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Things To Do in Skradin, Croatia (Before Visiting Krka Waterfalls)

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Our stop in Skradin, Croatia provided a means to an end. We wanted to see Krka National Park and Skradin was our entry point. Although the official park entrance is about a mile southeast of the town, there is a ticket office in Skradin and a convenient Skradin-Krka boat that departs from the pier.

We arrived in Skradin by bus from Zadar. After purchasing our day passes from the Krka National Park Skradin Ticket Office, we could have followed the herd to the line for the ferry boat to the Krka waterfalls. But that would have left us simply standing in line for 45 minutes. Since we were fairly certain there was no prize for being the first on the boat, we took our time and explored the lovely and underrated town of Skradin, Croatia.

We provide a complete explanation of Krka NP tickets and the Skradin boat to Krka at the end of the post!


Skradin, Croatia

Skradin, home to only 4,000 residents, can feel a bit sleepy…yet peaceful. It was especially so during our autumn visit. Along the Skradin marina, sailboats bobbed in the water across from outdoor cafes.

The quiet, however, did not keep us from exploring the town. 


Skradin, Croatia Walking Tour

We walked into the interior of Old Town Skradin, where shops line the ancient streets. With just a few sights, the top Skradin attractions can be seen in less than an hour.

That said, there are many reasons to stay in Skradin longer…and we are highlighting the best things to do.


Skradin, Croatia History

Like most cities in Croatia, it helps to have a basic understanding about the history of Skradin.

Historically, Skradin dates back to the Illyrians when it was called Scardona and served as a capital. Since then it has been captured, destroyed and rebuilt under various rulers.

A single hill rises in the middle of Skradin with two main streets running on either side of it, one of which is parallel to the water’s edge. Over time, Skradin’s importance dwindled, preserving only a few bits and pieces of the past, including a church, clock tower and fort…and a heaps of charm!


6 Things To Do in Skradin, Croatia

The Skradin town sights can be seen in about an hour – but keep a close eye on the time if catching the boat to Krka NP or a bus to your next Croatian destination.


#1 Look Up at the Skradin Clock Tower

Bell Tower in Skradin, Croatia

The Skradin town clock tower sits slightly off the main square. Built in 1872, logistics required that it be erected away from the church. From the base, the lone, unadorned structure resembles a military lookout more than a church clock tower.


#2 Visit the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Crkva Male Gospe)

Croatia flag flies from hilltop in Skradin, Croatia

Located on the Skradin main square, the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built in the 18th century. The architectural style is the same as the clock tower and relatively unadorned. The plain façade has only two statues – one on each side of the door – and a patterned stone entrance.

However, going beyond the front doors reveals a heavily decorated Baroque interior. The colorful display of paintings and the many statues are contradictory to the exterior and an absolute feast for the senses.

If you only do one thing in Skradin, we recommend visiting the interior of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church.


#3 Hike to the Skradin Fort (Turina Utvrda)

Rooftops of Skradin, Croatia from the Fort

A medieval fortress, Turina Fort, sits on the hill that rises from the center of town. Throughout the Skradin Old Town, signs point out the route to the hill-topping fort. The hike up to the Turina Fortress proved to be shorter (only about 10 minutes) – and much less strenuous – than we had anticipated!

From the Skradin Fort, there are two lookout points that provide incredible vistas. The beautiful views encompass the Old Town and marina. The lower lookout, by the flag pole, offers a nice view, but the more impressive 360-degree panoramas are from the top of the fort.


#4 Taste Croatian Wine

Glass of white wine in Apartment Herc in Split, Croatia

Some of Croatia’s best wine is produced in the region. One of the top wine makers, BiBich has a tasting room in the historic Skradin Old Town. Visitors can sample the wines and take some to-go!


#5 Feast at Skradin Restaurants

Main street through Skradin, Croatia

We didn’t eat in Skradin, but we wished we would have! It was only after our visit that we learned about the famous Skradin Risotto – which is said to take 12 hours to prepare (each chef using a secret family recipe).

Some of the fellow-traveler recommended restaurants in Skradin are Konoba Dalmatino, Restoran Skala and Pizzeria Zlatka.

Update: We finally got to taste Risotto of Skradin at one of our favorite restaurants in Split…and it was absolutely delicious! 


#6 Swim at the Skradin Beach

A view of Skradin, Croatia from the water

East of the Skradin marina, there is a small seashore beach where visitors can sunbathe and swim in the Krka River. There is also a playground for kids and a volleyball court.

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Getting from Skradin to Krka National Park

Krka NP has five official entrances. The two most popular points of entry are Skradin and Lozovac, both of which are near Skradinski Buk – the largest waterfall in the park.  


Krka Skradin Entrance

The official Krka Skradin National Park Ticket Office is conveniently located between the Skradin parking lot/bus stop and the ferry boat pier. Tickets range in price, depending on season and age. The boat from Skradin to Krka departs every hour and is included with the price of admission to the park.


Skradin Krka Boat

A ferry boat is used to transport passengers from Skradin to the Krka waterfalls. The Skradin boat trip takes about a half hour.

The Krka Skradin Ferry returns via the same route and docks at the same pier from which it departs. If you need to catch a bus from Skradin, be sure to check boat and bus times to best align the two!

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Planning a Trip to Skradin, Croatia

While Skradin does not rank as one of the top destinations in Croatia, it’s is a highly traveled town by visitors heading to Krka NP. Although many travelers simply breeze through Skradin to Krka waterfalls, planning ahead with a few trip details is necessary. 

We recommend getting started with your trip planning by using our detailed tips for How To Plan a Vacation to Croatia

Our outlined 2-Week Croatia Itinerary is another helpful resource for travelers visiting the country. 

As you plan your trip, you will need to stay organized! Use our printable Travel Planner to stay on top of all the necessary details of your trip!

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Getting to Skradin, Croatia

Skradin can be reached by car or bus. The Skradin Bus Station is located northeast of the Old Town along the main road into town. MAP


Split to Skradin

Visiting Krka National Park is one of the most popular Day Trips from Split. Guests can join one of the highly rated tours or complete the Split to Skradin journey on their own.


Split to Skradin Bus

There are numerous daily bus departures from the main Split Bus Station to Skradin. The ride takes 1.5 to 2 hours and costs about 10 Euro each way. In the high season, we recommend purchasing the return Skradin to Split bus tickets in advance to ensure you will have a seat.

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Skradin to Sibenik

The coastal town of Sibenik, which boasts multiple fortresses and an appealing Old Town, is the closest city to Skradin. In fact, some Split day trips include a stop in Sibenik either before or after visiting Krka NP. The local bus between the two towns takes about 30 minutes and costs around 20 kunas.

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Skradin to Zadar

We visited the Krka waterfalls as a day trip from Zadar. Direct buses from Zadar to Skradin take about an hour and can cost up to 12 Euro. We recommend checking at the Zadar bus terminal for routes and prices – as we found the online information to be inconsistent with the actual schedule.

Top Tip: Use our self-guided Zadar Walking Tour to see the best Old Town sights! 


Skradin Weather

Check the weather forecast for Skradin and Krka NP before your trip on


Skradin, Croatia Hotels

For being such a small town, there are a surprising number of accommodations in Skradin, Croatia. If you decide to stay in Skradin, you will find that in addition to hotels, there are guesthouses and apartments.

The Skradin Hotel Bonaca gets rave reviews (read them here!). The 4-star hotel features an outdoor pool, rooms with balconies and an on-site restaurant.

Start your search for the best Skradin accommodations on!


Start planning your trip to Croatia! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


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