Varazdin: Town Square on King Tomislav Square

3 things to do in Varazdin, Croatia

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On the advice of the Croatian Tourist Board, we planned a full-day day trip to two of Croatia’s northern towns: Krapina and Varazdin. Initially, we knew very little about Krapina, but had in mind a few things to do in Varazdin, like visitng the Varazdin Castle and seeing the many churches.

Getting to Varazdin, Croatia

Travel by train is possible from Zagreb to Krapina and from Zagreb to Varazdin – but getting from Krapina to Varazdin by train was proving to be time consuming and required a good deal of back tracking. Thankfully, good timing and fate were on our side and we were able to hitch a ride from a friend of a friend. Traveling by car versus by train allowed us much more time exploring – and traveling with a local made the experience even better. Not only did we have entertaining conversation, we learned a little about the area.

As we set out to explore the things to do in Varazdin, we quickly learned that the center is compact, which worked well with our late afternoon arrival. The historically preserved city boasts a castle, several churches and numerous relaxing squares.

Things to do in Varazdin, Croatia:

Varazdin Castle

The castle, called Stari Grad (Old Town), sits prominently on the northwestern corner of the historic center. Built from the 13th to 19th centuries, it was at one time surrounded by a moat. Now it’s encircled with green grass and the building is used as a museum.

Visting the Stari Grad Castle is one of the things to do in Varazdin

Varazdin Castle inside

Varazdin Churches

Our late day arrival meant most of the churches were already closed for the afternoon. We were able to enter only one, but we admired several others from the outside.

Things to do in Varazdin: visit the Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Mary to Heaven Ascended was built in the 17th century.

Things to do in Varazdin: Visit the Franciscan Church

The Franciscan Church of St. John the Baptist was built in 1650 and has the tallest bell tower in Varazdin at 54.5 meters.

Varazdin: Inside the Franciscan Church

The main altar at the Franciscan Church was undergoing refurishment, but the side altars were beautiful.

Varazdin: Ursuline Church of the Birth of Christ

The pink church at the end of the lane, Ursuline Church of the Birth of Christ, was built in 1712.

Varazdin Squares and Lanes

Our favorite thing to do in Varazdin was walking down the charming lanes and through the pretty squares. As we strolled, we got a sense of the peaceful ambiance that pairs well with the pretty, historic town.

Things to do in Varazdin: Visit Town Hall on King Tomislav Square

The Town Hall sits at the far end of the King Tomislav Square

Varazdin: Franjevacki Square

County Hall on Franjevacki Square

Varazdin: a picturesque lane

A beautiful lane in Varazdin, Croatia.

Varazdin, Croatia

Buildings are painted yellow and pink throughout Varazdin.

We want to know: What would you add to our list of things to do in Varazdin? Tell us in the comments!

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Things to do in Varazdin Croatia

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