Ljubljana Castle views through the ramparts

Ljubljana Castle: Like a fairytale

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Just like in a fairytale, the Ljubljana Castle sits prominently atop a hill complete with a lookout tower and giant, billowing flag. The Castle is visible from practically every point in town and it beckoned a visit.

Ljubljana Castle from afar

Getting to the Ljubljana Castle

We could have been zipped to the top of the hill via the modern, glass funicular, but instead opted for the steep climb. We followed the signs through town and down an alley to the trailhead. At the fork, rather than taking the switchbacks, we continued on a gradual incline around the hill, being greeted by fantastic views of the city along the way.

Views during the hike to the top of the Ljubljana Castle

At the top, we veered right, away from the Ljubljana Castle, to the hilltop park. Although the views of the castle and town were slightly obstructed by trees, we had a clear shot to the north of the snowcapped Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

From the Ljubljana Castle views to the north

Ljubljana Castle History

The Roman castle dates to the 12th century, but has undergone major overhaul – twice – in the last century, giving it a more modern look. However, many of the original details are marked, like an old prison cell beneath the courtyard and stonework near the chapel.

Ljubljana Castle courtyard

Visiting the Ljubljana Castle

Much of the Ljubljana Castle is free to visit – a ticket is only needed to climb the tower and enter the museum exhibits. We passed on the tickets and wandered through the open areas. An event was in full swing in the center courtyard (which has two restaurants and a café), so we slipped through and headed to the northern ramparts. The views over the city to the mountains were simply spectacular.

Ljubljana Castle views through the ramparts

Inside the Ljubljana Castle

At the base of the tower is the old chapel, which is decorated in a colorful Baroque style and full of light. Inside, a man demonstrated different writing styles through the centuries.

Ljubljana Castle chapel

During World War I, the castle was used as a jail for POWs and political prisoners. We stepped inside the prison cells to read details of the detainees and to experience the cramped confinement.

Ljubljana Castle prison

Being that it was a bright, sunny day, we lounged around the castle’s exterior under the tower. On the hike down, we took the switchback route, stopping several times for picture taking, as our vantage over the city quickly changed.

Ljubljana Castle hike

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Ljubljana Castle Slovenia

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  1. Anže

    I have to correct you on the picture where you said they were the Julian Alps, as the matter of fact, those are the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. The Julian Alps are to the north-east of Slovenia while the view you were taking is to the north of Slovenia where the Kamnik-Savinja Alps are located.
    Anyway, I hope you had a pleasant stay on the sunny side of the Alps!

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