell Trail Gloves, which worked great for this level hike.
  • Sunscreen is essential – and you’ll want to reapply, as most of the Vidova Gora trail is exposed to the sun. Even with sunscreen, my shoulders were pink before we got to the top. I covered up by draping a jacket over my shoulders for the hike back down. Bonus Tip: Pack sunscreen for your trip to Croatia, as it can be expensive – and sometimes hard to find – on the Dalmatian Islands. 
  • We packed a picnic lunch of sandwiches and fruit to eat at the top (which aligned nicely with our morning departure). If you would rather not pack a meal, at least bring some trail snacks, like figs, nuts and pretzels. There is a Tommy grocery store near the trailhead where you can buy supplies.
  • Don’t forget your travel camera! There are stunning vistas at the top and along the Vidova Gora trail.
  • We were envious of the hikers using hiking poles. They aren’t necessary, but certainly would have helped…so bring them along if you have them! 

Plan an Amazing Vacation To Croatia!

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Our Top Tips for your Trip to Bol, Brac Island, Croatia

Vidova Gora mountain from Zlatni Rat Beach in Bol, Brac, Croatia

We have a few more travel tips and packing hacks for your trip to Croatia!


How To Get to Bol, Brac Island, Croatia

Small marina in Bol, Brac, Croatia

There is a small airport on Brac that accommodates seasonal flights. Ferries from Split, Jelsa on Hvar Island and Makarska dock at three ports on Brac Island (Supetar, Sumartin and Bol). Check the Jadrolinija ferry schedule for more information.


Other Things To Do in Bol, Croatia

Dominican Monastery on coastline in Bol, Brac, Croatia

Beaches: Zlatni Rat is the beach to go to in Bol, but it isn’t the only one. There are beaches along the shore between the marina and Zlatni Rat. Beyond Zlatni Rat, there is a stretch of beautiful beaches designated as nude beaches.


Shoreline Trails: From the center of Bol, there are shoreline trails that lead in both directions. To the east is a trail that leads to the Dominican Monastery (and passes an abandoned hotel on the way). East of the monastery is another beach. To the west of the town center, a pleasant promenade leads to Zlatni Rat. Continuing west, a shoreline trail follows the coastline above the nude beaches, past two vineyards to more beaches.


Bol Town: There are many cafes along the Bol harbor to sip a coffee or beer while watching the fishermen tend to their nets. Stina Winery, located on the Bol waterfront, offers tours and tastes of local Croatian wines.

Looking for more things to do in Bol, Croatia? Check out the top traveler recommendations on TripAdvisor.


Adventure Tours in Croatia

Two boats near Zlatni Rat Beach in Bol, Brac, Croatia

Hiking, biking, sailing, scuba diving, sky diving, rafting, rock climbing, kayaking – the list of active adventures in Croatia is endless. Find and book Croatia tours and activities on Viator. Book ahead to save time and money!


Where To Stay in Bol, Croatia

Airbnb Apartment with sea view in Bol, Brac, Croatia

During our visit to Bol, we stayed in an awesome Airbnb Apartment. However, for those who prefer staying in traditional accommodations, there are a range of Bol Hotels to choose from.  Check out these top-rated hotels (based on guest reviews!) for your upcoming trip: Boutique Hotel Bol, Hotel Villa Daniela, Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa


What To Pack Before You Travel to Croatia

  • Don’t forget to pack a pair of proper travel shoes for the beach and walking around Bol Town. I (Sarah) traveled with these flip flops by Reef. Kris prefers wearing these shoes by Sanuk.
  • We’re certain you’ll be snapping tons of photos during your vacation to Croatia. Rather than relying on your phone to capture the sights, upgrade to an actual camera for high quality photos. We travel with a Canon Rebel (which takes amazing photos) and a Canon PowerShot ELPH (which takes beautiful pictures and is a slim and lightweight budget camera).
  • Whether you travel with a backpack or suitcase, you also want a great day pack to organize all of your hiking essentials as well as other everyday travel items.
  • If you haven’t already obtained travel insurance for your trip to Croatia, consider traveling protected with World Nomads.


Want More Travel Planning Tips For Croatia? Head over to our Croatia Travel Planning article and check out our complete Packing Tips as well as other Top Croatia Travel Destinations. Then find all our inside tips on our Croatia Travel Guides page!


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Hiking Vidova Gora on Brac Island, Croatia JetSettingFools.com

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