Visiting Zagreb, Croatia: A view of St. Mark's Square from the Zagreb Eye

Visiting Zagreb: A metropolitan city in Croatia

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There’s just something about a capital city; a palpable energy. People dressed in business attire walk with purpose, there is constant movement of public transportation, and a sense of real life is happening all around us. And, so it is true with visiting Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

Visiting Zagreb, Croatia: Zagreb's main square, Jelacic Square.

Jelacic Square: Zagreb’s main square

One-sixth of Croatia’s population call Zagreb home. They work, eat and play in the area spread from the historic center to the far-reaching urban sprawl. Bustling cafes are around every corner and line every square. Bread shops and grocery stores occupy space on every block. On weekends, Zagreb’s parks are packed and so are the pews at church.

Visiting Zagreb, Croatia: The lake park was packed with locals on a sunny Saturday

We stick out as camera-toting tourists. We see fewer hordes of foreigners following paddles raised in the air. The flow of pedestrian traffic isn’t interrupted for picture taking, although, there are plenty of picture-worthy spots.

Visiting Zagreb, Croatia: A view of St. Mark's Square from the Zagreb Eye

Our travels have taken us to some of Croatia’s most touted tourist stops: Dubrovnik, Split, Plitvice Lakes. We’re hopping off the tourist trail to get a sense of real Croatian life. We are staying in a high rise apartment complex (yes, we found it on outside of the city center. We’ve already mastered the tram lines, easily maneuvering around the city. There are sights to see and museums to visit, but our first few days have been spent easing back into city life.

Visiting Zagreb, Croatia: A view over Kaptol

The affordability of Zagreb jives with our budget. We anticipate long mornings lingering in cafes, afternoon drinks in busy squares and dinners out at local spots.We may be calling it too soon, but we think we’re going to like visiting Zagreb, Croatia.

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Visiting Zagreb Metropolitan City Croatia

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