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Things To Do in Rovinj, Croatia: A Complete Guide To Rovinj

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Rovinj, Croatia on the Istrian Peninsula is completely charming, stunningly beautiful, and an absolute gem to visit! The picture-perfect Adriatic seaside town beckons visitors with its alluring cobblestone lanes and stunning shoreline. 

The town of Rovinj itself is reason enough to visit, but there are a handful of attractions that are not to be missed. Our list of things to do in Rovinj covers the must-see sights – plus our top travel tips!


Rovinj: Croatia Top Destination

From the moment we arrived in Rovinj, we were completely captivated. It quickly became one of our favorite Croatia Destinations.

The Istria Peninsula hangs like a teardrop from Slovenia – and features a long western coast dotted with quaint towns and beautiful nature. Rovinj, Istria is located along that coastline, perched on a small headland in the Adriatic Sea. 

While the Rovinj Old Town is a highlight, there are many sights to see in and around the area. In fact, our guide of what to do in Rovinj, Croatia covers the best attractions in Rovinj Town and Istria.


Planning a Trip to Rovinj, Croatia

Visitors planning a Rovinj trip can use our list of Things To Do Rovinj to plan their day-by-day adventures. Additionally, we offer advice about where to stay, how to get there and other travel tips to enhance your holiday.

If you are traveling from abroad, then you will also want to read our Guide to Planning a Croatia Vacation

Our detailed Croatia 2 Week Itinerary and Croatia 7 Day Itinerary are also helpful for visitors planning their European Getaway.

When planning any trip, it is essential to stay organized. Our Travel Planner is a 26-page printable download that will help you stay on top of all your trip details!

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Rovinj: FAQs and Travel Tips

Seaside Table at end of cobblestone lane, Rovinj, Istria, Croatia

Before we jump into our list of the top Rovinj things to do, there are a few frequently asked questions that we want to cover. We offer more tips for traveling to Rovinj – like the best hotels and how to get around – at the end of the article.


Where is Rovinj, Croatia?

Rovinj is located on the western shoreline of the Istrian Peninsula. It is 35 km (21 miles) north of Pula and 270 km (170 miles) west of Zagreb

We share tips on the best way to get to Rovinj in the last section of this post. 


How to Pronounce Rovinj?

Before you go to Rovinj, make sure you are pronouncing it correctly (or as best as possible)!

Although the J at the end can make it look like an intimidating word, it’s not that difficult to say. The simple Rovinj pronunciation is: RO-veen.


What is Rovinj Weather Like? 

Rovinj enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. On average, the summer months temps are around 80F, but in August, the temperature can reach 95F degrees. If you are still deciding when to go to Rovinj, we share the pros and cons of each season later.


Visit Piran, Slovenia or Rovinj, Croatia?

International travelers that are visiting both Slovenia and Croatia often decide to either visit Piran or Rovinj. While similar at first glance, both towns are unique and absolutely charming in their own way.

Read our guide of Things To Do in Piran and decide for yourself…maybe you will be convinced to visit both towns as we did! 


What is Rovinj, Croatia History?

Understanding a little about the history of Rovinj will help you better enjoy your time visiting the town.

Old Town Rovinj was originally an island – separated from the mainland by a narrow channel. Occupied since ancient times, Rovinj was conquered by the Romans, then ruled by the Byzantine Empire in the 6th century, followed by the Frankish Empire in the 8th century. The Republic of Venice took control in 1283 and held power until 1797.

Under the Republic of Venice, the island was heavily fortified with two stone walls surrounding it. The defensive structures kept attackers and illness (like the plague) out, which made Rovinj quite a desirable place to live. However, limited space on the island resulted in narrow streets and stacked housing.

In 1763, the channel was filled in and the island became part of the mainland. After the fall of Venice, Rovinj was shuffled to the Austro-Hungarian Empire until the end of World War I, when it became part of the Kingdom of Italy. In 1947, Rovinj was partitioned to Yugoslavia and eventually the Republic of Croatia in 1991.

Because of the intertwining history with Italy, there are strong Italian influences in Rovinj. In fact, it has two official languages: Croatian and Italian. As such, the town is named both Rovinj (Croatian) and Rovigno (Italian) – and many signs are displayed in both languages.


9 Best Things To Do in Rovinj, Croatia

Boat and Old Town Rovinj, Croatia

Rovinj, Croatia holidays can be quiet and serene…or absolutely filled to the brim with activities. This Rovinj travel guide includes everything you need to know to plan your vacation – from must-see Rovinj sights to the best places to relax to exploration beyond the Rovinj Old Town. 

Save, Pin or Bookmark our Rovinj Travel Guide for your trip to Croatia!


#1 Explore Old Town Rovinj, Croatia

Artist gallery in Rovinj, Croatia

The Romantic Rovinj Old Town – a collection of pastel pink and yellow buildings – occupies a small peninsula that protrudes into the teal-blue Adriatic Sea. Twisting cobblestone lanes, polished by millions of footsteps, weave through the dense space and laundry hangs on lines overhead, crisscrossing between windows.

Rovinj, Croatia Laundry hanging to dry

The quaint and attractive Old Town is a must see in Istria, Croatia. Rovinj sightseeing is best done on foot – most of the Rovinj streets in the Old Town are too narrow for cars, so the lanes are pedestrian only footpaths.

Visitors who want local insight can join a guide on a Rovinj Walking Tour (read the reviews of this highly rated tour). Independent travelers can create their own self-guided free walking tour of Rovinj by simply wandering the picturesque streets.


Sightseeing Rovinj: What To See

Historic Balbi's Arch gateway to Old Town Rovinj, Croatia

There are a few Rovinj, Croatia Old Town sights that should not be missed. St. Euphemia Church is a must – and we detail it next on our list of the top Rovinj, Croatia things to do. That said, make sure to check out these sights, as well.


Balbi’s Arch

(Map) Once an Old Town Gate, Balbi’s Arch (Balbijev luk) was built in 1678 and leads into the Old Town’s main street.


Rovinj Farmer’s Market

(Map) The local Rovinj market is an interesting place to peruse fresh, in-season produce and other locally produced goods. Top sellers at the market in Rovinj are olive oil and truffles. 


Batana Eco-Museum

(Map) A small museum near the Rovinj pier, Batana Museum is dedicated to Istria’s traditional wooden boat (the Batana) and the local fishing culture.


Rovinj Heritage Museum

(Map) The Heritage Museum in Rovinj is a little hit or miss depending on the current exhibits. Still, we recommend swinging by while you are visiting Stari Grad Rovinj and see what special exhibitions are currently on display. 


#2 Visit the Iconic St. Euphemia Church and Bell Tower

Climb to the top of the Rovinj Church, Croatia

Follow any of the Old Town Rovinj streets uphill and you will eventually arrive at St. Euphemia Church – the highest point in town. Completed in 1736, the church is dedicated to the patron saint of Rovinj, St. Euphemia, and houses her remains.

We detail the legend of the relics and more about climbing the bell tower of the Rovinj church in our St. Euphemia Church post.


Climb the Rovinj Bell Tower

Rovinj Old Town View from Church, Croatia

One of the best things to do in Rovinj, Croatia is to take in the views…and there is no better place than from the top of the St. Euphemia Church bell tower. After climbing the rickety staircase, visitors are treated to phenomenal 360-degree panoramic views.


#3 Swim in the Adriatic Sea from Rovinj Beaches

Teal blue Adriatic Sea in Rovinj, Croatia

The water that surrounds Rovinj is crystal clear. Under a shining sun, swimmers can clearly see several feet deep into the turquoise water, past their own toes as schools of fish swim by below. The sea water in Rovinj is especially salty, which helps to keep swimmers buoyant.

Bobbing in the Adriatic Sea on a hot summer day is one of the top things to do in Rovinj. All of the best beaches in Rovinj can be easily reached on foot or by taxi boat.


Rovinj Old Town Beaches

Rovinj Swimming on your vacation to Croatia

The beaches around the Rovinj Old Town are located on the southwestern side of the peninsula. These ‘beaches’ are a combination of rock and concrete, not sand. Swimmers can jump from the rocky edge into the deep, azure sea or use the paved steps and metal ladders bolted to the rocks to ease into the water.

Top Tip: Our favorite beach in Old Town Rovinj is Plaza Balota, pictured above. 


Mulini Beach, Croatia

Rovinj Sea Clear Blue Water, Croatia

Mulini Beach is located to the south of the Old Town, just past the marina, in front of 3 highly-rated hotels (more on where to stay in Rovinj at the end of the post).

Both concrete platforms and pebbles make up this stylish Rovinj beach location. Sun loungers and umbrellas are available for rent and there are beach bars and facilities on-site.


Golden Cape Beaches

Boardwalk in Golden Cape Forest Park in Rovinj, Croatia

South of Mulini Beach is the Golden Cape Forest Park (Zlatni Rt). The forested nature retreat features tranquil bays and hidden coves that are perfect for swimming.

Swim at a Rovinj Beach, Croatia

On the north side of the park’s peninsula is Lone Bay, the Paradiso Beach Club, Dog Beach and an aquapark. On the south side is Golden Bay and Zlatni Rt Beach (which is not to be confused with the famous Zlatni Rat Beach on Brac Island, Croatia).


Plaza Biondi Beach

Rovinj, Croatia View from north of town

Beach Biondi is north of Rovinj – but still within walking distance of the Old Town. There are a couple beach bars and some trees for shade, however, what makes it one of the best beaches in Rovinj is the excellent view of the pretty Old Town. 


Beaches on Islands Near Rovinj, Croatia: St. Katarina

Rovinj Island Beach Resorts, Croatia

More than 20 islands make up the Rovinj Archipelago – and many of them have stunning beaches.

St. Katarina Island, one of the largest islands in the archipelago, is just a stone’s throw from Rovinj. There are pebble beaches on the east end of the island near the Hotel Katarina (check rates!).

However, the rocks on the northwestern side – which rise nearly 50 feet from the water – are popular with cliff jumpers (but do so at your own risk!). Taxi boats are the best way to access St. Katarina.


#4 Feast on Amazing Croatian Food at Rovinj Restaurants

Rovinj, Croatia Best Restaurants and places to eat

Even though it’s a small town, there are many restaurants in Rovinj, Croatia. Rovinj food is heavily influenced by Italy…and the sea. Most travelers to Rovinj will have no problem finding places to enjoy a wonderful meal!

Almost all Rovinj restaurants offer pastas, pizzas and seafood. Whole grilled fish, truffle pasta (my favorite!) and pizza with prosciutto are some of the regional Istrian specialties.


Best Restaurants in Rovinj, Croatia

Of the many places to eat in Rovinj, there is something to satisfy every palate; from posh eateries to family-run konobas along with fast food kiosks.


Fine Dining in Rovinj

For a romantic dinner, La Puntulina in Rovinj is a top pick! The restaurant overlooks the Adriatic Sea and features fresh seafood, savory steaks and an extensive wine list. Listed as a Michelin Guide recommended Rovinj restaurant, La Puntulina is often touted as the best restaurant in Rovinj.

Two other top-rated upscale eateries are Monte and Restoran Santa Croce (in the heart of the Old Town) as well as Tekka (Japanese) at Maistra Lone Resort and Wine Vault at Hotel Monte Mulini.


Rovinj Pizzerias

Rovinj Croatia Best Pizza

Rather than indulge in fine dining, however, we couldn’t resist the tempting pizzas. During our extended stay in Rovinj, anytime we started a conversation about where to eat in Rovinj, Croatia, we ended up at a pizzeria.

To be honest, we ate an embarrassing amount of pizza…but it’s okay, because pizza is one of the best things to eat in Rovinj!

Our favorite pizza restaurant in Rovinj is the slightly inconspicuous (but always crowded) Pizzeria Da Sergio (Read Reviews!).

Other pizza restaurants in Rovinj that we can recommend are Pian del Forno, Adria Pizzeria and Pizzeria San Giocomo.


Pro Tip: Looking for Rovinj nightlife? While the Old Town has heaps of sea view bars that are ideal for a drink at sunset (like Mediterraneo and Valentino), the best nightclub in Rovinj is Steel. 


#5 Sample Croatian Wine in Rovinj 

The first stop on our Rovinj Wine Walk was at Villa Dobravac

Istria has long been known as one of the best wine making regions in Croatia. In Rovinj, visitors can sample locally produced wine at shops, wine bars and restaurants.

That said, we think one of the fun Rovinj activities is sampling wine straight from the source…and there are wineries just a short distance from the Old Town where travelers can get a taste of the local product. 


Rovinj Wine Tasting Tour

We ended our Rovinj Wine Walk on the harbor at San Tommaso Wine Bar

Wine aficionados can join a guided tour of three wineries near Rovinj. The full day tour includes multiple tastings, olive oil tastings and a classic Istrian meal. Get the details and book your spot!

Alternatively, travelers who want to venture out on their own – without a car – can find wineries and wine tasting rooms in Rovinj. Follow in our footsteps and find nearby wineries on our Self Guided Rovinj Wine Walk


#6 Rent a Bike in Rovinj and Hit the Trails

The hiking and biking trails in Rovinj croatia lead through olive groves and vineyards

The Istrian landscape is undeniably beautiful. With an entire network of intertwining trails, cycling in Rovinj is one of the best ways to explore beyond the Old Town. Read more about cycling and other adventures in our guide, Hiking and Biking in Rovinj.

North of Rovinj Stari Grad, there are paths that weave through forests and vineyards, past ancient structures and lead to nearby villages.

To the South, there are walking and biking paths at Zlatni Rt Forest Park. Active travelers should also head to the Punta Corrente challenge course located within the park.


Renting a Bike in Rovinj

Biking in Rovinj Croatia

There are several Rovinj bike rental companies where visitors can rent a bike for a couple of hours or a couple of days.

We opted for cheap bike rentals in Rovinj so that we could go on a bike ride through the countryside for just a few hours. However, there are Rovinj mountain bikes and ebikes tours for guest to join in as well!


#7 Watch a Sensational Sunset in Rovinj, Croatia

Sunsets in Rovinj, Croatia

We have witnessed incredible sunsets around the world, but few have been as impressive as the sunsets in Rovinj. Each night, the sky put on a spectacular performance!

There are numerous places to watch the sunset in or near Old Town Rovinj – from atop the hill, down by the beach, along the pier – and each spot provided a unique vantage point and impressive view. Grab some wine, snacks and a towel and make your own sunset picnic in Rovinj!

Pro Tip: Track down all our favorite spots in our guide to the Best Places to Watch Sunsets in Rovinj.


#8 Set Sail on Rovinj Boat Trips

Lighthouse on island in Rovinj Archipelago in Croatia

Hop on a boat for a day out on the Adriatic Sea! Boat trips from Rovinj are a fantastic way to see more of the coastline and region. Boat operators offer a range of tour options – from a couple hours aboard to all day adventures.

Delfin cruise ship in Rovinj, Croatia

We enjoyed a leisurely afternoon aboard the Delfin; look for their booth by the pier south of the Old Town. Additionally, the following boat trips come highly recommended by fellow travelers. 


Lim Fjord Boat Trip

Feet in bow of boat on day trip from Rovinj, Croatia

One of the most popular boat tours in Rovinj is a 7-hour cruise that features stunning scenery and two swimming stops. The journey navigates to the Lim Channel Fjord and around nearby Rovinj islands. Guests are treated to an included breakfast and lunch with unlimited drinks. Read the Rave Reviews!


Rovinj Boat Tours To Venice, Italy

Did you know there are day trips from Rovinj to Venice? Depart from Rovinj and spend 3 hours crossing the Adriatic Sea to Venice, Italy on a one-day trip.

Boats depart early in the morning and dock in Venice around 11:00am. Day trip visitors have about 6 hours to explore the canals and bridges on their own before cruising back to Rovinj in time for dinner.

Top Tip: This journey can be booked as a full day trip or as a one-way ticket if Italy is the next stop on your travel itinerary. Get all the details!


Sunset Cruise with Swimming and Dolphin Spotting

Sunsets in Rovinj, Croatia

Hop aboard a sunset cruise and keep your eye on the horizon for dolphins! This highly-rated cruise sails around the Rovinj archipelago and allows time for swimming in the Adriatic Sea. Find out more!


Kayak Rovinj

Rent a Kayak Rovinj, Croatia

Active travelers can explore the Adriatic Sea by kayak. Single and double kayaks can be rented for self-exploration or with a tour guide. Kayakers can paddle to nearby islands, like St. Katarina, or along the coastline all the way to the Lim Fjord.

Alternatively, join a Rovinj Archipelago kayak tour for a guided experience. Learn more here!


Rovinj Snorkeling and Cliff Jumping

Take a half-day trip and go snorkeling in Rovinj! Popular snorkel trips stop at two islands: St. Andrew’s Island (also known as Red Island) and either Pisulj or Sestrice. Each stop lasts for two hours, allowing for plenty of time to go swimming, snorkeling and jumping! Book your Spot!


Brijuni National Park

The Brijuni Islands are just off the coast of the Istrian Peninsula near Pula, which is south of Rovinj. Boat trips take visitors to the iconic offshore islands, which were once owned by Yugoslavian President Tito (and used it for his collection of exotic animals). See Tour Options!


#9 Discover More of Istria on Day Trips from Rovinj

City Gate and outdoor cafe in Motovun, Istria, Croatia

Excursions from Rovinj are not only by sea; there are many options for fantastic Rovinj day trips on land, too!

Istria is diverse and the landscape is stunning. The best day trips from Rovinj are to historic coastal towns, lovely hilltop villages and gastronomy adventures.

Top Tip: Both organized and DIY Rovinj day tours are options. While the local buses are fantastic for getting between major Istrian cities – like Rovinj to Pula – they are not as useful for getting to the hilltop towns. Visitors who drive to Rovinj – or rent a car for more than one day – should be aware that parking in Rovinj is very limited and expensive in the summertime.


Best of Istria Day Trip

Exterior of UNESCO-listed Euphrasian Basilica, Porec, Croatia

Combine all of the Istrian highlights into a full day tour from Rovinj! We hired a private car and driver for our Istria day trip, but travelers with their own vehicle can devise their private day trip or avoid the hassle and join one of the organized Istria tours (Get Tour Specifics!)

Highlights of an Istria Day Trip itinerary are tasting local truffles (we also included truffle hunting in Paladini at Karlic Tartufi), brandy tasting (we stopped at Aura in Buzet), sightseeing in the famous Croatian hilltop town of Motovun and visiting the seaside port of Porec (home to the UNESCO-listed Euphrasian Basilica).


Day Trips to Croatian Seaside Towns

Bell Tower, Porec, Croatia

While a full day tour of Istrian sights is a fun Rovinj day trip, it can also be a really long day, with relatively short stops. Instead, visitors can plan several of their own, leisurely day trip adventures to nearby Istrian coastal cities of Porec, Pula, Vrsar and Umag. 

Porec and Pula are the two most popular coastal Istria destinations for day trips from Rovinj. Both cities can easily be reached by bus from Rovinj, making it simple for travelers without a car to explore the top Istria day trip destinations. 


Day Trip from Rovinj to Pula

Pula, Croatia Arena

Pula is the busy port city of Istria – but the Old Town has numerous Roman ruins and ancient architecture, too. The 1st century Arena is a highlight of any trip to Pula, but there are many other attractions to see.

Getting to Pula from Rovinj is easy by public bus. There are numerous departures daily and the ride is about 40 minutes from Rovinj – leaving plenty of time to explore Pula. Get all the details of what to see in our complete guide of Things To Do in Pula.

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Rovinj Map

Use this link to Google for an online map of Rovinj. Visitors can pick up a Rovinj tourist map from the Tourist Information Center.

Map of Rovinj, Croatia Things To Do by


Top Rovinj Travel Tips

Elderly couple walks on cobblestone lanes in Old Town Rovinj, Croatia

Now that you know what to see and do in Rovinj, Croatia, we have a few more tips that will help you plan your trip. 

Read our complete Guide to Croatian Vacations and jump over to our Croatia Travel Page for more detailed articles and our best advice.


Accommodations in Rovinj, Croatia

Local life in Rovinj, Croatia

There are numerous choices when it comes to places to stay in Rovinj, Croatia. The types of accommodation in Rovinj range from luxury resorts to campsites. When deciding where to stay in Rovinj, guests need to consider location, amenities and budget. 

We think the best place to stay in Rovinj is in the Old Town – and there are centrally located accommodations right in the heart of Rovinj. It can, however, be noisy in the Old Town at night (and wooden shutters do little to block the sound). Some of the top-rated hotels and a slew of holiday rentals are available outside the Old Town, too.


Rovinj, Croatia Hotels

There are top-rated hotels in Rovinj in the Old Town and on the beach. For summertime travel, it’s ideal to book Rovinj, Croatia hotels in advance…as the best places do book up completely!

Check prices and availability for these Old Town accommodations on – but before you make a Rovinj booking, be sure to read our tips on The Best Hotels at the Best Price


Old Town Rovinj Hotels

Looking for a hotel in Rovinj Old Town? We are featuring a few of the highly-rated old town hotels in Rovinj that you may want to book for your vacation. 


The Melegran: A 4 start hotel in the very heart of Rovinj, The Melegran stands out for the exceptional service and hip, retro design. Check rates!


Hotel Adriatic: A luxury boutique hotel in the center of the Old Town, Rovinj Hotel Adriatic for the modern decor and hearty breakfast. Check availability!


Hotel Casa Garzotto: A historic hotel with character and style, Hotel Casa Garzotto also offers a buffet breakfast and free bicycle rentals. Book it here! 


Spirito Santa Palazzo Storico Hotel: An elegant property that retains historic aspects of the building, Spirito Santa Palazzo Storico gets rave reviews for the charming ambiance and comfortable rooms. Book it now!


Rovinj Beach Hotels

Is a beach holiday more your style? Read reviews and check rates of the top beach hotels in Rovinj.


Hotel Eden Rovinj: The Eden Hotel overlooks the beach and bay near Golden Cape Park. It has both indoor and outdoor pools and free beach chairs and umbrellas for guests. The property features an on-site spa and included breakfast. Check rates!


Grand Park Hotel Rovinj: Situated at Mulini Beach, the 5-Star Grand Park Hotel earns rave reviews from travelers. Modern and elegant, the hotel has an on-site pool, spa and a private marina. Check Rates!


Hotel Amarin Rovinj: The beachfront Family Amarin Hotel is located north of Rovinj. All meals are included and the resort complex features 4 pools and a spa. Check rates!


Hotel Lone Rovinj: A 15 minute walk from the historic old town, Hotel Lone offers guests a beachside retreat. Guests particularly like the included breakfast, spacious rooms and amazing terrace. Book it here!


Hostels in Rovinj, Croatia

There are far fewer Rovinj hostels than hotels and apartments. Actually, when we last checked for Rovinj hostels, we couldn’t find a single one! Guests traveling to Rovinj on a budget should look for an affordable vacation rental. 


Rovinj Holiday Apartments

Laneway table and chairs in Rovinj, Croatia

There are many (many, many) holiday apartments for rent in Rovinj. During our stay, we rented an adorable apartment in Old Town Rovinj that we found on Airbnb. The apartment had a small kitchen and living space with a separate bedroom and shutters that opened onto an idyllic cobblestone lane. We absolutely loved the location!

We often choose to stay in apartments rather than hotels, as they usually have more space and a kitchen (and the cost of eating out in Rovinj can really add up!). There are many places to find rentals – including Airbnb and


Camping in Rovinj

Visitors who want to go camping in Rovinj have a few options, mostly on the outskirts of town. Amarin Campsite and Polari Campsite are two options. Camping Vestar Rovinj offers on-site mobile home rentals, too.


How To Get to Rovinj, Croatia

Small red car on narrow lane in Rovinj, Croatia

Getting to Rovinj takes a little effort – but is completely worth it! Travelers typically arrive by their own car, or take a boat or bus.


Fly to Rovinj

There is no Rovinj airport. The nearest airport to Rovinj is in Pula, which is about a 40-minute drive from Rovinj. Flights are seasonal, but in the summertime several airlines serve Pula airport (PUY) from major European destinations (like London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam).

Start your search for the best prices on flights to Rovinj on SkyScanner.

Visitors can book private transfers from the Pula Airport to Rovinj online. (One-way airport transfers to Rovinj are also possible from the Zagreb Airport and the Venice Airport.)


Bus to Rovinj

There are numerous bus routes from Croatia destinations to Rovinj – but not many are direct.

That said, the Rovinj bus station is located just outside the Old Town. When we use public buses in Croatia, we check for routes on Bus Croatia and again at the actual bus station.


Ferries to Rovinj

Just like flights, ferry service to Rovinj is also seasonal – and quite limited even in the summertime.

There are 4 ferry companies that run routes to Rovinj from destinations in Italy (Venice, Trieste and Cesenatico), Slovenia (Piran) and Croatia (Mali Losinj). You can check Rovinj ferry schedules here.


How To Get Around Rovinj

The best way to get around Rovinj Old Town and to nearby beaches is on your own two feet! 

That said, with a car rental, visitors will have the ability to explore much more of the Istria region. Just be aware that many towns in Istria are pedestrian only (just like Rovinj). Parking lots are typically found on the outskirts of the towns and most require a fee (which can sometimes be quite pricey!). 

Top Tip: If you do plan on getting a rental car for your trip, be sure to read our Tips for Best Rates on Rentals first. 


When To Go to Rovinj

Rovinj, Croatia is an extremely season destination – and there are pros and cons to visiting in every season. 


Summer in Rovinj

Summertime is the high season in Rovinj. The hot weather is ideal for long days on the beaches and everything – restaurants, bars, shops and tours – is open for summer visitors. 

That said, the high-season prices for accommodations can easily double – and often triple – from off-season pricing. Furthermore, by mid-day, it is often too hot for sightseeing and crowds in Rovinj can be stifling in the summer season.


Spring and Autumn

The spring and autumn mark the shoulder season for Rovinj. While some shops and restaurants are closed, the Rovinj weather is typically cooler (but usually warm enough to still spend time on the beach) and there are fewer fellow tourists. 

Prices for hotels and restaurants may be lower, but as the shoulder season becomes a more popular time to visit, some places don’t lower prices until the off season. 


Rovinj Winter

Visiting Rovinj in the wintertime during the off season isn’t for everyone. The town is quiet with very few tourists and only a few cafes, restaurants and bars open. 

However, the sun still shines during the winter months in Rovinj and prices are rock bottom. 


What to Pack for Your Trip to Rovinj, Croatia

Now that we have covered what to do, where to stay and how to get to Rovinj – it’s time to pack! For a relaxing Rovinj vacation, you won’t need much! However, you will want to make sure to pack these items in your suitcase for your trip.


Rovinj Beach Necessities

In addition to your swimsuit, be sure to pack sunscreen (it can be really expensive in Croatia…especially on the seaside!). It’s also a good idea to bring a wide-brimmed travel hat to keep the sun off your face and polarized sunglasses.

Water shoes are recommended for most of the beaches in Croatia; not only are the pebbles uncomfortable to walk on, but much of the coastal water is home to spiky sea urchins!


Walking Shoes

Walking the stone lanes in Rovinj requires a good pair of travel shoes! Make sure to pack shoes that have a good sole and are comfortable for walking. I wear versatile sneakers on our trips and Kris wears Merrell trail shoes. 

Of course, you will want to pack a pair of flip flops for the beach, too!


Travel Camera for Rovinj Photography 

Capture the beauty of Croatia with an actual camera (instead of just your phone). We always use a Canon Rebel with an 18-135mm lens, which takes incredible photos. Travelers who want a slimmer and lighter camera might want to invest in a Canon Powershot, which is a great budget camera we also use when sightseeing.

The Adriatic Sea has incredibly clear water, which is perfect for underwater photography! Don’t forget your GoPro (or a less expensive action camera) for pictures under the sea!

And, of course, keep your phone and small camera safe and dry with a Sea To Summit waterproof pouch!


Day Pack for Rovinj

You will also want to pack a great day bag for your Rovinj trip. Whether just going to the beach or setting off on all day excursions, you need a place to stow your wallet, keys, camera, sunscreen and all your everyday travel essentials!


Travel Insurance for your Trip to Croatia

Trip insurance may cover flight delays and lost baggage, as well as injuries and illnesses abroad. Find affordable rates and coverage at World Nomads.


Start planning your trip to Croatia! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning Page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides Page!


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