Nova Runda Craft Brewery American Pale Ale

Nova Runda Craft Brewery in Zagreb

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We’re going to let you in on a not-so-little secret: We like beer. And, we love craft beer. And right now, Nova Runda craft brew from Zagreb, Croatia is pretty high on our list.

Nova Runda Craft Brewery American Pale Ale

During our 11 months of travel, we’ve tried a hefty number of brews around the world. We’ve been fortunate to stumble on a couple of cities where the craft brew revolution is in full swing, like in Bariloche, Argentina, Wellington, New Zealand and Cape Town, South Africa. In Vietnam, it’s hard to be too critical of 25 cent “fresh beer” made daily. Since we’ve arrived in Europe, we’ve found plenty of ‘new to us’ beers, but in reality they are the equivalent of America’s big brewers, like Budweiser, Coors and Miller. And, then we got to Zagreb, Croatia, home of Nova Runda Craft Brewery.

Being in a capital city means more international restaurants. I had been lugging around a craving for a burger for about month when we found Rocket Burger, an American-style diner. I was drooling as I ordered a bacon burger – and I about fell off my stool when I saw they had a local craft American Pale Ale by Nova Runda on tap. With a hoppy aroma and smooth finish, my taste buds were re-awakened.

Nova Runda APA on tap at Rocket Burger in Zagreb.

Nova Runda APA on tap at Rocket Burger in Zagreb.

With a little digging around on the internet, I was brought up to speed on the budding brewery. Six years in the making, their passion for better beer is evident, as is their intent to start a true craft brew revolution in Croatia. As I read their story of pursuing their dreams, I couldn’t help but relate and I was intrigued enough to ask for a meet-up with one of the founders, Miro…over a pint of their brew, of course.

The two friends, Miro and Marko, got into the brewing scene in 2009 after a trip to the Czech Republic where they tried more flavorful and complex beers. When they got back to Croatia, they started home brewing and created tasty beers – including a Peanut Butter Porter that won silver at the International Croatian Home Brewing Competition. Miro explained the intense process of how he extracted oil from peanuts for flavor. No joke, this guy is serious about his beer.

Nova Runda Craft Brewery in Zagreb

They started production under Nova Runda Craft Brewery (which translates to Another/New Round) in 2013, after a long process full of red tape and paperwork. They successfully ran a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise money and rented space from another brewer. Just in the past two weeks, they started brewing in their own space and now have the capacity to expand.

Marko works as the Brew Master and Miro left his full-time corporate job to run everything else – from accounting to marketing to even delivering the barrels to the pubs. In addition, he makes great effort to educate people about craft brew and even started a weekly Twitter Chat on the subject. His passion and energy were so genuine we could feel it.

They are intent on producing authentic craft beer with quality ingredients and are inspired by American brewers like Sierra Nevada and Stone Brewing. Their curiosity and creativity far surpass conventional Croatian brewing methods and they are keen on bringing new beers to the market. Currently, Miro’s favorite beer are Black IPAs, which he hopes to be brewing soon.

Nova Runda Craft Brewery on tap at Legend Rider's Caffe

As we ordered ‘another round’ we took a look at the other patrons at Legend Rider’s Caffe – one of the several pubs in Zagreb serving Marko & Miro’s ale. We noticed that anyone who wasn’t drinking coffee was drinking Nova Runda and we think it is pretty clear that these guys are on the cusp of something big. Cheers!

We want to know: Have you tried Nova Runda Craft Beer? Do you have a favorite craft beer? Tell us in the comments!

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nova runda craft brewery in Zagreb Croatia

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